[ROM][5.1.1][OFFICIAL][STABLE]CmRemiX ROM for titan![25/08/2015]]

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Nov 16, 2014
New England
When using TDRS, the phone number entry on the dialer screen is light grey on white and is hard to see. I have the x1063 running the 20150825 stable build. More info in the screenshots:

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    cmRemiX ROM is a ROM built some best tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there.
    cmRemiX is focus on stability, performance and with plenty of extra features and optimizations​

    @ZION959 is the developer of this ROM,I compile this for falcon

    * By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!
    * If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!
    * Do not ask for ETAs!!


    CMRemix Optimization Features

    Compiled, Optimized and Power By SaberMod Toolchain
    Compiled, Optimized and Power By Qcom SnapDragon v3.6
    -O3 (highest GCC optimization level)
    SaberMod GCC 4.9.Y+ (kernel)
    SaberMod GCC 4.9.Y+ (ROM)
    SaberMod GCC 4.9/4.9+ (host)
    Strict-aliasing enabled
    Memory Optimized
    Link-Time Optimization
    Gold LD


    cmRemiX Rom Features
    Lollipop 5.1.1
    Statusbar Customizations
    Clock Alignment
    Battery Settings
    Charging animations
    Floating windows
    Dotted circle battery settings
    Battery colours
    Battery bar
    Statusbar greeting
    Network Traffic
    Mobile and WiFi network icon customization
    Notification and system icons customization
    Hide empty SIM icon
    Statusbar Brightness control
    Breathing Notifications
    Quick Pull down
    Smart Pull down
    Quick Settings Management
    DPI Settings
    Live Display
    Ambient Display
    Smart cover options
    Lockscreen weather
    Lockscreen colours
    Middle and bottom shortcuts
    Button Settings
    Navigationbar customization
    Slim PIE
    Gesture Anywhere
    Navigationring Targets
    Animation Controls
    Slim Recents
    Omni Switch
    Recents RAM Bar
    HeadsUP Settings
    App circle sidebar
    Apps sidebar
    Wakelock Blocker
    Ad Blocker
    Smart Control
    The Real Dark Slim
    many many more....

    How To Install

    * Download the ROM and GApps
    * Reboot to recovery
    * Wipe data/factory reset
    * Flash the ROM and then GApps
    * Reboot your phone
    * Enjoy

    How To Update

    * Download the latest version
    * Reboot to recovery
    * Flash the ROM
    * Flash Gapps
    * Wipe both dalvik cache and cache
    * Reboot your phone
    * Enjoy the latest version of cmRemiX

    Other Info

    *Alright guys, after seeing a lot of people post random bugs without providing basic information or logs, I decided to make a simple little write up on some basic rules to the thread.

    1. Be courteous to one another & try & be helpful when you can. I can't answer every single question as I'm very busy trying to build the best rom I can make for you guys, so if you know a solution to a problem please answer.

    2. If you are using xposed, DO NOT POST BUGS! I have already seen people posting issues only to find out it was due to xposed or one of it's modules.

    3. When posting bugs, do so with as much information as possible. We can't help you if you don't give the proper information.*
    **** What version or the rom are you on?
    **** Clean or dirty install?
    **** Mainline or Ultimate kernel?
    **** Are you using a theme?
    **** If you dirty flashed & have problems, did you try a clean install?
    4. If you are having random reboots how about providing a log? These are invaluable as they provide the information to fix a real issue with the rom or to tell me that it is a user error.

    5. If you are new to aosp or just don't know much about kernels, it is best to stick with the mainline kernel as it is very stable. No need to mess with the settings either as I have the kernel setup to enjoy out of the box.**


    * Cyanogen Team
    * AOKP Team
    * Paranoid Android
    * PAC-man Team
    * SlimRoms
    * RootBox
    * Carbon ROM
    * Vanir
    * ChameleonOS
    * Omnirom
    * Paranoid SaberDroid
    *Sparksco (Paul )
    * And of course, thank you for your love and support!

    * Source
    New build up!

    Changelog (brief) :-

    Added shake to clear recents and notifications
    Fixed notification header background not changing with themes
    Added back TRDS (fully themed including dialer,contacts,messaging,framework,systemui)
    Added SE-Linux Switch
    Added 3 finger swipe gesture for screenshot
    Added slim dim
    Notification custom colours
    Clear all custom colours
    New settings style
    Added statusbar weather
    Hide carrier label on lockscreen
    Added Lockscreen wallpaper

    Check full changelog in changelog link in OP (I skipped a lot of builds so there is a very big changelog)

    Downloads in stable folder
    New build up with a STABLE tag!

    Points to be noted before flashing:-
    1. Long pressing cellular settings in quick setings will open cellular networks and single press will enable data (this is not a bug,its a feature)
    2.Mobile network settings and mobile data are in settings/sim cards is u want them in settings
    3.Notification text is white because of heads up notification..u can fix that by 2 ways
    (i) Disable heads up
    (ii) Enable custom colour option in heads up and choose a black colour for text
    4. Smart cover wake will be in settings/cmremix options/tweaks/display

    Now the changelog!

    No more bugs!
    Slim recents,audio,everything fixed
    many many new features as I missed so many builds
    new optimizations for qcom devices
    Removed unnecessary packages to reduce rom size
    Just try it as I forgot the full changelog...(there were many features added inbetween)
    U can check the changelog link in op if u have time to read the changelog of 2 weeks

    waiting for their solutions and development using values ​​of original and clean installation ROM..
    Google playa services fc
    Sms fc
    Gallery fc all for momentos thanks
    I fixed all the bugs ...
    I'm compiling for Titan now :)
    Will release today if everything goes well

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