[ROM][6.0.1/5.1.1][DRF1] N910F Stock / De-Bloated ROM V5.7 - DeOdexed

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Welcome to the Stock De-bloating Project!
The mission of this project is to provide a ROM without extensive modifications, it provides a clean ROM for you to choose what you install on it.
It's simply De-Odexed, De-Bloated and rooted.

You are responsible for what you do to your device so please don't complain if something breaks or goes wrong. I'm here to help though :highfive:

Version 5.7 [UNTESTED]
This version is untested, meaning it might not even flash or boot.
Version 5.7 Changelog:
Based on N910FXXU1DRF1
Integrated updated Google Play-store v(11.6.18)

Firmware Information:
(PDA: N910FXXU1DRF1 CSC: N910FOXA1DRF1 CHANGELIST: 10100220 BUILD DATE: 08.06.2018)
(Android security patch level: 01.08.2017)

Download v5.7 ROM
[URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904010061"]V5.7b OTA [ Flash this after flashing the ROM ]


N910F Bootloader:

N910F Modem:

Magisk v17.1 [ ROOT ]


Installation Instructions:

N910F users update modem and bootloader from the links above
Make sure to have the latest version of TWRP installed

Download the ROM.zip and any bloatware that you want.
Move the files to the device and reboot into recovery mode
Flash the ROM.zip followed by any bloatware packages you downloaded.
Reboot into the system and go through the setup.
Reboot into recovery
Then flash the Magisk zip linked above for systemless root.
Reboot and enjoy :)

Don't report bugs until you have done a factory reset



Download v5 ROM
Download Fix (Flash this on top v5)

Full Un-Debloated Stock N910FXXU1DPE1 ROM (DeKNOXed, DeOdexed, Rooted)

I will not be providing any additional mods (Themes, etc.)
Installation instructions:
Please make sure you have updated your bootloader and modem to match the ROM's base.
Install the latest recovery (TWRP recommended)
Download the ROM.zip and any bloat-ware you choose and copy it your internal or external storage of the device
Wipe /System /Data /Cache /DalvikCache /AndroidSecure
Flash the ROM.zip and the bloat-ware
Reboot and wait for the ROM to boot, it may take a while after a clean install.

ROM information:
Based on N910FOXA1DPE1 firmware
Systemless Root - SuperSU Beta 2.72
BusyBox 1.24.2
Integrated updated Google Play-store v(6.7.07.E)
Integrated updated Google Web-view v(49.0.2623.105)
Integrated updated Google Play Services v(9.0.83)
Security Patch Level: 01 May 2016
CSC tweaks
Build.Prop Tweaks
Most Touchwiz Apps removed
Stock kernel

Xposed Framework:
Xposed Framework Download the attachment with 'ARM' and NOT 'ARM64' SDK23=Marshmallow SDK22=Lollipop and then flash the file.
Download the Xposed Installer APK from the attachment from this thread
Chainfire for SuperSU
Wanam and Rovo89 for Xposed Framework
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Older Versions

Download Version 1.1 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - COI3) and its bloatware:

Download Version 2 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - COJ3) and its bloatware:

Download Version 3.1 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - COK2) and its bloatware:

Download Version 4.1 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - COL3) and its bloatware:

Download Version 4.7 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - CPC1):

Full stock (Based on Android 5.1.1 - CPC1)

Download Version 4.8 (Based on Android 5.1.1 - CPC2):

Full stock (Based on Android 5.1.1 - CPC2)

Stock Debloated ROM V4.9 (Android 5.1.1 CPC5)

Full stock (Based on Android 5.1.1 - CPC5)
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Mar 26, 2015
Running flawlessly.
this is a REAL clean rom. Without all the junk apps from samsung. Exactly what I wanted :)))))

awesome ?


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Dec 1, 2010
Thank you for the rom. TW without bad apps from samsung. Exactly what I need

Edit: is it working with my gear S or I need to flash a bloatware?



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Feb 27, 2011
Thanks for this - maybe additionally you could provide a debloat-script which may be applied upon already existing COI installs?
hi I want ask somethink.the grids are 5×5 both ?works with coh4 bl and modem ?

Στάλθηκε από το SM-N910F μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk 2

There have been no modifications made, and I will not be providing any either, The instructions state that you must have the same bootloader and modem as the ROM base.
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Oct 15, 2012
You can change the CSC within the ROM by editing the options.prop.
Open the ROM.zip and open the file 'options.prop' and edit the CSC entry to your desired one.

THIS is from @_alexndr ROMs, right, my friend? :eek:

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