[ROM][5.1.1][DOK2]N5 Express 3.4D[Feb-21-16][N910T][N910W8][N910T3]

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Mar 15, 2007
So happy to have found this thread. I've jumped on board with the n5 express and I'm very impressed. I was honestly giving up on a stable root for my 910T w/ 5.1.1 and this has turned me around. Thank you so much for all the work and revisions you've done on this. Love the systemless root. Easy set up. So far, (only did it up last night) it's so smooth. You rock rmarinella!

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Still going!

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    Stock Based ROM with Note 5 Features, Apps, Look and Feel
    Now With Systemless Root
    All Note 4 Features working

    What was removed:

    What's New:
    *WiFi Calling
    *Video Calling
    *Advanced Messaging

    What was added:
    *Added N5 Boot Animations
    *Added N5 Browser
    *Added N5 Calculator
    *Added N5 Clock
    *Added N5 Dialer/Contacts
    *Added N5 Email
    *Added N5 Fonts
    *Added N5 Galaxy App Store
    *Added N5 Gallery
    *Added N5 Keyboard
    *Added N5 Launcher
    * Added N5 Music
    *Added N5 MyFiles2015
    *Added N5 SHealth 4.6
    *Added N5 Smart Manager
    *Added N5 Sounds (extra Ringtones)
    *Added N5 SPlanner / SPlanner Widget
    *Added N5 Touchwiz
    *Added N5 Wallpapers
    *Added N5 Weather Widget
    *Added Restart Options Menu

    System Apps Removed That Can Be Reinstalled From Store
    *Google Streets

    Thanks to the following for their help:
    ***Dolby Digital Plus - Thanks @thereassaad
    ***BeastMode Stock 1.1.1 Kernel - Thanks @freeza & @DeeXii
    *** SuperSU - Thanks @Chainfire
    ***Marshmallow Icons - Thanks @qareembizzle
    ***PrivateMode Fix - Thanks @TEKHD
    ***Screen Mirroring Fix & T3 Testing - Thanks @widto08

    Installation Instructions (You can skip 3 and 4 if you are on DOK2 and have TWRP installed):
    Update to the new DOK2 baseband and modem.
    (A FULL Odin flash of the stock firmware is recommended. This will rewrite all partitions and give you a fresh start.)

    Step 1: Download all files needed first.
    Download the full firmware here: SM-N910T Download | SM-N910T3 Download | SM-N910W8 Download
    Download Odin by clicking here: Download
    Download TWRP Custom Recovery here: Download (SM-N910T)
    Download N5 Express ROM by selecting proper link at bottom of this post.

    Step 2: Prepare for installation.
    Backup up any data that you want to save
    Copy the N5 Express ROM to your phones Micro SDCard

    Step 3: Odin Flash the stock firmware.
    Unzip the stock firmware
    Unzip Odin onto your PC
    Power off phone
    Boot to Download Mode by simultaneously pressing [volume down] [home] and [power]
    Press volume up when prompted
    Plug phone into USB cable and plug into USB
    Start Odin
    Click AP
    Find and Select the stock firmware *.tar.md5 file
    Wait for it to recognize your phone
    Click Start
    Wait for install to complete
    After reboot, remove battery from phone and unplug from PC. (No need to waste time with setup of stock ROM)
    Install Battery

    Step 4: Install TWRP
    Plug into PC
    Boot to Download Mode by simultaneously pressing [volume down] [home] and [power]
    Click AP
    Find and Select the TWRP File
    Wait for it to recognize your phone
    Click Start
    Wait for install to complete
    After reboot, remove battery from phone and unplug from PC. (No need to waste time with setup of stock ROM)
    Install Battery

    Step 5: Install the ROM
    Boot into TWRP Recovery by simultaneously pressing [volume up] [home] and [power]
    Select [Wipe]
    Select [Advanced Wipe]
    Swipe to Wipe
    Press on screen picture of HOME
    Click Install
    Change Storage to Micro SDcard
    Select N5 Express File
    Swipe to Confirm Flash
    ATTENTION: Systemless root will take a very long time to flash. First boot will take what seems like Forever and reboot once during the process. ROM will take several hours to settle in.
    Reboot Phone

    N5 Express 3.4D Changelog
    Freeza Simply Root Kernel

    Download SM-N910T/W8 Link One | Link Two
    Download SM-N910T3 Link One | Link Two

    Add Ons and Mods:
    Stock Live Wallpaper - Updated to include Yahoo Live Weather
    Download Link
    Language Pack - Adds Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Japanese
    Download Link
    Lollipop Icons for N5 Express 3.0+
    Download Link
    Marshmallow Icons for N5 Express 3.0+
    Download Link Coming Soon

    Source: Kernel Source
    A Christmas present type update is coming .... small things, UI cleanup .... coming soon!
    PapaMags N5 Express Pure Black and White

    Finally uploaded a version of my Pure Black and White. Don't hesitate to let me know of any issues in my theme thread please.


    Screenshots HERE

    thanks to @rmarinella for providing me with a great ROM to work with
    Thank you, can`t wait for the 3.3!
    You`re doing a great job!

    Available now in the OP!
    Testing version 3.3 with Systemless Root. This will be our next version. currently using it with BeastMode-N910T*-1.9-RAGE Test Kernel by @freeza. So far so good. Actually dirty flashed over 3.2. Systemless modifies the kernel at boot, so a forewarning, it will reboot during the process, this is normal. Boot process is very long the first time, as old style root is apparently removed, and cache and dalvik get rebuilt. Thanks @VeNuMuS for letting me test out the kernel, I know it isn't how you intended it to be, LOL. ;)
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