[ROM][5X][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

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    [ROM][5X][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]


    The Pure Nexus Project

    We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself.

    "This is a user friendly thread. All feature requests will be heard and considered. I am not against anything that doesn't stray too far away from the original idea of the ROM! Helping one another is also encouraged! Please be respectful and you will always be treated the same way, we are all here for a good experience."

    The Pure Nexus Project aims to bring stability and features to your Nexus device, while keeping Google's vision in line and not straying too far away from that. If you are looking for a stable ROM with true tested features and minimal bugs, then this is the place to be.

    *All stock Nexus features working!!(WiFi calling, Project Fi, VoLte)
    *Based on AOSP Android 7.1.2_r24
    *Busybox, and Init.d support
    *Googles Pixel sounds and OEM wallpapers from factory images
    *Googles Pixel theme and Pixel navbar animation
    *Bug fix's and stability improvements
    *UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
    *Rootless Substratum OMS Theme Engine support
    *ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon, colored logcat "abd logcat -C")
    *Enabled Developer settings by default
    *Enabled Night mode for all devices
    *Enabled App ops
    *Custom night light brightness options
    *Disabled forced encryption
    *Disabled tether provision checks
    *Made preselectable item clickable in app picker dialog
    *Added download speed in notification
    *Added Advanced Reboot menu
    *Added Advanced screenshot functionality (longpress tile/power menu for selectable screenshot)
    *Added back volume adjust sounds and toggle
    *Added advanced rotation control and lockscreen rotation toggle
    *Added ability to lock app in landscape via rotation tile
    *Added advanced charging sound controls
    *Added advanced seekbar style animation controls
    *Added Quick setting header Longpress actions
    *Added ability to see app version when sideloading app
    *Added app package name to app info screen
    *Added ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
    *Added phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
    *Added dynamic vendor image notification
    *Added additional battery saver trigger steps
    *Added ability to unlink notification volume from ringer volume
    *Added Increasing ringtone option
    *Added Proximity Speakerphone and dialer lookup
    *Added Group support in contacts
    *Removed googles SystemUpdate option
    *Removed googles legal information
    [COLOR="#1976D2"]-PureNexus Settings[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="red"]Lock Screen[/COLOR]
    *Lockscreen item option(time, date, alarm text toggles & Clock font style)
    *Double tap anywhere to sleep
    *Long press power for torch
    *Option to disable lockscreen media art
    *Option to scramble the pin entry layout
    *Option to disable the pin ripple background when entering lockscren pin
    *Option to disable fingerprint success vibration
    [COLOR="red"]Notification Drawer[/COLOR]
    *quick settings pulldown (left,right,always)
    *smart pulldown (no ongoing, no dismissable, no notifications)
    *advanced quick settings easy toggle
    *Brightness slider on/off toggle
    *Haptic feedback on quick setting on/off toggle
    *ability to disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
    *ability to disable the quick settings title text
    *ability to change number of quick settings columns
    *ability to change the amount of rows in quick settings
    *ability to set contexual or custom header images
    [COLOR="red"]Recent apps[/COLOR]
    *immersive recents
    *kill all fab
    *kill all fab location
    *Battery customization(percentage/icon style)
    *sync battery icon with quick settings tile
    *Battery bar options(location, color, style, thickness, animation)
    *Carrier Label customization(placement, text)
    *Clock customization(show clock, show seconds, alignment, ampm, date, date style, date position, date format)
    *Network traffic meter options(enable, display units, update interval, hide arrows, auto hide, inactivity threshold)
    *Statusbar icon blacklist
    *Double tap on statusbar to sleep
    *Status bar brightness control
    *Status bar notification count
    *Status bar bluetooth battery meter toggle
    [COLOR="red"]Navigation Bar[/COLOR]
    *Navbar toggle and Height/width options
    *Navigation bar tuner
    *Pixel navbar animation toggle
    *Ability to enable one handed mode
    *Ability to enabe double tap to sleep
    *longpress back to kill
    *configurable longpress back to kill timeout
    *Option to disable on secure lock
    *Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, torch, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)
    [COLOR="red"]Volume Rocker[/COLOR]
    *Volume keys control media volume
    *Volume key wake
    *Volume key music control
    *Volume key orientation swap
    *Volume key keyboard cursor control
    *Volume up and power action (screen record/selectable screenshot)
    *Volume down to enter do not disturb
    *Volume up to exit do not disturb
    *Do not disturb volume panel switch
    *Volume steps customization
    *expanded desktop options
    *option to enable/disable wake on plug
    *3 finger swipe for screenshot toggle
    *Battery and Notification LED controls
    [COLOR="red"]Media & Notifications[/COLOR]
    *Ability to turn off vibration when double tapping power button for camera
    *Power notification controls
    *Peeking notification option(on/off, timeout, snooze length)
    *low battery notification toggle
    *ability to enable app icon on toast
    *force enable or disable scrolling cache
    *incall vibration options

    Downloads & Changelog:

    Changelog: https://goo.gl/P8WBn3

    Current Release Download Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=73176283&postcount=10459

    Rom Builds: https://goo.gl/6If2bP

    Vendor Images(flashable by twrp image option): https://goo.gl/z7YfSc

    Nexus 5x AFH folder: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=43157

    Credits & Thanks:

    The Cheeky Bastards - Bajasur, Dwitherell, DaveyAnnihalation, Surge1223!!!
    The PureNexus Moderators - MicMars, Kris Nelson, Nathan Chance
    The PureNexus Beta and Themer groups
    The CyanogenMod Community
    Dirty Unicorns
    And all other open source Devs/Teams i may have missed!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][5X][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17], ROM for the LG Nexus 5X

    BeansTown106, dwitherell
    Source Code: https://github.com/PureNexusProject

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2017-07-25

    Created 2015-11-09
    Last Updated 2017-07-26
    Well after a bit of an absence while rebuilding the rom from scratch for 7.0 i am finally pleased to announce the return of PureNexus!!

    a couple things to note:
    *not all mods from marshmallow will be in the first build so be patient as i add your favorite mods, etc!
    *as of right now the rom only has substratum legacy support. will update to full blown substratum as the stability increases for N!
    *changelog doesnt display anything for this first build as all changes are listed on github/xda op, changelog will be back next release!

    ok, Lets get to the goodies!!

    10/10 PureNexus Bullhead Update is Live!!!

    Download Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=312978532265362983

    Updated Gapps Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224383656

    Updated Vendor image: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=457095661767100435

    As always if you like my work dont forget to hit that thanks button.
    Donations are always appreciated but never required, I am only posting the link for convenience, Donate link
    Useful Links:
    Detailed Installation instructions (By @nathanchance) http://goo.gl/6HbDp8
    Frequently Asked Questions (By @nathanchance) http://goo.gl/BdzZaH
    PureNexus User Signatures (By @malybru) http://goo.gl/eBJwEK
    New 7.1.1 Build!! this is a complete rebase, i rewrote the rom from scratch with 7.1.1

    change log might not look that big but a lot of work went into making sure everything is smooth and stable!!

    next release will focus on adding some more missing features from 6.0 but the main one theme-able battery's are now here

    OK, Lets get to the goodies!!

    12/15 Pure Nexus Bullhead Update is Live!!!

    Download Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224405810

    Gapps Download: https://goo.gl/idK1eL

    Gapps XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/gapps-dynamic-gapps-t3487192

    Updated Vendor image: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120693783

    Dont forget to check the changelog Changelog!!

    As always if you like my work dont forget to hit that thanks button.
    Donations are always appreciated but never required, I am only posting the link for convenience, Donate link
    Okay guys the time is here, finally 7.1.2 for purenexus officially released!!!

    a couple things to note:
    *the rom is now signed with private keys starting with 7.1.2 this is good for security purposes, but you will be required to clean flash this build, going forward you can dirty flash as long as it is an official release
    *i have removed the built in gapps for "nexus devices" i however will not respond to any bug reports using open gapps, use the newly made BeansGapps alongside purenexus for the best results!!
    *this release mostly is focused on stability and getting all the features from 7.1.1 into 7.1.2 without issues, next release will be geared towards going over the feature request section of the g+ community
    *with 7.1.2 google updated the radio and boot loader i suggest fast-booting those as well

    ok, Lets get to the goodies!!

    04/23 PureNexus Bullhead Update is Live!!!

    Download Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=457095661767156065

    BeansGapps Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=171925

    BeansGapps XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/gapps-dynamic-gapps-t3487192

    Vendor image: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298946249

    Dont forget to check the Changelog!!

    As always if you like my work dont forget to hit that thanks button.
    Donations are always appreciated but never required, I am only posting the link for convenience, Donate link