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Feb 13, 2012
Facebook app stopped working again, working on my zenfone 3 with stock rom!
I'll have to manually download every update via apk mirror to get it working?


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Oct 7, 2013
Facebook app stopped working again, working on my zenfone 3 with stock rom!
I'll have to manually download every update via apk mirror to get it working?
On Borets ROM we turned off automatic updates for it on the play store and let the app itself take care of the updates.

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    [ZE551ML / ZE550ML]



    1.Made the total transition to the 3-4 style ZenUI
    -Changed the QS
    -Changed the dialogue volume up(also added the street)
    -Changed the clock on the lock screen and the password entry screen(In the style of a Vertical clock to the center(add a little to the right of the vertical clock on the password entry screen appears after 2 restarts!))
    - Changed all gray to white so you can see better
    - Asuslauncher by Borets24
    -Changed the Blur settings
    - Master audio settings partially with Zen3 and files to It too
    - Wallpapers with Zen4 and Paralax Wallpapers
    - All fonts and sizes with Zen4
    -Shutdown dialog-style Zen3-4 and added a reboot into recovery
    - Alert dialog partially with ZenUI 3.5
    -Battery replaced with a battery from an Android P
    - Updated weather animation
    2.Changes in the settings
    -Made the transition to the style of the Oreo Nougat
    - Added "" (Called in any sub-item by swipe left to right)
    - Removed dividers
    - Items "Mobile networks", "modem Mode" in the main settings menu,but left in the item " More"
    - Added "startup" item, " User settings"
    -"Individual settings" - added Change DPI and Change Selinux
    - [offtop]added item for financial support me [/offtop]
    -Added "help" item firmware Update,by pressing on which you will spread to Google drive
    - Changed colors and shapes of switches
    - Changed fonts
    - Changed indents on the sides
    3.What is added to the"User settings" change these settings (only root)
    - Change network traffic(default on)
    per color
    (e) font Shadow
    -Change the picture in the header
    (a)background Style
    b) background Style (by type)
    C)the panel's background Color
    d) Transparency
    e) Animation
    (e)Blur effect
    e)Additional settings,which include setting your own image in the header
    4.From the rest
    - Added Mobile Manager at the request of testers
    - Now MAgisk is fully tested on cts profile(all banks, payment systems will work)
    -Installation of automatic MAgisk 16.0
    -Added a new messaging app from Asus and translated it ,because it was in Chinese
    - All apps in ZenUI 4.0 style
    - Added OmniSwitch
    All applications and services relevant to 18.03.18
    - Last core from Borets on March 9
    - Modifications to increase energy saving (sooooo can rarely be friezes)
    - Retouched booth animation
    - Took some components with ViperArice and integrated into AudioWizard and files
    -All colors and fonts with Zen4
    -Changed icons for settings ,systemui,system
    and the rest of the stuff and fixed all known bugs




    @Chainfire for Root
    @topjohnwu for Magisk and Xposed magisk
    And testers
    Asus team

    See you later Guy's - THIS IS THE END
    By @japh1997

    XDA:DevDB Information
    RussiaNBeaRReborn , ROM for the Asus ZenFone 2

    Russiamen, japh1997
    Source Code: http://nope

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Twrp 3.0.2-M1
    Based On: Stock Asus

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.0

    Created 2017-02-04
    Last Updated 2017-11-17
    New update is up!!!
    -After 2 weeks, I finally fixed nfc
    -Fixed battery drain ,more stable
    -Fixed gallery crash
    -Fixed calendar
    -Fixed Own Black Theme in QS
    -Asus Setup Wizard from ZF3
    -Now framework .223 deodexed !!!!!(no hotpost bug)
    -Now Rom Supports latest version magisk(v13 Snaphot)
    -Xposed 87.0
    -Sound from samsung
    -All system deodexed:)
    -Added Apn for operator "Yota"
    -Deleted some apps in /system
    -LP modem ,very stable !!
    -Added bootmanager
    -New modifications in /etc
    -More build.prop script
    -Autorun init.d scripts
    -New miniSupersu
    -Latest BoretsKernel thanks @BORETS24
    -Deleted Theme app,If you need it, just download from Play market
    -Magisk manager not preinstalled ,download from PM
    -And some other changes that I do not remember
    Download Unified Build
    Unforgettable to join our group in the telegram
    New version is up!
    Unfortunately the release of new versions of RBR postponed until better times,because recently I broke my "workhorse", to fix it it makes no sense,even though I tried,and on new money while is not present(Some will ask,and we can no longer continue working on the firmware?I answer-no,it's bloody uncomfortable.That is why so few of the changes this version brings,but they are very nice,I hope for understanding,but until I find the money for a new PC(never asked for anything,but if you want to support me I will be very happy),the firmware will not be updated,Changes firmware below
    -Added successive images in quick settings,edit them or you can put your custom settings in the header background
    -Worked to optimize the lag and increase battery life ,optimized Google services
    -Updated all apps to ZenUI 4.0
    -Back AsusSMS,but now ZenUI 4.0 style,but unfortunately,only in English ,able to translate was not(I think you already read why)
    -Added firmware chrome,files go,the Asus Audio Pod
    -Fixed some Wallpapers and added 1 more thing
    -The latest version of core Fighter and its launcher
    -Removed Google calculator,replaced with native,also removed RomControl
    -Significantly improved sound and picture quality in the camera(thanks to sinfony 3 and 4)
    -Fixed a bug with hang while the initial setup and the problem is not running the firmware,after installing it,the bug with incorrect display of the battery ,the departure of the interface under certain circumstances
    -Added script for more mount points
    New build is up!

    -Latest .223 framework
    -Removed XperiaKeyboard ,added GKeyboard
    -Auto device selection
    -Fixed battery drain
    -ZenUI 3.0 qs
    -New build.prop scripts
    -Modifications SystemUI and RBRConrol
    -Now deleted third-party SMS and used stock AsusMessage;)
    -Revert back AsusBrowser,calendar,AsusMusic and other;)
    -Deleted magisk and magisk app(If you need ,I will zip it)
    -Xposed 86.6(without magisk)
    -Latest busybox 1.26
    -Fix root trouble in some device
    -Now I'm using the latest kernel with BoretsRom,don't be surprised signature "ForBoretsRom"
    -Latest Black theme Theme ZenUI 3.0
    -Added support For Red ZenUI 3.0 Theme
    -And Moreeee....;)

    RBR v1.1
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