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[ROM][5.0.1] I9505 Lollzpop TouchWiz Candy v1.0 Kushan Edition!

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instalation instructions
Download the package
it's highly reccomended to do a clean wipe if coming from 4.4.x Touchwiz rom! but it itsn't a must!
Coming from any AOSP/CM/ NON-TW roms a wipe is needed!
once done wait some time until the rom has been initialized properly!


ROM Features:
Stock without extra modifications/apps
Rooted With Latest SU!
S5 Samsung IME
Some build.prop edit

Rom video
zak.ns said:
This is a viewership of your rom on youtube when it came out!


If you want to put in OP that people see video review of rom!


Visit heré For WiFi fix Credits @ausdim for he's excellent work please don't forget to make a small donation to he's contribution for this rom :D http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=58698864

Current Version

V1.0 Kushan release
Rom Download link - link

Older version

Full version with Gapps

Lite-version With Gapps SystemUI Fix included

Insecure boot

Insecure boot with Insecure adbd
needs update!

If you're looking for stock rom with s5 features and more visit http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=43798464 thanks to echoe team

Add-Ons (S5 Apps)
Credits Albe95

Original Leaker
friedrich420 for letting me use his rom as base (deodex)
Ausdim WI-FI Kernel Fix!
Chainfire SuperSU + ADBD Insecure
Google Android
Samsung TochWiz ROM


  • Lolli-Test-TW-USB.zip
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Initial release

Removed some stuff
Build.prop fixes

Working flashablezip

Fixes force close on system ui

Wifi is fixed by default so now no need to flash the kernel.
Gaaps updated.
Added some useful apps as system apps.
Some updater-script changes.

Credits Kushan02

Temp WIFI Fix
Since we do not know when will Sammy release the official lollipop for our device and you're itching to try this wonderful rom you can do this as temporary replacement to WIFI.

:) Bluetooth Tether!!! :)

If you have have an extra android phone that can do Bluetooth tethering you can connect it to your wifi then tether the internet through Bluetooth.

Now you can install and use this wonderful Lollipop Rom and still have internet. This is what I did. :)
So now I use bluetooth tether my home wifi and when outside the mobile data is more than enough for me.

Just sharing...

Thanks Again for the wonderful Rom.

[Strike[Wifi not working (need new kernel)[/strike]

Power saving mode doesn't turn off keyboard vibration until you actually goes into the power menu in settings.

While turning off the power saving mode the vibration will be gone. And you can't re enable it

Edit it seems like you have to untick the haptic feedback option to get the vibration on keyboard back!

Wifi pass isn't saved [Rom related]
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    whats your problems man i had modified both the dhd.ko files of official stock rom and aosp kernel do you need any more proofs.
    and i dont need to prove myself to people like you who dont appreciate others effort and blame them.

    You say you fix wifi and mod dhd.ko file..
    As i say at first there is nothing to "fix" about wifi..

    Module have to be compiled with kernel and used with that kernel like allways..

    I allready have wifi and external - internal sd ok but i got some problems needs to be solved before i release anything.
    And yes i allready in contact with some devs to help the situation.
    Got some reboots if cpu go to deep sleep or it will not go to deep sleep at all (battery drain).

    All that because we fight without sources..
    Perfect kernel it will compiled only when samsung release their source code.

    Any way maybe later i upload a kernel to see what i mean..

    Its even more beautiful if its a rom made from the stock images of the leak, deodex, deknoxed, prerooted, busyboxed, fully working LL keyboard with theme options (!!!) and modded lol ;)


    Unfortunately wifi is still a no go.. ill try some more ideas but i think we need a kernel the same one like ausdim had back in the 4.3 days.. it was made with 4.3 gpe sources but was working on tw roms also...

    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
    Hey Guys v.1.0 of the rom released by me.
    Change log:
    Wifi is fixed by default so now no need to flash the kernel.
    Gaaps updated.
    Added some useful apps as system apps.
    Some updater-script changes.

    Random reboots (don't know that the problem is solved or not lol.)
    There are no more known bugs currently but the rom is bit laggy than the previous version is what I felt. So you can always try it.

    Will be fixing that issue and adding users demands in v.1.1.
    Will not be able to do development after a week due to final exams on head. So if you want any feature that is technically possible for me please comment it by mentioning me or qouting me.

    Rom Download link - link
    For some people WiFi is more important than SDCard so why not rellising kernel for now like it is?
    Because my men without internal sd card the phone is unusable at all.

    No playstore no music no internet a lot of fcsss and nothing working at all...

    So please be patient.

    hey guys yesterday I and Friedrich did some testing and found out that a full kernel is not required for wifi to work only dhd.ko file is required so the file he modified does allow wifi to work but unfortunately storage doesn't work so all the devs out there please concentrate on making dhd.ko module from sources that ia the reason behind wifi not working nothing else.