[ROM][6.0.1]Nseven [N910VVZW2CTI1][5/18/2022]

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i do not know if someone is working in this rom anymore but is working on n910v perfect (with wifi and data without note 4 turn hin self off)
only 2 roms working fine (becouse after N910VVRU2CQL1 n910v have many problems with wifi and data on custom roms lol)
thanks and happy new year everyone!!

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i do not know if someone is working in this rom anymore but is working on n910v perfect (with wifi and data without note 4 turn hin self off)
only 2 roms working fine (becouse after N910VVRU2CQL1 n910v have many problems with wifi and data on custom roms lol)
thanks and happy new year everyone!!


Jun 3, 2015
Santo Domingo
Mobile data causes freeze and shuts down RamKernel V6

Hello guys,

First of all, thanks for the great ROM!! I installed the ROM and at first Wifi wasn't working and mobile data was slow. I flashed the QB2 modem and the Xceed Kernel but that didn't work.

I then flashed RamKernel V6 which gave me Wifi. The ROM works great, it's fast and pretty stable. Unfortunately, I tested mobile data which works but the phone freezes and shuts off without warning. Once I turn mobile data off, the phone works great again.

Anyone else going through the same and were you able to find a fix?

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    Note 7 Port For Note 4 N910V

    - Based off of stock N910VVZW2CQB2 firmware
    These are International Roms With Verizon Added
    You will have to update your bootloader using @hsbadr method if your coming from Lollipop
    Thank you @hsbadr

    -Touchwiz Rom
    - Rooted
    - DeoDexed
    - Zip Aligned
    - Nougat Apps
    - Samsung Theme Store
    - My Verizon
    - VerizonVoiceMail
    - ScreenMirroring
    - Chromecast Mirroring Netflix
    - Nougat Features
    - Busybox
    - Xposed
    - Hotspot Tethering
    - De-Knoxed

    - I am not responsible if you brick your phone!! Flash at your own risk!!
    Or if you mess up your phone in anyway!!!!!!

    Must Be on N910VVRU2CPD1 Bootloader

    Please Read Carefully In Notes Below If your Testing Nseven Port
    I post these roms out of the goodness of my heart, Also
    because Verizon/Samsung does not like
    giving us the good updates, to the note 4 users. So please, if you can, support my work.
    Because Its all free.

    This Rom Supports Verizon

    1. Install Instructions
    2. Have at least 75% battery before flashing
    3. Download Nseven
    4. Put Nseven Rom on External SD Card
    5. Boot into TWRP
    6. Create Backup/Backup Everything even Internal SD Card
    7. Wipe All But External SD Card
    8. Flash N Seven in TWRP
    9. ReBoot
    Boot time 8 to 12 Mins

    Xposed Already in N Seven

    Flash in TWRP xposed framework arm found Here
    Then install xposed apk Here
    Xposed-Uninstaller Here

    Bugs/N Seven/Also Read Notes Below
    1. Brightness, The cause--->Always On Display Just Toggle Off
    2. Fingerprint
    3. N Seven Control Settings has Bugs
    4. Outdoor mode
    5. Problem with USB Connecting to PC Just dial *#0808# Select MTP + ADB

      Boot Animations
      Original White Samsung by gadget
      Note 4 Stock by gadget
      Google by gadget
      S7 Verizon
      Grace by gadget
      Grace V2 New by gadget
      More Here

      Modem Tars
      UnZip and Flash With Odin in AP

      CTI1 Newest
      With the permission of Xceed Kernel/@kairi_zeroblade<---Follow for Updates
      Already in Nseven Build2
      I Put this flashable Kernel together for Testing Battery Life below
      Xceed Kernel Working Great

      With the permission of @freeza /BeastMode ZeroL Kernel, we are able to test his kernel with Nseven Rom
      Hit his Thanks button:good:
      BeastMode ZeroL Kernel Working Great
      Tested by @Android.Ninja So Be sure to thank him for testing

      BeastMode V2 ZeroL Kernel Testing

      Just in case you lose root flash this

      Donating Is also much appreciated

      Rom Downloads
    6. Nseven Rom Newest CTI1 Firmware

      [URL="https://chevyrhoads.wixsite.com/nseven"]NsevenBuild 4.0 CQB2[COLOR="red"] Newest[/COLOR][/URL]

      Changelogs/Nseven 4.0 Notes

      [U][B]Notes N Seven Build4.0[/B][/U]
      I know you guys/gals been waiting, so here it is Build 4.0, @Android.Ninja is testing [COLOR="red"] still a working progress[/COLOR]. If your coming from NsevenBuild2CPL1 wipe everything expect data and External SD card. This way you won't have to restore all your apps. Note: Fixed Google Services FC on Boot, Changes alot of apps out. [COLOR="red"]Whole New framework, systemUI, and Settings[/COLOR]. Updated SuperSU, Dial Codes working. *#27663368378# Is ServiceMode.  [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2303905"]How to Enable Hidden Dial Codes[/URL] Wifi Bug (Grants permission to modify the device's open theme) Still working on.
      Upgraded to the new firmware N910VVZW2CQB2, Buildprop Changes, csc changes, SystemUI Changes, 4G Fixes, Stagefright Updated, Updated Permissions and Symlinks, And much More. Dont mess With Global mode in Settings. Mods files you can flash after Nseven Rom----> Font Mod, Custom Kernels only for Nseven. ForceDoze, Viper4 are Preinstalled.
      Also if you want GoogleNowSearch Linked to Home key, go into Nseven Settings/System Enhancement Settings/Custom Hardware Key Functions/ Disable all but Press HOME key functions. Use Search Buttom. Spen with Keyboard not working Just yet, but still looking into. Dont flash framework fixes from Build2 on Build4.0, Device maintenance 3 dead buttons, still working on
      For better Battery Life Flash a custom kernel. Give battery some time to settle in. VoiceWakeup is Working . If your using root explorer and want to change some things, make sure you MOUNT R/W
      People have Mentioned they have to look for fixes and its a task searching through posts, dont worry about that, just flash new rom and see if it works. If not PM me, Ill help if i can.
      CQA1 Modem ready for download above

      Notes N Seven Build2
      You will get google services has stopped on boot, just go through setup and go to settings/applications/google play services and enable all permissions

      Ported Nougat Apps Already in Nseven Thanks to @Albe95
      Nougat Beta Ported Apps


      [URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=312968873555009484"]Samsung 300+Font [/URL]
      Install font as normal apk
      [URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862694937"]4g Fix Nseven[/URL] [COLOR="red"]If you get 4G on boot, Do not flash 4G fix[/COLOR]
      [URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224412069"]GearManager_ClipboardUIService [/URL]  <--NsevenBuild2 only
      [URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120695603"]ForceDoze Mod[/URL]
      [URL="https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=313042859668276512"]Viper4DolbyMod [/URL]

      Older Downloads/Older Builds/Fixes
      All Downloads If Needed
    If you have problems with Netflix go to system/vendor/lib and delete "liboemcrypto.so then Reboot

    If anyone Can Help with Bug Fixes, It would be very much appreciated
    Anyone can Post your own fixes.
    If you have a fix, let me know, ill post in downloads above
    and write you in for credit.

    Thanks To
    @Albe95 @Gabri98 @Tigre09
    @Chainfire for SuperSU
    @xda community
    And anyone else I forgot to mention

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Nseven, ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    chevyrhoads, Android.Ninja
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: N910VVZW2CQB2
    Based On: Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: Nseven CQB2
    Stable Release Date: 2017-03-06

    Created 2016-08-06
    Last Updated 2017-03-09​
    I'm working on an update for Nseven but didn't want to give any release date because I dnt know when I'll have it completed. I'm also adding s8 apps and trying to fix some of the bugs. All in all I'm back working on it.
    Just wanted everyone to know a new build is coming. This time I went through every app and framework file....not saying it's perfect just saying it will be better. Hope everyone appreciates the time and effort I put into these roms ...it's not an easy thing to do. Thank you everyone who's been supporting my work on this and to make this rom even better....i haven't gave up...so don't give up on me...
    I know everyone was looking for a rom with no bugs...build 3 still has a lot I know. I'm still working out these bugs...and it's hard and a lot of time and work doing it. So please be patient and it will get there..personally I like build 3 if it wasn't getting so hot in my pocket...but for now I went back to build 2 till I get it working right. @sarasbud1 created only bug reports thread for the Nseven rom https://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-verizon/help/nseven-rom-chevyrhoads-t3558436

    The point of the thread is to pin point the bugs, research it and cut down on a lot of already answered questions
    I'll be working on this rom tonight....just been working long hours at work. Hope to have a new build soon

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