[ROM][5.1.1_r26][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix® Lollipop v5.5.9 - Amami [11/20] Final

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Sep 22, 2015
I found something wrong with this ROM 5.5.9. The control button on my earphone seemed not work; it works with other ROMs. The music couldn't pause after pressing the button.
Hope to fix the problem.


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Jun 7, 2014
After trials and errors with multiple Nougat and Marshmellow roms, I ended up with RR LP. No issues as for now and I've been using it for a couple of days now. Battery life seems good, definitely better than on these MM and N roms. I'm not scared to go out without a power bank anymore. Tons of features, really love all the permissions build in. For every day use I capped the CPU and GPU a bit so they won't use full power. Seems working fine and I bet it adds to the battery life aswell. Camera is as good as on stock, calls fine, WiFi fine.
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May 12, 2017
ROM runs smoothly :cowboy:
Only thing I thats not working for me: Pressing the hardware-button for camera doesnt start the camera when phone is locked. Although I think I configured this behaviour in settings.


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May 10, 2013
After using this ROM for about 1 month. I can tell this ROM is for sure one of the best custom ROMs for Z1C. It is really smooth and the daily performance is almost as good as my new X Compact.
Anyway, I also have problems with not working controls on headphone. What is more, the ROM is not stable, it reboots from time to time and it likes to freeze for few seconds. If it comes to battery life, the maximum is 1 day of moderate to high usage.


Jan 1, 2016
blurred boot

Hello, ive tried installing this fine rom many times and always end up with a blurred boot image and everything is blurred, and the screen gets like a watermark watermark and can't use it. I've installed it successfully in 2017 so i dont know whats wrong now.


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Mar 17, 2013
I'm trying this Rom and is beautiful and smooth. In OP they say this Rom have a CM recovery, but in my phone i have the TWRP 3.2.1 and I'm happy.
Thank you Guys for your work.

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I'm trying this Rom and is beautiful and smooth. In OP they say this Rom have a CM recovery, but in my phone i have the TWRP 3.2.1 and I'm happy.
Thank you Guys for your work.


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Mar 17, 2013
Maybe I've found a little bug of this RR rom. When I try to open the camera of Whatsapp for make a picture the camera crash partially....the screen go black, but if I touch it in the low part(where normally you can see the old pics) i see an old pic.
Maybe the exposed installer can solve?


Mar 1, 2014
I like this rom very good battery life.
One thing i dont like is camera app, any way to change this to another in options?
I know i can flash cyberian etc but i want use fv-5.

Cant use earplugs button, and when i hold camera button phone stop on the unlocking screen. Thats a big flaw for me.
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    Resurrection Remix ROM

    About Resurrection Remix ROM
    Downloads and useful links

    About Resurrection Remix ROM

    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device
    Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!
    Special thanks to, the CM team,OMNI team ,SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters

    Included Main Features

    Navigation Bar
    -Enable/Disable Navbar
    -Navbar Ring Switch
    -Navbar Ring Targets
    -Navbar Button Customization
    -Navbar Dimensions(Potrait & Landscape)

    -Brightness Slider
    -Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
    -SuperUser Indicator Switch
    -Carrier Label
    -Carrier Label Switch
    -Carrier label Colour
    -Quick PullDown Switch
    -Smart Pulldown Switch
    -Clock Customizations
    -Time & date
    -Clock Colour
    -Day & date Toogle
    -Center Clock/Right Clock Choice
    -Battery Bar customization
    -Battery Icon Customization
    (circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
    -Battery % Text
    -Network Traffic Indicator

    Theme Chooser
    -RR exclusive PITCH BLACK THEME
    -Toast Animations
    -ListView Animations
    -System Animations

    App Circle Bar
    -Choose apps in App circle
    -Trigger Width
    -Trigger Hieght
    -Trigger Position

    Recents Panel
    -Clear All button Switch
    -Clear All Tasks Switch
    -Clear All Button Location
    (Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)

    Cclock Widget
    -CLock And Alarm Customizations
    -Weather Panel Customizations
    -Calender Events

    -Lockscreen Shortcuts
    -Choose upto 5 Shortcuts
    -100+ Icons for Shortcuts
    Notification Drawer
    -Weather Display Switch
    -Quick Settings
    -Choice to Add 20+ Tiles
    -Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
    -Enable Disable Birghtness Slider in Notification Panel
    -Advanced Location Settings Switch
    (Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel)
    -LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings

    -Backlight Timer
    -Backlight Strength
    -Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch
    -Power Menu
    -Power Menu End Calls Switch

    Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Home Button Wake Up
    -Home Button answer call
    -Long Press Actions
    -Double Tap Actions

    Back Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up device Switch

    Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up Device Switch
    -Short Press Actions
    -Long Press Actions

    Search Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Wake Up Device
    -Short Press Action
    -Long Press Action

    Volume Buttons
    -Wake Up Device
    -Playback Control
    -Keyboard Cursor Control
    -Swap Buttons on Landscape mode

    -Gestures Anywhere Feature

    Perfomance Profiles
    -LCD Density
    -Expanded Desktop Mode
    -All New CM Audio FX App
    -Heads Up Customizations
    -OverAll Smoothness Improvements
    -Quick Unlock
    -Optimizations to Improve Battery

    -ALL cm12 Features


    Installation Insturaction

    - Download the latest build
    - Download Gapps
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
    - Flash ROM using latest ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot.
    - Enjoy!​

    Update Insturaction

    - Download the latest build of Resurrection ROM
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Flash ROM using recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik cache
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!​



    Loving ResurrectionRemix?

    Why do not contribute to Development !

    Big thanks to:

    XDA developers

    CM team

    Omni team

    Slim rom


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Resurrection Remix Lollipop - Amami, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

    OmarEinea, westcrip
    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.5.9
    Stable Release Date: 2015-11-20

    Created 2015-01-07
    Last Updated 2015-11-21


    Kernel Sources:
    This ROM includes the latest version of SlimRoms Kernel, you can find it's source here:

    - Minor bugs, same as CM.

    To Enable Root Access:

    Go to Settings > Developers Options > Root access [tape it and select your preference]

    If you can't find Developers Options in Settings, then follow This Guide

    Though you can get TWRP by trying one of these:

    Resurrection Remix v5.5.5 [2015/09/07] Android [5.1.1_r6] Is UP!

    Device specific Changes :

    SlimKernel v1.6 :
    - Reverted previous CM commits that caused issues with entering the recovery and caused long boot time on MultiROM mode

    RR V5.5.5 Original Changelog :

    - RR Configurations revamp
    > Add more categories
    > Change lots of icons - categories, and status bar
    - OmniSwitch
    - SystemUI: Fix blinking when reported battery level is 0
    - Improve statusbar RR logo
    - Status bar carrier label font size
    - systemui: left hand navigation ring
    - systemui: respect navigation rings configuration
    - Long press no longer copies to clipboard if there is nothing to copy
    - Improve configurations icons visibility (Non-transparent)
    - Protected apps: fixup rotation states
    - Settings: remove duplicate lockscreen shortcuts
    - zygote: fix memory leak when fork process
    - Show infinity for large notification counts
    - Bold settings headers
    - Update APNs
    - Lockscreen colors
    - SystemUI:Fix navbar power button overlapping when ime switcher shown
    - Let liblights adjust the brightness of LEDs while previewing it
    - Fingerprint: Allow disabling of vibration
    - SystemUI: hide taskmanager panel while keyguard is showing
    - SystemUI: reset to QS panel when swiping down
    - Chamber of Secrets.
    - Bold italic weather font style - More weather font styles
    - Add time-context headers to the notification header
    - RR Logo style --- left or right
    - hide qs tiles with sensitive data
    - selinux switch: getenforce() won't ask for SuperSU
    - Fix the cell standby mobile radio active issue
    - Toast icon switch
    - Added show volume panel tile to QS
    - LEDs Brightness Lights notifications brightness support
    - Lights with Screen On - Optional allowment of lights
    - SystemUI: do not load header bar if boot isn't complete
    - Add a controller for in-call proximity sensor & Disable Touch by Proximity Sensor
    - settings: Animation scale seekbars
    - Fix proximity Speaker
    - Fix for Hardware Buttons
    - SystemUI: SlimDim performance boosts
    - Show icon of package associated with Toast
    - Fix "Select correct 12 or 24 time format" breaking Chrome
    - LiveDisplay color profiles
    - SystemUI: Fade keyguard visualizer along with other icons
    - SystemUI: use new visualizer from Eleven
    - Settings: obey prevent accidental wakeup default
    - NetworkTraffic: Show/Hide Arrows
    - Modify SILENT profile to restrict notification sound
    - Fix Blank area appears between QS and Notification
    - Themes: Allow packages to be set as non-themeable
    - Settings: add Berlin to time zones list
    - Settings: add a way to reset quick settings tiles
    - Move CMHW to CMSDK
    - Disable Headsup floating by default
    - SignalStrength: Allow for custom signal buckets in LTE
    - base: don't refresh visualizer tile once the tile is destroyed
    - Device specific changes
    - Translations update (Settings, base, OTACenter)
    - CyanogenMod updates
    - For more details check commits on GitHub

    Download Links:

    Android File Host Mirror

    Dev-Host Mirror


    Guys, please know that I'm using pure CM trees in this CM-Based ROM,
    so any issue you might find in this ROM probably exists in all other CM-Based ROMs as well,
    I do care about these problems and bugs but to fix them I'll need to spend a lot of time on them which I can't afford,
    I dropped the support for AICP ROM for the same reason,
    and you guys should tell me whether I should drop support for RR as well because of my bad support?!
    or are you satisfied with me compiling and posting with the fixes I have time to include and you'll help each other in the thread?

    Please let me know, and I'll take my decision accordingly.

    Resurrection Remix v5.3.0 [2015/01/20] Is UP!

    Device Specific :

    - Entering the recovery through frequent pressing on vol + or vol - button is now working
    - Implement kexec-hardboot
    - Included Some thermanager fixes
    - Disable block image OTAs
    - Added F2FS

    Thanks to David and Garcia98 and russel5

    RR V5.3.0 Original Changelog :

    Important : Full Wipe installation Highly Recommended!!

    - Update heads up notifications with swipe actions +(Master Switch-Timeout-Blacklist and do not disturb options)
    - Add Theme engine
    - Quick Settings Updates
    - Re themed settings and Themes app
    - Update cLock app with material theme
    - Create expandable volume panel.
    - App Circle Sidebar & Support for Configurable Trigger Region
    - Custom System Animations
    - Status bar header long click actions
    - Allow custom density option
    - Fix more memory leaks
    - Fix FC on HU language update settings strings
    - Revert ticker option for now :Causes system ui fc s(enabled as system default)
    - Settings : Make RR Tools icons themeable
    - Fix system ui crash while continuously click flash light tIle issue
    - SystemUI: Fix user profile activity overlapped by status bar panel issue
    - Quick settings: fix ripple placement for dual tiles
    - ConnectionSettings: Add 4g as connection options for profiles
    - SystemUI: unbreak accesibility longpress Overview to unpin
    - wifi: Framework support for Ad-Hoc WiFi (IBSS mode)
    - Fix "ghost" weather display in expanded status bar
    - DocumentsUI: catch NPE
    - Update RemoteController on Session update
    - ProcessList: Handle invalid state when computing next PSS Time
    - privacyguard: Add Superuser summary
    - Update RR_string french translations
    - Settings: Improve battery percentage title
    - Bug fix and source updates from cyanogenmod
    - For more information about changelog check out the RR Github sources

    Download Links:


    Thread is official now, you can check the Official Universal Download page for RR ROM,
    Also, please guys don't post about new RR updates, I see them before you and start working on it,
    this time there were some obstacles, that's why I'm late till now,
    I've mentioned this in screaming text in the Announcement, so you'll stay reminded when you see it in top of every page ;)

    Also, sorry for not replying to your posts, I'm reading as much as I can and trying to do my best.

    Edit: Our device is officially named as Amiami by RR ROM XD

    Resurrection Remix v5.3.1 [2015/01/21] Is UP!

    Device Specific :

    - Added latest version of Intellidemand governor (v5.5)

    RR V5.3.1 Original Changelog :

    - Switch to Resurrection style light material theme
    - Make RR tools icons themeable
    - Remove italic fonts from settings
    - Power menu: add sound toggle
    - Keyguard: Create lockscreen weather
    - Settings: check if ime switcher pref was remove previously
    - Privacy guard: option to disable notification
    - Fix NPE in HighTouchSensivity
    - Settings: Show SAR on Regulatory Info (from CM11)
    - Delay Explicit GC from the SystemServer.
    - SystemUI: Remove redundant and broken setText on temperture view.
    - Camera2 legacy: retry EGL config without EGL_RECORDABLE_ANDROID
    - Fix nav button ripple getting stuck (Update)
    - Phone: Sprint MWI Quirk: Phantom message wait indicator workaround
    - Bug fix and source updates from cyanogenmod

    Download Links:


    RR team had to change to light material because theme engine came and themes conflicts with dark system theme,
    so if you prefer dark theme (like me :eek:) you can install a theme like this one: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/themes/cm-12-theme-engine-t3007892