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Jun 10, 2017
I got some ROMs of MIUI 8 for OnePlus 3 on my old HDD:



Jun 10, 2017
Ok, I have decided to re-upload or mirror every MIUI 8 ROM for OnePlus 3 which I can provide. You can find and download them here: MIUI8-OnePlus3-Mirror-Host

You can find these ROMs there:

Since they are re-provided... If you are the creator of them and wishes to delete them, contact me here. I just thought it would be nice to re-provide them since every link is dead.
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    MIUI 8 for OnePlus 3


    Since the OP from this post is no longer active, I've decided to create a new thread. There are currently 9 different MIUI 8 builds for the OP3. Below is a description of each, where to download them, and potential bugs.

    Please read this entire post.

    MIUI 8 by Wuxianlin.
    There is 2 MIUI 8 ROM that develop by him, they are:
    MIUI 8 Port from Xiaomi Mi5.
    Has a MIUI camera. Doesn't include many features that the Chinese developer ROM includes. Definitely stable. Last build is "miui_OnePlus3_6.9.8_20160909_6.0.zip". You can find it here.
    MIUI 8 Patchrom version (Base on HydrogenOS).
    There are couple of features not working and bugs. No VoLTE on T-Mobile US (though some Jio users say it works), but it has Stock Camera and it seems to be fully working. Requires firmware 3.2.7 to work. Last build is "miui_A3000_wxl_6.11.1__6.0.zip". You can find it here.

    MIUI by Ry09iu
    Based on H2OS 2.5. Has MIUI camera and OOS camera. NO VoLTE, but everything seems to be working on build 6.11.1, but of course...YMMV. Requires firmware 3.2.7 to work Last build is "miui_oneplus3_6.11.1_z706hv8mhe_6.0.zip". You can find it here.

    MIUI by X_s
    Looks to be based on H2OS 2.0. I'm not running this ROM, so I can't say the features of it, has been modded by @mivv to add Google services, but my guess is it's similar to Wux and Ry09iu's builds. But with them all being Chinese, it's anyone's guess. Last build is "miui_oneplus3_xs_16.11.2_6.0_google.zip" You can find it here.

    MIUI 8 by 130 ***** 149.
    There are two MIUI 8 ROMs as well, they are:
    MIUI 8 Port from Xiaomi Mi5.
    Is based on MIUI Chinese developer ROM. Updates seemed to have stopped from this dev, so I don't recommend this build unless you absolutely need VoLTE. Only has the OP3 camera, and has issues with the flash while taking pictures. Latest build is "miui-oneplus3-6.10.8-6.0.zip". You can find it here.
    MIUI 8 Patchrom version.
    Uses CM as a base, so any CM bugs that exist, will exist here. Doesn't have VoLTE in the settings, but some users say it still works. Has both MIUI and CM cameras. Last build is "op3-6.10.8-6.0.zip". You can find it here.

    MIUI 8 by ycjeson.
    I haven't tested this ROM personally, so ymmv. Latest build is "[email protected]". You can find it here.

    MIUI 8 by erv99 (XDA).
    MIUI 8 base on Wuxianlin's Mi5 port and modded it into xiaomi.eu ROM. Has multilanguages and GAPPS preinstalled. Latest build is "MIUI.6.10.20..zip". You can find it here.

    MIUI 8 by laomms (XDA).
    MIUI 8 base on ycjeson's build and adds all Global MIUI Languages. I have never tested this ROM personally. Latest build is "OnePlus3_MIUI8_16.9.5 multilanguage". You can find it here.

    Thanks to @tomhtg90 for providing the summary of MIUI builds.

    - Root:
    You need to have root access on your Oneplus 3 to flash MIUI V8.
    - Battery:
    Charge your OnePlus3 85% so that you wont encounter any battery related problems while updating it.
    - Unlocked bootloader:
    You must have a unlocked bootloader on OnePlus 3 to flash this rom.
    - Recovery:
    You need a custom recovery like TWRP installed on your device.

    How to flash:
    - Download MIUI v8 for OnePlus 3 and place it in a folder which can be easily accessible on device internal storage.
    - Reboot into TWRP using button combination and make a nandroid backup. (Optional)
    - Wipe cache, system and data partitions.
    - Click on install and select MIUI v8 rom zip file and flash it.

    How to install GApps:
    Google apps installer v2 (apk):
    (Create Google account, reboot, remove Google account, reboot, create Google account again) thanks @kickassdave

    Tweaks and Tips:
    - Xposed for MIUI: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-xposed-miui-t3367634
    - Module for Xposed and MIUI: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xmiui-xposed-module-miui-7-tweaking-t3394130
    - SuperSU: http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu-stable

    I will do my best to keep this thread updated. Read the entire post before asking questions. Do not ask whether there are bugs, links to the latest build or any other questions that can easily be answered by reading. Asking for mirrors is ok, if you've read the thread first.
    Read the thread, it has VALUABLE information listed, that isn't in the OP. Do not ask a question until you read the thread! :)

    Lastly, Do not quote the OP!
    Update MIUI.6.10.20:
    - Improved system stability and performance (official miui.eu)
    - Now with Aroma Installer
    - Themes from China instead Global, give more choices

    Happy flashing!
    UPDATE Miui

    -root fixed
    -google service preinstalled
    -notif slider preinstalled
    -footej camera
    -xposed supporto
    NOTE: this build is based on stable build by xiaomy.eu so dont expect weekly updates

    Link: http://d-h.st/bLCB
    To XDA members,

    Due to to my work is overwhelming there is no more time for me to update and support for any bug repported.
    There still other developer build a new and update for MIUI in the future.

    You can check this link:
    update miui.6.10.13 Global (miui.eu):

    CHANGELOG (https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/6-10-13.35585/)

    Home screen
    Fix - Part of UI for deleting apps wasn't visible on light backgrounds (10-11)

    Fix - Face frame appeared when recording video in some cases (10-11)

    Optimization - Set start and end time for Read mode even when it's off (10-10)
    Optimization - Separate App lock from Privacy protection password (10-12)
    Fix - Music could be activated only in the Settings in some cases (10-11)

    Optimization - Bigger fonts in month view (10-11)
    Optimization - Holidays are marked in a more obvious way in the month view (10-11)

    Optimization - A switch in the settings for showing only quick notes (10-11)

    New - Added automated tasks in Security (10-11)