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[ROM]42ONE - Aftermath 2.3 || myHUB || themes and mods || 4.3 || 11/29

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Apr 13, 2012
Tampa-ish, FL


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Jan 27, 2008
I should have another green update to post this weekend and it is massive, incorporating the sound updates I could coax into working and adding about 11 HTC apps to the themed list, as well as making significant progress theming out all the blue .9.pngs (Thank God for VTS...)
Okay, I pulled the sound updates out of this since I am not at all convinced they are actually doing anything at all, but here is the rest of what I have been working on. Thanks to nuvens for creating such a great base to start with. FYI, I am not done messing with the .9.pngs yet, so some blue will still appear from time to time. Now that I've survived the Baylor-OU game (Yes, I was at the game. Awesome!) I'll have more time the rest of the weekend to hammer away on them...

simplyIgreen - GF Edition


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Dec 27, 2010
For all the unwashed masses, this is probably his most famous song. He did another famous one with Celine Dion. My wife loves him.

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Well still never heard of him and if he sang with celine dion i would have changed the channel when that song came on or hit myself in the head with a hammer

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