[ROM][5/21] CleanROM AT&T SE 3.0 -★| AT&T MC3 Base | Fast! | Clean! | Stable! |★-

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Jul 30, 2010
what kernal are some of you using with this rom?
my phone seems to be good with saber but not sure which version is best

Saber kernal

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Does anyone have link to stock MC3 rom?

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Nov 13, 2010
Since this is stock based rom, does this mean it supports aptX? If so, how can I check if it is using aptX? I tried logcat -v long to look for connection messages suggest by other threads but I don't see anything when I turn on the aptX device (HS3000)


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Well guys, I have opted to discontinue development on this ROM. I will still be doing ACE Builds!

Thanks for everyone who gave feedback, made mods, etc.

I consider this ROM community goods and if you would like to continue to use it as a base for your own ROM then by all means feel free to.

I just ask that you give appropriate credit.

Thank you!

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    [ROM][5/21] CleanROM AT&T SE 3.0 -★| AT&T MC3 Base | Fast! | Clean! | Stable! |★-



    • This is an AT&T Special Edition ROM!
    • Its cored from the AT&T MC3 OTA!
    • The intent of this ROM is for AT&T users to have a dedicated base!
    • Others may use this on there variant phone but its not supported!
    • I will only support AT&T users on this Special Edition Build!
    • CleanROM is targeted to the towards the user that wants a stock ROM experience with the ability to choose the features and functions they want, demand performance and expect stability!
    • CleanROM is based on the latest AT&T Stock ROM! Jellybean 4.1.2 Base and is De-Odex!
    • CleanROM is Fast, Clean, and STABLE!
    • CleanROM is one of the best supported ROMS in the "industry!"
    • Support for Newbs and Verterns alike is given at www.scottsroms.com regardless of post count!
    • Please read post #2! It contains Useful Info!


    • Aroma Installer Options:
      • Boot Animation Support: Yes or No
      • Launchers: Stock TouchWiz, Touchwiz 5x4 layout, TouchWiz 5x6 Layout, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher
      • Keyboards: Stock, Android 4.2, Swype
      • AT&T and Samsung Apps: MyAT&T, AT&T Visual Voicemail, AT&T Messages, Kies, Samsung Photo Editor, Paper Artist, Polaris Office, AllShare Play, Mobile Print, S4 Accuweather Widget, S4 Program Monitor Widget, S Voice (Note II), S Voice (S4)
      • File Manager: ES File Explorer or Stock File Manager
      • Google Apps: Play Store, Gmail, Maps, Streetview for Maps, Talk, YouTube, Play Music, Google Now and Voice Search, Voice, Google+
      • Misc Apps: Ad Blocking HOST file, Drop Box, Terminal Emulator, Adobe Flash, Amazon App Store, Samsung Multi Window App
    • Based on AT&T 'MC3' OTA
    • Multi Window Control Mod to add or remove any app you want!
    • WiFi Tether Unlocked!
    • Boot animation can be changed See post #2!
    • Unsecure boot image with init.d support!
    • Performance and Stability that is nothing short of Legendary!
    • Extended Power Menu!


    Version 3.0 - 5/21/2013
    • Rebuilt: Rebuilt on latest I317UCAMC3 AT&T Base
    • Rebuilt: Extra Touchwiz Launcher Layouts on newer base!
    • Added: The Following OPTIONAL S4 Apps: S Voice, AccuWeather Widget, Program Monitor Widget!
    • Removed: LiDroid Toggles (Now included in ROM Base)
    • Changed: New App for MultiWindow Mod!
    • Changed: Can now have boot Animation Sounds
    • Changed: Tether Provision method. Read more here (interesting loop hole I found): YATH (Yet another tether hack)
    • Updated: All Apps that required it!


    • Must have custom recovery installed. I recommend the latest version of twrp.
    • Copy ROM to storage
    • Reboot to Recovery
    • Recommend Factory Reset in Recovery!
    • Flash ROM and Select Options!
    • Reboot to System
    • Profit!


    • All the Admins at www.scottsroms.com!
    • Aramulz for the installer binaries!
    • dsixda for his killer kitchen scripts!
    • An most importantly all people who support my work!

    (Tapatalk / XDA App Users use your web browser to see the links or Download from PC!!!!
    I dont recommend downloading from a mobile device!)



    Donations are gladly accepted but never expected! :)
    Please hit Thanks and Rate the thread 5 Stars :)

    Boot Animation Info
    • If you choose Stock Animations then you can use THESE animations!
    • If you choose Custom Animations then you can use THESE animations (or any other you find you like)!

    LiDroid Toggles with differnt Style Status Bar Icons

    Download HERE
    If you would like AllShare to work with this ROM you need to flash the attached boot.img and then run TriangleAway!

    CleanROM AT&T Special Edition v1.1 is out!


    AT&T Special Edition!


    Changes in version 1.1 - 1/10/2013
    • Changed: Kernel to latest L7 kernel to eliminates Eyxons Exploit!
    • Added: AT&T Visual Voice Mail as option during install!
    • Added: AT&T Messages as option during install!
    • Added: Lidroid / Wanam 23 Toggle Mod as option during install!
    • Added: Amazon App store as option during install!
    • Rebuilt: Aroma Installer around new options!
    • Updated: All Apps that required it!

    Donations are gladly accepted but never expected! :)
    Please hit Thanks and Rate the thread 5 Stars :)

    Eyxons Exploit is Gone (but needs to be tested!

    The Aroma installer was completely re-worked! Pay attention when installing!!

    Please give up some "Thanks" in the OP!

    Last verison of this ROM had 1000+ downloads and only 90 Thanks in the OP. Please hit thanks in the OP so I can re-assure myself making two differnt ROMS for the same device is a good use of my time :good:


    Ok guys....

    CleanROM 4.0 is uploading!

    Lots of feedback went into this ROM! I think I actually pushed the limits of my skills.

    Its nice....

    Please hit "Thanks" if you are wantin' to see it! I would love to see 23K before upload and maybe 25K in the near future.

    I dont get paid to do this other than the pure enjoyment I get from my Thanks and Downloads meter going up. Help a brother with Thanks :good: