[ROM 4.4.2]Uncharted Rom V9 [I9500XXUGNJ1]

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Apr 22, 2012

Uncharted is a joint Project by Myself and Siberian Tiger and its our First project together. Its a Stock based 4.4.2 deodexed built from i9500XXUGNG3 Firmware. We used this Firmware because it had the highest Change List and good battery life
Note:- Flashing Roms are always at your own risk. We are not responsible for any bricked devices or you getting fired because you were late from your alarm not going off
BusyBox Installed
Debloated to 1.2gb
4 Way Reboot
Scroll Cache Disabled
Knox Removed
SystemUI themed like S5
Network meter on Statusbar
Call Recording
No increased Ringtones
Zipalign Script
On Stock Kernel






It is Always recommended that you make a Backup before flashing any ROM!
1:- Its Recommended to be coming from 4.4.2 Stock Firmware or another 4.4.2 rom 
2.Place the Uncharted rom zip in your phone internal memory 
3.Have a working recovery like CWM Philz recovery 
4.Boot into recovery by holding Volume up-Home Button-Power Button 
5.Make a nandroid backup 
6.Full wipe/factory reset 
7.Install the Uncharted zip  
8.First Boot can take up to 5 minutes 
9.Congratulations!!! You are running Uncharted in your veins :laugh:

Recovery can be found here
Thanks to @ Phil3759


MEGA Link to Uncharted_Rom-V1
MD5 :- C8005361BD976BB278A0B8F8F7B1E606
Update Zip For Uncharted_Rom-V1.1 in Addons-Just Flash

Dev Host Link-Uncharted_Rom-V2
MD5:- BF28D98C20BD980213CED29D10B9B37D

Mega link to Uncharted_Rom-V2
MD5:- BF28D98C20BD980213CED29D10B9B37D

Google Drive Uncharted_Rom-V2

Mega Link Uncharted_Rom-V3

Devhost link Uncharted_Rom-V3.1
MD5 Sum: 8d701dcba15794a930a7aebeba8a9743

Mega Link For Uncharted_Rom-V4

Google Drive link Uncharted_Rom-V4 Thanks to Alex-stroev

Yandex mirror Uncharted_Rom-V4 Thanks to Alex-stroev

Pcloud Mirror Uncharted_Rom-V4 Thanks To AL_IRAQI

Mega link Unchated_Rom-V4-Lite

Google Drive Mirror Uncharted_Rom-V4-Lite Thanks To AL_IRAQI

Mega Link Uncharted_Rom-V5

AndroidFileHost Mirror Uncharted_Rom-V5

Google Drive Mirror Uncharted_rom-V5 Thanks To AL_IRAQI

[URL="https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bwn23sy1GhjMNDRKdml1WFVGMVk/edit"]Google Drive Uncharted_Rom-V6

Google Drive link Uncharted_Rom-V6

Uncharted_Rom-V6 AFH Mirror

Mega Mirror Uncharted_Rom V6-Lite Thanks to bogdan003

Google Drive Mirror Uncharted_Rom-V6-Lite Thanks to AL_IRAQI

Uncharted_Rom-V7 AFH Link

Mega Link Uncharted_Rom-V7 thanks to bogdan003

Uncharted_Rom-V7-Lite AFH Link

Mega Link Uncharted_Rom-V7-Lite thanks to bogdan003

AFH Link Uncharted_Rom-V8

Mega Link Unchated_Rom-V8 Thanks To bogdan003

AFH Link Uncharted_Rom-V8-Lite

Mega Uncharted_Rom-V8-Lite Thanks to bogdan003

AFH Link Uncharted_Rom-V9


Uncharted_Rom-V1.1 Update Zip

Enable Scroll Cache

Network meter Removal

Call Record+No Increased Ringtones

Mods For Uncharted_Rom-V2

V2-Call Record+No Increased Ringtones

V-2-Enable Scroll Cache

V-2-% Battery

V-2-SystemUI S5 look with %Battery

HighlanderZA Blue Eyes Themed Popups+Popup Revert

HighlanderZA GTR themed Popups

V2-Crt off thanks to engloa

Transparent Weather Widget

More % batterys for V2

V2-Return Removed Sounds

V2-Facebook sync to Splanner fix

Mods For Uncharted_Rom-V3

V3-% White Battery

V3-Call Recording+No Increased Ringtones

V3-Transparent Weather Widget

V3-Disable Scroll Cache

Mods for Uncharted_Rom-V4

V4 Call Recording

V4-smali %battery

V4-PNG White %battery

V4-Disable Scroll Cache

V4-Transparent Weather

V4-S5 Style SystemUI pngs


V4-Lite_Removed Apks List

Uncharted_Rom-V5 Mods

V5-Call Recording

V5-Transparent Weather Widget

V5-Crt Off+V5-Crt Fade

V5-Flashlight Toggle

V5-Smali %Battery

V5-PNG %Battery

Uncharted_Rom-V6 Mods

V6-Transparent weather

V6-Call Record+No Increased Ringtones

V6-Smali % battery

V6-Disable Scroll Cache

V6-PNG % Battery White

V6-Flashlight toggle-%battery

V6-Flashlight toggle-%battery-Network meter

V6-Flashlight Toggle-%battery-Hidden Power Button

V6-Crt Off

V6-S5 Themed UI+Settings

V6-No sms Convert

Uncharted_Rom-V7 Mods

V7-Transparent Weather

V7-Call Recording+No increased Ringtones

V7-smali % Battery

V7-PNG %Battery

V7-smali %Battery+Hidden Power Button

V7-Disable Scroll Cache

V7-Crt Off

V7-S5 Themed Settings+UI

V7-No mms-sms convert

V7-smali%battery+Network meter

Uncharted_Rom-V8 Mods

V8-Transparent Weather

V8-Call Recording+No increased ringtones

V8-smali % Battery

V8-smali % Battery+Hidden power button

V8-smali % Battery+Network Meter

V8-Disable Scroll Cache

V8-Crt Off

Uncharted_Rom-V8 Mods

V9-Transparent Weather

V9-smali %Battery

V9-smali %battery-Hidden Power button

V9-smali %battery-Network Meter

V9-Call Recording+No increased Ringtones

V9-Disable Scroll cache

V9-S5-Themed UI+Settings

You are NOT allowed to use any parts/apk/components of this ROM without my permission and knowledge !!!
I have a MOD to hunt you down if you won't follow this rule so BEWARE !
Now enjoy our ROM :)
@JustArchi For His Android Kitchen
@Siberian Tiger For Joining me on this Rom
@Christian Nothing For His thread Graphics & Design
@_Sale_ For all his help
@engloa For Building mods and Scripts

XDA:DevDB Information
Uncharted Rom, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

bombaybadboy, Siberian Tiger
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Firmware Required: I9500XXUFNI2
Based On: Stock

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2014-05-22

Created 2014-05-22
Last Updated 2014-10-26


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Apr 22, 2012
List Of Changes on Build Uncharted Rom-V1.1
SystemUI themed like S5
Network meter on Statusbar Thanks to engloa
%Battery Thanks to engloa
Call Recording with the help of engloa
Zipalign Script from engloa

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Apr 1, 2014
New York /Madrid
BBB ,Siberian is great to be here with you guys ,as you know I have your ROM on my S4 is awesome . I have the latest benchmark score done at 3:00 Am in the morning here is what I got

Amazing job :good::) is very smooth [am loving this ROM]


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Apr 22, 2012
Hey great to see you here bbb and ST
Any mods done or on the way?

Spent all yesterday rebuild rom and a long upload to a file host m8 then all day writing the thread which froze first time and lost it all. Going to look into what more I can add in a bit, would be great to see some of your great mods m8 for this rom

Sent from my GT-I9500


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Jan 12, 2014
Thanks for the rom, but one question ,Are you gonna port S5 Features in your rom in the next release? I really wanna a rom with S5 features(UPSM, toolbox..etc)
because I'm so excited about that
if so then I will wait till your release =D

Siberian Tiger

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Dec 4, 2010
Glad to see a new ROM, I'm looking forward to trying your rom
I wish you a great success with it and I expect a lot of special things from you guys in the next release ;)

Thank you [emoji1]


Thanks for the rom, but one question ,Are you gonna port S5 Features in your rom in the next release? I really wanna a rom with S5 features(UPSM, toolbox..etc)
because I'm so excited about that
if so then I will wait till your release =D

Don't expect such things.
Maybe you will see in the future a more debloated rom with S5 goodies. [emoji6]


you guys really do an amazing job, tks for support our community. Best of luck for you guys!

Thank you [emoji1]

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