[ROM][6.0.1] Smoothified Stock ROM [Z00L, Z00E]

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Sep 4, 2014
work with latest firmware?

I have a ZE500KL (it's Z00ED, right?). I already updated my stock firmware via OTA. Now the build number is MM-13.1010.1612.53-20170202 and this rom is Can I flash it anyway to my phone? Or should I downgrade it first? Thanks


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Nov 3, 2017
Hi, I am using RR-N-v5.8.3-201707016-Z00L-Official version of the custom rom RR-N. I have been having some issues in this rom and the people in that forum have commented, after having a look at my issues, that my firmware is not properly updated. I have no recollection of what i did when i moved to a custom rom. So I am hoping that the people in this forum will guide me to update my firmware after switching to stock rom. I am not sure if the baseband version is same as that of the firmware version and the corresponding number to it is 2025101_11.1.0_160509.

Any help related to the latest firmware updation along with other driver files etc etc related to the Z00L and the steps required would be very much appreciated


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Nov 4, 2016
Does this ROM support VoLTE? Somebody please confirm. If it doesn't will flashing the modem file from this link work?

***Edit: VoLTE works after flashing the modem file from above link. I am on Z00L.
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Nov 15, 2018
Play store

Hello i just flashed this rom and my google play store isn't working. It is loading and all but just doesn't download. I was wondering if there's a fix for it or is it not working because of debloation?


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Jan 2, 2019
I can be your ZOOT tester

I have a ZD551KL which is a 3gb ram variant of the zenfone 2 selfie. After updating to official 6.0.1 i do feel the bloatware was too much. Hope that the zoot gets developed

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    Update: This ROM requires MM firmware. If you never upgraded to ASUS official MM using the ota or zip from ASUS website, the ROM will not boot on your device. All variants have received MM update as of now except ZE500KG. ZE550KG users can use ZE500KL 's MM OTA to upgrade to MM.
    • What is Smoothified Stock ROM?
      > Its the deodexed, debloated, zipaligned and pre-rooted form of the official asus firmware.
    • What are the benefits?
      > The ROM is derived from stock, hence stable. It is debloated, deodexed and zipaligned, hence FASTER than pure Asus ROM. You will get more free RAM, I expect more than 50% of free RAM when phone is idle.
    • Which devices are supported?
    All variants of Zenfone 2 Laser and Selfie
    • ZE500KL
    • ZE500KG
    • ZE550KL
    • ZE600KL
    • ZE550KG
    If there are any other devices similar to Z00L, (like Zenfone Max) they might be supported as well
    • ZE551KL
    • ZE601KL
    • ZD551KL (Selfie)
      Note: ROM for Z00T group is removed temporarily since many users reported bootloops. Will be updated as I get time.
    • How to flash?
      > You need unlocked bootloader and TWRP installed on your device
      > Download the correct ROM file as per your device group
      > Put the .zip file in your external sdcard.
      > Reboot your phone to "Recovery Mode". [Vol down + Power]
      > Wipe cache, dalvik cache and factory reset your device. Wipe system if you had custom ROM installed Try without wiping system first. Wipe system only if it doesn't boot.
      > Select the zip file to install.
      > Reboot device. First reboot may take upto 30 min. If it takes more than this, don't use the ROM, comment your device details-
      -Did you ever upgraded to MM using the office ASUS ota or zip file from ASUS website ?
      - Your SKU:
      - If possible, provide your system partition size:
      -Prevous ROM
      -Device model and SoC:
    • Any issues?
      > Mention your device model, chipset (eg MSM8916, MSM8939, etc), SKU, TWRP version, previous ROM and what you wiped.
      > Any issues reported without above info will be ignored
      > Don't pm your issues, post it here
      > Currently, headphone doesn't detect for an variant. You can use SoundAbout app from playstore as a temporary fix.
      I am trying hard to fix this.
      Update : As per my current findings, I have concluded the issue is due to make_ext4 binary which doesn't retain all sysmlinks from stock system.new.dat. I am trying different versions of the binary to test if this fixes the issue
    Edit (19 July) : I am extremely busy. I will provide updates only if it fixes headphone issue. Z00T users, I am sorry I can't provide a working build until I get a Z00T device or an active tester.
    Last 8 digits comprise date in ddmmyyyy format

    @SuperR. - For his flawless tool
    @xpirt - for his write up on sparse dat compression and decompression
    @Chainfire - for SuperSU v2.65
    @shakalaca - for pre-rooted ZE550KL system.img
    And ofcourse all contributors of SuperR's kitchen

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Optimised Stock MM, ROM for the Zenfone 2 Laser

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader, TWRP 3.x.x
    Based On: Asus official 6.0.1 firmware

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-06-23
    Last Updated 2016-07-04
    23 June, 2016-
    Initial release with Z00E and L
    04 July, 2016-
    1. First build for Z00T group
    2. Perm type changed to metadata from sparsedat
    07 July, 2016
    1. New build for Z00T using ZE551KL stock MM ROM
    2. Back to sparse dat (will never use metadata again :p)
    3. Removed redundant apks
    Thanks everyone for trying the ROM for Z00T. I was too busy to provide an update. I looked into the issue and apparently, all Z00T users who are coming from cm13 are facing bootloops after flashing any kind of stock ROM (pre-rooted, or pure, or any modified version of stock). I will add my smoothified stock rom's system.new.dat to back2stock package. I am pretty sure this will fix the bootloop and you will be able to boot into smoothified rom :D . This will take a day. Thanks for your patience.You don't need to try the current Z00T ROM since it is causing bootloop. Its really difficult to build for a device that I don't own or have access to. But I will try my best to give you the best performing stock ROM. Thanks for understanding.
    I got my boot loader unlocked and flashed my Z00L ROM. It's doing great! There are few ASUS apps that are left redundant in /system (apks exist but apps are not installed) I will can remove more apps and shrink the ROM size further.
    I need a quick feedback. Does anyone uses asus theme app? I was thinking to remove it as well.
    No offense but, this is not a custom ROM. Read the title and the first line of OP.

    > Its the deodexed, debloated, zipaligned and pre-rooted form of the OFFICIAL ASUS FIRMWARE.

    I read it, still it's a flashable rom which is pre-rooted which ultimately allows some customization. This is a stock based ROM that I already know, but something better than the Stock Rom is always appreciated.