[ROM] [6.0.1] Unofficial Sandstrangers LineageOS13 - JiaYu S3 [MT6752]

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Feb 4, 2010
In few days RR, Lineage 14.1 and AICP 12.1 were updated.... Will be Lineage 13.1 the next ROM to update?
We would like..... We need It....

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Feb 4, 2010
Hi @sandstranger
We know you are implementing the new Android 15 but We see you are updating AICP, Lineage and RR in 7.1.2
Could you update the Lineage13.1?
I think the Lineage13.1 is the only ROM without BT outages, Good battery state, It dont have any lag with Antutu 50.000
For us is perfect but now is not updated with last Android patches like Blueborn original Krack for example
We would like a New update with new 5th octubre Google patch
What do you think? Is It possible?
We are happy with the new Oreo in the future, but We know that will be a beta version . Then, you will have install the fixes, corrections, etc... A long time is required in order to publish a Good ROM and We need now a ROM without issues, like Lineage13.1. You know I am a great fan you and Mad team and I request you the Lineage13.1 update in a lot of times

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    LineageOS (CyanogenMod 13 formerly) is a free, community built distribution of Android 6.0.1 (MarshMallow) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

    This is the unofficial Build of LineageOS (CM13) for Jiayu S3 (advanced and basic, not S3 plus), with MT6752 SoC.


     * Your warranty is now void.
     * We aren't responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

    What's not working:

    1. Add NTFS support;
    2. Improve HDR in Camera.
    Install notes:
    Please, make full wipes or get bootloop.

    Based on The M.A.D Team device tree.


    Сheck downloads tab.

    Thanks to:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] [6.0.1] Unofficial Sandstrangers LineageOS13 - JiaYu S3 [MT6752], ROM for the JiaYu S3

    Borizzz, sandstranger, Verevka, superdragonpt, DerTeufel1980, fire855
    Source Code: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android/tree/cm-13.0

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP for MM from The M.A.D. Team
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: MOB31T
    Stable Release Date: 2017-07-18
    Current Beta Version: MOB31T
    Beta Release Date: 2017-03-13

    Created 2018-03-02
    Last Updated 2018-05-03

    18.07.2017 Final1 v5:
    • PCM32 fully working now;
    • Full 48kHz support;
    • AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM fully working now.
    17.07.2017 Final1 v4:
    • Android Security Patch Level: July 2017;
    • Synced last LineageOS13 sources;
    • Kernel 3.10.107 included;
    • Fixed hangs due to lmk.
    02.07.2017 Final1 v3:
    • Now DRM should work.
    01.07.2017 Final1 v2:
    • ROM built with dexpreopt support, so ROM now boots almost momentally, 10-15 seconds in fact. Keep in mind, xposed isn't compatible with dexpreopt;
    • Small bugs fixes.
    25.06.2017 Final1 *REUPLOAD*:
    • Rolled out network commits in Kernel, maybe network apps should work stable now.
    22.06.2017 Final1:
    • Updated codecs;
    • Fixed sound glitches;
    • Updated modem to 2016/04/18
    19.06.2017 Final *REUPLOAD*:
    • Fixed f2fs mounting;
    • Included busybox from LineageOS repo;
    • Added TWRP 3.1.1 which can fully handle f2fs, so, @sandstrangers LineageOS13 is the only ROM for JiaYu S3 which can work fully and properly with f2fs.
    19.06.2017 Final:
    • Synced last LineageOS13 sources;
    • Kernel updated to 3.10.106;
    • Android security patch level: 01.06.2017
    • Added f2fs support from extra fresh drivers;
    • Fixed hang with zram turned on;
    • Some other system hanging fixed;
    • Improved WiFi Hostspot support;
    • Some problems with netd fixed;
    • Some fixes for BT;
    • Updated binder drivers in Kernel;
    • No more fake NVRAM error;
    • Updated toolchain for Kernel build;
    • Some other fixes.
    08.06.2017 Prefinal 0.4:
    • Zram, zsmalloc & some other stuff backported from Kernel 4.1;
    • Low memory killer in Kernel updated;
    • Modem replaced, Wifi should work fine;
    • Some other fixes;
    • Sdcardfs turned off by default, it you want, turn it on in build.prop manually;
    • Fixed 40% battery drop.
    08.06.2017 Prefinal 0.3.1:
    • Upstream sdcardfs support from Android 7;
    • Fixed error with hanging when creating/copying files on external SDcard with sdcardfs.
    08.06.2017 Prefinal 0.3:
    • Android Security Patch Level: 01.06.2017
    • Fixed WiFi AP errors;
    • Added missed build packets like dhcpcd;
    • Security updates in Kernel;
    • Added sdcardfs support;
    • Fuse replaced by sdcardfs;
    • Bootanimation multithreading.
    04.06.2017 Prefinal 0.2:
    • Modem updated from madOS 7.1.2;
    • Improved ROM boot speed;
    • Improved bootanimation;
    • Improved GUI speed.
    30.05.2017 Prefinal 0.1:
    • Modem rolled out due to troubles;
    • Improved battery consumption and performance in ramdisk.
    29.05.2017 Prefinal:
    • All BT and audiohal changes rolled out;
    • Other modem is used now;
    • Updated ext4 & exfat drivers in Kernel;
    • Audio configs are taken from Sony C4.
    27.05.2017 Stable8:
    • Synced last LineageOS13 sources;
    • Android Security Patch Level: 01.05.2017;
    • Audio drivers updated to Android 6;
    • BT drivers updated to Android 6;
    • Greatly improved VPN;
    • More than 70 new backports in Kernel;
    • Now you can switch doubletap from Powermenu instead of selfwritten java function;
    • Improved egl in ROM.
    23.05.2017 Stable7.3.1:
    • Fixed problems with BT enabling;
    • Audio hal is taken from Sony C4 Dual.
    21.05.2017 Stable7.3:
    • Doubletap now can be switched off from Settings;
    • Different fixes in Kernel;
    • Using of other RIL libs;
    • Fixed bug with wrong call counter displaying.
    06.05.2017 Stable7.2 fixed:
    • Fixed problem with r00t;
    • Multiwindow mode is back.
    06.05.2017 Stable7.2:
    • Kernel compiled with gcc5.4;
    • Sound frequency 48kHz used now;
    • BT configs updated from Android N;
    • Now LineageOS13 use other modem;
    • BT vendor is cleaned from trash.
    03.05.2017 Stable7.1:
    • Synced last LineageOS13 sources, probably, last time - LineageOS13 developers slow down its development;
    • BT MM drivers rolled out. If you want nice working BT, try to use 900Mhz modem (from NewUI 20151407 - Modem 5.1 v39p8 + BT + 4g.zip), this solves most of issues;
    • BG processes limit removed;
    • MTK updates for Kernel 3.10 included;
    • Android Security Level 01.05.2017;
    • Different problems with FMRadio fixed.
    02.05.2017 Stable7:
    • BT drivers updated to Android MM (so, now only noise in headset while talking, this can't be done nor with current MM nor with N drivers due to obsolete official support);
    • Other small fixes.
    29.04.2017 Stable6:
    • Wifi work improved;
    • Power profile updated;
    • Improved codec work;
    • Video recording fix (previously video recording starts from 2nd time);
    • Other media improvements;
    • Charge current now is 1000mAh max as it was before.
    22.04.2017 Stable5.1:
    • Applications FC fixed (fixed issues with openssl, so, all apps, which uses openssl, now should work OK);
    • All graphic drivers, except mali, now compiled from sources;
    • Libgralloc_extra sources updated.
    19.04.2017 Stable5:
    • Kernel updated;
    • Killer feature - fully working camera drivers from Xtreme 5.1.1 ROM, so camera now shoots like in Android 5. Now we have plans to greatly improve camera, who knows, maybe like in KK?);
    • WiFi drivers updated;
    • Ramdisk updated;
    • Mtk_agpsd fully working now.
    15.04.2017 Stable4:
    • Kernel updated with more than 300 backports;
    • Alarm in off state now working;
    • Thunderquake engine implemented in Kernel, so vibro frequency now works;
    • Wifi patch from danielhk rolled out;
    • Improved sleep mode;
    • UniqueDeviceId & PersistentStorage implemented;
    • Android Security Level 01.04.2017;
    • Synced last LineageOS13 sources.
    01.04.2017 Stable3:
    • Reverted back camera libs from XtremeROM, this solve camera problems in external apps;
    • Improved GUI performance;
    • Many fixes in Kernel;
    • Limit background processes to 5, this need to lower energy consumption;
    • Fixed some security vulnerabilities in Kernel;
    • Added WiFi Display;
    • Android Security Patch Level: 01.03.2017;
    • Cleaned from trash vendor, more binaries are compiled;
    • Now all VPN should work;
    • Power lib is taken from xen0n
    • Improved Doze mode;
    • mtk-kpd now parsed without errors and working.
    26.03.2017 Stable2:
    • Fixed LiveDisplay lags;
    • Fixed security vulnerabilities in Kernel;
    • Some other fixes in Kernel;
    • Updated drm libraries;
    • H264 codec is back;
    • Updated videocodecs alsps 7.0
    • WiFi now skip empty SSIDs;
    • Fixed FMRadio - no more lags, drivers are taken from Lenovo;
    • Fixed Hall sensor by The M.A.D. Team stuff;
    • Added first steps to include SmartWake support, but it isn't working yet;
    • Doze mode is working!
    • Added LED lights menu;
    • Added onscreen buttons;
    • Energy consumption optimizations;
    • Updated ril libraries;
    • Added sensors calibration in engineering menu;
    • YGPS included;
    • Fixed modem mode for BT;
    • Camera now records using software codecs;
    • Open source drivers for lights, cci_lib;
    • Synced last LineageOS sources;
    • If you're experiencing camera issues in WhatsApp or similar apps - flash this patch;
    • Some other stuff we forgot to mention.
    15.03.2017 Stable1.1:

    • Fixed buttons vibro, thanks romkit;
    • Kernel rebuild with uid_cpu_time support;
    • WiFi 5Ghz fixed, thanks to DeckerSu;
    • Added selection of WiFi 5Ghz in WiFi menu.
    15.03.2017 Stable1:

    14.03.2017 Stable:

    • Updated drm libs;
    • BT fixed, headset now working, calls now working;
    • Audio configs are taken from Lenovo;
    • Fixed FMRadio;
    • Engineering mode:
      • Changing BT now works;
      • You can edit cell frequencies only on SIM1;
    Release Candidates:
    13.03.2017 RC6:
    • Sources updated to android6_r79 (MOB31T);
    • Android Security Level: February 2017;
    • This build is user now, so no internal root, you must root this ROM manually;
    • Youtube now uses vp9 codecs, thanks to DeckerSU;
    • Fixed h264 codec, thanks to DeckerSu;
    • Fixed using only hardware codecs in system;
    • Kernel rebuilt with gcc 4.9.4;
    • Camera drivers used from TF Android Xtreme 5.1, we've almost get rid of M.A.D Team vendor;
    • Removed Lenovo charging flags from Kernel;
    • WiFi AP fix backported from Android 7 tree;
    • Improved fakeiccid from ferhungmtk.
    08.03.2017 RC5:
    • Kernel updated to 3.10.105;
    • Kernel now supports bfq mode;
    • Kernel now supports sockets killing;
    • Hall sensor now works!
    • Custom power library for mtk;
    • Greatly improved ril, but LTE bug still exists, dunno how to fix it (
    • Initial support of FMRadio;
    • Implemented mtk color support;
    • Fixed wrong battery voltage displaying;
    • Kernel now supports exfat;
    • Other improvements;
    • Synced last ROM sources.
    23.02.2017 RC4:
    • Optimized energy consumption;
    • Synced last firmware sources;
    • Youtube now uses only hardware codecs;
    • Fixed BT headset bugs;
    • Other improvements.
    13.02.2017 RC3.1:
    • Device tree cleaned from prebuilt stuff, most libs are compiled from sources;
    • Fixed vibro problems, but vibro on hardware buttons still don't work. Added submenu in Sounds menu where you can set vibro strength;
    • Fixed RC3 regressions - missing IMEI and lags.
    12.02.2017 RC3:
    • Synced last firmware sources;
    • Torch is working now;
    • Probably fixed device hangs when plugging headset;
    • Fixed third-party cameras work;
    • Only hardware video decoder used during video recording;
    • Removed camera libs from The M.A.D. Team;
    • Updated camera libs;
    • Deleted plenty of prebuilt binaries and libs;
    • Probably found battery drain - deleted logd;
    • Kernel rebuilt with plasma mobile config.
    09.02.2017 RC2:
    • Synced last LineageOS sources (android6_r78);
    • Gyroscope is working now!
    • Android security updates - January 2017;
    • The M.A.D Team BT fixes rolled out - we're using Android 6 Kernel, so don't need those fixes;
    • Updated BT & audio configs;
    • Wpasupplicant now compiled from sources;
    • First steps to support plasma mobile (kubuntu with ability to launch linux & android apps).
    31.01.2017 RC1.1:
    • All sensors are working now except gyroscope. Most likely gyroscope will never work on this ROM, because sensors blob from Android MM was built without gyroscope support and we don't have sources for this library. If you in need of gyroscope you shouldn't use this ROM;
    • Removed unnecessary to network things from Kernel;
    • MTK codecs updated to Android MM, cleaned trash from codec libs from Android LP;
    • FC in SpecialForcesGroup2 fixed;
    • Xposed most likely don't supported but you can try;
    • Zram added back in Kernel. Drive disabled by default. You can enable Zram from Kernel auditor.
    27.01.2017 RC1.01:
    • Synced last LineageOS sources;
    • Reverted root out-of-the-box and apps multiwindow, so ROM is userdebug again, also this was made: http://lineageos.org/Update-and-Build-Prep/. I can't find any differences between userdebug and user builds;
    • Updated nvram blobs;
    • Updated sepolicy;
    • Kernel build with TTL support and other features for network;
    • Included feature "Disable internet sharing restrictions";
    • Removed menu WiFI Dsiplay in engineering mode because activity sources for this feature are absent, so engineering mode is fully working now.
    25.01.2017 RC1:
    • All libem libraries are updated to Android MM, all drivers, vendor libraries, which were possible to update now from Android MM. Only camera libs and couple of other are from Android LP. This is the most close to the official Android MM build of LineageOS13/CM13 build for JiaYu S3.
    24.01.2017 beta5:
    • Fixed screen flickering on low brightness values;
    • Fixed BT in engineering menu - now it works;
    • Improved Doze mode from M.A.D. Team;
    • Changed default cpu governor to pegasusq, scheduler to FIOS in ramdisk;
    • Improved pegasusq governor;
    • Now ROM is legacy build for using OTA in future;
    • Updated rest RIL-libraries;
    • Improved BT (based on M.A.D. Team improvements);
    • Lights, bt-vendor & BT-drives updated to Android MM;
    • Various other improvements.
    22.01.2017 beta4.11:
    • Kernel rebuilded with gcc5.3, it's better optimized for arm than gss4.9;
    • Kernel rebuilded without zram (consumes battery, not necessary on 3Gb RAM device);
    • User firmware (no root for example) instead of userdebug;
    • Compiled from sources liblighst;
    • Removed M.A.D Team fmradio, it should be compiled from sources;
    • Included xen0ns commits for Vold, hardware-legacy and tinyals repos.
    21.01.2017 beta4.10:
    • Synced updated LineageOS sources;
    • RIL libs replaced by Zormax project, it should be better with cell.network, but, maybe, this is placebo. Although, never had any LTE disconnections;
    • Fixed bug with operator name;
    • ROOT removed from ROM, you should install SuperSU, next builds will be user instead of userdebug.
    14.01.2017 beta4.9:
    • Kernel updated from 3.10.102 to 3.10.104;
    • Fixed battery drain;
    • Headset icon now displays in statusbar;
    • Mtkplayer now compiled from sources.
    10.01.2017 beta4.8:
    • Unity-based games are working now;
    • Working audio changing in engineering menu;
    • Fixed camera hangs in HDR mode;
    • Audio drivers and sensor drivers taken from Lenovo;
    • Fixed light sensor;
    • Updated LineageOS sources;
    04.12.2016 beta4.7:
    • Fixed sensors like gyroscope etc;
    • More libs are taken from Lenovo.
    02.01.2016 beta4.6:
    • DRM libs are taken from Lenovo;
    • LineageOS sources updated;
    • Fixed rear camera video recording.
    31.12.2016 beta4:
    • Moved to LineageOS sources;
    • Added Engineering menu based on Zormax sources (bt, wifi, audio don't works);
    • YGPS added;
    • Both cameras are working, but can't take HDR photos;
    • Added wheatley in Kernel.
    22.12.2016 beta3:
    • libstport.so no more needed - almost all system libs are taken from Lenovo device tree, which based on MM;
    • Fixed hardware video decoding;
    • Fixed playing video in browser.
    18.12.2016 beta2:
    • Moved to Lenovo Kernel v.3.10.102 with modified sources;
    • Ported governors fiops & pegasusq in Kernel;
    • Updated graphics drivers in Kernel & in userspace from r5 till r7.2;
    • Hw libraries from Lenovo;
    • Camera libs taken from Lenovo but they aren't working yet;
    • Audio libraries updated from M.A.D. Team Android 7;
    • libui_ext & libgui_ext also taken from Lenovo;
    • CM13 sources updated;
    • Security updates from December, 2016;
    • Camera don't working, FMRadio don't working, will be fixed later;
    • Removed libandroid_runtime.so workaround (libandroid_runtime.so now compiled from sources).
    10.12.2016 beta1:
    • Custom Kernel, builded with gcc 4.9;
    • Fixed fc in Notification area when adding new QS;
    • Fixed fc when playing video in browser;
    • Add NTFS support;
    • Add NFS (Network File Systems) support;
    • Removed zram;
    • FMRadio fixed with @superdragonpt support;
    • WiFi & BT in Hotspot mode are working now;
    04.12.2016 beta:
    • Synced newest sources from android_r74;
    • Removed all native libs from Maximum rom;
    • Fixed bootanimation lags;
    • SIM cards fully working now;
    • Working incoming calls;
    • Working 4G;
    • Critical bugs fixed;
    • Removed awful MTK debugger hanging apps on start;
    We released new Kernel for LineageOS13 Stable5:
    • All issues with BT and other stuff are fixed;
    • In Kernel max charge speed now 1700mAh like in M.A.D Kernel;
    • Kernel rebuilt with gcc 4.9;
    • Added 10 new backports into Kernel.
    Install note:
    You should hard reset your phone after Kernel flashing or you didn't notice any fixes.

    From Downloads tab.
    Final1 released today.

    Also Kernel with fastcharge added to Downloads. Use this for tuning.

    List of changes can be found at 2nd post of this thread.
    Download ROM & TWRP from Downloads tab.
    First Release Candidate is out. Check chagelog first. You can get it from Downloads section.