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Oct 28, 2015
yes they are opening a new web site. guess. however, why dont i get music when i set this rom up? what am i doing wrong?


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Oct 28, 2015
hey, do you know the s3 triband at all? i need some serious help with mine. i just got another today because i needed a phone. but id like to explore this other one so i know not to do again what i did to lose the modem and music.
also, so that's it for the liquidsmooth? i really thought they had something good going there. do you know where i can get a good md5 copy of the latest version. man, ill run it but everything i have on my triband, well 90% gets error for either binary or md5 mismatch. nothing works well. but i can boot it.i can not take it back to stock. there is something much deeper than i know about. i was reading on android forums and they were talking about stuff that i dont get but if im given the instructions i can do it. i setup dos based computers for a long time. if you have time i would really appreciate it. pgellen anderson


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Oct 28, 2015
liquids demise

Don't think so they lost most of their dev all download links are dead over!

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you are right i should have listened to you.it says they are doing a new website but they are not are they? you think they will be gone for good? it kind of feels that way doesnt it. too bad. ive got 3.2 running on my triband and i love it.


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Oct 28, 2015

This was my favorite ROM!

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mine also. it is beautiful the way they used deep blue in the opening desktop with the water droplet yin and yang. i thought that interesting.im still running it on a phone however with the way all the others are growing powerwise, i hope they get it together.

Matrixians 14

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Nov 21, 2015
Ha Noi

LiquidSmooth is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project.

Dedicated to providing users with smooth, stable and ROMs. A Lightweight modified AOSP base, and then add the features you crave!

While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device.

We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash!









* Linaro and Code Aurora Optimizations
* SlimPie
* CM 12 Theme engine
* Custom Navbar options
* AOKP system animation control
* Listanimation views and interpolator
* Avoid poor wifi connection option
* SuperSu Intergrated
* Long click option for quicksettings
* LockClock options in settings
* OmniRoms Performance Control
* App Circle Sidebar
* Gesture Anywhere
* Gesture unlock
* Battery icon options
* SlimRoms Headsup customization
* Custom toast animations
* Option to disable screenshot noise
* Built in superuser options with Root access options
* Call blacklist options
* SMS rate limiting option
* Filter spam notifications
* Per app control for Lockscreen notifications
* Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
* Safe headset volume option
* Less annoying sound notifications option
* Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
* Option to customize device hostname
* Option to not wake up device when charge is plugged/unplugged
* Volume rocker wake up
* IME switcher notification control
* Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
* Force autorotation on IME
* Option to force show enter key
* CM's Privacy Guard
* Increasing ringtone option
* Dark UI
* Screen Density changer
* Statusbar clock customization
* Option to disable searchbar in recents
* Statusbar brightness control
* Double tap statusbar to sleep control
* Custom Lockscreen shortcuts
* Extra info about your device (About phone/tablet)
* Custom Liquid Logo in about phone/tablet
* Google bug report and ota removed
* Option to show kernel toolchain and other info by tapping kernel version in about phone/tablet
* Timeout and instant lock options added to slide unlock instead of just secure keyguard options
* Developer options enabled by default
* Navigation bar height control
* Show application package name in app info
* LiquidSmooth Stats and Updater added
* Partition size info
* Option to disable immersive messages

Check our Google+ for updates

Source Links
[url="http://github.com/LiquidSmooth"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]LiquidSmooth Github[/B][/COLOR][/URL]
[url="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_lge_hammerhead"][B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]LiquidSmooth Kernel Source[/COLOR][/B][/URL]

Download Links
[url="http://www.drdevs.com/devs/teamliquid/Nightly/Nexus_5/"][B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]ROM Download - v4 Nightlies (5.0.2)[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
[url="http://www.drdevs.com/devs/teamliquid/Milestone/Nexus_5/"][B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]ROM Download - v3.2 Milestone (4.4.4)[/COLOR][/B][/URL]
[url="http://www.drdevs.com/devs/teamliquid/Gapps/"][STRIKE]Slim AIO Gapps Download[/STRIKE] (use whatever works for now)[/URL]






Please Support Liquid by Donating HERE
It's a shame that there isn't a 6.0.1 version, because I love Liquidsmooth. Will the MM version be out any soon?


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Aug 8, 2012
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    October 12, 2014

    October 12, 2014

    Hey Everyone!

    Kernel Developer here:

    I'm announcing a new Official Liquid Nightly today for you. @liquid0624 has been really busy so I stepped up to fill his really large shoes (no seriously these guys shoes are hard to fill) while he works on some of his other projects. Personally I've even been dragging my feet a bit lately because it has been a pain to keep Liquid N5 as an AOSP still due to the CAF Audio commits that keep being added. The list of reverts is growing but I feel strongly about keeping this AOSP because there are more kernel options for you. (Although I hope you enjoy the kernel that comes with this ROM)

    Many have said my blood builds are faster than official. This may be because I use a different server. Regardless, I hope this new build will be to your liking! I built it all with the same optimizations as I do my blood builds.

    Probably the main thing to look for in this build is full F2FS compatibility. That has been officially merged to N5 so regardless of whether you are using EXT4 or F2FS it should flash and boot just fine.


    Download Link




    Note the changelog since the last build is even longer than this one. This is only the past week maybe but it's been a while since the last official nightly update.
    Contextual headers was removed because it was causing instability and conflicting with theme chooser. Its not a crucial feature anyways. Also I worked very hard on this ROM so don't forget to show me some love below if you are able to of course :) Glad everyone likes the new build :)
    new hammerhead nightly...

    07/04/14 Independence build now available here or using our updater

    Download Nightly Build

    Download Liquid Gapps

    Hover & Pocket Mode
    These have been fixed now in this build

    New Theme Engine
    Lots of bugfixes and patches have been added

    Reset Battery Stats
    Option to wipe your battery stats has been added

    Roboto Fonts
    New roboto fonts included from Android L preview

    Google Camera
    This works with our current tool chain ask and you shall receive ;)

    Bug fixes & Performance
    Lots of fixes and fixed memory leaks resulting in performance increases

    Identity Icons
    This adds different avatars to contacts without pictures that are better then default

    Liquid Settings
    All the advanced settings in main settings layouts have been redone and organized

    See Through and Blur
    Located in lock screen style menu and if you enable these your lock screen wallpaper is overridden

    Happy 4th of July Everyone Enjoy :)