[ROM] 【4.4.2_r4】【SENSE-6.0】(¯`'•ADRENALINE-1.9•'´¯)【11/14/14】【VZW】【SPR】【INT】

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So one more question, what about the bootup sound? I see the VZW airways in there but that doesn't sound off during boot up anyways. I renamed that file extension to bak and placed a separate media file in there added VZW_ to the beginning and changed the permissions. Nothing though. Thoughts?


I was wondering would it be a matter of changing something in the build prop to true?
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Oct 18, 2010
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So one more question, what about the bootup sound? I see the VZW airways in there but that doesn't sound off during boot up anyways. I renamed that file extension to bak and placed a separate media file in there added VZW_ to the beginning and changed the permissions. Nothing though. Thoughts?


I was wondering would it be a matter of changing something in the build prop to true?
That will not work. Will you be doing this work from a PC or on your phone so I can tell you the easiest way to do this?

Edit: If you do it by PC use Notepad ++ and if you do it on your phone use something like ES File Explorer
-Place the boot sound into system/customize/resource (Make sure there are no spaces in the files name)
-Open system/customize/resource/CID/default.xml
-Look for the following line <BootAnimation animation="/system/customize/resource/vzw_bootup.zip" />
-Change it to <BootAnimation animation="/system/customize/resource/vzw_bootup.zip" audio="/system/customize/resource/Your_Audio_File" audiostart="part0" />
-Change the Your_Audio_File to your file name
-Should have boot sound
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That will not work. Will you be doing this work from a PC or on your phone so I can tell you the easiest way to do this?

Edit: If you do it by PC use Notepad ++ and if you do it on your phone use something like ES File Explorer
-Place the boot sound into system/customize/resource (Make sure there are no spaces in the files name)
-Open system/customize/resource/CID/default.xml
-Look for the following line
-Change it to
-Change the Your_Audio_File to your file name
-Should have boot sound
Well I tried it and it didn't work. I checked my work again and put it down as described. It isn't a big deal just thought it might be kinda neat. Thanks though for your comments.

So I found this link in the M8 forum which worked.... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2728463
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Sep 3, 2008
Ran into a problem, so I installed the Rom and now that I try to run Xposed its telling me that I have no root access anymore. would I need to re root my phone once again. the rom is working perfectly but I have no root access anymore.


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Apr 14, 2009
Ran into a problem, so I installed the Rom and now that I try to run Xposed its telling me that I have no root access anymore. would I need to re root my phone once again. the rom is working perfectly but I have no root access anymore.
You lost root during the flashing process for some unknown reason to us. Search the thread for a link from the OP with instructions on how to fix it:cowboy:

Edit: I got it for you...now you owe me a cookie



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Sep 3, 2008
You lost root during the flashing process for some unknown reason to us. Search the thread for a link from the OP with instructions on how to fix it:cowboy:

Edit: I got it for you...now you owe me a cookie


major props, gonna take a look at the link, will come back with results. Definitely will reward you with a Cookie..:good::good:

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Damn, I cant even go into recovery anymore. lol...must have completely screwed up while flashing the rom. thanks for the help..


Dec 22, 2010
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Just put this ROM on my roommates Sprint HTC One Max. He loves it so far. The only issue that we are having, is that we cannot access the sprint menu's. You know, the ones where you type ##3282# and others. Also, we cannot update the PRL and Profile on the phone.


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Oct 18, 2010
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Just put this ROM on my roommates Sprint HTC One Max. He loves it so far. The only issue that we are having, is that we cannot access the sprint menu's. You know, the ones where you type ##3282# and others. Also, we cannot update the PRL and Profile on the phone.
EPST.apk was removed from Adrenaline. You can add it manually, or I can create a zip for you to flash.


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Indefinite Thread Closure

This thread will be closed for an Indefinite time period and potentially to re-open when (if) Lollipop Debuts for the device.

I thank you all for the support you'd shown me during the time I was most active on the One Max and hope to return again someday should a new platform be made present.

Any future OT and Q&A can be done so at the dedicated Q&A thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-one-max/help/qa-rom4-4-2r4sense-6-0adren-t2917651

Please know that I may/may not be active in that thread, however you are free to discuss solutions and assist amongst yourselves :)

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    [ROM] 【4.4.2_r4】【SENSE-6.0】(¯`'•ADRENALINE-1.9•'´¯)【11/14/14】【VZW】【SPR】【INT】


    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do
    * some research if you have any concerns about features in this
    * ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these
    * modifications, and if you point the finger at me for 
    * messing up your device, I will look away with an evil grin...


    • Sense 6.0
    • Massively Debloated (less than half the size of Stock)
    • All Social Media Removed (I like a fresh, clean rom)
    • Android KitKat 4.4.2_r4
    • Xposed Framework
    • Hand selected, pre-installed modules that you're sure to enjoy which include a variety of different options such as:
      -APM (Advanced Power Menu)
      -Video Screen Recorder
      -Dark Theme
      -Youtube commercial remover
      -Bluetooth unlocked to transfer ANY files
      -Center Clock Mod
      -Circle Battery Mod
      -Security Flag Disabler for Screenshots
      -Play Store DPI spoofer for missing apps (Make sure you set it to 480)
      -Double Tap Status Bar to Sleep
      -Tap status bar clock for alarm
      -Screenshot delay remover
      -Transparency for just about anything
      -Brightness Slider
      -Custom status bar icons
      -Android L Heads Up Notifications
      -Long Press Back to kill
      -Power button during sleep for flashlight
      -and much, much, more!
    • Support Music Ringtones
    • Shortened that annoying shut down vibration by 1/2
    • Custom Bookmarks
    • Faster SMS retries on sms fails.
    • Gif animations auto enabled in browser
    • Default HotSpot name changed
    • Annoying Wi-Fi Popup Nag removed
    • Delivery Reports enabled by default
    • WiFi Disconnect Notifications enabled
    • Custom Boot and Shutdown Animation
    • ALL Gapps completely up to date
    • Apps that would be found in the playstore have been moved to data apps so as not to clutter the system.
    • Navigation icon is back! Yet still on the latest maps
    • Flashlight
    • Extreme Power Saver Launcher
    • Beats and BoomSound Pre-Installed (can be turned off)
    • Custom Wallpaper
    • Fast and Light rom, built for speed!

    What's Working:

    Variant Editions

    ADRENALINE NEO (Variant of the Official Release)

    This is the rom further de-bloated to my personal liking and is created specifically for me. I'm really a sort of no-frills kinda guy yet I still appreciate some theme action and abilities. However, I have chosen to share this with everyone. I will not address complaints or issues resulting the use of this version as to what's missing or what you'd like to add back however I don't mind helping with the usual crash or system related issues should any ever arise.

    The following separates it from the standard release:

    *Bluetooth unlock module
    *All Apps Mirror Enabler
    *Double Tap Status Bare to sleep module
    *Google Navigation Arrow
    *Play Store Fixes module
    *ALL HTC BACKUP, VZW BACKUP, ETC BACKUP Utilities except Google Backups
    *ALL live wallpapers and live wallpaper functionality
    *Music Channel Disabled and removed (I've noticed a major decrease in audio *quality once switching over to the animations until a full reboot takes place and you stay away from it)
    *Verizon Visual Voicemail
    *The extra added ringtones and the Earthquake alert removed (no earthquakes where I live)
    *All Mirror Casting services
    *NFC and TAG abilities
    *VZW Cloud Service
    *Media output like HDMI output, etc.
    *Boot-up and Boot-down custom animations

    ADRENALINE DEVELOPER (Variant of the Official Release)

    I created the Developer Edition for you guys who like to take a reasonably debloated base without Neo's adding like and dislikes and drag and drop apk files whether from the computer into the rom zip or from in your phone using a root explorer app to add back in apps you want. The Developer Edition is debloated even further than my Neo Edition as I've removed those apps which catered to me and only contains your most basic features: Calculator, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Data, Flashlight, Gallery, Mail, Playstore, Talk, and Text. For those who like to build up their own DD, this can be used as a starting point for dragging and dropping back into the rom things you need.

    Aside from what is already removed in the Developer's Edition, the following has also been removed (but can be added back in at your discretion/ability):

    *Google Maps
    *Youtube AdAway module
    *Screenshot Delay Remover module
    *The XPosed Installer
    *GoogleTTS (Google Text To Speech Engine)

    Installation Instructions
    I recommend users of this rom to be on the latest firmware and Hboot with an s-off device.

    NOTE: You need to be on at least TWRP or above if you intend to flash this rom.
    If you are NOT on this recovery and have a rom complaint, I will not address it.


    The installer script does it for you already. Simply do a factory reset "Swipe Wipe" and you're good to go.

    Flashing Procedures are as follows:

    1. Put the Rom on the root of your internal memory
    2. Compare MD5 Sum
    -Windows: MD5 Calculator
    -LINUX: Open Terminal and type: md5sum [path to the rom on your sd card]
    -Mac: Open a terminal and type: md5 [path to the rom on your sd card]
    3. Reboot to Recovery
    4. Scroll down and select "Wipe"
    5. Do a "Swipe Wipe"
    7. Install Rom from SD Card
    8. Reboot and enjoy!

    For Best results, reboot the rom once after it has settled after all your syncing and such. You will need to reboot anyway in order to active the xposed framework.

    Further questions about the ROM
    Please check the FAQ in the second post. (Coming Soon)​

    Note: DO NOT Mirror this Rom, Quote this entire OP, or Use this as a base for your Rom. Thanks.

    Thank You to the following individuals for their heavy involvement in making this possible for the HTC One Max and for their continued efforts to improving the platform:
    Flyhalf205 Answering questions and a few files from his base - Donate
    [email protected] For showing me how to theme and the use of his Sprint base - Donate
    rovo89 - For his XPosed Framework
    Kernel Source:

    • Stock OEM Factory Shipped Kernel

    Guys if you like the rom, consider donating! It's always appreciated and will go directly to helping me support my mini me's insatiable desire to consume ice cream!:D


    Ok so! I'm switching gears here a little bit. I almost had the GPE port up to snuff until I tried CM12 again and boy is it nice! I will be getting back into possibly using CM12 as a base instead of 4.4.2 GPE. These will be trials for next week.

    I have been sick for most of this week so wasn't very able and willing to work on anything. Rest assured, I will be back in full action by Monday.

    Additionally, thanks to XDA member @dnkeyhnter for donating his AT&T HTC One m8, and to @dottat for fixing it up and working some magic to exchange it for a vzw model to be given to me. It will be because of these two men that the m8 community of all variants will enjoy my work.

    In addition to this even, I have been given an HTC One m7 by my friend @usagi-pire so I will also be extending my reach to that device. The m7 community will have him to thank for my works there also.

    Three HTC One devices, lots of future Neo love ;)

    I look forward to serving all of you,

    Forum Moderator
    The update is out! Changelog to come late this evening as I am out of time. Many things have been changed, most if not all the earlier issues have been resolved. Custom personal flare added a bit. I'm working on an inverted version of this rom that I will hopefully have out by late next week.

    Although a dirty flash will suffice, I always recommend clean flashes with my work.

    If you notice, I have re-created a Developer's Edition which is minimized further than some may like, yet fully functional and stable.

    Remember NOT to wipe system if you are doing an advanced wipe with TWRP. The normal swipe to factory reset will suffice as a clean flash as the updater already wipes the system when you flash the Rom. Fail to do this and you'll get a mid flash reboot every time.

    I have also included a flashable Social Networks zip for those who wish to have the social networks added back in.

    Have a good weekend!

    Well do I have somewhat exciting news for you guys!

    I've decided to skip over the different versions for 1.8 and go right on to releasing 1.9.

    1.9 is smoooth. The contact's picture issue is fixed and I've updated many of the Google Apps to Material Design/Lollipop. Aside from the New Calendar and Textra, I've updated Google Play Services to L, Maps 9.0.0 (Love it!), Play Store 5.0.38, Google Search (Now) 4.0.26, and TextToSpeech 3.2.12.

    Since many of you have never run my other Roms such as TACHYON, INFECTION, TRON, and RAXACORICOFALLAPATORIUS, and since I've stripped you guys of many tones, I have decided to incorporate many of my sounds from those roms into this one so you will have them to enjoy ;)

    Release will be anywhere between Wednesday-Friday.

    Forum Moderator



    *Initial Release


    ***A Clean Flash is recommended, but not required***
    *Fixed Music Player Force Close on launch
    *Re-Added HTC Theme Engine and with customized theme choices! (a few more to come in the future)
    *Fixed the missing images for selecting fingerprints in the fingerprint scanner settings.
    *Fixed some Gallery Force Close issues
    *Kernel Frequencies are now set at a defaulted lower minimum (saves on battery!)
    *New Zoe Beta added with community support and help info
    *HTC Keyboard data reduced (faster and lag-free)
    *All XPosed Modules Updated
    *All Google Apps Updated
    *Xtended Settings Module added which brings the following added features:
    -Statusbar Changes like Clock, Battery, MIUI Battery Bar with animation styles, color changes, etc.
    -HTC Sense Settings such as animations, color changes, icon and folder modification, blinkfeed mods, etc.
    -System options such as led flash during charge, flashlight flash for notifications, button backlight brightness, etc.
    -Lockscreen Options such as AOSP lock with custom widgets, weather image style, gestures, custom shortcuts, etc.
    -Several custom programmable button settings
    -Misc settings like access to the old *#*#4636#*#* diag screen, overscroll custom color, etc.
    -There are a Plethora of abilities that the Xtended Settings Xposed module is capable of and most of them can be viewed on the Developer's page HERE
    *Xtended Sound Effects (Xtended Settings Module)
    -Bass Booster
    -Reverb Levels
    -Preset and programmable custom equalizers
    *Gravity Box Xposed module added which brings several features to play. Gravity Box was meant for AOSP but many of the mods work nicely for sense. Search through it and you may find something you like
    *HTC Backup removed (who really uses this anyway?)
    *Visualization Wallpapers re-added
    *30 custom wallpapers added
    *More foreign fonts removed
    *A few apps Re-added for stability issues


    *Completely Re-Based and Rebuilt from scratch on 4.4.2_r2!
    *Visual Voicemail Fixed
    *Screen Casting Fixed (I think)
    *Phone Crash/Drop Calls/Fail to ring Fixed
    *Fixed Contacts Instability
    *Updated Xtended Settings Module (already outdated again)
    *Complete UI Overhaul and new Custom Sense Theme Integration with 15 theme selections! Courtesy of [email protected]
    *Updated all other modules
    *Fixed Music Channel freeze and crash
    *Fixed Visualizer in Music Player freeze and crash
    *Fixed BlinkFeed crashes and Instability (I think)
    *Fixed Gallery force close when attempting to share albums
    *Improved Beats Audio Implementation. Now louder and crisper than ever!
    *Removed Zoe as it is a Social Media downloadable from the PlayStore
    *Fixed Turn by Turn Navigations (Now speaks street names)
    *Fixed "Ok Google" Anywhere Integration (can now say "Ok Google" from any app or screen including the lock screen (requires an elective activation in Voice Search)
    *Fixed the I/O Crash when plugging up to a pc via USB cable
    *Security Improvements
    *GPS Improvements
    *Debloated further
    *Much faster, smoother, and more battery efficient then the other versions.
    *Switched back to stock oem kernel (Fly's is still flashable from his kernel thread if you want it)


    *Taken back to unmodified, fresh, new RUU. Pulled, Deodexed, and modified by me alone. Rebuilt from scratch.
    *Fixed Sense 6 Toolbox Module crash!
    *Fixed HTC Backup! Selection for Google Drive or DropBox
    *Fixed other phone/account transfer functionality including vzw backup assistant
    *Removed the recently added Genie Widget (meant for AOSP as our Weather Clock does this already)
    *Added the Live Wallpapers back in
    *Added Street View back in
    *Disabled the WiFi Pop-up nag whenever launching apps (I hated that thing)
    *Disabled the wipe policy for incorrect password attempts
    *Re-Enabled Extreme Power Saver Mod
    *Re-Enabled Allowance and Support for National Roaming
    *Hid Setup Wizard and Help from the App Drawer
    *Enabled Notification LED Color (Untested and likely won't work)
    *Re-Enabled Support for Group Messages
    *Enabled support for MMS shared browser screenshots (untested)
    *Enabled support of gyro functions
    *Enabled support of No lock screen
    *Defaulted allowance for non market app installs
    *Defaulted GPS location on
    *Re-Added my custom wallpapers
    *Changed default home screen to display Weather Clock once again
    *Added XDA and My Site to your bookmarks
    *Enabled SMS and MMS delivery ports by default
    *Upped the max recipients per MMS ans SMS from 20 to 100 (no idea if this will work lol)
    *Google Location settings enabled by default
    *Removed CD Rom mount and PCTool so you won't have 3-4 pop up windows when connecting to the PC
    *Removed more Social Networks Integration for further power saving and debloat
    *Removed a handful of unnecessary libs cluttering the system
    *Re-Added Device management as it's required by a few processes which includes phone finding apps as well
    *Re-Added the Google+ Plug-in for Blinkfeed
    *Re-Added the Instagram Plug-in for Blinkfeed
    *Re-Added the Linked-in Plug-in for Blinkfeed
    *Removed the HTC File Manager (Did anyone really use this anyway?)
    *Updated Gapps
    *Updated Modules
    *Removed a few unnecessary build.prop edits.
    *Debloated further than the previous build, yet retaining full functionality.
    *Cleaner, Faster, Most Stable, and even better on battery


    *Moved a stock version of HTC Album back into data/app to fix FC issue with the Downloads Album. This however will keep it from theme changing with everything else
    *Added "Mirror Enable" which allows you to Mirror Broadcast from any app
    *Added Blurred UI Exposed Module
    *Re-Added Visualization wallpaper (by accident)
    *Disabled ISO mount on boot
    *Disabled the Safe Volume Nag
    *Enabled Extra Quick Settings
    *Enabled the use of Alarm volume while in Silent Mode
    *Added back a few fonts for stability purposes
    *Re-added a handful of ringtones
    *Re-added SystemUI and keyboard tones
    *Re-added the HTC File Manager
    *Removed all the Social Network Plug-ins and updated the Social Networks Zip file
    *Added the VZW Cloud Storage option
    *Fixed the World Clock edit FC issue


    *Introducing Dev Edition and Builder's Edition. More to be explained in the OP soon.
    *Updated the Xposed Modules
    *Removed Gravity Box as it offered barely any added mods (since it's primarily meant for AOSP)
    *Updated Google Apps
    *Downgraded Xtended Settings Module from 1.1.0 to 1.0.9 as he is no longer supporting it and the added function of Xtended on-line is dead.
    *Removed a few live wallpapers
    *Removed Car Dock and Automotive Home support (If many of you truly used this function, let me know and I may re-add it later or create a flashable)
    *Removed Street View, but can be re-downloadedfrom the playstore if you need it
    *Removed a lot of unnecessary background processes thus improving battery life and memory
    *Removed a few of my custom wallpapers (outside of the integrated theme)
    *Changed MMS back to the stock MMS. If you want the Bubble theme version b [email protected], it can be obtained from his Themes thread
    *Removed the Toggles+ (extra quick settings toggles). If you want them back you may flash [email protected]'s mod in his thread. Keep in mind however that this may break some of the changes I've made to the rom as it will overwrite my modified default.xml in /ACC
    *Added the Seeder Entropy generator for a smoother and more improved android experience. Feel it for yourself
    *Removed a few more unnecessary libs.
    *Removed the Extreme Power Saver Launcher (Already hae a power saver launcher feature in place)
    *Removed the ringtone trimmer and low quality sound recorder. If you really need these back just let me know
    *removed the Stock app. If you need it back let me know


    [Q]: What is the difference between Textra and Google Messenger?
    [A]: A Comprehensive and Thorough User Level Comparison Review of Google's "Messenger" VS Delicious Inc.'s "Textra SMS"

    So in an effort to prepare all of you for lollipop in an "ease into it" kind of fashion, I've come to find that many are either hesitant over the newly included messaging app, or would rather prefer Google's Messenger app over Textra. It has also occurred to me that many users don't actually know the difference between the two (other than the fact that Textra comes with a dark skin default which is changeable). So I have taken the time to compare the many different abilities and functions that each app provides in comparison to each other (at user level).
    I hope that you find this informative enough to make a decision in the future as to which you would prefer. So without further delay, I present to you my review.

    Now many of you may not care about the messaging app as you've selected Hangouts to be your default SMS receiver. For those of you like myself however that prefer SMS messages to be kept separate from hangouts, this may be of good use to you.


    So to the Left we have Messenger and to the Right we have Textra.

    Right off the bat you will notice that Textra does a full system theme where your status bar coloring is altered to reflect the theme (as with most of our apps including our Kit Kat stock Message) where as in Messenger it remains untouched.
    You will also notice that the contact icons in Messenger are slightly larger than those appearing in Textra which I personally feel would limit the amount of text being displayed due to the "create a new message" button covering the last recent message. Yet the font is slightly larger in that of the Textra app making it easier to read which is what we care about most in a messaging app.
    Both layouts appear to be nearly identical with exception to color.


    Here we have an example where a single message has been long pressed.

    In Messenger, the message selected is indicated by a slight discoloration of the field in which the text inhabits along with changing the contact icon to a Blue Checkmark (which only deselects the message if pressed). Notice also the create a new message icon disappears (as it is not needed for this current function).

    In Textra, the message selected is indicated by a highlighted check mark that shuffles in from the left of the message (shuffling the message dates to the right off screen). Additionally, the create a new message button in the bottom right corner becomes a grayed out Checkmark which when pressed, changes color and selects every message currently in the chat summary. However, there is no Archive function built into Textra as there is in Messenger which for some of you, very well may be a deal breaker as you may actually use that function (I don't).

    The options that appear above in Messenger are that of cancel (go back), Archive, Delete, and options.
    The options that appear above in Textra are that of cancel (go back) Silence notifications, delete, and options.


    In the following two images, we see what a multi message selections looks like in both Messenger on the left, and Textra on the right.
    Immediately in Messenger, the options button vanishes and converts into simply silence notifications (as that is apparently the only multi message function it can perform).
    However in Textra, the options to silence, delete, and "options" remain.


    I have gone and deselected one of the messages in both Messenger and Textra so that we can compare and explore the options that are presented for a selected message (since it disappears in Messenger if multiple messages are selected). However, I have included the multi selected messages in Textra also so that you can see the options remain unchanged.

    To the left, Messenger displays the only options to be Silencing notifications (which for some reason was not available until multi messages were selected) Add contact which adds the person to your contacts if not already, and block or “blacklisting” (which prevents you from receiving their messages).

    To the Right, Textra displays Notifications Settings, Bubble Color settings, Delivery Report settings, Signatures, and black listing. Keep in mind also that silencing notifications is already present in the main window as well.

    Since we pretty much already know what Notifications off, add contact, and block do, we will go over them through Textra while we explore the additional options it has to offer in the next images to follow.


    We now are looking at the notifications settings specifically for the selected messages. What you will notice, is that in Textra you can define message/people specific themes, options, and settings.
    In here you can enable or disable notifications on the main page.


    Tap Notifications allow you to select the action to be taken when you tap a message notification from that specific message/person. You can choose to open a floating quick reply window that will disappear after you send a message and resume whatever activity you were currently doing, or you can have it open textra like most stock messaging apps will do.


    Floating notifications settings will allow you to decide the duration of the pop up notification for that specific contact (should you decide to have pop up notifications in the previous setting)


    Notification Icon Settings allows you to decide what color that selected contact/message should appear in. As you can see, there are 44 different color options to choose from (wow!)


    LED Blink Color is an awesome option for phones that support it. You have the ability to specify what color your selected message/contact should appear in when you have received a message from them. While our device doesn't support every color listed, I have taken the liberty of providing you with the huge variety of LED colors that actually do work for our device: Green & Red.


    Default Notification sound although "says" Ringtone, actually pulls from your notifications folder (like it's supposed to).


    Vibrate Settings allow you to set specific vibration instructions for that particular selected contact/message.


    Now, if you've elected to allow vibrations, you can go so far as to even select contact/message specific vibrate patterns!


    Wake Up Screen options allow you to decide whether or not a message from that particularly selected individual should wake your phone and turn screen on or not.


    Repeat notifications let's you decide how often your phone should harass you for not checking or acknowledging the newly received message per contact/person. Hey if it's mom you may actually want it to keep telling you her message is waiting to be seen

    This ends all the options available for Notifications.


    Backing out now we select the option to go into Bubble Colors for the specific contact/message. You can decide what color your text bubbles should be in, and what color their text bubbles should be in. Check it out, you have 42 color options

    This ends the options available for Bubbles.


    Backing out now we select the option for Delivery Reports
    Here you can decide if you want to receive a report for a MMS or SMS message successfully received by the end user's device to which you sent a message to. Very handy for those who claim they never got your message or simply informative to you for those who honestly didn't receive it and perhaps should be called.

    This ends the options available for Delivery Reports.


    Backing out now we select the option for Signatures to be displayed in your messages to these specifically selected individuals. After having opted to include a message, you can edit and create your own. Note that after confirming your new signature, the signature displayed looks overwritten but a quick back out and back in to the Settings will provide you with visual proof of the correct change. (This is likely a glitch they are probably working out).

    This ends the options available for Signatures.


    Backing out and selecting the Blacklist option will immediately BlackList (block) those messages selected from ever being received to your device again. Don't worry however, as this can be undone by going to the main settings for the app outside of these message specific options we've explored through this review. Pay no mind to the fact that I just blacklisted my mother-in-law by "accident" :D


    Deselecting all the contacts in both Messenger (Hey what was this app for again?) and Textra, we are now able to enter their Primary App Options via the same options button to the top right of both apps.
    Notice that since Messenger has Archive functions, you are able to go into your Archived Messages as seen in the image above. Since I don't have any messages archived, none will appear but if you had used it to Archive them, that is where you would find them. This is the same feature that is present in Google Hangouts where you can archive a conversation for later viewing (and to keep it out of your primary chat summary).


    On the main page you will see a search button (magnifying glass). Perhaps you had a conversation with someone a long time ago in your messages about a certain topic but can't remember who it was or when it took place. To easily recall that conversation, you can type in a word or phrase used in the message as indicated in these examples.

    A very crucial thing here to note, is that Messenger will only highlight and provide you with the very last time the subject was ever discussed and take you back to that moment in time via clicking on it.
    Textra however, will display a brief message from each and every time that particular subject was discussed and take you to that exact moment in time you were looking for by clicking on the specific search result.


    Since it will be extremely brief, due to the minimal activity taking place in this app, we will go ahead and explore the main options taking place in Google's Messenger App first.
    As you can see, aside from having 0 message specific settings, only very little remains for any of the global settings. Whether or not you want notifications for all incoming messages, one specific sound for all, whether or not all vibrate or don't, and your typical MMS settings which appear in every MMS app.


    Now in Textra's Main Global Options/Settings, we see all the following choices.
    Many of these you recognize from the per message/contact options/settings we covered earlier. These will be the primary settings to take place globally in no settings are specified per contact/message.
    We will only cover those that were not covered in the individual settings.


    Under the "About" option, selecting "What's New?" will give us a detailed change log for all the advancements Textra has made per release.
    Enable Debugging is set for times when Textra provides support to you for an issue related to their app (wow)
    Tell your friends allows you to share the playstore link for this app via a variety of different sharing options.
    Resync Textra does what it says: Basically re-syncs all your messages should you have strayed away experimenting with other apps that intercept messages and wish to return to stability ;) It will re-sync everything for you without changing any of your settings.

    This ends the About Options.


    Backing back out into Settings you'll notice a support button. Click this and you will have the option to contact the developers directly with any issues you may have that aren't listed in their provided Q&A/FAQ listed below. They also provide a button to tap to link directly to their Feedback Forum (yeah, they have one).

    This ends the Support Options.


    Backing back out into the main Settings, there is a Customize Look menu. Here you can change the text size of the fonts being viewed as presented in the image above.


    You can also change the Dark Mode Settings to "Off", Dark (default) and Black.


    In Theme color, you can change the overal theme color of the entire app! You have 40 selectable themes to choose form. Take notice of the checkmark and circle color of each theme you select. It is the color of your secondary colors like menu option font color, check boxes, etc.


    Under the Default Notifications Settings, the only difference you'll see that wasn't discussed before is whether or not floating notifications will appear while the phone is both locked and unlocked (or duration of the notifications).
    All the other settings are global and as mentioned before, work for all those who don't have individually set settings.

    This ends our exploration of the Settings options.


    Now, we go into a message as it appears in Messenger.
    Uh oh, my chat window with my buddy Justin is in Pink and White?? Gee thanks Google.. Apparently, Google thought it would be cute to pre-select random theme colors per conversation in your messages. There is no way to change the color options as they appear in this conversation nor can you change any of your chat bubble colors or font sizes.
    Long pressing a message as indicated in the second picture above yields a couple options. Delete that single post, return to the chat, Forward that post to another contact, or information regarding that post (type, from, to, sent, received).
    There is no multi selection option, there is no swiping side to side for additional options or navigations. However options for the entire message is present without post selection.


    Now in Textra, I'm happy to say that I have assigned this theme to the chat with my buddy and I.
    Pressing on his image pulls up his personal info and gives me the option to call.
    Swiping from left to right in the chat window sends me right back into my main chat summary.
    Swiping from right to left however, will display the exact time and date of every sent and received message regardless of the time interval between as indicated in the 3rd image.
    Long pressing a message gives me the option to multi-select individual posts where I can either trash them, send them all as a new message to someone in my contacts, forward the messages to another contact, copy the text, lock the individual posts, or share in an email Man I love options!

    This concludes my review of both Textra VS Messenger.

    I hope you have found it enlightening and will have taught you how to operate either app like a pro by the time Lollipop roms surface.

    Guess now I should go and un-blackllist my Mother-In-Law :D