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[Rom] 5.0.1 BOB7 Stock De/Odexed Debloated Light

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Team DevDigitel

Senior Member
Jul 10, 2012

Well google play services is draining my battery

It looks like its the facebook messaging and the texting app that is calling the service.gms app to run. Gotta remember they are going to be data heavy, both may have some options to get better bat life. Looks like if you keep up the same use your getting 18 hrs life on 1 charge.. im running with power saver on and just having it limit cpu usage and it doubbled my battery life..

I know when I went to a custom kernel I was getting insane battery stats with the lower settings.
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May 1, 2008
Salt Lake City, UT
I can't get the side key panel to show up. I have it turned on (Display --> one-handed operation), but its not showing up on my screen. Was this removed?

EDIT: I see you removed the APK. I found it and installed it. I thought you said that everything you removed could be installed from the Play Store :)
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Team DevDigitel

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Jul 10, 2012
From what i have it still has the MultiWindow feature intact and the respective apks there.. sure you didnt remove?


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Oct 29, 2011
S Pen issue

I have my S pen set up to open writing pad when I am text and after I finished a word on the pad no words are being placed into the actual text. Anyone dealing with this that can help?


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Nov 22, 2012
Trying to install Poprocks using this base Do you think I can odin this base on top of a base N910PVPU2BOE1 5.0.1 rom?


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No. You cannot go backwards from OE1.

You can downgrade to anything with Odin for the sprint variant. I recommend COG5 if you're running anything AOSP related and with Touchwiz I make sure to root if I'm on COG5. I downgrade all the time from the official MM OTA release back to COG5 and lower whenever I need to test AOSP code.

Poprocks is for T-Mobile and this is a sprint forum so my answer is related ONLY to Sprint.

sent from my droid
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    TeamDevDigitelV3 5.0.1 BOB7


    Stockish Debloated, Rooted, Optimized, Removed Setup, Quickboot, Minimalist
    Hotspot ect..

    (Deodexed is Revision 2 and up)

    Stock Touchwiz Android L 5.0.1
    @tx_dbs_tx ( finally got everything sorted with stock kernel/su not being installed correctly awsome work.)

    All of the bloat has been removed but all the samsung features/applications have remained intact (Spen ect)
    All apps removed can be returned from Playstore as a user app.


    ●If you have Private mode or Fingerprints setup, always remove prior to making a backup, it will result in the saved info getting curupt●



    1.) Suggested that each build is always flashed after a full wipe has been completed. If you have bugs, issues and didnt wipe then you now know why.

    *Please only flash roms with ample charge to support a full boot and set-up.*

    2.)Flash the provided zip and wait for it to complete. I always flash from the sd card because i wipe my internal storage each time i flash a build.

    3.) Once completed reboot system and wait for it to present the home scren. It takes aprox. 3-5 minutes to boot.

    4. Update apps and set up phone as usual. Enjoy and provide feedback

    ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Known Bugs:¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤



    I will be including over time update zips to help you modify the system.

    Please see post #2 containing flashable zips.

    And as usual please hit thanks button to keep the development coming motivation to continue updates. :)

    Rom Downloads

    [BOB7 Odexed]

    VERSION 3 Final :

    VERSION 2:

    VERSION 1:

    [BOB7 DeOdexed]

    VERSION 2:

    ♤ThankYou Millerboy3 for doing this and uploading it!♤


    Version: 5.0.1 Lolipop

    Firmware: N910PVPU1BOB7

    Release Date: 3/27/15

    Devs : Please feel free to use this base, at this point most/all bugs have been cleared. Please just give credit when due there is no permission needed to use.
    Version 3 will be final release.

    Its leaving the testing table now, its 100% no bugs that i can find..

    Ill have link in op in a little..

    Just wanted to thank all other devs for the help, all the android users who have made this exciting and worth while

    I hope everyone gained from my work and learned something new/ and i helped contribute back to everyone who ive been helped by.

    Ill still respond to questions in thread but this is what the final release was made for..

    Stock, debloated, rooted and knox free .
    A great base that will accept a ton of mod opportunities and is fresh and clean from the start

    Please feel free to chime in and lmk your thoughts and feelings on the rom, build, future ideas and suggestions. .

    Again please no why does this rom not have xposed, 3minit ect.. when xposed is updated for 5.0 ill look at fixing issues to make it compatible. .

    But in a nut shell ill be on the s6/s6 edge in a few weeks and ill no longer carry the note 4..
    I tried flashing the ODEXed volume warning fix linked here, and while it flashes successfully, it doesn't actually do anything (volume warning still exists on Bluetooth). Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!
    First off, thanks for the base rom. I was gonna upload mine but now i don't have to. :)

    I haven't ported over any of my previous mods so if it's not labeled as being BOB7/Lollipop compatible then it will not work. Also it is never a good idea to use a modded file from a previous build of android because even if you think the files "should" be the same... I promise they are NOT. I study smali code daily and i can 100% guarantee that new builds of system apk's and jars etc have new and different code, methods, etc. So it's foolish to use older files in a newer build. It will surely cause problems throughout the rom. I'm not criticizing anybody i'm just pointing this out. Don't flash things that are from earlier builds. I am working on everything daily as time permits. I got a head start on stock dark theme for L but now I'm working to get my new base perfected. Give it some time and myself and a few others will offer up the goods for you guys. Thanks again.
    I put together a stock deodexed rom early this morning and have been running it all day. I'll be uploading for my testers tonight. If testing goes well i will releast to public in 24 to 48 hours.

    Im here to help support @Team DevDigitel and will help get this rom project re-based for new releases. I believe in team work and due to his time limitations i will be doing what I can to help.

    As for Xposed, it still needs major work to be fully compatible with Lollipop's android runtime.. You'll just have to follow that thread to stay informed.

    $$$$$$$$ FLASHABLE ZIPS $$$$$$$$$

    Private Mode Fix (N/a build 2 and up)


    Volume Adjustment

    10% increase



    Add Data Toggle

    Toggles Exploded
    "Don't expect them all working yet"

    MobileData/Toolbox toggles


    Hotspot Mod/Remove Volume Warnings / Themes Ect:

    ** Be Aware with 5.0 in its infancy the mods all may not be avaliable yet as a full flashable zip, alot of them just need restructured for the 5.0 filesystem and can be manualy moved over to 5.0**

    Please see here :
    [ROM] [Sprint Hybrid X-Series]