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Sep 11, 2013
São Paulo
Anyone could send me a PM telling me where can I buy a really original battery for this phone?

I think that the production of the batteries for this phone is over... So what can I find it?

Thank you.


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Anyone could send me a PM telling me where can I buy a really original battery for this phone?

I think that the production of the batteries for this phone is over... So what can I find it?

Thank you.

you can purchase original battery from local samsung service centers, if it's not available they usually put your purchase on indent


Apr 11, 2014
Really cool ROM, but...
My file managers cant see contents of my sdcards (both internal and external). I tried greekdragon rom, dorimanx kernel, but still no success.
Haha I just removed external SD and now I can see contents of internal one. Really strange behavior.
Tried with 8GB MicroSD and everything works fine.
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Jan 23, 2013
São Paulo
Following FJ's recommendation, here's the Fuel Gauge Reset Terminal Command:

echo "1" > /sys/devices/platform/i2c-gpio.9/i2c-9/9-0036/power_supply/fuelgauge/fg_reset_soc

To properly reset your Fuel Gauge:

> Charge your phone to 100 (or until Battery Statistics showed in PerformanceTools says "Not Charging" to ensure Full Charge)

> Unplug Charger

> Enter the Code via Terminal Emulator

> Wait 'til Battery Percentage Drops

> Plug Charger Again

> Done! :good:

You can easily do it via STweaks 'IF' you are using DorimanX Kernel. But if you're on Stock SlimKernel like me, then do it manually, like that... :p

EDIT: Made a script out of it. Lookie HERE. :D

:D :) ;) :good:

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    SlimSaber i9100 Uber 4.8
    Making SlimKat more faster and smoother

    SlimSaber: Uber toolchain 4.8.4
    SlimKernel: Uber toolchain 4.9.4

    I'm not responsible for any damages on your device.

    It comes from my hobby to building rom that is actually for private use and then some users found it on my Due to some suggestions from them (rkoby13 is one of them :p), I decided to create this thread to share my builds with you.
    My focus is to optimize the ROM in many areas and compiled it with custom toolchain Uber for more performance and smoothness.
    I choose SlimRoms as a base because it is a lightweight and not a bloated ROM, but it still has rich features. Combined with some of CM features, I bake a ROM that has more useful features but still lightweight.
    The ROM and the kernel are tested by me first before I make it available online. I could have overseen something during testing, please be understand.

    Features summary
    See here. Thanks a lot Harsha Raj!

    Installation instructions
    Coming from 4.1.x or 4.2.x or 4.3.x or another ROM to 4.4.x:
    • Flash a kitkat compatible recovery from here. A kernel is a recovery and a recovery is a kernel.
    • Reboot to recovery. Not to the system!
    • Full wipe: data, cache, dalvik cache.
    • Mount system and format system partition manually.
    • Flash the unofficial build.
    • Flash gapps from here. Please use the 'minimal' one since our system partition is not big enough to carry the 'full' one.
    Coming from previous unofficial build:
    • Wipe cache and dalvik cache.
    • Flash the unofficial build.
    • No need to re-flash gapps. Gapps will be restored back automatically by backup tool during flashing.
    Another version of full wipe/dirty flashing from Hopper8

    Known Issues
    See second post.

    Latest release
    Latest 4.4.4: 20151021
    Latest 4.4.3: 20140616
    Latest 4.4.2: 20140604

    Full Changelog


    SlimRoms - The SlimRom team
    zzmoove governor - ZaneZam
    Uber toolchain - Cl3Kener
    SlimSaber banner and signatures - kroz

    Special Thanks
    HardCorePawn - for his great work making the SlimKat available on i9100 device.
    Dorimanx - for patches to disable sqlite fsync.


    How To Build
    See this post
    F.A.Q (Freaking Annoying Questions)

    Battery percentage drops frequently after boot
    The full gauge needs to be reset. See here how to do it:

    How to disable CellBroadcastReceiver
    There are three possibilities to disable it:
    • Disable its setting: See here
    • Remove it: Settings - SlimCenter - SlimSizer - Delete CellBroadcastReceiver
    • Freeze it: Use Titanium Backup and freeze 'Mobile Broadcast'
    Root doesn't work!

    • Enable 'Developer options'
      • Go to Settings -> About Phone
      • Tap on the Build Number 7 times
    • Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Root access
    • Choose 'Apps' or 'Apps and ADB'
    How to set zzmoove profile
    Available zzmoove profiles:
    1. Default
      Will set governor defaults
    2. Yank Battery
      A very good battery/performance balanced setting - DEV-NOTE: highly recommended! -
    3. Yank Battery Extreme
      Like yank battery but focus on battery saving
    4. ZaneZam Battery
      A more 'harsh' setting strictly focused on battery saving - DEV-NOTE: might give some lags! -
    5. ZaneZam Battery Plus
      NEW! reworked 'faster' battery setting - DEV-NOTE: recommended too! -
    6. ZaneZam Moderate
      NEW! setting based on 'ZaneZam Optimized' which has mainly (but not strictly only!) 2 cores online -
    7. ZaneZam Optimized
      Balanced setting with no focus in any direction - DEV-NOTE: relict from back in the days, even though some people still like it! -
    8. ZaneZam Performance
      All you can get from zzmoove in terms of performance but still has the fast - down scaling/hotplugging behaving
    9. ZaneZam InZane
      NEW! based on performance with new insane scaling active. a new experience!
    10. ZaneZam Gaming
      NEW! based on performance with scaling block enabled to avoid cpu overheating during gameplay
    How to set the zzmoove profile:
    • Go to Settings - Advanced options - Performance - choose zzmoove governor
    • Press menu key and choose Governor Settings
    • Search for 'profile_number' and pick a number from above
    • Press 'Apply values' and eventually enable 'Apply on boot'
    Only profile_number can be persisted, any other gov settings will be changed based on the chosen profile template.

    * Media scanner eating my battery
    * CPU stuck at 1.2 GHz
    * Random music player stop

    For media scanner problem, try this following solution first:, also see this.
    At these problems could have the same root cause: The kitkat sdcard fuse daemon issue on the Exynos 4210 family of devices. There is no fix yet. See this thread for more information.

    How to check corrupt partition

    I have excessive RILJ wakelocks

    My recovery won't flash the 4.4 zip... aka "Status 7 error"... what do I do?
    You need a kitkat compatible cwm. See installation instructions in 1st op

    How to change DPI?
    Currently, this feature hasn't been ported... so you'll need to install Texdroider DPI from the playstore... or edit /system/build.prop and change ro.sf.lcd_density to the desired value

    Stuck at the Samsung logo
    Follow this steps to get rid of the stuck and to have back your valuable data:
    • Go to recovery and make a twrp/cwm backup.
    • Do a full wipe + mount system + format system.
    • Flash the rom + gapps.
    • Reboot to rom and skip the setup wizard.
    • Go to recovery again and advance restore your data only.
    • Reboot.
    My timezone is reset and it is wrong
    See this workaround from rkoby13 or eskriminal here:

    What is Toolchain?
    In software, a toolchain is the set of programming tools that are used to create a product (typically another computer program or system of programs). The tools may be used in a chain, so that the output of each tool becomes the input for the next, but the term is used widely to refer to any set of linked development tools.
    A simple software development toolchain consists of a compiler and linker to transform the source code into an executable program, libraries to provide interfaces to the operating system, and a debugger. A complex product such as a video game needs tools for preparing sound effects, music, textures, 3-dimensional models, and animations, and further tools for combining these resources into the finished product.

    What is SaberMod?
    The term "SaberMod" is coming from:
    SaberMod is a AOSP based ROM with some extra features added in and mostly from CyanogenMod. SaberMod started out pure AOSP when android 4.2.1 launched. Originally it was pure AOSP with a few extra features I ported over from CyanogeMod and linaro optimizations. Then I rebased everything off of rasbeanjelly because I liked many features found in rasbean. Since then I've modified a lot of the code so not much of it is rasbeanjelly based anymore. But you will still find some commonly used features found in rasbeanjelly. SaberMod is not a rasbeanjelly or CM clone, or KANG. Custom kernels are included for certain devices when available. These are personal builds we make for ourselves and originally became very popular in the nexus 7 forums. Features are very rarely added, and are built to SaberMod's team members liking. Currently there are two members of SaberMod working on this project. Myself and @jarjar124 . Please understand our time is limited and we are only two people who have lives, and do not have 25-50 members like CyanogenMod to add things. And our goal is not to add a bunch of features that bloat the system of the ROM.

    What is Linaro?
    Linaro is the place where engineers from the world's leading technology companies define the future of Linux on ARM. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 120 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture, including the GCC toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces.

    Radio cleaner
    If you have signal dropping problem or once messing with your RIL, flash this to return to the OpenRIL: (Credit to codeworkx)
    It flashes also the LS8 modem.

    KrozMod Collection
    A theme collections by kroz, visit his thread here:

    Signatures by kroz


    SaberMod SlimRoms

    Download here:

    Bootanimation by kroz

    Bootanimation by thereald
    Slimsaber Feature List

    *Please do not quote whole of the post*

    There are lots of features in this ROM and many new features are being added with every new build. For people like me who flashed the @fusionjack's ROM recently will have a exciting time discovering amazing features which are from Slim team and few cherry picked by the Dev himself. I have gone through all the changelogs posted by fusionjack from the build 20131210 [i.e. from 4.4.1] and made a list of interesting features this ROM has. I hope the new ROM users will be benefited by this and likewise to old users too. I shall try to keep this list updated with new interesting features added with new builds if people are interested. Huge thumbs up for fusionjack and Slim team for this ROM.

    Official key SlimBeam features included in this ROM are: (Images reference here)
    1. The real dark Slim [TRDS]: With is feature you have have the black version of the OS including inverted colours many Google apps with just one click.
      Path: Go to Settings - TRDS [Also tap on the TRDS to set when the TRDS theme to be applied]

    2. Notification drawer and and lockscreen shortcuts: You can customize your notification drawer including labels, transparency, shortcuts and background styles. Also you can set your own lockscreen shortcuts.
      Path: Settings - Interface - Notification and QS Drawer. Also Settings - Security - Slider targets and shortcuts (make sure screen lock is set to "slide")

    3. Custom Quick Settings Tiles: Use any kind of custom quick settings as per your needs and various modifications.
      Path: Settings - Interface - Notification and QS Drawer

    4. SlimPIE: Based on CM's PIE, inspired by PA's PIE with a light touch of Slim. A true community feature.

    5. Camera - Smart Capture (You have problems with nice pictures without jitter, then Smart Capture) and True View (You are tired of the always stretched camera views from manufactures, then try True View to see the real views).

    Interesting features added to SlimSaber via various builds:

    Note: Few are common CM features which I have included anyways.

    General format of the list: Build number of feature addition - Feature name and description - Where to find it

    • 20131216 | Package Installer: Show current & new version of the app - while installing the apk manually.

    • 20131219 | Double tap gesture on the status bar to turn off the screen

    • 20131222 | SlimCenter: Now you can check SlimSaber updates through SlimCenter. You'll be redirected to i9100 folder.

    • 20131225 | Chamber of Secrets: The settings is hidden, but you can active the hidden setting. Wait for announcement from SlimBean team regarding this feature. It looks like for advanced user only. Read more info here.
      Path: First go to developer options - scroll to the bottom list and tap on empty space. Then add widget to home screen called slim shortcut

    • 20131229 | Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime: The volume keys control the Media volume rather than the Ringer hence removing the issue of accidentally changing the Ringer volume.
      Path: Settings - Sound - Advanced options - Tick on Media control

    • 20131230 | Advanced storage settings: switch external storage.
      Path: Settings - Storage - Menu - Advanced storage settings

    • 20131230 | Temporary integrated performance settings using omnirom's performance control into advanced settings. If you use performance control app, better deinstall it before flashing this build.
      Path: Settings - Advanced options - Performance

    • 20140105 | Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees.
      Path: Settings - Display - Rotation - Swap volume buttons

    • 20140108 | Quick Settings - let's welcome Location Tile to 4.4. See here for explanation.

    • 20140111 | Flip to Mute/Reject Call.
      Path: Phone app - Menu - Settings - Flip Action. Also while you are in that screen, you can tick on "Incoming call in background" (Android 4.4 feature or Slim team?)

    • 20140111 | Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode. More info here.
      Path: Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Battery saving mode

    • 20140111 | Add LongClick SwitchButton. More info here and here

    • 20140111 | Minimum Vibration Duration: For example set the vibration intensity when pressing the menu key or pattern lock screen.
      Path: Settings - Sound - Minimum vibration duration

    • 20140113 | Call Log: Separate All tab into Incoming and Outgoing tabs

    • 20140113 | Custom Tiles for Quick Settings tiles

    • 20140115 | Listanimation Views and Interpolator: more info here - Point [2] @GNUDroid.
      Path: Settings - Display - ListView Animation/Interpolator

    • 20141018 | Torch - Glowpad Torch: Double-tap and hold the slider to start torch.
      Path: Settings - Security - Slider targets and shortcuts - Tick on slider torch

    • 20141018 | Pimp up Notification: Hide Labels.
      Path: Settings - Interface - Notification - Hide notification labels

    • 20141018 | Add Advanced reboot. If your advanced reboot gone, re-enable in Settings - Security - Advanced reboot

    • 20141018 | My Phone Number: This adds back the option to set the device phone number, just for fun probably.
      Path: Go to phone app - menu - settings - Additional settings - My phone number and enter your phone number. Then go to Settings - About phone - Status - My Phone Number and enjoy!

    • 20141018 | Settings: Add support for ADB over network.
      Path: Settings - Developer options - ADB over network. Read the warning!

    • 20140120 | Smart Pulldown. Path: Settings - Interface - Notification - Smart pulldown

    • 20140120 | Quick Settings: Quick Collapse. Path: Settings - Interface - Notification - Quick Collapse

    • 20140120 | Always show battery on Keyguard. Path: Settings - Security - Battery status

    • 20140120 | Expandable Volume Overlay. Path: Settings - Sound - Volume panel style.

    • 20140120 | Favorite Contact Tile for Quick Settings tiles

    • 20140125 | Feature: Slims Hardware Key Rebinding. Path: Settings - Navigation - Hardware Button.

    • 20140125 | Make menu unlock configurable. Path: Settings - Security. It is disabled by default.

    • 20140125 | Feature: Custom Carrier Label. Path: Settings - Interface - Notification - Custom carrier label

    • 20140127 | Pimp-up Media Tile: After enabling the "Music" tile in QS screen, you can double tap on it while playing the music to start a sleep timer for the currently playing media. More info here

    • 20140201 | Added network stats to status bar: After enabling this, you will see the upload and download speed of your data/internet in the status bar. More info here @Rachid.Ala
      Path: Settings - Interface - Status bar - Network speed

    • 20140201 | Configurable overflow menu button: Forcing the overflow menu button is a feature of Android 4.4. However with this option now you can completely enable or disable the overflow menu on screen key.
      Path: Settings - Navigation - Hardware buttons - Show overflow menu button

    • 20140202 | AOKP custom system animations: Now you can set lots of custom animations for various parts of the UI.
      Path: Settings - Display - Custom system animations

    • 20140202 | Super advanced Custom Toggle: More info here

    • 20140207 | Fix corrupted charging animation when the phone is switched off and the charger is plugged in and some changes related to the charger like.

    • 20140207 | Home button to unlock device: More info here.
      Path: Settings - Security

    • 20140207 | Dynamic data usage: Change the data usage cycle to daily, weekly or monthly.
      Path: Settings - Data usage - Tap on data usage cycle list - scroll all the way down and choose custom cycle

    • 20140210 | SlimPIE: Based on CM's PIE, inspired by PA's PIE with a light touch of Slim. More info here.
      Path: Settings - Navigation - SlimPIE

    • 20140210 | Open source google dialer: More info here. Try searching for "pizza" in the phone app. If you do not find any nearby pizza restaurant phone number, try enabling location first.
      Path: Phone app - Settings - Phone number lookup

    • 20140210 | Home button answers call: Adds ability to answer call with hardware HOME button.
      Path: Settings - Accessibility - Home button answers call

    • 20140210 | Add Download Speeds and ETA in notification. Works for downloads notification, Play Store downloads, etc..

      [*]20140221 | Wakelock Blocker: This is will show you list of wakelocks which can be blocked from happening. Use with caution.
      Path: Settings - Advanced options - Wakelock blocker
      Temporarily removed from build 20140304

    • 20140221 | Add battery level around unlock ring: You can see this only when "slide" lock screen is set.
      Path: Settings - Security - Battery level around unlock ring

    • 20140221 | Enable Lockscreen orientation. You can choose between 'enable/disable' or 'portrait/landscape only'. Don't forget to enable rotation mode 180° / 270° in display settings.
      Path: Settings - Security - Allow screen rotation

    • 20140224 | Notification Reminders: Click notification header to set a reminder. Long-click to dismiss current.
      Path: Settings - Interface - Notification & QS Drawer - Notification reminder

    • 20140304 | SlimRecents: A brand new feature which replaces the stock AOSP recent bar. More info here. Video here.
      Path: Settings - Accessibility - Recent app panel

    • 20140313 | Added transfer progress reporting for push and pull commands. Use: adb push -p file to push destination folder.

    • 20140316 | Lockscreen Colors. Path: Settings - Security - Theme style.

    • 20140317 | build.prop property: "ro.config.vc_music_vol_steps". More info here and here. @Twiq

    • 20140320 | Quiet hours automatic switch: Follow ringer mode when ringer is set to silent/vibrate and Add "Starred contact only" to Quiet Hours
      Path: Settings - Sound - Advanced Options - Quite Hours

    • 20140325 | zzmoove: Version 0.8 - cool down baby: Use SetCPU or AndroidTuner to choose zzmoove profiles (profile_number). See here for more information.

    • 20140325 | Launcher3: Icon pack support. Path: Launcher Settings - Icon Pack.

    • 20140406 | Parallel shutdown: More info here

    • 20140504 | SIM Card management. More info here.
      Possible path: Contacts - Menu - Import/Export - Manage SIM card contacts

    • 20140504 | Lockscreen Shake Security & Timer: This feature will enable you to have insecure lock screen and make it secure while on lockscreen via shake gesture. The timer also enables you to automatically re-secure after defined minutes of screen turned off. Make sure the "Screen Lock" type is set to at least "Pattern" More info here
      Note: "Shake the lockscreen to enable security" and "Shake events" on keyguard cannot be enabled simultaneously.
      Path: Settings - security - Shake the lockscreen to enable security and Automatically resecure.

    • 20140515 | Gesture lockscreen: Path: Settings - Security - Screen lock - Gesture

    • 20140515 | Keyguard Shake Events: Enables lot of shake gesture to execute an action via lockscreen. Path: Settings - Security - Shake events
      Note: "Shake the lockscreen to enable security" and "Shake events" on keyguard cannot be enabled simultaneously.

    • 20140515 | Shake To Perform Event: Similar to keyguard shake events, this will enable you to execute actions via shake gesture on any part of the screen. There is also an option to blacklist apps. Path: Settings - Navigation - Shake events

    • 20140515 | Shake Sensitivity Path: Settings - Accessibility - Shake sensitivity

    • 20140515 | Custom Tile Double-Tap: Allow users with three or more actions on their custom tiles to double-tap to perform the last action rather than click-click-clicking their way up. More info here.

    • 20140515 | Battery percent JB style. Path: Settings - Interface - Battery icon

    • 20140519 | Allow all widgets on keyguard. Path: Settings - Security - Widgets - Allow all widgets

    • 20140519 | HardKey light. Path: Settings - Navigation - Hardware buttons - Backlight

    • 20140522 | InCallUI: Add "Answer Via Speakerphone" Glowpad Target

    • 20140528 | InCallUI: Pulse Torch On Incoming Call and add transparency to glowpad background.
      Path: Phone App - Settings - Pulse torch on incoming call and Glowpad transparency

    • 20140528 | Launcher: Add "OK Google" hotword detection.

    • 20140603 | SlimRecents: Option to show topmost task. Path: Settings - Accessibility - Show topmost task

    • 20140609 | Performance Control: Added ability to disable logging. Note: This option could not show up if you use custom kernel
      Path: Settings - Advanced settings - Performance - Advanced settings - Disable logging

    • 20140622 | Dialpad key padding. Path: Phone app - Settings - Dialpad key padding

      [*]20140707 | SlimHeadsUp - Googe native feature enabled by Slim team. More info here and here. @kufikugel
      Path: Settings - Notification & QS drawer - Heads up notification

      [*]20140707 | Rewrite Quite Hours. More info here.



    • StatusBarWindow: Fix collapse using Back button.
    • Incoming Call in Background, thus 'non intrusive incall ui' is removed. See this in comment section for reason.
    • Flip to Mute/Reject Call.
    • Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
    • Add LongClick SwitchButton
    • Add LongClick to Preference Tile
    • Sleep Screen Shortcut.
    • Minimum Vibration Duration.
    • Launcher3: Force all widgets resizeable with the respect of the minimal width and height.
    • Add CPU & RAM info.
    • Apn settings fixes / code maintainence.
    • A buch of framework base fixes.
    • Some memory leak fixes.
    • Some TRDS changes.
    • See changelog for the rest of changes.
    Other features should be coming soon...:fingers-crossed: