[ROM][5.0.2][titan][XT1063/64]The Titan Prime ROM[MAR 6](Version 1.2 RC)

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Nov 16, 2014
New England

Thanks for including the recovery code....If you are in TWRP just click the "Reboot" button and then "Reboot Recovery"....That will fix it

Thanks, that worked, but there were errors in the script, included the result here if you need it.

format system
mount system
extract system
create symlinks
set permissions
Flashing Partitions with New Bootlogo
Dismounting Partitions
unmount of /logo failed: no such volume
{ * } Flashing SuperSU Zip
flashing boot . . .
flashing boot . . .
unmount of /system failed: no such volume
script succeeded: result was []
Updating partition details . . .
. . . done
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Feb 24, 2014
Happened to me also a few days ago. It's really strange. Rebooting the phone fixed it for me. But yeah, it strange and kind of makes me worry that one day it will die!!! But i dint think its not a ROM problem but a phone one, or maybe an android problem. There is some heavy problems regarding memory, and overheating that will be fixed on 5.1 according to google. Also my problem also happened when the phone was quite hot because I was playing a game for a while.

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Make sense, maybe anything related to the power adaptor (was a BB Z10 charger, which delivers 1.8A) was the culprit, will take a look if happens the same with the uber cheap original Moto G wall charger.


Jan 10, 2015
When I try to flash 1.0.4 it just stops at "extract system" and after that the phone reboots to the "warning: bootloader unclocked" image and freezes there, this didn't happen when I flashed to 1.0.2

I'm using TWRP and I've wiped to factory every time I've tried to flash it. I've recently restored to stock 4.4.4 and the device isn't rooted, if this matters

Now I tried to do it with the device rooted, same results.

---------- Post added at 04:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:28 AM ----------

Now I tried to do it with the device rooted, same results.

Nevermind, I did it with TWRP and everything went smooth :D


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Dec 9, 2007
Happened to me also a few days ago. It's really strange. Rebooting the phone fixed it for me. But yeah, it strange and kind of makes me worry that one day it will die!!! But i dint think its not a ROM problem but a phone one, or maybe an android problem. There is some heavy problems regarding memory, and overheating that will be fixed on 5.1 according to google. Also my problem also happened when the phone was quite hot because I was playing a game for a while.

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Actually the weird touch screen problem that occurs when plugging to wall charger sometimes is a charger problem. I had experience with this and every phone charged with one of my particular adapter will result in weird behaviour in touch detection, might be something interfering with the static electricity over the phone.
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Jan 11, 2011
Red Deer
Nope, just flashed this ROM as per the instructions. And seemingly everything is working fine, if anything the radios (both cellular and wifi) seem slightly better behaved than on stock Kitkat.
I'd be really surprised if the Canadian XT1064 had different radios, as according to both the WIND and Staples info it has all 3G bands except one of the Euro ones. But who knows... All I can say is that I've had no problem with radios so far. And rukusx7 in this thread reports using this ROM with a Staples-bought XT1064 on... Rogers or Bell? (sorry, I forget) with no issues either.

I bought mine on eBay factory unlocked. I'm with Bell Mobility.

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Jan 10, 2015
Will this work on my Moto G2?


Hi guys...This is the Titan Prime ROM. I created this ROM because there aren't many ROMs for the Moto G 2014, and I wanted to change that. I have added numerous features and modifications. This ROM is just starting out so don't be afraid to request a feature. Also, note that I will not be abandoning this project, so in other words this ROM has long term support. :)

NOTE: I created this new thread because the previous thread was unorganized and messy. I am starting of with v1.0 so their is no confusion. v1.0 will be based of Android 5.0.2 and Motorola's 5.0.1 stock firmware.

 * Your warranty is now void. Knox 0x1.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

Supported Devices:

This ROM is supported by the following devices:
  • XT1063
  • XT1064


NOTE: It is recommended you do a clean install if you are coming from another ROm or stock. The instructions below show how to preform a clean install and install this ROM.
1. Download the appropriate ROM version you wish to install
2. Download the appropriate gapps (OPTIONAL because the Google Play Store is present in the ROM already)
3. Back up any and all important data.
4. Boot into recovery (I recommend TWRP)
- You don't need to wipe system because the ROM.zip wipes the /system partition when installing
6. Flash the ROM in recovery.
7. Flash the gapps. (OPTIONAL)
9. Reboot Device.

ROM Version Info

ROM Name: Titan Prime
ROM Version: 1.0.4
ROM Status: BETA

  • Service
  • Text
  • Data
  • Call
  • Audio
  • WiFi
  • Google Now
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • MMS
  • Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • Internal/External SDcard mounting
  • Camera
  • Video recording

  • You tell me!

ROM Features
  • Based of stock Android 5.0.1 with Android 5.0.2 merged
  • Faster OS
  • Added Int.d
  • Added libraries
  • Debloated
  • AROMA support
  • Added CM 12 apps
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Custom boot animation (made by me)
  • OTA Support
  • Much, much, more

Upcoming Features:
  • Battery mods
  • Clear all button in recent apps
  • Advanced power/reboot menu
  • You tell me...this ROM is just starting and has endless possibilities :)


Note: All downloads links in the OP post are via AFH. I do allow other users to post mirrors in the comments below

Latest ROM Release: v1.0.4 BETA

Android File Host: LINK




ROM Maintainer: @Shawn5162
ROM Banner Creator: @HJain13
Firmware: Motorola Mobility



  1. To submit bug reports, use the "Bug Reports" tab above.
  2. To submit feature requests, use the "Feature Request" tab above.
  3. To submit a ROM review, use the "Review" tab above.
  4. Updates come out daily.
  5. There is no root for lollipop on this device as of right now.

The following is a youtube video that will help you find the "Bug Reports", "Feature Request", and "Review" tabs on XDA:

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][5.0.2][titan][XT1063/64]The Titan Prime ROM[DEC 30](Version 1.0), ROM for the Moto G 2014

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.0
Beta Release Date: 2014-12-30

Created 2014-12-31
Last Updated 2014-12-30

I actually had a Moto G xt1068 and flashed Moto G xt1064's firmware and updated to Lollipop manually. Will this work on my phone?
I'm not rooted but my bootloader is unlocked and I have TWRP recovery.
Please reply asap. Thankyou. :)


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Jul 4, 2013
Can I move Apps ro the SD with this ROM?:confused::confused:
Yes. Most apps that cannot be moved with the stock firmware can be moved in this ROM (example: Google+ app). There are a few apps that cannot be moved, but because this ROM has root access, you can use Titanium BackupEDIT: Nope, you can't, for some reason, Titanium Backup can't detect that you have a MicroSD card inserted to force unsupported apps to the MicroSD card.

Remember, your results will vary. Moving apps to the MicroSD card isn't moving the whole app (especially if it is a large game, you'll probably have to look into a directory bind method for that) and it can break certain parts of some apps. The only thing it's ever broken for me are widgets, which I never use anyway, but there's always a chance, so beware.

If you want to go gung-ho-all-in-and-all-the-way, there are methods available (again, because this ROM has root access) to bind your /data directory to your MicroSD card, and there are even methods to swap your internal storage with your external storage.

After I typed all of this, I just looked up Link2SD and found out that it finally seems to be working on ICS and up (including Lollipop). I recommend giving that app a go before anything else. I'll be giving it a spin, that's for sure. I used to use it on my old Droid. It only has 256 megabytes (or something like that) of internal storage, yet I had over four gigabytes of apps installed on that thing, and the Google+ cache was able to grow to over a gigabyte in size. :D
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Feb 23, 2014
Doesn't having all those apps reduce functionality? I tried having lots of apps on other phones and they always bugged out. That's why I'm resitting the urge with this phone Lol

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    To the OP.

    I see no one is saying it, so I will, and please do not take it in the wrong way because my intention it is just to give my opinion.

    I just tried the 1.2 version, and I would like to give my take on it:
    - I personally don't care about the CM apps, so I just delete them from the ZIP file, no issues there.
    - On the changelog you mention different additions, which are not present: Clear All button on Recents (solved using Gravity Box), Theme Engine, AudioFX (which I delete because it never makes any difference and there is Audio Effects already), Dev-Tools, CM12 SIM Toolkit, PA Gapps support (which was the feature I was actually waiting for), SuperSU is not on the Settings Menu and not even the newest version.

    The point being is this is happening with every release.
    I know your work is free and on your free time (I sent a donation weeks ago, just in case), but it is necessary to pay more attention to details because a lot of people use your ROM (1000+), and even though it is up to the choice of every user to flash your ROM, as of now it is kinda the only option because of stability and RAM management unless it is Stock.

    You have a lot going on, many ROMs to maintain, but none of them are coming up the way you promise they are going to be.
    My recommendation, leave projects out, at least for the time being, or at least until Android 5.1 is released and we finally are able to use AOSP or CM12 based ROMs, only then it would make sense to try those, because again, only stock based ROMs are the only ones usable at the moment.

    I'm not being ungrateful, actually because I care I write this.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for writing this....I am not offended but actually thankful.....I completely understand your point and you are right.....I have too many ROM (for this device alone) and am also developing for other devices as we speak.....As a result I have purposed this idea:

    1) I will try me hardest to take care of the OP post...Making sure all details are correct
    2) Updates dates will be more orderly....Once a week (unless there is a MAJOR issue)
    3) Since I found the cause of the SUB1/SUB2 on XT1068/69 I can now make the ROM unified for all Moto G 2014 variants
    4) I am closing this thread and my XT1068/69 thread and am opening up a new UNIFIED thread
    5) I am going to take care of all the features I already promised before adding new features (PA support, clear all button, advanced reboot, etc)
    6) Since more that 5000 users use Titan Prime (XT1063/64 and XT1068/69 users combined) I will take care of this thread more (as in reporting unnecessary posts)
    7) I will listen to user complaints/suggestions much more

    Again @SirRhor thanks you for pointing this out for me.... :)
    No news, shawn? Any roms

    Here is some news:
    Just completed compiling crDroid...Thread going up soon
    Just completed compiled SlimLP...Thread going up soon
    Posting flashable zip of Android 5.0.2 22.21.28 XT1068 firmware
    Posting v1.1.3 Today (for this ROM)
    Posting v1.1.1 today (for XT1068/69 Titan ROM)
    Posting v1.2 for OxygenLP ROM today
    Working on new mod that lets XT1063/4/8/9 users install any Moto G 2013 ROM and every sensor will work
    And many things which are still a secret ;)

    Update news

    Lot of info...keeping it short....BULLET POINTS ;)

    • Android 5.1 for Titan Prime coming within 20 days of AOSP release regardless of Motorola's Android 5.1 update...
    • New build going live soon...minors bugs are halting the release
    • Titan Prime ROM v1.1.3 for XT1063/64 WILL BE STABLE
    • Sorry for the delay in a ROM update....working on a new ROM for Moto G 2014 based of stock lollipop
    • This new ROM is code-named N.E.R for now since I am not releasing the name
    • This new ROM will have a new philosophy and WON'T be like Titan Prime
    • I am going to release a small test build of the new ROM in this thread tom....
    • More details to follow as time progresses ;)
    I am announcing a new project called the "Titan Prime Toolkit"...I will be an all-in-one toolkit for the Moto G 2014 that will be inteded for both noobs (No offense) and advanced users...It will have multiple One-Click functions that you can preform on you Moto G 2014 (XT1063/64/68/69)...Some of the features will be (All features are One-click):
    • Direct Link to XDA
    • Direct Link to Titan Prime Toolkit XDA Thread
    • Unlock My Bootloader
    • Lock My Bootloader
    • Check Bootloader State
    • Flash TWRP Recovery
    • Flash Philz Touch CWM Recovery
    • Flash Stock Recovery
    • Root My Device
    • Add Busybox
    • Flash Stock Boot Logo
    • Flash Titan Prime Boot Logo
    • Flash Stock Motorola Boot Animation
    • Flash Nexus 5 Lollipop Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Fall Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Winter Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Faancy Boot Animation
    • Reboot Recovery
    • Reboot Bootloader
    • Reboot
    • Get Logcat
    • Factory Reset
    • Wipe Cache
    • Download Titan Prime ROM (and Flash it)
    • Download GApps and Flash it
    • Copy /System

    I haven't listed all the features but these are some of them....I will release v1.0 for the Toolkit later today or tom.
    It will be ONLY for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10

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