[Rom] [5.1.1 r5] Optipop [25/06][F2FS]

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►Lollipop 5.1 LMY47O
►AOSP sources based
►Deodexed for Customizability (still user builds though for less debugging and greater battery)
►ROM built with UBERTC 4.9.3 (for speed and performance)
►Faster Animations (fling velocity, window animations, faster rotation, etc.)
►Opticharging to reduce apk size using pngquant which gives up to 70% compression
►Smoother scrolling code mod for better scrolling
►Advanced Reboot menu including Soft Reboot option
►Strict Aliasing
►Graphite Optimizations
►O3 Optimizations
►Built with other optimized compiler flags
►Art & Bionic optimizations
►Busybox included
►Disable Search Bar in Recents
►Quick pulldown settings
►Display rotate settings
►Power notification sound preference
►Status bar clock and date customizations
►Statusbar Brightness Control
►Statusbar Double-tap to Sleep
►Statusbar Network Traffic Options
►Statusbar Weather
►Extended power menu with configuration options
►Clear all button on recent apps
►Preference for custom clear all recents button position
►Volume rocker wake
►Volume music control
►Volume adjust preference
►Volume panel style preference
►Safe headset volume preference
►LED control settings
►Incall vibration
►Navbar DPI settings
►Navbar ring target customization
►Navbar button/layout configuration options
►Navbar Show arrow keys while typing
►Nofication drawer tile customization options
►Nofication drawer show brightness slider
►Nofication drawer option to have toggles vibrate on touch
►Privacy Guard
►Immersive Mode
►Quick Unlock
►Kill app longpress back
►Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
►National data roaming
►Increasing ring feature
►Volume panel timeout and option to extend volume panel and control all volumes
►Dialer lookup settings
►Pin Keypad Shuffler
►Statusbar ticker
►Volume button longpress seeks Music track on screen off
►SMS Rate Limiting
►Blacklist Support
►Wakeup on Charger Enabled/Disable Option
►SystemUI Restart Option
►CM Battery Style Options
►Custom apns (Updated Regularly)
►Speed Tweaks​

Clean Flash

  • Wipe system
  • Flash the Rom
  • Flash L Gapps
  • Reboot


I`m not responsible for any damages

Credits to Slim Team and thanks to all xda guys who helped me @Cl3Kener @flar2
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Feb 26, 2010
Very fast ROM. No issues so far. Nice work!

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Anyone have the location icon constantly showing up in the status bar? Is it supposed to be constant?

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May 7, 2013
MultiROM works, luckily! Excellent work so far, thanks! Only complaint is that the animations are extremely fast, I dunno if that's a preference or a bug...

EDIT: Nevermind, not a bug, all the animations were set to x.25 in dev options for some reason. Loving the center clock, thanks so much!

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    Will this ROM eventually get CM theme engine? Thanks

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    I certainly for one hope not. This is one of the few custom ROM's for the Flo that has the layers engine. There are quite a few custom ROM's for the Flo with the CM theme engine. @freak_97 I hope you keep OptiPop exactly as is man. Keep up the great work!
    Will this ROM eventually get CM theme engine? Thanks

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    I highly doubt that. Opti uses aosp as its base not cm. Most ROMs with the cm theme engine pull their code directly from cyanogemmod which has the engine built in already. The only aosp based ROM with the cm engine that comes to mind is Screwed, and the dev for that ROM has mention how much work was needed to get it integrated. But since he started work on that before an RRO based solution was out he is hesitant to switch which is understandable.

    Another thing is that cm's curious business decisions and pronouncements seem to be causing more and more people to prefer not to use their code whether it be full cm variants or something like just the theme engine.

    For now, I'm sure Opti will stick with the layers solution at least until and if the more robust and fully realized version of the RRO based engine that the Omni and Slim guys are working on is released.

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    Yes, I successfully got xposed working but had to use xposed-sdk21-arm-20150430-temasek edition. A big thank you to their team. I tried the other two builds that I had but this one is the only one I had any luck with. I hope this can help as it sure has been a blessing for me. I'm running this build with the latest test build of Vindacator with ukm/synapse. Thank y'all devs that made this possible and for sharing and helping android to be #1.☺
    Try flashing the official latest one for sdk22, it should work besides of gzip compression afaik
    You can use layers
    Set the animation scale under developer options.

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