[ROM][5.0.2][CM12][20150602][SaberMod] CM12+ Unofficial Build***SUPER FAST***

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Apr 9, 2012
QLD, Australia
hi! I'm having like a very serious problem at the 20150513 build. (not sure if I should flash the newer ones yet)
I'm only hearing static noises when I play music/audio from most sources(spotify/YouTube/music player) whenever I use my headphones/earphones(tried both to make sure that it's not my earphone's problem. anyone can help?

I was getting this with my stereo... turned out to be my cable.


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Aug 23, 2010
Will this ROM work with ATT i317 (USA)?

Nevermind. :cyclops:

Did anyone ever figure out the camera issue (black screen)?
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    Welcome to wilson3q's cm12 unoffical build!

    Hereby I share my latest build with latest toolchain here becoz I personally feels it is quite smooth and stable. I cannot guarantee a daily build, but I will try to keep it up to date as much as possible. If you like my work, you can donate here.

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that happen as a result of flashing this.

    Kernel Source (+ some patches below)


    ROM (please don't mirror):
    build - 20150525
    build - 20150602


    Recommended launcher:
    Nova Launcher (really like its JB zoom app animation)

    If you need enable soft buttons, flash this: View attachment softkeys.zip or soft+hardkeys.zip

    [Flashing Guide]

    • 1. Reboot to CWM/TWRP recovery
    • 2. Wipe system, cache, dalvik cache
    • 3. Flash ROM zip file
    • 4. Flash Gapps
    • 5. Reboot

    * Wipe data as well if you come from another rom *
    * Newer boot loader, modem and recovery is highly recommended (e.g. twrp 2.8.5+) *
    * No other kernel will be supported, use the stock one, for your best experiences too*


    My additional patches over cm12 includes:
    • Enhancements and bug fixes cherry-picked from other ROMs, including Slim LP, Nameless
    • Updated GPU driver from r3p2 api 23 to 29
    • Samsung hwcomposer included, hdmi support
    • SaberMod for ROM and kernel
    • O3, JustArchi optimization
    • Pthread enabled & strict aliasing
    • Latest sqlite db library
    • Added Boeffla sound engine 1.67
    • Added CPU governors: zzmoove, smartassv2, savagedzen
    • Added IO schedulers: row, bfq, vr, zen
    • Disabled some useless Samsung processes
    • Fixed GPS
    • Fixed low in call volume (new)
    • Video playback forward/backward fix
    • Removed all kernel debuging stuffs
    • Fixed keyboard not showing up during setup wizard
    • Fixed a crash of music app
    • Changed DPI to 280
    • Fixed Camera issue
    • Fixed daydream wake up bug
    • Fixed Netflix streaming (one more reboot needed after installation of Netflix)
    • Enabled Multi-user
    • LMK minfree tweaks
    • Misc tweaks
    • more...

    For better experience, change Nova animation/scroll speed to Fast...

    [Known Bugs]

    • I am not sure what issues you will get, but one thing is for sure: YOUR PHONE WILL FLY!
    • chrome glitch: type chrome://flags as URL and disable GPU thank @bigmarv31)

    Thanks cm team for the amazing ROM.

    Special thanks to: @DerTeufel1980, @sbrissen, @rogersb11, @TheBr0ken, @DreamFX, @frankie...

    Thanks @TheBr0ken.
    I merged liquidsmooth changes to fix low in call volume issue.
    New build up...
    Fixed performance settings..
    Gneral build tweaks...
    yeah i turned that off when someone mentioned it. didnt make a difference.
    i think my problem might be "gplay services"

    I assume you tested this?

    I on some Roms have google services drain.
    Feb 28 build uploaded...enjoy.