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    Device: hammerhead (Nexus 5)


    » Installation is simple:
    • If coming from another ROM or another major AOKP version, wipe data in recovery
    • Make sure you're using the latest CWM or TWRP
    • Flash ROM
    • Flash Google Apps (GAPPS)
    • Reboot

    » Check merged commits on AOKP's Gerrit


    » Official downloads, mirrors, MD5s are found at AOKP.co


    » AOKP Gerrit
    » AOKP on Github
    » SOURCE on AOKP.co


    We greatly appreciate your contribution in the form of code, or PayPal donations.
    » Donation options on AOKP.co

    Why? This was a bad boys rom... Full of features and outside of the "law".... I flash it cause I though until now all aokp features will be in... And find out what that it's caf just like Corp CM... And features?? Stock has more.... Thats bad.... :(

    Σεντ φρομ μυ Νεχυς 5

    Didn't Roman go to cm? Coincidence? I think not.

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    I don't think aokp is one person only... Any way... I can't stand to see aokp like this... I didn't finish restoring my apps and im flashing another rom...

    Σεντ φρομ μυ Νεχυς 5

    Roman moving on to CM has nothing to do with anything AOKP related.
    He is still allowed to work on AOKP...and still does.
    In fact...here is everything he committed for JellyBean MR2...

    And here's everything he's committed for KitKat so far...

    Three times as much in much LESS time.

    Roman started AOKP...
    And he is a big part of the decision process.
    But he isn't the only developer working on AOKP...
    Nor has he been even close to the most active one since it literally first began.
    (Not a bash on Roman, we all have other isht to do and personally I love the guy =P)

    And AOKP was never a "bad-boys'" rom. AOKP was original code...with original features...
    Imagined and written by AOKP contributors and team members.

    AOKP started a revolution in ROMs, really.
    Before AOKP it was CM. And CM-based roms.
    AOKP came along...and everyone (developers and users alike) realized...hey...people like features...
    And 10,000 AOKP-based roms were born. Copy-paste roms based on AOKP primarily...
    Then a few other original roms popped up with their own take on what "original" features, code, methods, etc.
    Then other roms popped up that merged the main roms into one.
    And the users never know where anything is coming from...or what's going on internally for ANY team or "team."

    ROMControl, for example, used to be...mostly...a Settings.apk based app.
    Initiating a preference was done in the same way as it is in Settings.apk...
    The vast majority of the code style...all the same.

    Now...with KitKat...RomControl in itself must have been a huge undertaking. They had to literally rewrite checkbox, list-preference, color-preferences, etc...from scratch...to make the new UI work.

    In framework (the part that makes the features work)...
    Steve re-wrote ribbons from scratch...
    The navbar customization was rewritten mostly from scratch...
    There's a Settings.AOKP. table where all features reside...rather than using the google-written Settings.System or Settings.Secure tables...
    Which I have ideas for their reasoning but I'll let them release that info whenever something comes of it.

    If you're not a developer...or at the least know how to read how many commits are being pushed through...
    Don't bother speculating. 10,000 copy/paste roms later...AOKP is still running strong. That alone is impressive.
    The bug in the last nightly has been fixed and a new build will rollout soon. 
    Haz Pie???

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    No, but spelling correction. :)
    Please stop it now. I was making a joke, because if you look again it is a valid answer to the question.

    I don't know about other working kernels, but searching and trying should be the minimum someone does.
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