[ROM] [5.1.1] [F/FN] [DEBLOATED/ROOTED] CustomStock V2

Is this rom useful? Sincerely guys!

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Jul 7, 2011

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    ROM brought to you by a 14yr old kid who has tech as a passion .
    Hey guys , this is a stock-based ROM so that's why it does not have source code.
    I present to you....
    Custom Stock ROM (V2)
    Purpose of this ROM:

    1. Make the phone a lot faster by removing unneccesary apps and files.
      2. Battery backup last longer.
      3. And more storage space available to user.
    • Your warranty is now void. (maybe)
    • If you damage your device I am not responsible for it.
    Confirmed working on FN, try at your own risk
    Flash PHN Baseband from Re Dream ROM if want to try ROM on FN
    FN baseband: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FLsJjfYDhXje32-cC3KaX7Fk8vy8v3lz

    NFC may not work on FN


    Get latest Samsung drivers
    Download TWRP and Odin
    Flash TWRP via Odin.
    (FN: flash the baseband)
    Download the ROM
    Go into recovery and select the zip and then enjoy the rom!


    Trying to use secret codes in dialer would not work.
    You tell me!
    Tested for around two hours in benchmarks and a bit of daily use and havent encounter any problem.

    ROM roots automatically itself while flashing it. No need for other root packages.

    Credits going to: @ASSAYYED. for it's amazing and easy to use kitchen
    Samsung for the firmware
    And to the J3 dev team learning me to make a rom !

    Peace ;)

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: Samsung Stock Firmware

    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.0
    Stable Release Date: 12-10-2018

    Created: 09-02-2018
    Last Updated: 12-10-2018
    V1.5 CHANGELOG (not yet released)

    - A bit more debloated , so more battery life and storage for you guys!!
    - Fixed CSC changing bug where ROM will change your CSC to EUR after flashing. (hooray!)
    - Fixed installer saying "ROM ROM".
    - Maybe adding a themed SystemUI , still don't know because when I first tried SystemUI started crashing.

    As of 12/10/2018 V2 is released.
    Great work for a 14 year old I think. I may be able to help eliminate the csc change issue. If you could list all xml files located in /system. And also list all files xml or otherwise in /system/csc. As for the "ROM ROM" issue during install,you should be able to edit that in your updater script for the rom using a text editor like notepad. Assuming thats where the odd text is. Sounds like thats where the issue is. Again nice work ?
    Thanks, I'm gonna try this right now. :) (I will edit this message for update my situation, avoiding the spam)

    EDIT : I forgot the Edit the same day, unlucky, but I did the steps and flashed the ROM on my J320FN and for now I have nothing to say, it just works perfectly like the Stock ROM but without the useless apps, it's just perfect. Thanks a lot. =D
    Works fine but Contact Sync not available.
    I attached the file, get it and just install to solve it.