[ROM][4.4.2][OFFICIAL] SlimKat - Moto G Unified All Variants


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Jan 1, 2012
SlimRoms is a custom android operating system. The main goal is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems.
The entire SlimTeam work together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.
All of the sources can be publicly viewed through GitHub and you can stop by the public Gerrit to submit patches of any type.

SlimKat is the project name for SlimRoms based on Android 4.4 and offers the following original features:
  • The Real Dark Slim
    • Full system-wide dark interfaces. - If you like it smooth and classy.
  • Custom Shortcuts. Everywhere.
    • Hardware keys, Navigation Ring, Navigation Bar, Lockscreen, Tiles, Notifications etc. - We've got you covered.
  • System-Wide Keyboard Controls
    • Rotation, cursor control, optional emoticions, etc. - You'll be tapping away to your heart's content.
  • SlimCenter
    • Downloads, contact information, system app removal. - More fun than you can shake a stick at.
  • Camera Features
    • Trueview, Smart Capture. - Capture life moments with ease.

Important links:

slimroms.net - The official webpage where you find everything you need to know about SlimRoms.

Download the gapps

Installation instructions - Follow these steps to the letter if you're about to install SlimRoms on your device.

Latest Changelog - Read here if you want information on changes in latest build.

FAQ - The most frequent asked questions with answers.

Kernel Source - The source of your device's kernel.

Get in touch! - Contact SlimRoms at these places if you have questions, requests or feedback.





Disclaimer: SlimRoms are not responsible for any damages to your device.
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Jun 20, 2010
I will be maintaining Moto G for SlimRoms and SpaceKiller has been so kind to offer to manage the thread. Will be considered unofficial till after we hit stable which is very soon as we don't want to break anything with the stuff that we have to push to get all devices working. This is coming officially from us Slim Developers.


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Nov 6, 2009
Testing on xt1031 (Boost Mobile)
Took a bit to install (be patient). Installed with CWM Advanced Edition. Complains of no sim card (xt1031 is cdma). So no sim needed. I currently do not have service, so I can't really test phone functions. But on stock 4.4.2 I did have bars indicating data service (3G). Currently do not in Slim. But, someone who actually has service will need to verify that data is working, among the other phone funtions (I do have bars for cell service). Proximity Sensor was working fine over Groove IP. GPS is working fine (seems to be a issue for some people). I tested with Sygic. FM Tuner working. Camera seems to work fine, Everything is great, but I have yet to dig deep. Nice job!
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May 28, 2013
When I wake the screen, it freezes, then I have to sleep it and wake it again before it works. It's annoying but manageable.


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Mar 8, 2005


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Jan 1, 2012
It gets stuck on "Mount Data", did a complete Wipe before, my version is the XT1032
I used Phils Advanced CWM as noted above. Took awhile, but installed fine.
Edit: Anyway to show ram usage in Recent App's?
Yes, takes a long time to install but it's working, don't worry if stays more time than usual in the install process.

Official slim support? Awesome! You said its not official yet, will I still receive OTA updates from this build?

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Moto G is supported by Slim, but they are working hard in the stable release and adding new phones means more time to spend fixing issues, so no more official devices will be added until SlimKat becomes stable (probably next week), for now it's unofficial.
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Oct 10, 2009
La Feria Tx.
So far data seems to be stable. Haven't tried GPS. My battery suffered a little just on stand by. Will post as soon as I try other stuff.

Edit: for some odd reason root did not want to work. I had to flash the super su package for my root apps to work. Any ideas of what can be causing this?

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