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Feb 10, 2011
@championswimmer - Out of curiosity, I just saw Lolipop rolling out for the Nexus phones and was wondering if you know an aproximate date for AOKP with Lolipop for the Sony Xperia Z?

And a question for everyone, what kernels here on xda work best with AOKP? Better battery life is a plus...


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Oct 22, 2011
New Delhi
@championswimmer - Out of curiosity, I just saw Lolipop rolling out for the Nexus phones and was wondering if you know an aproximate date for AOKP with Lolipop for the Sony Xperia Z?

And a question for everyone, what kernels here on xda work best with AOKP? Better battery life is a plus...
we have started working on it

golden rule : never ask for ETAs ;)


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Feb 10, 2011
Is there a way to assign a dfferent action to the power button? Or a certain appliction to it?


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Feb 17, 2013
Sorry if this has already been asked or if it's large as life on the first page but 1 will this work on a z3 d6603 running 4.4.4? And 2 is there another download for Gapps? As can't seem to download the one from the link on the first page..

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    You need to have an unlocked bootloader to use this ROM & kernel. Also I or any contributor in the software DOES NOT take responsibility of damages caused to your phone due to this ROM.



    1. Copy ROM zip and gapps zip to sdcard
    2. Flash any kernel which has recovery or use TWRP (if you do not have any recovery yet).
    3. Reboot device and go to recovery by pressing Vol-UP when LED is pink
    4. If coming from 4.3, or 4.2 ROM wipedata/factory reset your phone
    5. Flash ROM zip
    6. Flash Gapps zip
    7. Reboot and enjoy.


    Official NIghtlies (automatically built every 4-5 days) :

    Unofficial Test Builds (will contain experimental changes for testing) :

    Gapps :


    We spend countless of hours doing this for next to nothing. Posts, views, and donations encourage me, and everyone else who helps out.

    Donate to AOKP

    Every donation is cherished and loved.

    If you'd like to help contribute by writing code, feel free to stop by IRC and talk to us!

    Latest merges on Gerrit


    Check out the ROM source on github. Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.


    Thanks to all device maintainers of Sony devices on CM/AOKP/Omni/PA/PAC as everyone working on the device helps each other into making better ROMs.
    Also thanks to Sony Mobile for being so helpful to developers.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][4.4.2] AOKP :: kitkat :: nightlies | test builds :: yuga {Z}, a ROM for the Sony Xperia Z

    championswimmer, @FXP, @Bin4ry, @Kali-, @Entropy512, @cdesai, @codeworkx
    ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2013-11-12
    Last Updated 2014-02-13
    if anyone thinks the proposition behind releasing ROMs is to "make moar peepals use my ****" then, I don't know about anyone else but I can speak for myself, I am not that guy.

    These builds are here just because the source is compiling, and working builds are coming out of the build server. features will get added as and when people start working on them. you are totally free to choose whatever ROM you wish to use.

    The premise of Adrian's work and mine are entirely different. For the initial bringup of AOKP, I didn't look at his sources, nor did I need to, nor will it actually help. He is trying to make yuga work on AOSP source with "as little as possible" modification. AOKP is different. We are trying to make the source support as many devices as possible. We do not care how much we diverge from AOSP.
    In fact we are using qualcomm audio/media/display sources all from CodeAurora and not Google, AOSP trees. The result is screenrecord is working on this ROM while not on @pabx 's ROM. Similarly making camera work needed a different approach. We use a wrapper, and try to expoilt more functions of sony drivers, also using caf branches mean we need to patch in some old compatibiliy symbols to work. As a result his AOSP has camera right from the beginning without needing any work while for me the 4.4 merge broke it. (there are many more such differences)

    While at the end product you see both these ROMs to be exactly same, the fact is they have come to this stage using totally different routes, and under the hood, the sources are different from each other.
    The ROM as it is now is not meant to be used by daily driver usage at all. There is a reason I am calling them "test builds" ?

    I am very sure @pabx will agree with what I am saying.

    Also the sources from which this ROM is beign build is on http://github.com/ObiJuanKenobe/ (if anyone wishes to have a look)

    Let me reiterate again. The point of this ROM is not to get more users. These are test builds that you can try, and if find any bugs, report back and help me. This is not a product, but a process that will help in attaining the product (which is AOKP 4.4 nightlies which will have all features)

    Thanks for hearing me out, and please refrain from posting stupid posts in future here. I am pretty sure neither me or @pabx want users to show off our skills. Heck we are possibly not even competing. We are just playing around with sources becasue we love doing that. And it is fun.

    Also I saw the unfortunate incident where someone zipkanged Adrian's ROM and took credit and made a mockery. It will be unfortunate if Adrian leaves xda due to that. To be very honest I blame YOU USERS for that. becuase you are the people who go around saying "this ROM is so much better than yours. why should I use your ROM?" and create a situation that more and more winzip kangbangers come up to take credit of original work and try to "be famous" out of it

    And respected sir @Novek, please stick to our thread if you have nothing constructive to offer here. You have no idea about anything, and till now I have seen you only post a build made out of sources that were already present, and not add/subtract anything to it. Talk to me when you can make a fork of your own and write some source on your own.

    build has been fixed and there will be new nightly tonight

    sorry for delay, was really busy
    initial test builds are very much clean AOSP.

    no AOKP features have been merged yet.

    also screenrecord and screenshot work perfectly.
    hey that's awesome !!

    I am gonna try this one out. (probably also set up an app-side interface to tweak the sysfs flags you are using. maybe i'll put them in XperiaSettings. )
    quite a coincidence that just yesterday i was so pissed with mpdec i was thinking of sitting down to write an alternative


    I was planning to write some other replacements: (i already have a libqc-opt dummy) next on my list are illumination_service and liblights-core (for the new post 4.2 sensors stuff).

    Both should be easy targets: illumination_service just needs to send uinput events if it registers a change in the lights sensor and liblights-core just has to connect to illumination_service's socket and tell it to start working.

    If you would like to help: Feel free to join forces :) My goal is to reduce the amount of blobs :)