[ROM][4.4.4][UNOFFICIAL][P880] CarbonROM - (UDPATE:12/JULY/2014)

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Oct 13, 2013


About Carbon

CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware support and fixes. We strive to not only provide you with the best rom we can build, but also to give back to the Android community and our fellow developers. For us, this is about creating something we can be proud of and hope you will enjoy.

Please feel free to look at, build, and use our code on CarbonDev GitHub.

We would like to thank CyanogenMod for their device trees, framework/settings mods and their code that was incorporated into this project. We also extend our gratitude to the devs whose code that we have incorporated. Proper authorship has been maintained and can be viewed on our repository.

Special thanks also go to Slim Rom for some of their features, PA, AOKP, and anyone else we may have borrowed commits from that hasn't been mentioned here. If you feel you have been unfairly left out, please - let us know.

While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, family, pets, or perception of reality. We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash! If you have questions, ask your fellow users or ask us in #teamcarbon on freenode IRC.


The features are here: All features


Screenshots are here:

You need to have F2FS in your recovery. Download is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2799610
Here is a instruction: http://animus7-development.tk/device/p880/CarbonROM/README-VERY_IMPORTANT.txt

Download Carbon

All Downloads:
All builds (choose the latest build)

latest build: CARBON-KK-UNOFFICIAL-20140712-1143-p880.zip

click here


For a detailed changelog, check out the changes made each night here:

Change Log

You can also find a changelog in Settings->Carbon->About Carbon


P880-dev GitHub
CarbonROM GitHub

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Jun 12, 2012
Any bugs? Is smooth?


The Rom is smooth .
1.after changing theme I got many force closes and after restart the phone couldn't boot into system (problem solved after flashed the ROM and wipe cache.)
2.screen record doesn't work (It doesn't work in every kitkat ROM )

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Feb 21, 2014
Are the sources of this already 4.4.3, if they are, can you please compile a new build? With new nexus blobs :)

Edit: Yes they are already 4.4.3
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Mar 7, 2009
OK, for the Eternity Ril fans i have created a flashable zip with it (taken from Paranoid Droid), but this is ONLY for the carbon 20140610 Version. it contains the recompiled telephony-common stuff, wich is (sadly) only for this Version. for the next Versions i have to update it. Have fun with it :)

Never had (at least i thought so) RIL problem but last night i complatly miss call that i was expecting,caller told me i was unavailable and later i saw i had 1 missed call and 1 operator message that i have 1 missed call.So my question is if i flesh this and test it for a bit can i later go back to my fabric RIL or i am completly switching to the eternity one ? I see u worte it is for this verion only but just want to make it clear.Thank you.


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Mar 7, 2009
Downloaded it two times and tried to flash it two times and both times I got error unable to install (error 4) using CWM. I am talking about ril zip.

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