[Rom][5.1.1][Xposed][Note 5 Port][29.03.2016]Norma Rom Note 5 V29[Fast and Stable]

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coz first page threat when i go to download
Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
i search but link dead too
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Mar 27, 2017
Hi, I love this rom. I only have one problem. Deleting folders I created when I restarted the phone. I'm staying again when creating the folder. Is there a solution?

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    New Norma Note 5 v29 Online

    -Based on Note 5 official rom N9200ZCU2APB1
    -All Note 5 apps/features
    -Works on N9005,N9006,N900W8,N900S,N900K,N900L,N900D,N900T,N900P,SC-01F,SCL22,SC-02F
    -Full QMG support(Thank's Electron-Team)

    Norma Note 5 Update 29 Chinese Changelog:

    update s7 ringtones
    updates S7 Samsung shop
    repair intelligent multi-shot shows the dislocation problem
    fixes smart sleep problem
    to repair the drop-down button clicks fc cleanup issues
    new call record information display pages
    updated SMS S7 style
    updated GPU driver
    updates screen slide drive
    new set application permissions management options

    Older Changelogs
    V26 Changelog

    increase S7 wallpaper
    repair video player pop-fc
    repair the video-sharing issues
    repair signal display grievances (to signal the number of cells in addition to optional)
    repair volume control icon display error notification problem
    repair settings display battery information problems
    mount repair init.d script problem
    repair video editor fc
    repair 420dip show input dislocation problem
    repair weather map fc
    increases weather display Lunar
    increased loss recorder
    camera support increased N3 official
    repair nfc share issue fc
    adjust the drop-down quick search and fast connection highly
    solve problems 16G 32G memory display
    automatically search network Japanese version fixes
    a number of other adjustments

    V23 Changelog
    repair system Caton problem
    fixes power problem
    repair QQ Caton problem
    repair call forwarding (test does not include 9006)
    some script adjustments

    V22 Changelog
    Update time display bar codes like body
    added time left to update the surface Gaussian blur
    Gaussian blur spen update
    update dialing contact panel increases attributable to
    update 6.0M calendar support subscription (calendar map requires google map support)
    alarm interface update
    fixes the music player dislocation interface displays album art problem
    support sliding around to select a song album
    repair transmission fc S Beam NFC sharing issue
    lock screen support S Health Pedometer Display (personalized lock screen settings)
    call interface 6.0 color display
    small window to adjust the holster
    holster widget support calls attribution to display (wind marks in this thanks)
    pop-up Caller ID attribution
    google repair services and can not switch frame animation problem
    forced freeze after new Premium Theme (download a trial on the choice of the theme topic freeze, if want to replace other Topic selection thawing)
    new charging animation
    of some power adjustments

    V20 CHangelog
    -Delay time on Reboot fix
    -Calendar drop-down display fixed
    -Photo Editor fixed
    -Fixed traffic monitoring-restrict application fc
    -fixed holster window
    -unlock the screen brightness display fixed
    -Screenshot mode dislocated fixed
    -6.0 Browser with private mode

    V18 Changelog
    fixes issues Caton
    repair enhancement settings add super power problem
    repair shops can not open question google
    google latest update service (set up personalized service you can add google)
    repair part N3 cameras can not use machine issues
    the fine print icon display problem solving 420
    leather repair small window display issues
    updated some libs
    changed back over animation official default 1.x
    personalized Add a new speed display (upload and download individual custom)
    update dark1.6 kernel

    V17 Changelog

    Christmas 1225 update version 6.0 UI:
    Custom button can not fix the problem exhaled menu
    Add pin without pressing the ok key to unlock
    global cotton candy theme 6.0
    update Note5 SMS
    repair kit Add 10 or more program display problems
    6.0 Setup Wizard
    V15 Changelog
    Repair kit will add 12 error issue
    Custom button to fix the problem does not shine the flashlight
    Floating repair information option SMS icon display problems
    Custom settings Added
    New Advanced Restart menu option switch
    Added strong wifi signal enhancement can improve 50wifi percent
    New screen transition animations and official handover switching 6.0
    Increase DSP + audio support
    Updated with the latest google services framework (custom settings choose to install and uninstall)
    Support Login google Service
    Repair intelligent multi-theme issue of sharing micro-channel icons select brush into a patch (lose intelligent recognition)
    Some other details of the adjustment
    Holster display attribution attribution to manually update the next (calls attribution update)

    V13 Changelog
    Repair screenshot edits Show dislocation problem
    Repair Spen add shortcuts misalignment problem
    fc problems after repair screenshot edit
    repair one-handed mode dial telephone conversation program function loss problems
    call recording update
    fixes recording failures
    increase the number of drop-down shortcuts
    repair weather icon display can not display pm2.5 problem
    N4 default button mechanisms of
    repair micro-channel shear library share issue does not display pictures
    increase the latest S aide
    update Samsung shop
    repair settings automatically turn off the display of time
    AROMA cycle scrolling and increase the page without scrolling default boot option
    AROMA new 9008V / S signal full grid option

    Norma Note 5 update 29 English version changelog:

    -SystemUI added all toggles
    -Svoice added
    -SpeakerEcho Fixed thanks @oluwaponmile
    -ALWAYS or JUST ONCE mod ("Choose app to complete action") fixed thanks to my friend @oluwaponmile
    -Added DPI selectable in Aroma(420-Note 3 or Note 4 camera)
    -MM Boot animation
    -Kids mode added Thank's @oluwaponmile
    -Fast Burst mode camera added(full version)
    -N9005 Idle 7.1.0 Kernel rebuild for Norma English thanks @corsicanu(USB Tethering FIXED)
    -Play Store updated
    -GMScore,Gmail and Android System Webview Updated
    -Shealth Updated
    -Call forwarding fixed
    -Added rounded in aroma

    New Rom Control app - thanks @corsicanu
    -Added Potato Clock
    -Added Adaway
    -regrouped options to be more compact
    -clean unused code

    Older Changelogs
    V26 Changelog

    -New base N9200ZCU2APB1
    -New custom Settings fully working
    -Call recording fixed
    -added s6 and N5 themed MM in Aroma
    -Gmail updated
    -Model Galaxy A7 added(Youtube lag fixed)
    -Nearby device fixed
    -Added a new animation by @pas2001
    -Added 420 DPI mode with N4 camera
    -Added Sprint CSC/fix sms issue!!??
    -Darklord kernel removed from Aroma(if you don't have problems with Phone/system FC you can flash separately)
    -Civato kernel and Idle in Aroma only(personally recommend Civato kernel....For me with Idle kernel i have 1-2 seconds delay when opening apps)
    -more,more and more

    V23 Changelog
    -Fully Marshmallow themed
    -Gmail updated
    -Smart manager auto run apps fixed
    -Viperx install busybox error fixed
    -Viperx updated to and icon updated
    -Google play services fixed
    -Recording call fixed
    -Added Canada CSC
    -Youtube 1080p lag fixed!!!???
    -Theme Store updated(20160119) Thank's @oidy
    -Fix Custom settings issues(center clock and others)
    -Restore messages fixed
    -Keyboard numbers fixed
    -SuperSU 2.67(Icon updated)
    -6.0 Transitions

    V22 Changelog

    -re-added 6.0 transitions
    -Fully MM Themed(all icons changed)
    -SystemUI rounded added in aroma
    -Spen/edge screen blured
    -Scrapbook updated
    -SuperSU updated
    -Idle kernel updated to 7.0

    V20 Changelog
    -Delay time on Reboot fix
    -Calendar drop-down display fixed
    -Photo Editor fixed
    -Fixed traffic monitoring-restrict application fc
    -fixed holster window
    -unlock the screen brightness display fixed
    -Screenshot mode dislocated fixed
    -6.0 Browser with private mode

    V18 Changelog
    -Conference call fixed
    -Ussd Codes fixed
    -SMS Restore FC fixed
    -Smusic FC fixed
    -Svoice FC fixed
    -6.0 Touchwiz
    -Splanner 6.0
    -Snote Updated
    -Stock Touchwiz 6.0 icons
    -setup wizard 6.0
    -DPI select

    V17 Changelog
    -added UZBEKISTAN,Hong Kong,Philippines and Singapore csc
    -Music fixed
    -S-Voice fixed
    -Car Mode fixed
    -Note 5 6.0 Touchwiz
    -SystemUI Themed 6.0
    -Icons 6.0
    -Sec Mms 6.0
    -Setup Wizard 6.0
    -picconv added in BIN
    -Added 3 Boot Animations in Aroma
    -Keyboard Multi DPI
    -Multi DPI selectable in Aroma

    V15 Changelogs
    -New Norma settings(Screenshots added)
    -Viperx Sound added in Aroma
    -Civato kernel added in aroma(In my oppinion best kernel for battery perfomance)
    -Snote updated
    -Transitions 6.0
    -Caller flashlight

    V13 English Changelog
    -Camera select in Aroma
    -Added Note 3 Camera
    -Stock SystemUI with Mods
    -3Minit SystemUI with Mods
    -Flipboard translated
    -Weather translated
    -Samsung Keyboard translated with secondary symbols
    -Browser translated
    -Google account added in first configuration
    -5Menu translated
    -Phronesis V3 Framework
    -SystemUI translated
    -Norma settings translated
    -SVoice translated
    -Dialer ID fix
    -USSD codes selectable in Aroma
    -Alarm when mute fixed
    -Theme Store Updated to Marshmallow Note 5(Screenshots added)
    -Led Lights fixed
    -CSC Tweaks(call icon in recents list,sms to mms - 999,999 sms recepients,removed data warning,enabled extra settings in Messages...) Thank's @corsicanu

    Link V13 https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24269982087012365

    As TWRP has issues with Aroma files we strongly recommend Philz CWM as it`s the most stable recovery yet.
    For dirty flash skip step 5
    1. Download Philz CWM form here and install it as you wish (odin/zip)
    2. Download Norma Rom v29 and place it on internal memory
    3. Download Norma Rom Control update and place it on internal memory
    4. Reboot in Philz CWM
    5. Manually format /system /cache /data or use the option "Clean to install new rom" - skip for dirty flash
    6. Flash Norma Rom v29
    7. Flash Norma Rom Control Update
    8. Reboot
    9. Profit

    IMPORTANT - At first start menu make sure DO NOT TICK DIAGNOSTIC DATA (Signal problems)

    Link Download

    Norma Rom Control Update [09.04.16]


    Older Downloads

    Thank's to
    @darkera13 Of course,Our true developer :D
    @civato for kernel source
    @qareembizzle for touchwiz menu icon
    @jcadduono for Idle kernel

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Rom][5.1.1][Xposed][Note 5 Port][29.03.2016]Norma Rom Note 5 V29[Fast and Stable], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    wellaflex, corsicanu, komarov27
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v29
    Stable Release Date: 2016-03-29

    Created 2016-04-04
    Last Updated 2016-04-23


    Keyboard Fix On landscape mode / Stagefreight (Fix)

    Action memo big size FIX Thank's @oidy


    Hosts FIX(IMPORTANT Fix)(Google Play Error)

    SystemUI themed 6.0 Rounded Notification


    Latest bootloader & modem BL_CP_N9005DXUGBOK1_N9005OLBGBOK1

    v20 English Online

    -SMS Restore FC fixed
    -All icons MM themed
    -SystemUI lockscreen MM icons added
    -Power off,Reboot icons MM themed
    -Air Command icons MM themed
    -Car Mode added
    -Input languages fixed

    Download v20

    MD5: 1396204bb083fd8e74589a1c796c3555

    SystemUI Themed 6.0 Rounded

    Xposed installer by wanam and How to install

    Thank's @Albe95 for icons :good:

    Keyboard Fix On landscape mode / Stagefright (Fix)
    V23 English rom available

    Guys,v23 will be the last version translated...I will take a break for couple weeks to have time to learn

    V23 it's very stable,i fixed a lot of bugs present in v22 and some issues...The only bug that not find him to fix
    it's input languages just in English.

    -Fully Marshmallow themed
    -Gmail updated
    -Smart manager auto run apps fixed
    -Viperx install busybox error fixed
    -Viperx updated to and icon updated
    -Google play services fixed
    -Recording call fixed
    -Added Canada CSC
    -Youtube 1080p lag fixed!!!???
    -Theme Store updated(20160119) Thank's @oidy
    -Fix Custom settings issues(center clock and others)
    -Restore messages fixed Thank's @darkera13
    -Keyboard numbers fixed
    -SuperSU 2.67(Icon updated)
    -6.0 Transitions

    Link Download

    Md5: 4f0fe5fe66736faf38ca71b283ff0d52

    Xposed installer by wanam and How to install

    You don't know what boot animation to choose?see all's here
    Norma Rom V21 English Online changelog:

    -Chinese apps deleted
    -Custom title status bar translated
    -Flipboard translated
    -Keyboard S6 added
    -Google Apps and store added(why Norma,why?)
    -S6 Optical Reader FIX FC
    -Google GPS
    -5 reboot menu translated
    -SystemUI date translated
    -3 minit added in settings
    -Aroma translated
    -Omega translated
    -CSC edited
    -Sbrowser translated
    -Maybe more

    Norma V21 chinese Changelog:

    N9005XXUGBOD6 latest official custom
    super-reduced ROM
    increase supersu complete root
    S6 dialers
    S6 weather
    Note4 set
    S6 lock screen style
    S6 music player
    S6 recorder
    S6 calculator
    S6 email
    S6 health
    S6 shop
    S6 browser
    S6 newsletter
    S6 identification
    Note4 set
    the clock Note4
    Note4 super power
    Note4 album
    Note4 Task Manager
    Note4 interest Wallpaper
    (previously ROM contains the basic function of the advanced settings, etc.)
    In addition all of these The official application
    other basic settings are not presented here
    more models optional
    latest official ROM resolve memory leaks and other problems saving

    Enjoy English Version

    Sidekey,keyboard secondary symbol fc's fix

    Please full wipe,it's a new base :D

    Thank's to @oluwaponmile @filchi756