ROM][5.0.2] NuSenseSIX | Sense 6.0 | 4.14.401.10 | v5.0.4.2 [11-13-15]

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Jun 4, 2013
HTC U Ultra

when i turn on FM radio, the sound works at maximum level at headphone. Even if i set it to minimum, the sound level can not be minimized and sound output works at maximum level.

any fix for this ?


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Feb 17, 2015
Oh yeah that's right the rom is on lollipop let me see if I can find the other file u need to get it running

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Thank you:fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:


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Thank you:fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:

In order to get viper4android to work u need to flash this in recovery

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Thank you:fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:

And also this is the zip for viper4android if u don't have it

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Feb 17, 2015
In order to get viper4android to work u need to flash this in recovery

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And also this is the zip for viper4android if u don't have it

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Thank you very very good :laugh::laugh::laugh::good::good::good::good::good::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:


May 5, 2007
Hi! How to clean this error in v5.0.4.2 [11-13-15] ?
Thank's )


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Nah. It use to but I took it out. I am probably not going to update this ROM either. I am going to stick with updating CyanogenMod.
Yo, Flyhalf, wifi has spontaneously stopped connecting on NuSense Six, a 5.0.2 ROM.

The links to your Lollipop sense kernel in the OP are dead. Did you pull the kernel?

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I think my Sense days are over. Just CM for now on but what bugs have you found?

Not any that I can identify other than occasional lagging, but that's probably attributable to the fact that: (1) I run Android Wear on the device; and (2) I tend to load lots of apps. It prompts me to send bug reports from time to time (I think twice so far). It's not a big deal; the ROM works well and I just put a 200g microsd card in it to see whether it will choke on the space.
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    ROM is not longer supported!!!

    HTC Sense 6.0


    Official 5.0.2 One Max Europe Base:

    CL525693 - LRX22G release-keys



    I hope you enjoy NuSenseSIX!








    Some of the Features:
    All new t6ul Sense 6.0 - Android 5.0.2 Base
    Stock kernel
    New Extreme Power Saver Mode
    4 Shortcut Widget ported for Sense 6
    5x6 App Drawer Grid Option
    Beats Audio
    Home Screen Menu
    New 2014 camera
    Updated most Market Apps
    Rooted with SuperSU v2.01
    4 Default HTC color themes included and enabled
    Native HTC Wifi Hotspot (enabled for all users)
    Native No Lockscreen
    Font changer in settings *New from HTC
    HTC FileManager
    HTC Backup
    and more...

    Mods/Changelog will be in Post #2

    Use TWRP or higher to install this rom!


    santod040 - lots of help with fixes
    Google - Android OS
    HTC - Sense 6.0 base


    XDA:DevDB Information
    NuSenseSIX, ROM for the HTC One Max

    Flyhalf205, santod040
    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: HTC Sense

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2014-04-01
    Last Updated 2016-01-05


    1.) Fingerprint scanner not working....
    Check to make sure your bootloader says "LOCKED"
    1. adb shell
    2. su (if needed to get a # prompt)
    3. echo -ne '\x00\x00\x00\x00' | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=33796
    4. (i would very strongly recomend you copy/paste this)
    5. exit
    6. adb reboot bootloader
    7. verify you are now locked

    2.) Sense 6 Tool Box force closes on start up....
    Open up Xposed Installer in your app list and Install/Update the framework.
    Remember if you use Sense 6 Tool Box. You need to enable the module in Xposed Installer
    Do not touch EQS settings! Will cause SystemUI FCs​


    RC - 11/13/15
    Includes all previous patches
    Compatible with newer TWRP version past

    RC - 09/15/15 - Removed WiFi nag about which SSID you are connected to on Verizon variant.
    5.0.4 - Sense Home fix on Verizon variant. Blinkfeed fix!

    RC 5.0.3 - 09/11/15
    Rebased on the latest European 4.14.401.10 rom
    Updated xposed
    Sprint voicemail fixes

    Older Changelogs:

    RC 5.0.2 - 07/08/15
    Sprint MMS fix
    Sprint tether fix - Tethers 3G only
    Fixed xposed not working

    RC 5.0.1 - 07/04/15
    Sprint support...Big thanks to @bdiddled and @gimmeitorilltell
    Unsecure kernel for International with init.d support
    Fixed small WiFi bug - nothing noticeable
    Updated SupserSU, Sense6ToolBox, and system apps
    Updated Xposed framework to version 65
    Added more wallpapers from t6dwg
    Added MyVerizon and VVM apps
    Changed to stock HTC One boot animation with beats logo

    RC 5.0 - 06/24/15
    Rebased on 4.13.401.7 HTC One Max Europe 5.0.2 Sense 6.0
    Xposed framework and installer
    Removed OTA Updater app and debloated a little.
    Still no Sprint support

    RC 4.8 - 08/23/14
    Rebased on 3.23.401.1. Thanks @Howling Wolf
    Removed a few Google apps such as (Books, Magazines, Google+, Play Games)
    They can be downloaded back using Play Store
    OTA Updater. App is hidden. Will be notified when new ROM updates (will require root access)
    Sprint users can attempt to flash but probably will not boot.

    RC 4.7 - 06/24/14
    Deodexed. Thanks to @santod040 for making that possible
    Added HTC Task Manager
    Removed Boomsound
    Fix SMS shortcut in Extreme Power Saver
    Reverted back to original boot animation
    No Lockscreen Option
    Updated SuperSU

    RC 4.5 - 06/13/14
    Updated base to unlock intl version. 3.15.1540.1
    Removed beats from all versions.
    Removed amount of login attempts to wipe your data
    Sprint: add panorama to camera
    Updated xposed installer and sense tool box

    RC 4.3 - 06/01/14
    Verizon Release Only!!!
    Verizon: SMS Bubble count
    Verizon: VVM fixed and added
    Verizon: Hopefully better data over voice

    RC 4.1 - 05/16/14
    Fixed Beats audio in all variants
    Verizon: Added home button change in settings
    Sprint: Attempt to fix WiFi tether
    Sprint: Fixed NFC

    RC 4.0 - 05/13/14
    Rebased on the Sprint Sense 6.0 dump
    Fingerprint is now working!
    Proper UI for our device. Now 5x5

    RC 3.0 - 05/03/14
    Complete start over support for Verizon. Sprint. and International
    Sprint settings work but updating PRL will FC
    Fixed "call lost" message when ending calls
    Camera adjustments. Smoother the better!
    Reverted back to stock kernel
    Cleaner and smoother graphics

    RC 2.5 - 04/30/14
    Fixed dual camera capture
    Fixed bluetooth share stop errors when turning off BT
    Added HTC Simple Launch (easy mode)...But why would you want to use it!!!
    Removed Fibit app
    Updated Market Apps
    Updated to the official Sense 6 toolbox. Will get Force Closes on this until you install Xposed Install Framework
    Update xposed, gravity, and viper4android
    Updated kernel to FlyKernel v2
    BUG: Fingerprint still not working. Sprint Network settings do not work.

    RC 2.0 - 04/14/14
    Completely Rebased to 1.54.401.5 Release-Keys
    Updated Installer for improved compatibility
    Updated Market Apps
    Updated latest Prism, so it won't change in Play Store right away
    Button Settings enabled - Home/Recents/Google Now
    Wifi/typing cursor bug fixed
    Beats logo displays properly
    Settings > Battery Usage fixed
    Camera performance improvements
    probably more...

    RC 1.4 - 04/05/14
    Message bubble count fix
    Stock internet browser downloads
    Gallery photo edits
    Bugs: Fingerprint scanner and Power usage crash.

    RC 1.3 - 04/03/14
    Bluetooth fixes
    Hopefully fixes international WiFi issues
    Hopefully also fix installation on TWRP for international users
    Sprint boot animation fix
    Bugs: finger print scanner. Power usage. Sprint data settings.

    RC 1.2 - 04/01/14
    MD5: 47C0064EB8D404B060C0FAD5F69FFF5C
    Better Sprint support
    Attempt at fixing International WiFi problems
    Quick Settings fix
    Attempt fix twitter causing acore force closings
    Bugs: Fingerprint scanner and Power usage crash. Mobile Data settings crash

    RC 1.1 - 03/31/14
    Added International and Sprint support
    3 Dot menu fixed
    LED notification light
    Bugs: Fingerprint scanner does not work. Received SMS time is a hour ahead.
    Some International users not having WiFi

    RC 1.0 - 03/30/14
    Initial Port
    Bugs: Fingerprint scanner does not work. Received SMS time is a hour ahead.
    Reserved.... :cool:


    How do I enable Xposed Framework > Sense 6 Toolbox > Gravity Box > Gel Settings ?


    They are all included in the rom.
    Open the Xposed framework installer in the app drawer
    Click install/enable
    Reboot (FULL REBOOT)
    Open the Xposed framework installer in the app drawer
    Click the Modules tab > enable Sense 6 Toolbox, Gravity Box, GEL Settings(and/or any other module) > Reboot (FULL REBOOT)
    Make changes in Modules > reboot once more

    Anyway to get advanced power menu? This ROM is awesome...=)

    For APM
    Once you have Xposed and Sense 6 Toolbox enabled, its in Sense 6 Toolbox > Various Mods > APM


    Are YOU down with the SIXness?
    Feel free to grab a banner to show your Infection...




    This build is only for Verizon right now. Sprint and International are coming soon!

    Be sure to check the changelog for bugs.