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Jan 9, 2010
Been using 5.2 since released and its kinda stable for me. No freeze, random boots etc. Signal is very good on my gsm razr, data connection is good. Im on slim kernel. I can say its stable as stock...hehe:D:D:D:D

Hello me!! Its me again!!

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Its just a suggestion, try to check your ss, is it the right one for xt912 or 910. And try redownload the sk 5.2. Hope it helps.

Hello me!! Its me again!!

i just used Razr Utility to go back to stock and going to try everything one more time and honestly it would be fine on 4.1.2 but i just cant settle ;)

thanks for your advice and noted


Mar 8, 2013
New York
Been on 5.0 with stock Kernel for 4 days straight without the need to reboot. Running solid as a rock great job @alteredlikeness. Battery life is decent on my XT912 Maxx, could be alittle better but I'm pretty happy as it is.

Again, I can't thank all the devs enough on helping keep this device alive. Having an iPhone before this and having it stolen prompted me to try an android powered device. The Razr was already somewhat of an older phone but I got it anyway and I learned what a cool environment the android community was. I love flashing ROMS and checking out all the features each one presents, as well as trying to figure out the problems with some of them. I'll stick around for a while before I even think about getting a new phone. Thanks again to all the devs who work so hard to keep our ancient device alive. We may complain a lot but in the end I think we really all enjoy working with you and sharing our opinions. Keep up the good work!


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Jan 9, 2010
Been using 5.2 since released and its kinda stable for me. No freeze, random boots etc. Signal is very good on my gsm razr, data connection is good. Im on slim kernel. I can say its stable as stock...hehe:D:D:D:D

Hello me!! Its me again!!

---------- Post added at 08:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:35 AM ----------

Its just a suggestion, try to check your ss, is it the right one for xt912 or 910. And try redownload the sk 5.2. Hope it helps.

Hello me!! Its me again!!

TADA! haha i was using the xt910 SS and working now. Thanks


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Sep 26, 2007
Houston, TX
I give it an 8/10 as far as stability goes. Only issues I have is sometimes data goes off. Might be the rom, might not be, but I notice it. Usually a toggle or reboot fixes so it's no biggie.

Battery life is pretty good for me. A couple days on a charge. I forget to charge it at night and I still wake up with 40% or higher. Really good.

Haven't tried the latest nightly yet. Maybe this weekend.



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Nov 28, 2013
hi guys, how can i overclock xt910 with this slimkat rom? anyone hv succeeded overclocking before on this device with this rom?

You would have to flash the JBX Kernel for overclocking. Stock will not allow overclocking. On KitKat ROM's, I don't see much need for overclocking anymore. They are very fast and stable without it.


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Nov 5, 2012
GSM on XT912

Is anyone using GSM on an XT912?
I have slimkat installed but i am facing signal loss quite frequently. Even normally signal strength seems less. Is there any solution maybe?
Rest JBX+Slim is the most stable and best combo :D


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Feb 16, 2011
OnePlus 5
Xiaomi Redmi 4X
Is anyone using GSM on an XT912?
I have slimkat installed but i am facing signal loss quite frequently. Even normally signal strength seems less. Is there any solution maybe?
Rest JBX+Slim is the most stable and best combo :D

Using Slim 5.2 with GSM and no problems here. Just bad data connection thanks to awful Argentinian providers.

Meneldur @ XT910
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Jun 21, 2013
Baltimore, MD
So as I posted in the LS forum, I'm traveling through Europe and lost my Gps. Flashed SK, and still no luck. However, works fine on stock rom.

Anybody have any ideas on What's happening? I can't use data or my phone, it's sitting in airplane mode... Until I return back to the states

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    SlimRoms is a custom android operating system. The main goal is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems.
    The entire SlimTeam work together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.
    All of the sources can be publicly viewed through GitHub and you can stop by the public Gerrit to submit patches of any type.

    SlimKat is the project name for SlimRoms based on Android 4.4 and offers the following original features:
    • The Real Dark Slim
      • Full system-wide dark interfaces. - If you like it smooth and classy.
    • Custom Shortcuts. Everywhere.
      • Hardware keys, Navigation Ring, Navigation Bar, Lockscreen, Tiles, Notifications etc. - We've got you covered.
    • System-Wide Keyboard Controls
      • Rotation, cursor control, optional emoticions, etc. - You'll be tapping away to your heart's content.
    • SlimCenter
      • Downloads, contact information, system app removal. - More fun than you can shake a stick at.
    • Camera Features
      • Trueview, Smart Capture. - Capture life moments with ease.

    ROM (usually on Goo first...)
    On Goo.im:
    SlimRoms for spyder on Goo.im
    SlimRoms for umts_spyder on Goo.im
    On Android File Host:
    CDMA (spyder)
    GSM (umts_spyder)
    On Google Drive:
    All devices

    GAPPS and other addons
    4.4 Slim Gapps

    Installation instructions
    For Most Users
    Please keep in mind if a special instruction is needed it will be noted in the Changelog
    • Download the latest build
    • Use BMM or SafeStrap custom recovery
    • !Recommended! Full wipe, and manual format /system
    • Flash ROM and the addons you want, reboot

    -no HDMI or webtop (common issue for us)
    -reboot to recovery doesn't work
    -possibly other issues, etc..

    CyanogenMod Team
    You can find the full list of credits here
    Also, Thanks! to:
    And many others..

    Please visit here for the rom source code and here for the kernel source code. Also see here and here for local device repos.

    Kexec kernel credits and history
    kholk, [mbm], jonpry, Hashcode, & others..
    kholk's original thread
    Hashcode's original thread

    Important links:
    slimroms.net - The official webpage where you find everything you need to know about SlimRoms.
    Downloads - Download the rom, gapps and other addons.
    Installation instructions - Follow these steps to the letter if you're about to install SlimRoms on your device.
    Latest Changelog - Read here if you want information on changes in latest build.
    FAQ - The most frequent asked questions with answers.

    Get in touch! - Contact SlimRoms at these places if you have questions, requests or feedback.

    Disclaimer: SlimRoms (and/or alteredlikeness) are not responsible for any damages to your device.

    See SlimRoms [URL="http://www.slimroms.net/"][U]weekly changelog[/U][/URL].
    And, so on...
    Slim-spyder-4.4.3.build.5.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140610-1958.zip - MD5: 48F3844E8E73DBA02371BE9CD752D533
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.3.build.5.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140610-1724.zip - MD5: 75FFBE8C272FD4C5A9964A6062D01108
    -Android version 4.4.3
    -kernel and common updates
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.5.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140518-2120.zip - MD5: c0c7e62e1fd20a7540993c82b8f16f94
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.5.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140518-2026.zip - MD5: 84d3709a177d9972129161b1a66940ae
    -removed AOSP Launcher from builds
    -dropped and picked up a couple of forks (changes to my [URL="https://github.com/MO4/local_manifests/commit/2fbb869d9c16e6a0aced3358ce77b6f19018d679"]local_manifest[/URL] for slim)
    -also see Slim's official changelog
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.4.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140428-2240.zip - MD5: cc5e81d2ece7a0ab63898c8bb83ac91d
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.4.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140428-2112.zip - MD5: badaab2e813afa9000ae686f62cba0fd
    -removed CellBroadcastReceiver.apk
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.4.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140415-2100.zip - MD5: 346fe1573bbf055e7bf01f0eb59dd236
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.4.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140415-1945.zip - MD5: 3852c1f52bde6e8e68384c6a52f459eb
    -[URL="https://github.com/MO4/android_device_motorola_omap4-common/commit/4f2c436275ac73c9df2522f044c3f5e54ac31897"]battery level capped[/URL] at 100%
    -updates from Slim sources
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.4.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140409-2210.zip - MD5: 9888d6d5c6506bfaf626009ca614cebd
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.4.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140409-2058.zip - MD5: 6916e1c564f4d3a33238832d3a064084
    -common device and kernel updates
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140327-2228.zip - MD5: 0f19391b32c1a4d7448ded60f3ada0d4
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140327-1812.zip - MD5: 94735a7a94d48fcfd15052b33c2ae9a6
    -bumped to weekly stable build 4 (oops.. before Slim released the officials))
    -video encoder profiles [URL="https://github.com/MO4/android_device_motorola_umts_spyder/commit/8d29c0e8b7a5e18e77147fbe24af9059c54a517c"]updated[/URL]
    -omap4-common: add media.stagefright.cache-params [URL="https://github.com/MO4/android_device_motorola_omap4-common/commit/10c366e3407ef39af557c368b2394b30486b854b"]to fix play movies[/URL]
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.3.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140320-2323.zip - MD5: 1098dc673d06dae8a6fbf5c5dab2b3c9
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.3.8-UNOFFICIAL-20140320-2135.zip - MD5: 54ac7305c526f423c46269d917fdd083
    -HDMI support added (thanks, lucize & stargo)
    -other kernel and common device updates
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.3.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140304-2021.zip - MD5: 2de72f130f415cedcaa77f11b096bcbd
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.3.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140304-1903.zip - MD5: d2c949e5310365d66f9af7748eec3f66
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.3.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140225-0614.zip - MD5: bac6bb0c60a28f3694b1443068a237dc
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.3.2-UNOFFICIAL-20140224-2343.zip - MD5: f767645999a350e3f3bf95b4384cdc1c
    -common device and kernel updates
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.3.1-UNOFFICIAL-20140216-2238.zip - MD5: febefec0d709733e14ae28716c85e329
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.3.1-UNOFFICIAL-20140216-2136.zip - MD5: 3efc38f8173a00d322afc00be0ccf601
    -"stable" build 3.1
    -updated to Android version 4.4.2_r2 (KVT49L)
    -common kernel updates
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.2.8.RC3-UNOFFICIAL-20140209-1854.zip - MD5: e4ae15df4b4d6e1f830453ac3b4b238c
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.2.8.RC3-UNOFFICIAL-20140209-1748.zip - MD5: 481831aca0c3e7a6dd1da1a0040140cb
    -Release Candidate 3
    -wifi improvements
    -mobile hotspot fixed
    -SlimPIE returns
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.2.6.RC2-UNOFFICIAL-20140202-2202.zip - MD5: 1f1b1d0dcd93c3dab50be1f757f84ba9
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.2.6.RC2-UNOFFICIAL-20140202-2111.zip - MD5: 9f130f8e19c345bd8d87734436fdfd2a
    -Release Candidate 2
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.build.2.5.RC1-UNOFFICIAL-20140128-0120.zip - MD5: ac98310b22fdb8cbdade70c453a0a322
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.build.2.5.RC1-UNOFFICIAL-20140127-2130.zip - MD5: cc0fe4d059e3619e3edf11ae4034b35d
    -Release Candidate 1
    -[URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_omap4-common/commits/cm-11.0"]sdcard mount issues fixed[/URL] (no more problems installing or losing apps on sdcard)
    -thanks again @stargo :)
    -added [URL="https://github.com/Atrix2-Dev-Team/android_device_motorola_omap4-common/commit/5768b00b77e83c96a1656f254a61561516c78474"]new HW keys settings[/URL] from Slim
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.2.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140120-1500.zip - MD5: f05595c6ffead2c246caba0ae5dcb08a
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.2.4-UNOFFICIAL-20140120-1242.zip - MD5: c9375226cea5470d8e9c7dfab2b8f2f8
    -updated to weekly Beta 2.4
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.2.3-UNOFFICIAL-20140115-0611.zip - MD5: 2e582de80cbe5e1e0f0d8bae57c308bc
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.2.3-UNOFFICIAL-20140115-0042.zip - MD5: 9a66b9329244e092d9da99ef89a24498
    -major camera updates (thanks to [URL="https://github.com/stargo?tab=repositories"]stargo[/URL])
    -1080 HD video recording fixed
    -kernel updates
    -added AOSP Launcher3 (from [URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Launcher3"]CM source[/URL])
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20131229-2022.zip - MD5: dee2971d0d9f2743fed172f3cc7ee9c1
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20131229-1930.zip - MD5: f1e6f41b8ce37fe5a12e2d344c177964
    -switched to CM's netd (hopefully fixes wifi tether)
    -enabled BLE
    -included [URL="https://github.com/Atrix2-Dev-Team/android_device_motorola_omap4-common/commit/0720eceea306808d437049bb7a78f7033d9cb0d6"]dtrail1's external sdcard mount fix[/URL]
    -camera touch-to-focus and settings don't work in this build (Slim team updated [URL="https://github.com/SlimRoms/packages_apps_Camera2/commits/kk4.4"]Camera2 repo[/URL] after I built)
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.96-UNOFFICIAL-20131226-1903.zip - MD5: 85edce307a6849a41d310511ad4eb6a3
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.96-UNOFFICIAL-20131226-1655.zip - MD5: 1c3aba8fa19151ab06c5599821314bf3
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.8-UNOFFICIAL-20131222-1111.zip - md5: 28860535aa75a2f9be61867167d92071
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.8-UNOFFICIAL-20131222-1359.zip - md5: 1ee209c7d9e6176fe848770bde220674
    -TRDS (The Real Dark Slim) is back..
    -switched some repos around (thanks to stargo, Quarx2k, tejus, etc..)
    Slim-spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.6-UNOFFICIAL-20131214-1423.zip - md5: be6c33167a4e0faf9679cc15baf2b077
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.2.beta.1.6-UNOFFICIAL-20131214-1304.zip - md5: b9e5bd349bd3ce8fa24125de758ef161
    -updated to Android 4.4.2, etc...
    Slim-spyder-4.4.1.beta.1.4-UNOFFICIAL-20131210-2349.zip - md5: ecc33b5c1d929e48a3d7787fb04f9e91
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.1.beta.1.4-UNOFFICIAL-20131210-2258.zip - md5: ba0594b6a934085eaffa490e072a5747
    -fixed audio recording / voice search / sound recognition
    Slim-spyder-4.4.1.beta.1.4-UNOFFICIAL-20131209-1959 - md5: 29718e55aac4d543b10184ae3ad3ee60
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.1.beta.1.4-UNOFFICIAL-20131209-1804.zip - md5: 4981f934c294d04971a3abea89b34e2a
    -updated to Android version 4.4.1
    Slim-spyder-4.4.beta.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20131206-0854.zip - md5: e20c77aba7baa56a7aca95114564b50b
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.4.beta.1.1-UNOFFICIAL-20131206-0738.zip - md5: e8ec03609634c9d1f118b67623f296a5
    -initial 4.4 SlimKat release
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.2.2-UNOFFICIAL-20131119-1918.zip - md5: ebb5f28e914133785245cbe2691af270
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.2.2-UNOFFICIAL-20131119-1959.zip - md5: 0045cb1e82bf110e8297885a71369e36
    -updated to "[URL="https://github.com/SlimRoms/vendor_slim/commit/5214d3650a0c390f1ab24a7ecae6e9e086bc337f"]final release 2.2[/URL]"
    -rebuilt 2.1
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.2.1-UNOFFICIAL-20131029-1755.zip - md5: 52cc6ef19fc86a6b2cefd1cbd38bc65f
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.2.1-UNOFFICIAL-20131029-1834.zip - md5 9f430b56aa18bb8c57f9c9411c37866f
    -updated to stable build 2.1
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1.9-UNOFFICIAL-20131020-2239.zip - MD5: 4CF00A033C3C2E067E1A914A1C090C08
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1.9-UNOFFICIAL-20131021-0040.zip - MD5: 9234063985E12A0C0DB627362D21B22B
    -updated to weekly build 1.9
    -updated to Android version JB 4.3.1
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1.6-UNOFFICIAL-20131007-1835.zip - MD5: 99bc25d7272c83df9bc37cab19477d80
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1.6-UNOFFICIAL-20131007-1931.zip - MD5: 43c4afd19be39dec366bb6284553c8f1
    -updated to weekly build 1.6
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130926-1809.zip - MD5: 8f1e020ba8e07ddfa9d5b826be5f128f
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130926-2037.zip - MD5: 786296d50285f0dbc05be92639dfa14a
    -rebuilt with latest sources (includes some wifi commits)
    -made with "make bacon" command this time, resulting in a nice optimized and small zip package :)
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130924-1912.zip - MD5: 962d6423bdcc97e69e70edd9b5d2dc8c
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130924-2007.zip - MD5: 34048b94256cce59144e762178900705
    -updated to "Stable Build 1.2"
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1-UNOFFICIAL-20130916-1832.zip - MD5: 6e7bd4b60dfd35a876512cd307db230a
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1-UNOFFICIAL-20130916-1943.zip - MD5: 65b07fd98808fdc9b13e4582ddbd97e8
    -rebuilt to [URL="https://github.com/alteredlikeness/slim_hardware_ril/commit/b6587eb1136c462f07d4703a48447899ce27e40d"]fix phone ril issue[/URL]
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.1-UNOFFICIAL-20130915-1825.zip - MD5: 30e2be8d2cca3daced56ed1389f30ea9
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.1-UNOFFICIAL-20130915-1852.zip - MD5: 0acb41f08d1d035b93d9ff0dfb2d8afb
    -updated to stable build 1
    -see [URL="http://slimroms.net/index.php/changelog"]Slim's official changelog[/URL]
    Slim-spyder-4.3.beta.5-UNOFFICIAL-20130906-2331.zip - MD5: da7a2baec8dc80f9aea3d0391f4a340b
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.beta.5-UNOFFICIAL-20130907-0013.zip - MD5: af5069bc70f3b206a127e23dd214ed05
    -rebuilt with latest sources
    Slim-spyder-4.3.beta.4-UNOFFICIAL-20130904-1831.zip - MD5: c1ed0a8d468b78d675871b7fd646d04b
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.beta.4-UNOFFICIAL-20130904-1808.zip - MD5: ea6bcc30cef33e193f5ca8f24a460351
    -rebuilt with latest sources (includes sepolicy updates, etc)
    -fixed ramdisk (will work with SS v3.5x now)
    -zipaligned/optimized apks (yea, build script doesn't do it for me)
    -added back the goo.im props (for update notifications w/ GooManager)
    Slim-spyder-4.3.beta.4-UNOFFICIAL-20130902-1904.zip - MD5: 4c11913ada3336a01d39448375e87fd1
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.beta.4-UNOFFICIAL-20130902-2015.zip - MD5: e11cbe9189861a20292749d2851fcffe
    -rebuilt with latest sources
    -see [URL="http://slimroms.net/index.php/changelog"]Slim's changelog[/URL]
    -this version is NOT compatible with Safestrap v3.5x
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.beta.3-UNOFFICIAL-20130827-1858.zip - MD5: 4c11913ada3336a01d39448375e87fd1
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.beta.3-UNOFFICIAL-20130827-2052.zip - MD5: 10f73865c5695185afc38c04f6b6f65f
    -rebuilt with latest sources
    -fixed the missing BT lib
    -updated kernel and kexec binary (thanks to Hashcode)
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130820-0710.zip - MD5: 9aa63249446c3176368adae0338ff1dc
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130820-0711.zip - MD5: f560a1df9e34b73d26922325385fe16a
    -re-built with latest sources
    -added [URL="https://github.com/alteredlikeness/slim_frameworks_base/commit/926dbb59ffb750ff56a710ed6d02f71930d85c23"]1% battery[/URL]
    Slim-spyder-4.3.build.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130816-2326.zip - MD5: 7640cf933ea7ac11c22870292cd0e3f8
    Slim-umts_spyder-4.3.build.beta.2-UNOFFICIAL-20130817-1510.zip - MD5: b6eaa1cf69cce69f8970dc14943a8145
    -initial release for the spyders
    Altered: I'm ready to take over building Slim for three devices - RAZR, ATRIX2 and BIONIC, if you're still searching for someone.

    ---------- Post added at 02:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:12 AM ----------

    Build 6.4 on AFH

    Anyone interested in taking over building Slim for 5 devices? :) I will be ending my support for the omap4's soon..

    Sent from my HTC One_M8
    ... Additionally to my prior post: I'd build it for three devices..
    Updated to Final Release 2.2 - this is the last of the code changes from the SlimRoms team for 4.3.1 builds..
    Only on AFH for now..
    Slimkat beta 2.1 uploaded to goo.im... Graphical glitches/artifacts should be gone for real now.

    Sent from my MB865 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
    New SlimKat pre-alpha test builds uploaded for spyder and umts_spyder. (All of my 4.4 test builds will be uploaded here)
    Grab the proper 4.4 Gapps, install on a non-main system with BMM or SS, and let me know how it goes...

    Thanks to dhacker29 and stargo for bringing up the moto omap4's..
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