[ROM][5.1.1] CM12.1 Official Nightlies for Find 7A/S

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Dec 7, 2013
Can someone give me a mirror of the last CM12.1 nightly? CyanogenMod downloads is not working for the CM12.1 nightlies anymore.

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    Hello all
    Official CM 12.1 nightlies based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 for Find 7A/S have been officially released effective 22nd April 2015. Its time to thank the entire CyanogenMod Team and @[U]jajb[/U] for their efforts in the development and encourage them to keep supporting us the same way in the future.

    Let the flashing go on!!!!:highfive:

    Nightly Downloads
    CM12.1 Find 7A

    CM12.1 Find 7S (QHD)

    5.1 Minimal Gapps (for a light and blazzing fast experience):highfive:

    Installation Instructions

    Coming from 5.0 or less ROMS
    Download cm-12.1-xxxxxxxx-NIGHTLY-find7x.zip to your sdcard
    Boot into Recovery
    Wipe data, cache & dalvik cache
    Flash cm-12.1-xxxxxxxx-NIGHTLY-find7x.zip from sdcard
    Flash 5.1 Minimal GApps.zip from sdcard

    Coming from previous CM 12.1 build
    Wipe cache & dalvik cache
    Flash cm-12.1-xxxxxxxx-NIGHTLY-find7x.zip from sdcard
    It's going to be announced soon in CM's blog, but find7a and find7s are split now and get separate builds. You need to flash "find7" on find7a devices and "find7s" on find7s qhd devices. You should update the recovery too, but I think there are no recovery images available yet. I might provide some if nobody else does it.
    I had the same issue from the latest CM nightlies on a 7a.

    Used the 7a Unbrick tool after sorting the drivers (use the drivers provided - normal fastboot etc won't cut it).
    After that it was somewhat back, however I couldn't boot to recovery and fastboot wasn't replacing it. I replaced the oppo recovery in the unbrick tool with a stand alone one I'm unable to link to.
    I had a working coloros install. If that's all you want then stop there.
    Flashing TWRP via fastboot doesn't work. It flashes successfully, but won't boot. Latest CM12 recovery does boot at least.
    Using CM12 recovery to flash latest CM12 ROM resulted in the same fastboot loop, the same CM12 recovery refused to flash Nameless ROM. Flashed cm-12.1-20150907-NIGHTLY-find7.zip without a problem and then used fastboot to flash TWRP.
    I had to wipe the phone a few times along the way. So now to download GApps and everything else since I got lazy with backups.

    Hope this is of some help to someone.