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Jun 29, 2010
On the latest build if I off developer option ...then I'm not able to get it back ... :( build no. Is not clickable to get that developer option back ... :(

Yeah I made the build number non selectable. I'll have a build out tonight with a fix for that and a couple other things.

Edit: Also, for the time being if you haven't figured this out already, you can use Nova or something similar and make a shortcut for an activity and go to Settings>Developer Options.


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Oct 5, 2010
What are the odds of Benzo OTA Updater getting the ability to tack on other ZIP files to be flashed in direct succession after the ROM itself? This would be a significant boon to those of us using other kernel or Xposed, both of which vanish after each OTA flash, requiring additional actions.


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Jun 29, 2010
What are the odds of Benzo OTA Updater getting the ability to tack on other ZIP files to be flashed in direct succession after the ROM itself? This would be a significant boon to those of us using other kernel or Xposed, both of which vanish after each OTA flash, requiring additional actions.

It's already there. Add the zips to /sdcard/BenzoOTA/FlashAfterUpdate/
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Oct 5, 2010
Thanks! I've been at this for a while, but I keep learning things all the time. I appreciate your willingness to help me out with what must be a pretty basic question. I absolutely LOVE the ROM, by the way. I'm a flash-a-holic, and keep trying other things, but I always come back to 'home base'.


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Jan 14, 2011
It's already there. Add the zips to /sdcard/BenzoOTA/FlashAfterUpdate/
Question, is there a specific twrp I should be using? When I hit install from BenzoOTA it just boots into TWRP and I have to navigate to the folder and install manually.

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Nov 12, 2013
I also have random reboots. sometime when phone just on table - I can see when it is loading.
Once I faced in Facebook with Wi-Fi updating. Everything frozen - soft reboot.


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Nov 23, 2012
The random reboots you experience are just a thread in the secret to the great battery your getting, small price to pay for 6sot. With every tweak imaginable, must be a catch somewhere.
My random reboots only happen after I activate location services then open up maps. But after the first reboot its fine.


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Jun 29, 2010
To those getting random reboots try changing kernel settings. With the 400+ downloading every nightly and only a couple having a problem has got to mean it's a setting problem right? I got even more calls today and haven't got any. Also maybe someone would like to provide a log instead of just saying it happened? The build is gonna have to wait until morning/afternoon. I was playing around with the code and don't have time tonight to release. See ya'll tomorrow.
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    This is my personal ROM that I build for myself but since I like this community I post it just incase anyone else wants to try it out.
    It's an AOSP ROM based off of Euphoria. It used to be named CyanogenMod+ but I changed the name to avoid confusion and because their are so
    many ROM's out there that say that in their name and title. I will try to fix problems with the builds or try to answer any questions
    but I don't guarantee support. I also don't accept donations so If you like the builds and want to donate please donate to Euphoria,
    Liquid, Slim or anyone else you see fit. Anyway I hope you enjoy the builds.

    Built with SaberMod
    A lot of Build Optimizations
    Base Built With SM 5.2
    benzoCore Kernel Built With SM 6.0
    F2FS Support
    SuperSU included
    Viper4Android 2.3.4
    PIE Controls (LMT)
    PA Pie Controls
    Floating Windows
    Animation Options
    App Circle Bar
    App Bar
    App Opts
    DPI Backup
    DPI Changer
    Wakelock Blocker
    Native OTG Support
    Headsup Background and Text Color
    Lot's of Lockscreen Options
    Lockscreen Weather Options
    Lockscreen Gestures
    Slim's Ambient Display
    Slim's Navigation Bar Mods
    Slim's Navring Targets
    Extra Quick Settings Tiles
    Floating Clear Recents
    Clear All Recents Button Position
    Disable Google Search in Recents
    Ok Google Everywhere
    Disabled Tether Checking
    Heads Up Options
    Power Menu Custimazation
    Notification Drawer Settings
    Expanded Desktop
    Statusbar Clock Options
    More Statusbar Options
    Quick Settings Options
    Call Recording
    Google Webview
    Scroll Effects
    Scroll Cache Options
    Gesture Anywhere
    Camera Sounds
    Screen Recorder
    Weather Settings
    Wake Gestures
    OTA Updates
    Wi-Fi Calling
    Media Scanner on Boot Options
    Custom DPI that doesn't affect Play Store
    Lots more and more to come...

    New Benzo Rom Google+ Community
    Download Latest: Nightly (20150911-0404)
    Main Mirror: Other server
    Or use the updater if you are already on Benzo.

    Google Apps (5.1.x): My server
    Mirror: My other server
    *UPDATED* 09/09
    Or use the updater if you are already on Benzo.

    TWRP with F2FS support: Themed with MaterialS


    Go to the bug tracker after reading below.

    As it says above I don't offer/guarantee ANY support! BUT I will try.

    So it seems I'm forced to put this:
    A clean flash is:
    Wiping Cache, Dalvik Cache, System, Data but not Internal Data.

    Website: oceighty.co
    Pushbullet: Benzo Updates

    How to install
    1. Flash ROM
    2. Flash my gapps (recommended for now)
    3. The ROM includes the latest SuperSU so there's no need to flash that.

    Note: The first boot might take a few minutes (maybe 1 to 3) but it will boot.

    Thank you to:
    CPA Poke

    Github: BenzoRom
    Built on a box running Arch Linux
    You know what guys. Please go use other ROM's. All you do is complain about EVERYTHING. I do this **** in my spare time for ME. Read the OP for Christs sake. I will no longer be posting the builds here and will be asking for the thread to be closed. You guys are the reason so many devs leave XDA and quit making public ROM's all together. You are ungrateful and just want everything. You ask for a feature to be added then complain when it's added because it breaks some mod that you use. It says in the OP to NOT REPORT PROBLEMS WHEN USING MODS OR DIRTY FLASHING. There are many great people around here, but dealing with the others is just not worth it. Thank you to the people who were respectful and tried to keep the thread on topic and troll free. I will be on Google+ for the people who care.
    Okay this might sound dumb but please bare with me.

    I do this for fun and don't accept donations. I've had someone give me a Google Play card, and I took it and also someone donated $5, but normally I don't accept donations. So with that said, I'm asking a favor. In the spirit of this (American) holiday weekend I'm asking you guys who enjoy this ROM to do something for me.

    • If you're out partying this weekend and you see someonewho has or is serving our military, please buy them a drink or pay for their Pepsi's if they don't drink.
    • If you're at Starbucks and you see someone who has or is serving our military, buy them a caramel macchiato.
    • If you're at a strip club and you see someone who has or is serving out military, buy them a lap dance.

    You get where I'm going with this. If you don't already do this normally like I do, do it this holiday weekend. Hell, even if you're from a different country do it for someone in your military. Again I know me, some dude on XDA, asking for this is dumb but I'm still doing it. And if you are a veteran, have a virtual high five from me.

    Jason aka xanaxdroid

    So I just wanted to say welcome back to everyone. This thread is going to change. No more arguing, cussing at people(for no reason heh) and reporting bugs over and over and over. I state that these are my personal builds I share because a lot of people asked me to. I also state that I offer/guarantee no support for this ROM. That said, I will try to help out with problems. I do this for me in my free time, but I also like most of the people around here and want their phone to work. I WILL use the "it works for me sorry" answer. Especially for people who provide no logcat or any information at all(logcat or GTFO :p ). And if your theme does not work, use a different theme or find somewhere where it works. With that said, I'll try to be more courteous to people because I acted wrong at times too.

    So anyway, read the OP, read this and RESPECT THE RULES OR MOVE ON. This will be in everybody's best interest and make this thread a better place. Thanks and let's try to keep XDA a good place to come to.

    - xanaxdroid
    New build and Google Apps

    If you download this build and use the new gapps package the Google Now voice will work again.

    - Kernel updated.
    - Impulse governour added.
    - Turned MSM Hotplug off by default so Zen decision will be on.
    - Didn't get a chance to fix wake gestures sticking. Don't think I did anyway.
    - Use with new Google Apps and Google Now voice works.
    - Some other little things.
    - Other bug fixes.
    - More under the hood stuff.

    Use the OTA updater to grab both or grab the ROM from my server or from my mirror.

    Google App Changes:
    - Updated to latest Google Play Service.
    - Updated Google App to latest version.
    - All other apps updated to current versions.

    You can get the gapps from the Updater or from my server.
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