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Sep 17, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
Why would you turn it off? Are you that confident you can control the cpu s better then some software? ;) just turn up the temp. In trickster or something,that way you still have some safety

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But that's the thing. I don't find a way to turn up the temperature. In Trickster there's only an option to turn it on or off, but it doesn't actually seem to do anything.


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Jul 30, 2009
Hahaha fail
But on omni sabremod i could set the temp but isnt realy stable on my phone

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Feb 18, 2011
I am currently useing the Omni ROM with multiwindow cherry picked and most of the applications work fine in multiwindow so I was wondering if I would loose multiwindow feature if I updated the ROM through the built in settings app. Does any one know what will happen if I do so?


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Sep 17, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
Does anybody know how to turn off temperature throttling? I've removed thermald and rebooted, and in Trickster Mod, I've turned off Temperature Throttling. Then I run Stability Test while monitoring cpu frequency and temperature. CPU frequency starts off at 1.5GHz. However, when temperature reaches about 74 deg C, the CPU frequency is throttled to 1.2GHz. So the question is, how do I stop this from happening?
After months of puzzling, finally I stumbled upon the answer to my own question. Just FYI, if anyone is interested, temperature throttling is done by the system_monitor service. To disable, I suppose I can either delete the /system/bin/system_monitor file, disable the service start-up in the kernel, or run the command "stop system_monitor" in an init script.
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Aug 17, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
i m new to this rom. which build do you recommend for stable daily use?

No one has answered in ten days so you might have gone elsewhere. This ROM is stable and smooth for me. Pick the latest nightly.

I select Ondemand as the governor in Settings -> Performance as I find it gives smooth music playback (eliminates pauses or squawks). Battery life is very good. I run Google Now as my launcher. OTA updates run without any problems. The ROM is not rooted, but can be by installing SuperSU.

I also purchased SpiritFM from the Playstore and it provides a working FM radio app (you need SuperSU installed)

I have only been using Omni for a week myself. What can I say - it just works.

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    This is a development thread for OmniROM on Xperia Z (known as yuga)

    Known bugs:
    • None as of now

    Nightly builds are available there: http://dl.omnirom.org/yuga/

    OmniROM general forums are available there - http://forum.xda-developers.com/omni
    Docs (still WIP) are available there - http://docs.omnirom.org/
    Kernel Source - Here

    ===== Additional File Downloads Apart from ROM =====

    --- Google Apps : Downloads - Flash it in Recovery - select accordingly
    Gapps Core zip contain these applications :
    - Chrome bookmark sync adapter
    - calender sync adapter
    - contact sync adapter
    - media uploader

    Gapps Standard zip contain these applications :
    - chrome bookmark sync adapter
    - calender sync adapter
    - google gallery
    - google camera
    - google home
    - contact sync adapter
    - media uploader

    Except these everything else is self explanatory...

    --- SuperSU : Update 1.80 - Flash it in Recovery for root access

    ===== Installation Instruction =====

    --- First time users of Omni / coming from any 4.3 /Coming from any other 4.4

    Clean Install
    - Backup your ROM
    - Factory Reset
    - Wipe Cache partition and Dalvik cache
    - Flash ROM, Gapps and SuperSU
    - Reboot your phone
    - Profit

    --- Update of Omni ROM

    Dirty Install

    - Backup the ROM
    - Wipe dalvik cache and cache partition
    - Install ROM, Gapps and SuperSU
    - Reboot your phone
    - Profit

    ===== Changelogs =====

    Detail of changelog : Omnirom Gerrit

    Nightly upto : 06/12/13
    - DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager
    - Allow passing in the HAL suffix as a variable
    - Improve scrolling cache
    - Browser: inkognito mode is not supported in 4.4
    - Display options: allow configuration of wake on plug behavior
    - res: Move screen-off animations entries into strings
    - Optional statusbar battery icons
    - Add OpenDelta package to build list (Omni OTA app)
    - Fix tethering (softap) startup. 
    - Update Icons to KitKat
    - enable advanced reboot by default only if developer options is enabled
    Nightly : 03/12/13[/B]
    - Fixup cpufreq permission
    - Omnirom Launcher3 default
    - Fixed utc date in recovery
    - Added missing permissions
    - Revamp PerformanceControl
    - Advanced Reboot enabled by default
    - Fix tethering startup
    - Add time-context to notification drawer
    - Security and Policy updates
    - Screenshot abort issue fixed
    - Prevent lock/unlock sound during music playback
    - InCallUI: allow disabling non intrusive incall ui 
    - Add support for init mknod command.
    - Queue messages instead of displaying them all at once 
    - Settings: Remove System updates
    - Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25
    - Phone: Add transparency to incall screen
    - Added Option to hide Adb notification icon
    Omni ROM - With Multiwindow

    Hello Everybody

    As requested by many users, Here is the link for Omni ROM with multiwindow cherry picked.

    Download it from HERE

    Install it and report it back

    Installation instruction is HERE


    How the ota app work, update will come on small MB or in full size?..

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    I don't have any definite confirmation with that but from whatever I know it will come in full update until it gets tested and fully implemented in source code...

    FYI, when it will be fully working , it will come in maximum of 20MB update so no more 200mb downloads, just stay tuned until it get fully implemented ....


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