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[ROM][5.0.2/LRX22G][AOSP][LINARO/OPTIMIZED] FML: Fork My Life (2015/01/08)

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Sep 14, 2012
I abducted them all. They're ALL developing for MY GNex exclusively now. Suckers.
Lolz. If that is so, I'll abduct you!
If you see their github, they're still working to improve tuna. Just be patient
Still doesn't explain why they all simultaneously went quiet. Perhaps the things they are currently working on is a tough nut to crack, and no breakthroughs yet?
I'm not asking because I'm tired of waiting. Just wondering.
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Jun 1, 2013
Lolz. If that is so, I'll abduct you!

Still doesn't explain why they all simultaneously went quiet. Perhaps the things they are currently working on is a tough nut to crack, and no breakthroughs yet?
I'm not asking because I'm tired of waiting. Just wondering.
Per the last Ziyan's comment it seems they are working on the camera issue. I suppose that is really a tough one to crack, but once fixed, there shouldn't be any known major device related bug.
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Mar 15, 2011
Thank you very much for the hard work on this ROM for my aging GN.

Am I the only one that checks this thread 3-5 times a day for the 5.1 update? Still on 4.4.4 and can't wait.

you can try "beta test" the 5.1 that is floating around somewhere in the thread. i've been using it as a daily driver for a while now. just don't depend on the camera too much or send sms's longer than 1. everything else is super snappy!


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Nov 30, 2011
i really wonder. when people are saying that LP is super fast and smooth, how smooth is it really?

i got frustrated when there's an incoming call and have to wait a good 6-7+ seconds for the caller to appear on screen. same goes with the dialer, if you accidentally click someone in the dialer, for the incallui to appear, it needs a good 3 seconds, impossible to hangup before it rings once. after the first call and all the graphics are loaded properly into ram, the second ones are seamless.

i also tried with fa kernel and tinkering with settings, nada. although it seemed a bit faster, graphic draws and overall smoothness of the system is nowhere near kitkat. no offense to devs here, i understand that our device is struggling with lp and all our devs are trying to make it better, but people should go easy with the comments of "omg it's actually faster/nearly the same with kk".

i wish mwisbest should have released an update for kk with the recent discoveries with stable ddk 1.9 :(


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Mar 15, 2011
im not experiencing the caller lag that you seem to be getting. mine takes about 3-4 seconds from first ring before the pick-up UI immediately appears.

accidental calls are possible to hang up before the first ring.

i am using the 5.1 update though.

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    Oh, and now there's these Lollipops I'm handing out. They are free as always, and they are very very delicious.



    I need people testing and finding bugs if anything is going to be fixed. I might not have the Bluetooth devices you have, I might not use the camera as much as you, I might not use mobile data as much as you; you get the idea. :)
    NOTE: FML is built and tested on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus variant, also known as toro. The GSM Galaxy Nexus variant (the one pertaining to the forum section you're currently in), also known as maguro, is extremely similar in hardware to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, however I'm not able to test these builds personally. There aren't any code changes between builds for toro and maguro so that I know there shouldn't be any huge issues, but things specific to maguro I'll need feedback on to make sure they're working OK.


    Latest Build
    KitKat/ROM Stable: omni-4.4.4-20140705-maguro-FML.zip (159.07 MB)
    KitKat/TWRP Stable: fml-twrp- (8.58 MB)
    KitKat/ROM Beta: omni-4.4.4-20141015-maguro-FML.zip (160.13 MB)
    KitKat/ROM Beta Hotfix: boot.img (4.83MB)
    Hotfix Info: The latest beta had a bug on maguro causing the radio to be a jerk and not work. Flashing this boot.img will resolve that issue. If you'd rather not flash it with fastboot like is normally done for .img files, you can use the Flashify app for it, or you can open up the ROM zip and replace the boot.img in there with the hotfix.
    Lollipop/ROM Beta: FML-AOSP-5.0-20150108-maguro.zip (194.45 MB)

    USE THESE GAPPS: FML-GApps-5.0.x-20150101-tuna.zip (167.81 MB)
    They are based on PA's GApps, huge thank you to them!
    Known Issues:
    - Camera can be a little touchy, but it generally works.
    - Long SMS messages fail to send, fix is on-the-way though.
    Lollipop Changelogs can be found in the post below!

    (KitKat) BETA INFO:
    Beta builds are using updated GPU drivers (and an updated kernel to go with them) courtesy of @Ziyan, as well as being up to date with the latest stuff from OmniROM. NOTE: YOU CANNOT FLASH A DIFFERENT KERNEL WITH THESE BUILDS.
    Currently broken with the new GPU drivers:
    - Hardware Video Decoding FIXED 2014/10/06
    - Hardware Video Encoding(?) FIXED 2014/10/08
    - Camera (PARTIALLY) FIXED 2014/10/08
    - The stock camera app (as well as Google Camera) has this weird quirk of crashing when pressing the shutter button to take a picture, however many different camera apps on the Play Store (in particular Camera ZOOM FX) work flawlessly. Video recording is generally OK, however I've been getting some reports of the audio and video being a little out of sync, so your mileage may vary...
    See the Changelog post below for..... well..... changelogs.


    Known Issues
    - The screenrecord command does not work directly, however it does work via the Power menu.
    - There can be a slight (noticeable, but not huge) delay when pressing the Recents or Home button.



    XDA:DevDB Information
    FML: Fork My Life, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Source Code: https://github.com/MWisBest/

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Stable Release Date: 2014-07-05
    Beta Release Date: 2015-01-08

    Created 2014-05-27
    Last Updated 2015-01-08
    New build should be out either Monday or Tuesday. There will be a plethora of fixes and improvements. Sorry about being away from XDA for a while, just been really busy with school and any time I have for FML has been spent on dev stuff rather than the XDA threads!
    I'm feeling terrible. I don't have the energy to update the thread, but the new build is uploaded here:
    FML-AOSP-5.0-20141207-maguro.zip (199.24MB)
    I see some people have already downloaded it...

    A new GApps package isn't quite ready yet. I believe PA has a Lollipop GApps package up that may work as-is and would be better than the one I'm currently linking to, so give that a try if you're impatient.
    I also have a new TWRP build on the way as well.

    Short changelog on the new build:
    - Superuser is now built-in, no need to flash SuperSU. It's in the Settings app. You may have to enable the "Development Settings" menu to see it...
    - Video playback should be fixed. YouTube in particular seems OK. If you have some weird format you're playing back locally I cannot make any guarantees though.
    - The camera situation has improved and also regressed. The stock camera is back to the point of where it was with the KitKat Beta builds:
    ---- Preview works. Saving photos does not work. Video recording works.
    --- However:
    ---- The camera calibration is a little messed up. Long story, but it'll be fixed soon. So your white balance may look kinda funky, among other things.
    - Audio quality is improved, and 192kHz FLAC files will now play:
    ---- This is possible thanks to a new audio resampler, which doesn't impose the same sample rate restrictions of the stock Android ones.
    ---- It also has far better quality than the stock Android resamplers.
    - Kernel changes:
    ---- Reclaimed 38MB of RAM from the carveout stuff.
    ---- Removed HDMI's framebuffer, saving another ~16MB of RAM. With Lollipop, MHL/HDMI out isn't working with our old hwc, so might as well save some RAM in the mean time.
    ---- Added overclocking support, as well as adjusted the stock frequencies a little.
    I see there have been some bugs discovered with the recent build, so I'm planning on doing a new build fixing what I can and then updating the OP with that build instead. I also have something special planned for the next build as well... for those of you who follow my GitHub, please don't spoil it! It might not be ready in time, but it's coming along quicker than I thought...

    I'd like to thank those of who you have been patient waiting for the new build and not asking when it'll be out etc. I do know it's frustrating for you guys when I give a timeframe on when a new build will be ready and I don't deliver though, however lately the pestering for when a new build will be out has gotten out of hand. I'm usually pretty good with handling things like that which would cause most other devs to basically yell and scream at their users... for example, when people report bugs I'm not one to say "logcat or it didn't happen". At least 90% of the bugs reported are something I can reproduce myself! Why the hell should I need the user to get the logcat when I can get one myself? But anyway, I hope those of you who have been pestering for ETAs can be a little more patient from now on.

    I'd also like to thank those of you who have donated to me lately. I usually try to send out thank yous to them when I update the FML thread, but I'm sad to admit that lately I've fallen behind with that. My problem is that I like each thank you to be different and not just a copy and paste generic BS sorta thing, but I'm running out of things to say because there have been so many donations since the GPU driver updating and Lollipop release. Before I update the FML thread next, I will be sure that everybody has been thanked personally.
    The donation money has been so helpful lately with me being sick too; I've been able to get food and drinks that are easier for me to digest and keep down.
    Thanks to everyone who helped, I've got my maguro running again :victory::victory: One can't imagine how much I appreciate the help of the community :) so it looks like I'm getting back to the business ;)