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[ROM] [5.1.1] [i9500] Official Euphoria-OS-1.1 ( LMY48W )

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Senior Member
Aug 31, 2012
Can we have an update for this ROM with updated GearCM, Cyanogenmod and security updates of Feb?
Becoz 6.0 won't be available for us anytime sooner... And m still using the last build.... So please care for me.... I beg u... This is one of the best roms... Great battery life.... No camera crashes..... Fluid and lots of feature.... Please please


Oct 1, 2013
soft reboots

Hi there
does anyone else experience random soft reboots with this rom?
they are occurring at least once a day, for no apparent reason.
Apart from this this rom is #1


New member
Apr 18, 2016
how can I install app, I can't anything app installed ( whatapp , chrome etc ..) , my version is the latest 20151026 :(
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New member
May 2, 2016
Problem in wifi app calling

Please help , when i make a call through whatsapp , messenger , viber using my wifi , i can't hear anything even the other person hear me , and i don't hear ringing sound
but when i use headphones i can hear

Anyhelp with this problem ???


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Please help , when i make a call through whatsapp , messenger , viber using my wifi , i can't hear anything even the other person hear me , and i don't hear ringing sound
but when i use headphones i can hear

Anyhelp with this problem ???
If you have okay google enabled on any screen then disable that and try if it fixes.

If you have viper4android make sure the speaker and ear piece are turned on in it.
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May 18, 2014
Please help , when i make a call through whatsapp , messenger , viber using my wifi , i can't hear anything even the other person hear me , and i don't hear ringing sound
but when i use headphones i can hear

Anyhelp with this problem ???

Known bug.
Workaround: Download SoundAbout app from PlayStore, then open it and enable its service. Go to Settings > Sounds > Other sounds, then enable Touch sounds. It should work.

Sent from my Galaxy S4


Senior Member
Oct 13, 2013
Hi Guys,

I know its been a longtime since i posted new updates, my machine got messed up so i decided to focus on family instead . But for now i have time on my hands but still building another build machine but if anyone is interested in pouring some donations towards the machine i will def appreciate it. Thank you once again


Senior Member
Aug 18, 2012
Hi Guys,

I know its been a longtime since i posted new updates, my machine got messed up so i decided to focus on family instead . But for now i have time on my hands but still building another build machine but if anyone is interested in pouring some donations towards the machine i will def appreciate it. Thank you once again

Great to see you back again . Man :)


May 8, 2016
Lipa City
keeps on restarting

it keeps on restarting, after being rebooted, I just started one app then it hanged and restarted, after that I didn't touch it, it still restarted, wth is wrong? please answer me... :(


Jul 6, 2016
Hi, can I downgrade to any android rom normally??? Just installing a 4.4.2 rom or a 5.0 rom without risk of bricking the phone???
Have same bootloop problem after doing a factory reset with latest TWRP


New member
Feb 9, 2017
feature request

please i need a custom rom with stock s4 optical reader, a floating widow and s note, or at least stock s4 optical reader and floating widow. that's a major feature i need in a custom rom

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    [CENTER][COLOR="Red"]Your warranty is now void[/COLOR].
    I am not responsible for bricked devices, 
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 
    A lot.[/CENTER]

    Please note the following:
    This is a very Beta Build but evrything works flawlesly except the minor CM Bugs. There's still a lot of work to do. Right now, this is pretty much stock AOSP, features will be added when there is time, and when are able to do so! Sound and video play back work flawlessly. Also Please Note that Euphoria-OS is based on GearCm Repositories and thanks @Alberto96 for allowing me to use them


    -DSP Manager
    -Increasing volume ringtones
    -Increasing ring volume

    Under The Hood

    -AOSP Based
    -Disabled tether checking
    -IME selector notification control
    -Advanced reboot
    -Adb notification control
    -Adb over network
    -Long press back to kill
    -CPU info overlay
    -Status bar brightness control
    -Superuser built in
    -Show battery percent
    -Option to disable lock screen carrier label


    -Forward lookup
    -Speed dial
    -Vibrate on answer

    -Updated to material theme
    -Pinch and zoom conversation screen
    -Custom vibration patterns
    -Quick reply
    -Delay message timer

    Installation instructions:

    -Make sure you're running a proper working ClockworkMod-Recovery/Team Win Recovery Project
    -Go to Advanced Wipe and Delete Cache, System, Data and Dalvik Cache
    -Flash ROM
    -Flash GAPPS ( bpear96 Gapps) Prefered
    -Delete Cache and Davik Cache
    -Reboot System

    -First and most important thanks to @frapeti for the help dude you one of kind
    -Alberto and Ethan Chen for their bring up of this exynos device
    -Euphoria-OS Team

    Thanks @Abrar123 for the Video
    Another One

    ROM Download Beta Folder

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Euphoria-OS 1.0, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: v1.0
    Beta Release Date: 2015-02-15

    Created 2014-12-14
    Last Updated 2014-12-14
    Known Issues, ChangeLogs and ScreenShots

    Known issues

    • "OK Google" works but it's not recommended to enable it, breaks phone calls and probably more apps using mic
      Device encryption not possible at this stage
      Wrong colors while rendering on software decoders

      Changelog 20150606:
      - Fixed Instabilities (like can't turn on screen, cpu cores disabled problems, etc...)
      - Fixed Sound Disappearing issue
      - Reduced heat production while screen is on
      - Improved Performance/Battery Life
      - Introduced new doze service with proximity sensor support ( Tested this and it actually works )
      -The Manual Network Finaly works ( Now I dont have to move back to TW again )

      -Theme chooser updates
      -Long press lock screen lock icon to sleep
      -Change of default stream type controlled by volume rocker
      -Launch default music player on headset connect
      -Add ability to ignore interruptions while active media playback
      -Add visualizer to lock screen (not optional)
      -Add LiveDisplay settings (Display color tuning options from cm)
      -Fix doze pickup for shamu
      -Add back Email and Exchange2
      -Memory leak fixes
      -Add option for setting device phone number
      -Settings reorganization
      -Added advanced mode toggle in developer settings to hide most custom options

      Quick settings improvements
      -Updated drawables thanks to +Alexander Westphal
      -Improve qs tile scroll handling
      -Perfomance profile tile
      -Ambient display tile
      -Left QS quick pulldown
      -Fix flashlight tile disappearing breifly
      -Visualizer tile improvements
      -Update battery saver off and sync drawables
      -NotificationTile: click to switch modes ring/vibrate/priority/silent - long click for detailed view

      HeadsUp improvements
      -Outside touch will hide in 1 second
      -HeadsUp wont show when IME is showing
      -Disabled when no interruptions is set

      Build 15/02/2015
      -Theme chooser fixes
      -DRM tested and properly working (from GearCM)
      -Brightness tile: long press to toggle manual/auto brightness
      -Stabler Bluetooth Audio Quality (from GearCM)
      -Use normal timeout delay for media volume panel
      -Added TouchScreen hovering support (untested) (from GearCM)
      -Recents clear all center option and position fixes
      -Updated fingerprint to latest LL Stock Release (from GearCM)
      -Bring back Status Bar Ticker
      -Increased main mic volume everywhere (from GearCM)
      -Create configurable default expanded desktop style
      -Updated proprietary blobs to latest LL ones (except sensors stuff) (from GearCM)
      -Fix status bar activity indicators getting stuck when disabling
      -Fix battery saver bars resetting to orange when device was rotated
      -Settings: Hide some options for tablets
      -Mms: fix loading avatar for own profile
      -Mms: fix font size

      -All cm features fully translated into most languages

      Device Tree Updates for GearCM
      Changelog for 20150207 Stable Build
      Updated Euphoria OS Sources
      Updated Audio Driver (with new mixer_paths, now working much better than before)
      Optimized Input/Output Audio Levels (no more echo effect and much more...)
      Fixed Bluetooth Audio bad quality
      Optimized ART Runtime for Cortex-A15
      Optimized Network Speed (Mobile & WiFi)
      Added Blinking Led Support (charging light uses low-power now, low light level is normal)
      Re-Enabled 3D TV Support through MHL HDMI
      Re-Worked CM Performance Profiles (now Balanced as default)
      Some Updates from I9500XXUHOA7 (usable ones without LL kernel sources)
      KERNEL: Updated Audio Driver to latest available from Wolfson
      KERNEL: VPN should work properly now for ALL users

      Euphoria OS Source Updates
      -Theme chooser fixes
      -Option to disable search panel (navrings)
      -Allow camera to use power key as shutter
      -Custom density setting
      -New material icons for many apps
      -Removed StatusBar Ticker option
      -Moved HeadsUp settings to Interruptions screen

      Mms (legacy devices already have these)
      -QuickMessage: bring back mark as read
      -Implement SMS mark for unread
      -Implement markAsRead & markAsReadAll

      -Theme chooser fixes
      -Quick settings: Option to show four tiles per row
      -Navigation bar and rings customization
      -Navigation bar cursor keys
      -Option to disable lock screen shortcuts
      -New quick settings icons thanks to +Alexander Westphal
      -Many more changes which haven't been mentioned here are in the detailed changelog

      Note: If your going to use a custom kernel make sure they have added an sepolicy addition for torch
      otherwise it will not work, also there have been some theme chooser updates so if you find SystemUI
      doesn't theme any more you will need a clean flash.

    19/01/2015 Delta OTA
    -Themes chooser
    -Add customization for Quick Settings
    -Quick settings: change location sensors mode in quick settings
    -SystemUI: status bar header long click actions
    -DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager
    -Power menu customizations
    -Privacy guard: option to disable notification
    -Implement linked volumes and Create expandable volume panel
    -Fix "ghost" weather display in expanded status bar
    -Power menu customizations
    -Settings: Add missing up navigation in menus
    -Reorganize Custom settings
    -Add back phone notification LED settings backend
    -LatinIME: fix action bar theme issue

    Stable Release Changelog
    Device Updates and Fixes
    Mainstreams Software Updates

    Beta# 4 Changelog
    Force Close on Display Settings Has Been Fixed
    Audio, Music playback works smoothly now (fixed on build #4) thanks to @frapeti

    Beta# 3 Changelog
    1. Improve image quality and image size
    2. Fixed Settings forceclose on some users

    Dirty flashing over previous build is not recommend even if you do kindly do not report bugs .
    Clean install with every build is recommended to avoid issues.

    Build 12/01/2015 + Changelog

    New Build Up guys and theres a Huge Changelog or basically let me say Huge changes

    -Quick unlock
    -Option to disable brightness slider
    -Fixed profiles showing in power menu when disabled
    -Updated Profiles and Screen recorder icons in power menu thanks to +Alexander Westphal
    -Fixed a null pointer in mms app

    HeadsUp options
    -Blacklist and Do not disturb
    -Timeout control
    -Left swipe dismiss
    -Right swipe put into background
    -Swipe down opens notification drawer and moves the notification into it
    -HeadsUp button in status bar header

    Quick Settings
    -Add long click support
    -Add Haptic Feedback to tiles
    -Auto collapse panel

    -Replace recents clear all button with a fab button
    -Option to ignore the last app when clearing recents
    -Fixed Battery style bugs
    -Status bar carrier label options
    -Navigation bar options (enable/disable and dimensions)
    -Left handed navbar during landscape mode
    -Wifi notifications: notify when wifi connects
    -Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
    -Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible
    -Fix volume key music controls and wake up
    -Power connect/disconnect notification support
    -Swap volume buttons
    -Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    -Screen Recorder (thanks to +kousuke nagano for the pull requests)
    -Material update for Gallery
    -Added Open Delta ( Still needs to implement it for our i9500)

    -Removed CMFileManager and Terminal

    *Su is now fully integrated into AppOps, there are no Superuser settings anymore. You will have to enable root access in development settings and then when you open a root app a privacy guard dialogue su will appear with options to grant access and to remember the preference. These preferences can be changed in privacy guard setting by long pressing the app. I've tested with titanium backup and many other of my root apps and everything is working perfect, you still have the option to flash SuperSU but I love this new implementation as its more integrated and secure, you even get a notification when a Su session is running (this can be disabled).

    -New wallpaper thanks to +Dimitris Ps

    French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Spanish translation updates thanks to +Alexander Westphal, +Cristian Morcillo Asensi, +renaud rolland, +Robin Vannieuwenhuijse, Alexander Babaj, Michał and marcocro.

    Download Androidfilehost

    New Build Up Guys with the Incall UI fixed and EUPHORIA-OS UPDATES


    EuphoriaOS source Updates and GearCm updates - this should fix some issues with calls echoing and some Apps FC