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[ROM][5.0.2][G850 Exynos] EpsilROM v4.4 ~ DISCONTINUED

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Dec 19, 2014
I dont know wether this thread is active nowaday. Just wanted to ask about some bugs if thereis a fix for it:
1) whenever I want to edit a video, I get a message: Unfortunately, video editor has stopped (talking about the stock video app)
2) fingerprint not working
3) when trying to add custom ringtone in settings, I get message: unfortunately Settings has stopped.
Other than that, rom is very nice and refreshing to the stock lollipop rom.

Galaxy Alpha G850F


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Oct 15, 2012
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Sep 26, 2017
can anyone please give a link for EpsilRom 4.6?
i cant even find 4.4
all links are broken

this is my last chance at a somewhat stable ROM for this phone, everything else is super broken


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Sep 26, 2017
actually got replied to in another forum
they had 4.6 heres the link cloud.mail.ru/public/5bk8/p5gjrNyJC
it includes a fix for downgrading apps apparently

this device is really in a bad spot ROM wise... but everyone says that this one is the most stable one and is better than stock

Edward Sewell

Aug 24, 2019
Hi @jjjhitel
I'm awed by your great work. I have a question here. I encountered a sound issue when calling, after I flashed the latest stock rom of G850F(security patch Aug. 2017) on my G850s. The person on the other end sounds like a robot. It seems like a common issue for Korean Samsung phones with other regions' rom. Could you please tell me how did you fix the call sound issue in your rom? Cheers

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    your warranty is now void.

    ROM Information
    - Based on G850KKTU2CQA2 (Android Security Patch 2017-01-01)
    - Deodexed / Zipaligned / Debloated / Deknoxed
    - Supports AROMA Installer
    - Supports all G850 exynos variants

    ROM Features
    - Hero UX
    - Samsung Theme Engine
    - All apps in multiwindow
    - All apps disableable in settings



    - @Chainfire for SuperSU
    - @amarullz for aroma installer
    - @ASSAYYED for his kitchen
    - @Albe95 for helping me with porting messaging and touchwiz home app
    - @Ale95 for ported marshmallow apps (Weather, SPlanner)
    - @ManuProN5 for ported s7 weather app
    - @daxgirl for toolbox controller
    - Androidfilehost for providing server

    Before installing this, you should wipe data in recovery first.

    [ROM][G850F/S/K/L] EpsilROM Future


    Fixed alarm clock crashed issue
    Fixed SPlanner widget not working
    Added AROMA installer options
    Updated themes
    Updated some system apps
    And so on

    v3.9.5 (29.06.2016)
    Added build.prop tweaks
    Added Project Grace theme
    Added Quick Connect ON/OFF toggle in quick panel
    Added MM Samsung Music
    Added S7 MM Weather app
    Updated sone apps

    v3.9.4 (19.06.2016)
    Changed ro.product.model to SM-G930
    Added some changes of PF2 firmware
    Added some icons from Project Grace UX
    Added theme packs option
    Updated some system apps
    and so on

    v3.9.2 (19.04.2016)
    - Changed device model to SC-05G (theme working, game tuner working, no youtube lags)
    - Updated busybox to v1.24.2
    - Removed SPen settings
    - Fixed clock position on themed lockscreen

    v3.9.1 (16.04.2016)
    - Fixed installer problem
    - Upgraded based firmware to G850FXXU2CPB2
    - Added original stock music player option to aroma installer
    - Completed S7 theme
    - Updated some system apps
    - Etc

    v3.9 (10.04.2016)
    - Changed ro.product.model to SM-A310
    - Changed ro.product.device to zerolte
    - Added original stock camera option to aroma installer
    - Fixed S-voice not working
    - Fixed lockscreen clock not centered on some themes
    - Removed ultra data saving mode and dual dashboard of smart manager
    - Removed floating menu button and remapped long press back key to trigger menu action
    - Fixed splanner icon
    - Added several languages to settings app
    - Added game tuner
    - Enhanced S7 MM theme
    - Added IncallUI theme
    - Updated system apps
    - Etc...

    v3.8 (27.03.2016)
    - Changed ro.product.model to SM-A710
    - Changed ro.product.device to slte
    - Improved ROM performance
    - Fixed YouTube lag
    - Added Galaxy S7 ringtones, notification, ui sounds
    - Added Galaxy S7 Galaxy Apps Widget
    - Improved Galaxy S7 Theme
    - Moved volume panel to top of the screen
    - Center clock aligned
    - Changed S-View cover default wallpaper
    - Changed some app icons from 6.0.1
    - Added Phone/Contacts, Settings theme
    - Updated some system apps
    - Fixed video editor
    - Fixed air view 'progress bar preview' thanks to @patelshubh96

    v3.7 Final (29.02.2016)
    - Changed text color of SPlanner icon
    - Changed the number of max toolbox apps
    - Enabled all sound effects of SoundAlive when using speaker
    - Fixed adapt sound FC
    - Fixed white bar in clock app
    - Fixed all issues related to photo editor
    - Fixed several theme issues
    - Removed SLocation
    - Removed long shadow of clock/weather widget
    - Removed some unnecessary apps
    - Removed mokee listview animation
    - Added android upgrading screen from S6 MM
    - Added new mm samsung bootanimation (not for cover)
    - Added Air View Settings
    - Added MM Theme store
    - Added Xposed installation options to aroma
    - Added S7 Over the Horizon
    - Added 5.1.1 S-Voice (downloadable languages)
    - Added MM themed messaging app
    - Added MM fonts

    v3.6.3 (25.02.2016)
    - Downgraded 6.0.1 TouchWiz Home to leaked 6.0 one (themed 6.0.1)
    - Initial TouchWiz Home screen content settings is now 'Show seperate Apps screen' as default
    - Fixed SLocation not working
    - Fixed dual clock widget FC
    - Fixed bad quality of messaging icon
    - Fixed some bugs of camera
    - Added many lang translations including italian, chinese, japanese and so on.
    - Updated some system apps

    v3.6.2 (24.02.2016)
    - Added support for SM-G850FQ/M/Y (not tested)
    - Ported real live clock icon from S6 MM beta (Thanks to @Ale95)
    - Enabled home screen settings in TouchWiz Home
    - Fixed TouchWiz Home dock bar blocking issue when screen grid is 4x5 or 5x5
    - Fixed S Planner widget missing issue when restart TouchWiz Home
    - Fixed TouchWiz Home FC when putting apps more than 2 in folder
    - Changed default wallpapers to S7's
    - Fixed Wi-Fi notifications on korean variants
    - Fixed S-View cover resolution issues
    - Added SLocation from A8
    - Dieted ROM

    v3.6.1 (23.02.2016)
    - Fixed badge notification issue of TouchWiz Home
    - Fixed big rotation image in calculator
    - Fixed TwTimePicker FC

    v3.6 (22.02.2016)
    - Fixed new TouchWiz Home not installing
    - Fixed rebooting issue when tapping airplane mode of device options
    - Auto-remove dalvik cache when installing ROM
    - Themed some apps
    - Fixed some theme issues
    - Added S6 6.0.1 Galaxy Apps
    - Added S6 6.0.1 Calculator
    - Added S6 6.0.1 Setup Wizard
    - Added S6 6.0.1 Marshmallow animations
    - Fixed SVoice wakeup not working

    v3.5 (21.02.2016)
    - Fixed ViPER4Android not installing
    - Added widget enabled memo app (thanks to @könig87)
    - Ported S6 6.0.1 TouchWiz Home (thanks to @Albe95)
    - Fixed some theme problems
    - Fixed Google Maps FC
    - Fixed S-Voice wakeup not working
    - Added some russian supplements
    - Updated some system apps
    - Removed chihya kernel due to his circumstance

    v3.4 (14.02.2016)
    - Update some system apps
    - Fixed screen mirroring issue thanks to Алексей Ярзуткин and 4pad.ru
    - Added N4 sidekey and toolbox (thanks to @daxgirl)
    - Added some toggles including touch sensitivity, airview to quick panel
    - Added ViPER4Android option to aroma installer
    - Added support for full screen on internet to CSC
    - Added Caculator, Memo, VoiceRecorder, PhotoStudio
    - Added Japanese
    - Added fully supported Russian (thanks to All Ross)
    - strings of device options moved to framework-res.apk

    v3.3 (11.02.2016)
    - Added chihya kernel by Kitakami(Dong Hyun Hong)
    - Fixed abnormal fever and HD voice not working issue on SM-G850S
    - Fixed SystemUI FC when requesting USB debugging authorizations
    - Replaced image of volume panel expand button to MM one
    - Disabled 'Volume button music control' (not working)
    - Removed some camera modes not working
    - Adjusted size of some texts in Camera app
    - Added support for multiwindow all apps
    - Added mokee listview animations

    v3.2 (10.02.2016)
    - Fixed power saving mode not working
    - Fixed flashlight option of device options not working
    - Fixed wrong internal storage measurement
    - Added Note5, S7 edge wallpapers
    - Added S6 marshmallow S browser
    - Added support for some languages

    v3.1 (09.02.2016)
    - Fixed text color of button in some apps
    - Fixed theme change error of SystemUI
    - Fixed burst shot force closed
    - Added volume button music control
    - Added device options settings
    - Added 5-way reboot (Settings -> Device options)
    - Added support for Game Tuner
    - Enable call alerts options in Call settings
    - Enable hidden default wallpapers
    - Update system apps
    - Added Slovak

    v3.0 (08.02.2016)
    - Re-work based on G850FXXU2COK6
    - Supports SM-G850F
    NEW Update

    EpsilROM v4.4


    Updated based firmware to G850KKTU2CQA2 (Android Security Patch 2017-01-01)
    Added support for all apps in multiwindow
    Added support for all system apps disableable
    Added 11 language packs for S Voice
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170204

    EpsilROM v4.3


    - Fixed weather app FC sometimes
    - Fixed predictive text on Samsung keyboard
    - Fixed S Voice
    - Fixed ROM installer partially not working on latest twrp recovery
    - Added setting quick launch app when pressing the Home key twice
    - Added install root device option to AROMA Installer
    - Added install xposed option to AROMA Installer
    - OpenGAPPS pico 20170121

    I will restart my work in december.