[ROM][5.0.2][STOCK][FLASHABLE ZIP] Identity Crisis ROM (Single-SIM)


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May 30, 2008
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of flashing these files. Your destiny is your own.

Important Notice: This ROM can be flashed with either TWRP or Philz Touch Recovery v6.55.0, however restoring backups is not straight forward. The only reliable way to restore a KitKat backup is to use this method.

.: Identity Crisis ROM (Single-SIM) :.​
(Android 5.0.2)​
Lollipop Bootloader not required​
This ROM has been built from the latest firmware for XT1063 - Stock Android 5.0.2 (v22.21.28).
Yes, you read correctly; this is a Moto G (2nd Generation) ROM running on XT1032.
XT1032 Lollipop Radio Firmware available here.​
First boot can take a few minutes.
Screen flicker is due to Kernel. Turn screen off once to fix. Custom stock kernels in the future might solve this.​

Stock XT1032 5.0.2 Kernel
Debloated (Motorola apps still available in Play Store)
'Cast Screen' Enabled
OTA Updates | Motorola Notifications Disabled
MultiROM compatible - TBC
init.d Script Support
Post-install zipaligning (Darky / Fly-On Mod™)​

How to flash:
1) Sideload or download ROM to internal storage.
2) Boot into Custom Recovery.
3) Factory Reset (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik)
4) Flash zip, reboot.

This ROM requires a F2FS 'userdata' partition.
If you are GPE, or have ever been; you may need to convert to Stock. More info in FAQ here.​

Almost everything​

Not Working:
CDMA or Dual-SIM support

Stock Boot Animation (Flash in Recovery)
Problems restoring TWRP backup? Read this and this
Speed up animations in Developer options - Instructions
"OK Google" / Google Search not working? Available in Play Store
Want Face Unlock? Flash this
Battery Percent Enabler
Adblock Plus issue
Faster GPS locking: Try this app

Enable Automatic Battery Saving Mode:
Settings > Battery > Menu Button > Battery saver > Turn on automatically @ 5% or 15%​

Download v006 (355MB)

Download v005 (334MB) [Mirror]


30/01/15 - v005 - Now using XT1032 Kernel / Modules. Fixed Camera issue. Updated SuperSU. Re-added Stock Equalizer (Sound > Audio effects)
22/01/15 - v004 - New build to fix audio issues
20/01/15 - v003 - Fixed APK issue (Thanks mounkg, VitaTaf); added ROM name to 'About phone' screen
17/01/15 - v002 - Fixed Speaker audio and Auto-rotate
16/01/15 - Initial release

XDA:DevDB Information
Identity Crisis ROM, ROM for the Moto G

lost101, mounkg, VitaTaf
ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: XT1063 (Titan) Stock Android 5.0.2 | Build: LXB22.46-28

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Beta Version: v006

Created 2015-01-16
Last Updated 2015-02-22


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Twrp failed to flash, even after wiping internal storage, latest philz flashed fine. Working great on my xt1032 :)


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May 30, 2008
I actually contacted Shawn5162 a few hours before posting this. I asked him if he would consider a release of his ROM for Moto G (1st Gen) because I could see it might be possible, and told him how.

I made the decision to release a very basic ROM based on a pure stock system dump, for others to use as a launchpad for their own work. This ROM doesn't have most the features of the 'Titan Prime' ROM, because it's not a port of that ROM.

I don't mind changing the name if Shawn wants, and I am happy to credit anyone.

FYI: The codename of XT1063 is Titan.

EDIT: Now called 'Identity Crisis ROM' - the original working title...should have stuck with that.
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