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[ROM] [4.4.4] [AOSP] Paranoid Rastakat

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    Paranoid Rastakat

    This ROM is built with love and dedication. This is Paranoid Rastakat. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

    Please report any bugs. Thank you.

    Feature list:
    - AOSP
    - Rastakat features
    - Theme Manager
    - Hover
    - Peek
    - Pie
    - Quick Settings 3.1 (AOSPA)
    - Quick Unlock (enabled by default)
    - -O3 optimized
    - Odexed

    To install:
    1) I suggest a clean wipe coming from any 4.4.x or stock ROM.
    2) Flash ROM + Gapps + SuperSU+ Kernel of choice if any
    3) Set everything up. (Start up might take awhile so give it time)
    4) Enjoy :)

    ROM: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3sMcQzGJpf2ZDJxUW5mV2xWQVE
    Gapps: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2012857
    If you get any force close on any Google related apps such as Google+, please update it in Play Store.

    None for now so please report.

    Paranoid Android Team
    ÜBER™ (for the wonderful logo!)
    With Minimus dead, I'll use this thread for Paranoid Rastakat.
    What is Paranoid Rastakat?
    -Paranoid Rastakat is a project I have been working on for a month or two now. When I was away to study for APs, I used Paranoid Android and Rastakat as my daily driver. Sometimes Minimus, but mostly those two ROMs. I kept switching between them as I liked certain aspects of one ROM compared to another. Both delivered what I needed and were amazingly stable and fluid. So when Finals and APs came to a close, I decided to try and bring the best of both worlds together with the philosophy of Minimus. I'm happy with the results.
    Can you add x, y, or z into Paranoid Rastakat?
    - It depends on whether Rascarlo adds it or the Paranoid Android team adds it. I want Paranoid Rastakat to be a ROM that sticks to what it is meant to be from the start.
    New update is live! I am exhausted right now. i will post a full changelog tomorrow.
    Here is a brief changelog.
    - Latest google source.
    - Implemented SuperSu and busybox
    - Add battery % in display settings
    - More optimize flags in build :)
    I will be updating this for nexus 7 very soon. Been busy with personal things. Don't worry ;)

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    New build is up! Not much difference in features lol sorry to disappoint :(
    Anyways, the new build includes gcc optimizations with sabermod toolchain 4.8 :)
    - Sabermod GCC 4.8
    - New build optimizations
    - ART optimizations
    - Themeable battery in quicksettings
    - Fix for wifi fc in settings when holo is set to light
    - A lot more, but just forgot!