[ROM][4.4] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 11 for GSM/Wifi Nexus 7

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May 14, 2011
I just flashed newest (20131218 ) over old installation 20131123 with newest gapps. Also wiped dalvik.
Now all buttons work, in previous version back button didnt work.
But now youtube doesnt work, it just flashes play and pause buttons, i tried to clear youtube cache uninstall updates, but it doesnt work.
Any ideas?
Youtube works in older rom.

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Jul 8, 2014

Why don't you first backup YouTube the try to uninstall YouTube with the help of Titanium backup and re-install it from Play Store. If anything goes wrong restore from Titanium backup.???????

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    This nightlie build of cyanogenmod 11 is of course unofficial! i may continue doing this but its going to be sporadic..


    as per usual:
    I am not responsible if you brick your tablet, for any bugs in the rom,
    or if your cat decides to eat your tablet because its now full of awesome.

    This build is very much identical with the official build, u can switch from official and my build without any fear of having to wipe your phone.. the only difference is that i have the build script change the cyanogenmod version to more reflect like a nightly

    Known Issues:
    GSM: None
    Wifi: None

    Download rom
    Go to recovery
    Wipe rom if coming from another rom, u dont have to wipe if ur coming from official kitkat stock rom
    Flash rom
    Flash gapps
    Boot into rom

    the torrent file only contains the rom, it uses a webseed, code.google.com. u can use this if u ever have to pause to download or such.. u dont have to seed, i dont mind.. but others might like u to

    To Flash, use CWM or TWRP which you have to manually flash

    Current and older builds can be found here:
    Google Drive
    Google Code

    4.4 Gapps, courtesy of Paranoid Android:

    A special thanks goes to Paranoid Android for already having Gapps ready for us, and of course google for this wonderful code that is kitkat =]

    To all people saying thanks: Your welcome!! ^_^
    tilapia has been built and uploaded, grouper is built and is being uploaded as im typing
    I have decided to discontinue building for cm11, but that doesn't mean end of the road.. whenever there is a brand new android version, I will be there. cya then!

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    nexus 7 wifi should be getting 4.4 today, so that means binaries are not to far behind.. now it isnt necessary for this rom but it really helps for later development.. especially for aosp
    right now im trying to get a build of cyanogenmod 11 for tilapia out.. i keep running into build errors so it might be a while until one will come out, stay tuned!

    UPDATE: looks like im having issues due to for some reason prebuilts/sdk doesnt contain api 19.. this is straight from googles servers so i cant imagine what the issue is.. i could just copy and paste it in there but this is kinda a red flag saying that stuff is missing.. so im redoing the whole repo.. now it might take a while since i had to limit my bandwidth because my wife is working currently

    UPDATE 2: looks like the tag for prebuilts/sdk for 4.4 has some sort of issue, cyanogenmod just issued on theyre manifest an exact hash to the correct place! still downloading..

    UPDATE 3: alright guys, looks like its all situated, but since they havent updated tilapia's device tree yet i am now stuck waiting for it to be updated.. =/
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