[ROM][5.1.1][UPDATE- 28 NOVEMBER] MIUI 8 For Lenovo A6000 and A6000+

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Apr 19, 2013
i had wiped internal storage also, this led to failure install first time then OK.
q1: why did the device asked for dual google accounts, is this a matter of safety?
q2: there are OTA, what is your recommendations, accept or not?
thanks for the good rom
hope that we may see it updated to OREO.


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Apr 19, 2013
Rom is somewhat slow with my 1gb device, could any one tell me which rom is the lightest and fastest for 1 gb lenovo A6000 device.


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Jul 30, 2017
Actually this OP man "spd-shivprtap dhakad" is this time not mentally healthy..
Dipress and open 20.30 telegram accounts and whatsapp account...and enter in others group and try to abuse users...and pm also ..

So i say u this thread is closed..no more..

Get well soon otherwise
RIP spd ...


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Apr 19, 2013
rom is very slow at charging.
no charging animation when phone is off plus wakelocks of black screen and or MI logo.
phantom reborn kernel stopped supoort MI roms from version 5, available now is seven, could you please post a link for phantom reborn version 4 kernel here?


Jul 10, 2017
stuck on boot

i am use a6000+ and i cant enter twpr too.. how i can fic it, now i not use phone, pls help

santanu kumbhakar

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Feb 17, 2017
How to fix wifi ......when I try download any apps from playstore it's showing its big app even this app is 2 mb....and force to download WiFi...not download mobile data...
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Mar 20, 2017
How to fix wifi ......when I try download any apps from playstore it's showing its big app even this app is 2 mb....and force to download WiFi...not download mobile data...
Please bro,are you not interested to Flash Android Oreo version,our device is old don't give old rom too:laugh:,just joke if you think it's better is up to you

santanu kumbhakar

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Feb 17, 2017
Hey.....I am on Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 final...and I want to flash this ROM...but when I try to flash this ROM or any MIUI ROM it shows "Failed to extract dir system to system " and stuck in there.......what I do..please help...i am on twrp 3.1

It's just not good....but I just try it's updated version...and it's pretty stable...no bug....only battery backup is avarage.....but it's just superb thank devs

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    [size=+3] Version 6.11.24​

    [size=+3] 28 NOVEMBER 2016 [/size]​

    Hello XDAians , Here is the latest MIUI 8 for A6000 & A6000 Plus . I think you guys know all about it & there is no need to to explain about its features.

    If you don't like stock kernel then flash any kernel you want.


    brief designation
    [+] - Added new feature previously missing in MIUI;
    [About] - improving some functions, such as: optimization algorithm or interface;

    [ System ]
    [O] power consumption problems associated with NFC (11-23)
    [O] Improved fingerprint recognition accuracy (11-23)
    [F] The headphone volume is too high for the ringtones and notifications (11-23)

    [ Desk ]
    [+] Added desktop settings (11-22)

    [ Lock Screen ]
    [+] Possibility to remove a notification on the lock screen, swipe to the side (11-21)
    [+] Fingerprints can be used as a password Privacy (11-21)
    [O] Settings interface for lock screen, password and fingerprint (11-21)

    [ Backup ]
    [F] Fixed a crash Transfer (11-22)

    [ Settings ]
    [F] Added a warning before performing the reset (11-18)

    [ Weather ]
    [O] Changed the location of the elements (11-22)
    [F] Weather on your desktop and in the notification bar is not updated (11-22)
    [F] The high battery consumption when using the flight mode (11-22)
    [F] Fixed a crash the application.


    � Latest Android Security Patch - 1 Nov 2016

    � Gapps Included


    � ProblemWhatsApp , Facebook and other apps notifications are not showing .
    Solution � Launch the Security App from Home screen > Permissions > AutoStart > Toggle the switch given in side of apps name .
    Now you won't miss any notification.
    Thanks to @shivamgupta1996



    1. Download The ROM

    2.Reboot To Recovery (Recommended TWRP by Jav, you can try with other)

    3.Wipe dalvik,cache,data,system.

    4. Now locate the ROM zip file and slide bottom bar to flash.
    (If it shows error 7 or whatever then try again)

    5. Reboot . Done .Enjoy

    Next time when you will reboot into Recovery you will see a new Version of TWRP recovery .


    If you want to flash a custom kernel then I suggest you to use the latest kernel by Harsh!t Jain , Phantom Reborn .It is working very well with miui and wifi problem is also fixed. It is not overclocked (thats a good thing) You can find it here . Flash the kernel after flashing ROM.

    [size=+3]V 6.11.24 (Latest) � Download Latest Version From Here [/size]

    V 6.11.17 (Latest) � Download
    V 6.11.3 (Latest) � Download
    V 6.10.27(Latest) � Download
    V 6.10.20 � Download
    V 6.9.29 (Latest) � Download
    V 6.9.15 � Download
    V 6.9.1 Download
    V 6.7.21� Download
    V 6.6.23 � Download
    V 6.6.17� Download
    V 6.5.19 � From Here
    V 6.5.12 � From Here
    V 6.4.28 � From Here
    V 6.4.21 � From Here
    V 6.4.15 � From Here
    V 6.4.14� Dead Link
    V 6.4.7� From Here
    V 6.3.31 � From Here


    It's downloaded from here Here . It's a Russian build MIUI 7 ;)
    Source link please.
    Here is the full changelog of MIUI 7 ROM 6.5.12

    ● Optimization of CPU to load faster apps
    ●Solve system performance issue
    ●Mi Mover speed increases up to 15-25%
    ●Upload small video directly from file explorer
    ●Efficient video sorting algorithms
    ●Hidden folder and KuaiPan issue fixed
    ●Added new ID verification system in Mi Wallet
    v 6.5.26 out


    Link -->> MIUI v6.5.26

    Change log -->>

    [+] Deleting photos from a memory device, storing them in Mi Cloud (05-25)

    [O] support capabilities (05-24)
    [F] Departures applications (05-24)

    Change Log from here