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[ROM][5.1.1][Endeavoru UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix LP v5.5.8 OPTIMIZED [21/10/15]

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Jul 24, 2013
here is it http://uptobox.com/482tb5lt6hnj
don't forget to flash the boot.img

The only thing I get from that link is a tonne of ads and maybe even viruses? I don't know, all I know is my ad blocker went mad and I got redirected to sites where I'm supposed to date everyone whilst I already have a GF for 3 years. That link stinks.

Anyways, can the OP please update the download links for 5.5.9 in the second post please? I was lucky to find it somewhere near page 115. I think it should be in the second post.


Senior Member
Jan 8, 2014
The only thing I get from that link is a tonne of ads and maybe even viruses? I don't know, all I know is my ad blocker went mad and I got redirected to sites where I'm supposed to date everyone whilst I already have a GF for 3 years. That link stinks.

Anyways, can the OP please update the download links for 5.5.9 in the second post please? I was lucky to find it somewhere near page 115. I think it should be in the second post.

all files hosters make Ads if you are not Premium, i have downloaded the rom and every thing is working fine with my OneX.
i have made the rom in other files hosters if you want : 1fichier , Turbobit , Uploaded
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Aug 14, 2010
How about battery in the last version ? The battery drain persist ? Now i have the maximusHD and i had done something like 3 hours of screen can this ROM can do better ?

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Nov 18, 2007
How about battery in the last version ? The battery drain persist ? Now i have the maximusHD and i had done something like 3 hours of screen can this ROM can do better ?

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3 hours was max for me on my 3 years old battery. Any ROM.
4-5 hours with a new battery.

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Jul 24, 2013
This ROM is really stable, I flashed this ROM on one of my work phones. I often make calls with it and receive email via the auto sync etc..
A few remarks:
- The phone gets really hot near the top when calling more than 15 minutes
- Sometimes the microphone just decides to quit during a conversation but the speaker does not (the person on the other side keeps asking me if i'm still there)
- When trying to hang up on a call the screen sometimes bugs out on me by not coming on, no matter how many times i press the power button, the screen does not wake up, aka, i can't hang up the call

Thanks for the ROM but i'm gonna try something else. This ROM might be stable for light use, but I noticed that for heavy use a different ROM is needed due to the issues above.

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    About Resurrection Remix ROM
    Downloads and useful links

    About Resurrection Remix ROM

    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

    [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy![/font]

    Special thanks to, the CM team,OMNI team ,SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters

    Included Main Features

    -Navigation Bar
    -Enable/Disable Navbar
    -Navbar Ring Switch
    -Navbar Ring Targets
    -Navbar Button Customization
    -Navbar Dimensions(Potrait & Landscape)

    -Brightness Slider
    -Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
    -SuperUser Indicator Switch
    -Carrier Label
    -Carrier Label Switch
    -Carrier label Colour
    -Quick PullDown Switch
    -Smart Pulldown Switch
    -Clock Customizations
    -Time & date
    -Clock Colour
    -Day & date Toogle
    -Center Clock/Right Clock Choice
    -Battery Bar customization
    -Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
    -Battery % Text
    -Network Traffic Indicator

    -Theme Chooser
    -RR exclusive PITCH BLACK THEME
    -Toast Animations
    -ListView Animations
    -System Animations

    -Gestures Anywhere Feature

    -App Circle Bar
    -Choose apps in App circle
    -Trigger Width
    -Trigger Hieght
    -Trigger Position

    -Recents Panel
    -Clear All button Switch
    -Clear All Tasks Switch
    -Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)

    -Cclock Widget
    -CLock And Alarm Customizations
    -Weather Panel Customizations
    -Calender Events

    -Lockscreen Shortcuts
    -Choose upto 5 Shortcuts
    -100+ Icons for Shortcuts

    -Quick Slider Shortcuts

    -Notification Drawer
    -Weather Display Switch
    -Quick Settings
    -Choice to Add 20+ Tiles
    -Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
    -Enable Disable Birghtness Slider in Notification Panel
    -Advanced Location Settings Switch(Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel)
    -LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings

    -Backlight Timer
    -Backlight Strength
    -Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch
    -Power Menu
    -Power Menu End Calls Switch

    -Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Home Button Wake Up
    -Home Button answer call
    -Long Press Actions
    -Double Tap Actions

    -Back Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up device Switch

    -Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up Device Switch
    -Short Press Actions
    -Long Press Actions

    -Search Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up Device
    -Short Press Action
    -Long Press Action

    -Volume Buttons
    -Wake Up Device
    -Playback Control
    -Keyboard Cursor Control
    -Swap Buttons on Landscape mode

    -Perfomance Profiles
    -LCD Density
    -Expanded Desktop Mode
    -All New CM Audio FX App
    -Heads Up Customizations
    -OverAll Smoothness Improvements
    -Quick Unlock
    -Optimizations to Improve Battery
    -ALL cm12 Features

    Installation Insturaction

    - Download the latest build
    - Download Gapps
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
    - Flash ROM using latest TWRP recovery NEW LAYOUT
    - Flash boot.img
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot.
    - Enjoy!​

    Update Insturaction

    - Download the latest build of Resurrection ROM
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Flash ROM using recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik cache
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!​

    Installation Files

    POST #2

    Loving ResurrectionRemix?

    Why do not contribute to Development !

    Big thanks to:

    XDA developers

    CM team

    Omni team

    Slim rom


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Endeavoru [5.1.1_r1] [Development] Resurrection Remix LP v5.4.3 [27/04/15], ROM for the HTC One X (Tegra3)

    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

    ROM OS Version: Lollipop

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2014-12-29
    Last Updated 2015-04-27
    Older versions

    +  # Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.1 - v5.5.7
    - TRDS: Exclusive Inbuilt PitchBlack
    - Themed apps -
    - Heads up snooze
    - Disable Lockscreen Media Art
    - Lockscreen see-through & blur
    - Settings: network activity indicators
    - QS: long press expanded desktop tile for detail view
    - QS: long press flashlight tile for detail view
    - option to disable torch when the screen turns off
    - SystemUI: configurable lockscreen rotation
    - Systemui: Fix navigation bar layout
    - Live lock screen support
    - Settings:Lockscreen color >> Lockscreen Advanced
    - Add live lock screen previews
    - Add volume boosted ringtones
    - Fix harware keys are not enabled
    - Keyguard: Third party keyguard support
    - Window rotation: fix up sensor logic
    - Add config to show WiFi/data activity indicators
    - Shorten first boot time by filtering dexopted apps
    - SystemUI: fix switching from task manager to detailed view
    - SystemUI: improve switching users
    - Heads up snooze button : Expose button colors
    - SysUI: Clean up objects when recreating statusbar
    - SystemUi: Don't show cellular data tile on secondary users.
    - fwBase : Disable lockscreen rotation by default
    - SystemUI: improve circle battery
    - SystemUi: Fix navbar actions & fix wrong switch logic
    - Fix sound settings and fix for Msim devices default ringtone issue
    - Settings : Fix profile action offset when changing orientation
    - Settings : Don't show ringtone pref for non voice capable devices
    - Hide the lift to wake option
    - Clean up button settings
    - Update display settings & add missing imports
    - settings: fuelgauge: Always show screen on time
    - Hide LCD density preference from secondary users
    - Give OnTheGo a checkbox instead of switch
    - carrier label : Fix ListPreference
    - Updated Translations
    - Includes All Fixes and Performance Updates From CM
    - For More Info Track Github Activities
    #ResurrectionRemix #Lollipop 5.1.1 - v5.4.5
    The Changelog
    - 5.1.1_r1 -> 5.1.1_r2
    - Allow overlaying default quick settings tiles
    - Fix notification sounds for wifi only devices …
    - Improve SeekBarVolumizer behavior with unlinked streams
    - policy: fix device sleeping with lid with incoming call
    - policy: respect FLAG_TURN_SCREEN_ON flag with device flip covers
    - PowerManagerService: Honor config_dreamsActivatedOnSleepByDefault
    - Change lock gesture correct color
    - Themes: Make parse() method in FontListParser public
    - frameworks: fix setting up linked notification stream on boot
    - Keyguard: reinflate security views after user change
    - Adding additional Nova theme identifier to legacy icon support.
    - Improve Recents-View
    - Telephony: Convert subscription ID to int from long
    - framework/base: add dock sd card string
    - QS: fix filtering additional tiles
    - SystemUI: Use smaller battery padding
    - Update lock weather widget layout
    - dozeui: Broadcast an intent when beginning a doze pulse
    - textclock: Update the time when performing a doze pulse
    - Remove resources.apk from ZipSet when removing overlay
    - TorchService: close all opened cameras
    - SystemUI: Fix EL translation
    - Fix setting hotspot bounds in a drawable container
    - Fix PackageManager crashes w/ queryIntent using callerUID of 0
    - SystemUI: Speed up and clean tests (squash)
    - FWB: Battery light: 100% charged level
    - SystemServer: Allow starting of overlaid external services.
    - SystemUI: Squash custom tile commits
    - base: Nat464: unregister network observer when we stop!
    - [ActivityManager] Avoid unnecessary restart provider process
    - Notification drawer: Custom clear all icon color
    - SystemUI: Squash custom tile commits
    - SystemUI: Point to correct permission for BIND_CUSTOM_TILE_LISTENER
    - Improve QSPanel.java
    - fixup volume stream linking
    - Clean up keyguard carrier text handling.
    - Remove some useless debug spam.
    - Revert "ConnectivityService: add persist.radio.noril"
    - SystemBars: Allow the StatusBarComponent be externally defined
    - KeyGuard: Fix the wrong Plmn/SPN display.
    - [ActivityManager] Move UI operation to UI handler
    - [ActivityManager] Fix activity always visible.
    - [ActivityManager] Finish the failed-to-pause activity
    - Profiles: make Default profile change ring mode back on
    - Fix navbar NPE
    - improve navbar switch
    - Improve PreviewsColumns Implementation
    - Don't dismiss keyguard if recreating status bar
    - Re-add missing ellipsis string
    - Fix LiveDisplay QS icon size.
    - Frameworks/base: Fix old code in MediaPlayer
    - Fix context leak
    - Sometimes the application context is null
    - Prevent windows from freezing screen while timeout
    - fix return value scale of notifyANR()
    - Check caller status precisely when registering receiver.
    - Also restart provider if there is external handle.
    - Fix lost singleton provider after force-stopping user or package.
    - Adjust display inversion matrix to account for luminance
    - Use the correct parent size to initialize animations
    - Don't apply animation clip to dialog activities
    - Settings : Update blacklist strings
    - Settings: update About screen device model fields
    - Custom clear all icon color remove dependency
    - Updated RU translation
    - Show Toast if usb not connected in Storage Settings
    - Settings: fix BT switch enabling discoverable mode
    - Used fixed size for app icon width in default sms dialog
    - Change Usb not connected string to capital letters.
    - Fix mobile network switch for CDMA phones
    - Do not allow privacy guard for core system apps.
    - msm8974-common: Use RIL version 10
    - msm8974: sepolicy: vold gets persist
    - bacon: Add more options For Ambient Display
    - g2: Add more options For Ambient Display
    - bacon: FIX Ghost touch issues
    - d855: Fix apps2sd to usb storage
    - g3:fix memory leak after return battery save mode
    - g3: Add the ability for call recording
    - g3:wcnss: update configs and firmware from V23C
    - g3:Fix cpu heating 
    # Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.1-r1 - v5.4.4
    +- Reorganized button settings 
    +- SettingsProvider: Make the default battery style Circle 
    +- SysUI: Add lockscreen visualizer for MSIM devices
    +- Themes: Pass ComposedIconInfo into createIconBitmap 
    +- Themes: Add randomization to composed icon rotation 
    +- frameworks: add ongoing notification while collecting bug report 
    +- Re-add dump() method to TorchService
    +- TorchService: improve state management
    +- Themes: Translate before rotating composed icons 
    +- QS: don't stay in vibrate mode when toggling to important interruptions 
    +- Apply sounds on theme update 
    +- Unset frame listener before tearing down GLThreadManager
    +- Torch: remind user flashlight is still on
    +- Doze: make brightness level and auto brightness configurable 
    +- Fix fetching application context for ThemedUiContext.
    +- Fix NPE in NetdResponseCode.InterfaceClassActivity
    +- doze: Separate proximity check by reason
    +- GlobalActions: add zen mode buttons 
    +- Set DataUsageTile button padding to 8 
    +- Fix DataUsageTile button layout
    +- Themes: include new icon features in shouldComposeIcon()
    +- optimize wallpaper load,avoid show black wallpaper. 
    +- SystemUI: bluetooth tile: fix disconnect action
    +- Fix ro.telephony.default_network setting parsing 
    +- Fix no vibration during shutdown.
    +- SystemUI: small optimization for notification icon numbers
    +- ambient display: Fix volume key music control 
    +- Base: enable/disable doze through Profiles
    +- Make minfree values optimal for 32bit devices 
    +- Fix system server crash 
    +- MediaSessionService: Error checks for UserRecord object 
    +- libandroidfw: Fatal exception of dlfree often causes the system crashed 
    +- Update carrier label / custom & change color
    +- Base: Second Clock
    +- Squashed: Status bar greeting & timeout + Statusbar logo & color
    +- Add missing import for navbar
    +- Add Gesture Lockscreen 
    +- SystemUI: Use smaller battery padding
    +- Revert "Settings: use correct default value for backlight brightness"
    +- Settings: fix button back light restore logic 
    +- Settings: use ActivityManager method for requesting bug report 
    +- Settings: persist backlight brightness setting 
    +- Update VibratorIntensity
    +- CryptKeeper: pattern unlock displays incorrect pw when correct 
    +- Settings: disable mobile network switch when SIM isn't ready
    +- Settings: fix non lock pattern CryptKeeper crash 
    +- Settings: fix bad MTP uncheck behavior 
    +- Improve color picker: 
    +- Color picker: Enable alpha slider as default
    +- Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen 
    +- hammerhead: mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts 
    +- g3:Add HW keys config 
    +- g3:GPS updates
    +- g3:Camera Updates
    +- g3:Switch to governor "conservative" for better performance results 
    +- g3:Revert "Revert "ril: add support for sprint nonstandard SIM"" 
    +- g3:sepolicy: mpdecision: allow socket_device dir remove_name 
    V 5.4.3
    Update to android-5.1.1_r1
    Themes: Add rotation and translation to composed icons
    QS: Add heads up tile
    Add preinstalled PitchBlack Theme
    Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
    Frameworks: Allow/Prevent notification light in Zen mode
    Invert notification backgrounds
    Fix HTC headset handling.
    AudioService: fix crash when no music player found
    frameworks: display: Added automatic brightness configs
    Fix ANR caused by hwuiTask thread
    framework: add KillSwitch stubs
    fix Notification volume slider linking
    Added carrier selection to DataUsageTile
    Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot
    base: ConnectivityServer: Don't reap the new network
    ScreenCap : Add jpeg support
    Fix: In Afrikaans the unit name is not before size but after.
    Return of Silent mode
    doze: Do not bother checking proximity for the DOZE_ACTION intent
    printspooler: Print view crash.
    qs: support for all timeout value in case set by user apps
    Update boot string
    Frameworks/base: Compile-time optimize SQLiteConnection
    Hide Volumepanel on incoming call
    Remove minimal dead zone at navigation bar (fix Nexus 4)
    Make MediaPlayer fail fast on UnknownServiceException.
    PowerProfile: allow overriding default power profile
    AudioManager: update references to application context
    Edit boot dialog swap strings
    Fix boolean hasNavigationBar issues
    Keyguard: only tint the sim card drawable when multisim is enabled
    Update navbar layout
    Themes: Add palettized icon background support
    frameworks: prepare for Profiles trust agent
    SystemUI: improve visualier tile state management
    ConnectivityService: add persist.radio.noril
    Heads up tile : open notification settings action on long press
    Heads up tıle : Grey out off vector
    Telecomm: Fix doc-comment-check for linking of hidden API.
    NotificationMgr: Only do DOS protection if not updating a notification.
    SystemUI: add a disabled state for Quick Tiles
    SystemUI: Set Occluded to false when keyguard is not showing
    Black Screen: Fix dlfree error when delet mZipInflater.
    Launch app privacy settings when tapping on PG notification
    Settings: re-index search after setting new lockscreen
    Settings: fix search key not opening search
    settings: fix RTL layouts
    translation imports
    G3 Kernel & performance ,sensor,wifi improvements
    Performance improvements and bug fixes
    includes Other cm 12.1 and AOSP updates
      After this one .we are starting to weekly updates
    new RR build¡¡ :highfive: :fingers-crossed:
    The Changelog:

    -TRDS:pitch Black -> Update Colors For :
    - TRDS:pitch Black : Fix Google Account Fc
    - Fix Plenty Of Glitches
    - Fix Dpi Issue When Landscape Mode is Activated
    - Fix Navbar Ring Layout
    - Fix Reboot Caused By Home Button During Screen Pinning
    - Fixes For Battery Saver Warning Disabling
    - Fix For Navbar Theme Resetting On every Boot
    - Fix rotation tile animation
    - Fix horrible warning on every systemui startup.
    - Fix navbar switch
    - Fix huge bounce-back in ListView when double-flinging
    - PB: Dark theme for documents ui and other improvements
    - PB :Improve sysmui dark material dialogs + bg color & fix light material font hex
    - Update audio and zen drawables
    - TRDS : Clean up resources and fix resolver glitch
    - TRDS:pB: Change sysem ui ripple effect color
    - Add volume boosted ringtones
    - Add live lock screen previews
    - Window rotation: fix up sensor logic
    - RotationPolicy: fix rotation toggle logic
    - BatteryService: Prevent UUC scenarios at 0%
    - Fix network stats logspam.
    - SystemUI: Remove duplicated permission
    - SystemUI: attach a queue to media player notifications
    - Disable default blending when drawing color rect
    - FingerprintService: synchronize access to clients
    - Services : Ensure proximity check is taken into consideration
    - Revert "Don't allow deleting last remaining fingerprint"
    - Improve fingerprint management activity UX. …
    - Settings: use consistent behavior after forgetting networks …
    - Revert "Settings: clear dialog states when forgetting network" …
    - Multiple LEDs : Illumination Bars support
    - Settings: Fix RuntimeException in InputMethod Settings
    - Merged More Translations
    - For More Updates Visit Resurrection Remix Github
    V 5.4.2
    Tweaks added by Tortellini (not in the official source code) :

    Kernel compiled with Linaro 4.9 Optimized cortex-A9 by @Christopher83 . more info : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2098133
    Rom Compiled with Linaro 4.9
    Rom and kernel compiled with @JustArchi optimizations ( -O3 and others tweaks ) more info : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2754997

    +# Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.0-r5 - v5.4.2
    +- Anadroid update 5.1.0_r5
    +- Only go HOME if screen is fully awake
    +- Fixing memory leak in RenderBufferCache
    +- Fix DataInputStream leaks
    +- inputservice: Allow disabling the usage of cursor layers.
    +- QS: change live display off color to grey
    +- Forward port pattern visibility settings
    +- forward port lock pattern grid size
    +- fix race condition with occluded keyguard on non-navbar devices
    +- Add USB Tether tile
    +- Fix signal annunciators missing issue.
    +- Add music tile
    +- Restore proper ringtone for msim
    +- EdgeGesture service: add more sensitivity steps
    +- Automatic translation imports
    +- Fix screen pinning averting soft reboot
    +- Zen mode add 10 and 12 hours downtime
    +- Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode
    +- Modify the display of system default ringtone when it is none.
    +- Find wall clock RTC through sysfs
    +- Show operator name UI after getting valid operator name
    +- third part apps can disable the secret lockscreen
    +- Fix memory leak in Connectivity Service when phone app crashes
    +- Prevent unexpected rotation while going back to keyguard
    +- Optimize IncallUI delay for voice calls
    +- Fix an apk icon animation corruption issue
    +- restrict updateExternalMediaStatus to non-emulated storage
    +- Avoid duplicated calling to isRestricted to improve performance
    +- nat464X: Only update ipv4 pseudo-interface when it's connected
    +- always update volumes slider state
    +- Mobile data tile: open network settings
    +- Add a timeout state to frozen windows
    +- Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
    +- SystemUI: hide navigation bar faster in SetupWizard
    +- System UI: Improve Recents
    +- The DUT can't screen shot in guest mode
    +- Always show ZenPanel when showing expanded volume panel
    +- animate clear recents button on exit animation
    +- add CPU info overlay
    +- allow recent tasks to draw behind the status bar
    +- Statusbar header: Add vibration to settings button
    +- SystemUI: Update doze pulse-in option
    +- fix keyguard charging text not showing
    +- fix updating keyguard insecure lock icon
    +- WIFI Improvements
    +- Fix up torch tile handling.
    +- SystemUI: move keyguard visualizer behind notifications
    +- Bluetooth improvements
    +- Themes improvemnts
    +- Performance improvements and bug fixes
    +- includes Other cm 12.1 and AOSP updates
    +- For extended changelog, track github activities

    hi RR user

    new build Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.5.6-OPTIMIZED

    The Changelog:
    # Resurrection Remix Lollipop 5.1.1_r6 -> 5.1.1_r18 - v5.5.6

    - Merge tag Android-5.1.1_r18 (Clean installation highly recommended)
    - Clean recent task by shake
    - Squashed On-The-Go mode
    - On-the-go : Improve quick settings dialog
    - Clean Up Lockscreen Colors
    - Configurable lockscreen rotation Now Enabled
    - SystemUI: Long Press Lock Icon Now Loads Up torch
    - SystemUi: Fix navbar actions & fix wrong switch logic
    - Fix navbar glitches on hardware button devices
    - Turn navbar off as default
    - Add option to disable scrolling cache
    - Make all 14 font variants available to Weather
    - FWB: Make all 14 font variants available to Statusbar Clock
    - FWB: Statusbar clock font size
    - Task Manager: Use one observer for changes, misc cleanup
    - SystemUI : Navbar ring five targets
    - Fix Weather Color icons Issue
    - Recents: Delay cleanup of remaining tasks when dismissing
    - Settings : Add Tunings Preference in Configurations
    - Settings :Add Kernel Auduitor
    - SlimShortcuts: Power menu
    - SlimShortcuts: Restart SystemUI
    - SlimShortcuts: Volume panel
    - Actually show COS in shortcuts and show all other when COS is enabled
    - Add Screen Sleep shortcut
    - Fix up chamber and Torch shortcuts
    - DocumentsUI: Move & improve CAF string
    - IMS: revert: ims: More backwards-compatibility stuff
    - IMS Connection Capabilities Update
    - IMS: Allow add participant with normal IMS call.
    - IMS: Initialize audio quality with NONE instead of AMR_WB.
    - Fixing conference merge where only one party is added to conference.
    - Add call log types definition for Ims call.
    - IMS-VT: Add additional error codes for upgrade downgrade
    - Ims: Add support to query Packet Count and Packet Error Count
    - Add support for wifi calling settings
    - IMS: During CS retry, propagate reason code to UI
    - IMS: add ImsConfig api to get volte provisioned value.
    - IMS: change getMasterValue to getProvisionedValue.
    - IMS: Add interface to query call forward for specific service class.
    - Revert "ims: Bring in line with current release"
    - lockscreen: Add option for showing unlock screen directly (Gesture)
    - lockscreen: Add option for showing unlock screen directly
    - SystemUI: Update RR Logo Drawables
    - Simplify getting total memory
    - Fix animation sequence for upload tasks
    - QS: Update visibility of items in Bluetooth/WiFi tiles
    - Themes: Set composed icon scale to 1f default
    - Default to Resolver Theme
    - Fix Custom Resolver Theming
    - Fix Resolver Theming
    - SettingsProvider: move Profile picker activity
    - SystemUI: add missing super viewgroup method calls
    - Fix race condition in panel expansion handling.
    - Fix Launch Notification as Float Icon
    - base: fix window bounds for left hand navigationbar
    - framework: add string for wifi subscription change notification
    - SystemUI: don't show recents if not provisioned
    - Fingerprint wakeup: more consistent behavior
    - Fixed: Wrong status bar notification layout width.
    - services: do not keep notification light on, while incall
    - SystemUI: screenshot: remove screenshot notification before taking screenshot
    - carrier label : Fix ListPreference
    - Carrier label : Remove duplicate int intColor call
    - Remove lock screen hide carrier
    - Fix typo on TR translations
    - Lock screen weather : Remove duplicate color pickers
    - Fix lockscreen settings xml (Fix locksreen shortcuts settings)
    - Settings: On-The-Go mode On-The-Go turns on the camera of your phone and streams it to an overlay, which is drawn over everything. this makes you feel like your display is transparent, as you see the content behind it.
    - Allow disabling the privacy guard notification
    - Setting: Match brightness override padding to volume override
    - APN: Fix typo
    - settings : Squashed Updates
    - StatusBar Settings: Hide "Disable Quick Settings On Lockscreen"
    - Maintainers:Update LG G3 d855 Maintainer
    - Settings: Configurations:Add Some Preference Headers
    - vendor/cm: Remove custom resolver from OSS builds.
    - services: do not keep notification light on, while incall
    - SystemUI: screenshot: remove screenshot notification before taking it
    - QS: Make WiFi and Bluetooth tile detail view consistent
    - fingerprint wakeup: improve state and error handling
    - Frameworks: Add option for position date left-right of clock
    - Added Changes for Custom Resolver Activity
    - Wallpaper: Create new WallpaperObserver on user switch
    - SystemUI: Fix NPE
    - services: option to disable lock screen device policy override
    - Status bar carrier: don't show Emergency text if no sim is installed
    - Fix noticfication tile fc on long press
    - Lights with screen on: Don't disable leds after the lockscreen
    - core: Reduce mutex contention in ActivityManager
    - power: Boost improvements
    - QS: Add RR Configurations Tile
    - base: report wtf for external cm services
    - native : input: Adjust priority
    - native :Set explicit ioprio where required
    - Simplify OnBoot for selinux switch
    - Updated Translations
    - Includes All Fixes and Performance Updates From CM
    - For More Info Track Github Activities


    IMPORTANT!!! Clean installation!!!! :laugh::fingers-crossed: