[ROM][5.0.2][titan][XT1063/64]The Titan Prime ROM[MAR 6](Version 1.2 RC)

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His Dudeness

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Feb 24, 2014
I remove everything I don't need from the ROM before I flash it, so it does not matter for me at least.

Don't include GAPPS please, let people flash whatever package they want.
Some of us like minimal packages, other do prefer the full Google experience.
Besides, I'm sure you would be pressured on updating the ROM every time there's an update for GAPPS.
Just any root file manager would be ok.
@Shawn5162, still alive this feature > Clear all button in recent apps?

Double tap to wake would be great but I think that's a kernel thing, if possible I would love that.
Would love that too, but its tied to an unreleased touch panel driver, yet. Details - Tech data if interested.
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Mar 29, 2013

1. I've used ES File Explorer for almost two years now on all of my devices and really like it. But just recently I've checked out Cabinet and find it a good choice as well. So either would work for me.
2. Never used Sound Recorder so I could live without it.
3. I prefer flashing the GAPPS separately, especially now with this ROM.
4. Chrome could disappear and it wouldn't hurt my feelings. I install and use Dolphin 99% of the time. But I am probably in the small minority there.
5. I'm a big fan of the Advanced Power Menu but another feature I have on my ASUS tablet is long press to reboot to Recovery. Any chance we could see F2FS on this device?

Once again I have to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work on this ROM . It is by far the best custom ROM I have on any of my devices, with KAT-KISS Lollipop 15b on my tablet being a very close second.


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Nov 16, 2014
New England
SO I was working on the ext alpha build...And I had a few questions for you guys:

  1. Do you guys want a file explorer pre-installed....If so which one (Don't say ES File Explorer)?
  2. Do you want me to remove Sound Recorder form the ROM
  3. Do you want me to pre-install GApps and Google Play Services API+Framework? (Or do like it as is....you flash an extra GApps Package?
  4. What apps do you want me to remove....If anything ;)?
  5. And other features you want....Let me know ;)?


1) Didn't you include a file explorer that you made in a previous release? I liked it. Was able to browse right to my sd card and install backed up apps.
2) I don't use it, but not sure if others do.
3) I think that at least play store should be installed, can get every other app from there. When the newest google calendar 5 was installed, I removed it and then installed version 4, just because I preferred that version.
4) I agree with the person above. Chrome could go away since it can be downloaded from play store or we can install other browsers.
5) I would like the vibrate/mute/sound on feature that I've seen in other power menu options; also the option to see the network speed in the title bar

Thanks for your continued work on this project. Awesome man!
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Jan 11, 2015
OnePlus 7 Pro
Alright I got a few questions about this ROM.
1. Can I flash with stock recovery or do I need to use twrp.
2. I am using a flashed 5.0.1 lollipop on my xt 1064. Would I need to go back to KitKat to flash this or no?
3. Is there a risk of bricking?
4. Still need to wipe dalvik cache even if I am using art?
That's all if you could help me that would b great

Sorry about all the questions I'm kinda new and don't want to kill my device yet lol

edit2: do i flash this through the phone recovery or through minimal adb?
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Jan 8, 2015
So now everything is running perfectly, I only have a few bugs to report (version 0.6)

1) audio effects does not work (music in Google play music doesn't sound any different
2) If I have a bunch of tabs open in chrome with the "merge tabs and recents" option on, apps running in the background (lux, adaptive rotation lock) and the keyboard (stock google keyboard) crash. After I close all tabs in chrome (from the recents) I cannot select anything in the recents menu, I must press home then go back to the recents
3) live wall papers do not work, I keep getting an "app is not installed" error.


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Jan 11, 2011
Red Deer
Looks like Shawn has a pack of rabid fan girls! Man, did those dogs jump at that meat.. Some even posted screenshots of their undying devotion in case you don't believe them

Yeah. Its pretty messed up.

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---------- Post added at 10:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:46 PM ----------

A bit off-topic I guess but.. Is there like some place we can chat about all these releases and bugs.. You know faster and more direct communication.. Something like an IRC channel perhaps? Just a suggestions. Would make the thread less bloated :p

There is a bug reporting section. Have XDA 2015 selected as your XDA theme and you'll get some tabs up top. Select Bug Reports.

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    To the OP.

    I see no one is saying it, so I will, and please do not take it in the wrong way because my intention it is just to give my opinion.

    I just tried the 1.2 version, and I would like to give my take on it:
    - I personally don't care about the CM apps, so I just delete them from the ZIP file, no issues there.
    - On the changelog you mention different additions, which are not present: Clear All button on Recents (solved using Gravity Box), Theme Engine, AudioFX (which I delete because it never makes any difference and there is Audio Effects already), Dev-Tools, CM12 SIM Toolkit, PA Gapps support (which was the feature I was actually waiting for), SuperSU is not on the Settings Menu and not even the newest version.

    The point being is this is happening with every release.
    I know your work is free and on your free time (I sent a donation weeks ago, just in case), but it is necessary to pay more attention to details because a lot of people use your ROM (1000+), and even though it is up to the choice of every user to flash your ROM, as of now it is kinda the only option because of stability and RAM management unless it is Stock.

    You have a lot going on, many ROMs to maintain, but none of them are coming up the way you promise they are going to be.
    My recommendation, leave projects out, at least for the time being, or at least until Android 5.1 is released and we finally are able to use AOSP or CM12 based ROMs, only then it would make sense to try those, because again, only stock based ROMs are the only ones usable at the moment.

    I'm not being ungrateful, actually because I care I write this.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for writing this....I am not offended but actually thankful.....I completely understand your point and you are right.....I have too many ROM (for this device alone) and am also developing for other devices as we speak.....As a result I have purposed this idea:

    1) I will try me hardest to take care of the OP post...Making sure all details are correct
    2) Updates dates will be more orderly....Once a week (unless there is a MAJOR issue)
    3) Since I found the cause of the SUB1/SUB2 on XT1068/69 I can now make the ROM unified for all Moto G 2014 variants
    4) I am closing this thread and my XT1068/69 thread and am opening up a new UNIFIED thread
    5) I am going to take care of all the features I already promised before adding new features (PA support, clear all button, advanced reboot, etc)
    6) Since more that 5000 users use Titan Prime (XT1063/64 and XT1068/69 users combined) I will take care of this thread more (as in reporting unnecessary posts)
    7) I will listen to user complaints/suggestions much more

    Again @SirRhor thanks you for pointing this out for me.... :)
    No news, shawn? Any roms

    Here is some news:
    Just completed compiling crDroid...Thread going up soon
    Just completed compiled SlimLP...Thread going up soon
    Posting flashable zip of Android 5.0.2 22.21.28 XT1068 firmware
    Posting v1.1.3 Today (for this ROM)
    Posting v1.1.1 today (for XT1068/69 Titan ROM)
    Posting v1.2 for OxygenLP ROM today
    Working on new mod that lets XT1063/4/8/9 users install any Moto G 2013 ROM and every sensor will work
    And many things which are still a secret ;)

    Update news

    Lot of info...keeping it short....BULLET POINTS ;)

    • Android 5.1 for Titan Prime coming within 20 days of AOSP release regardless of Motorola's Android 5.1 update...
    • New build going live soon...minors bugs are halting the release
    • Titan Prime ROM v1.1.3 for XT1063/64 WILL BE STABLE
    • Sorry for the delay in a ROM update....working on a new ROM for Moto G 2014 based of stock lollipop
    • This new ROM is code-named N.E.R for now since I am not releasing the name
    • This new ROM will have a new philosophy and WON'T be like Titan Prime
    • I am going to release a small test build of the new ROM in this thread tom....
    • More details to follow as time progresses ;)
    I am announcing a new project called the "Titan Prime Toolkit"...I will be an all-in-one toolkit for the Moto G 2014 that will be inteded for both noobs (No offense) and advanced users...It will have multiple One-Click functions that you can preform on you Moto G 2014 (XT1063/64/68/69)...Some of the features will be (All features are One-click):
    • Direct Link to XDA
    • Direct Link to Titan Prime Toolkit XDA Thread
    • Unlock My Bootloader
    • Lock My Bootloader
    • Check Bootloader State
    • Flash TWRP Recovery
    • Flash Philz Touch CWM Recovery
    • Flash Stock Recovery
    • Root My Device
    • Add Busybox
    • Flash Stock Boot Logo
    • Flash Titan Prime Boot Logo
    • Flash Stock Motorola Boot Animation
    • Flash Nexus 5 Lollipop Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Fall Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Winter Boot Animation
    • Flash Motorola Faancy Boot Animation
    • Reboot Recovery
    • Reboot Bootloader
    • Reboot
    • Get Logcat
    • Factory Reset
    • Wipe Cache
    • Download Titan Prime ROM (and Flash it)
    • Download GApps and Flash it
    • Copy /System

    I haven't listed all the features but these are some of them....I will release v1.0 for the Toolkit later today or tom.
    It will be ONLY for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10

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