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[ROM][6.0.1][VoLTE] AOKP Marshmallow 6.0.1 For LeEco LeMax 2 [Dolby/VIperFX]

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Aug 16, 2010
The installed clock app crashes on load. I disabled it as installed a new clock add alarm app. How do I set this as the default time app?


Feb 21, 2015


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May 25, 2014
Lucera (FG)
Anyone could help me with the battery? It not seems very good :/ (clean flash)


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Dec 27, 2010
Herceg Novi
Camera is weird, takes more time to snap a photo... other camera (with round icon) doesn't work at all, just shows black screen forever.
Any way to enable on-screen buttons and disable hardware ones?
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Oct 20, 2015
Please explain to me what I need to do to enable Google Camera.
the video appears to record fine, but no video saves.
I can get the camera working, but after a few restarts, it reverts back to not saving videos.

I tried to wipe System, Data, Cache - dalvik.
installed rom.
installed gapps arm64 6.0 mini.
restarted phone.
no working google camera.
so i returned to twrp
installed Camera2 patch.
I also tried without camera2 patch, and just enabling leeco camera2 api.

I can get google camera to work flawlessly for a few resets, but it eventually always reverts back to not saving video.

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i would just return to mokee.
i can get google camera 2 working fine there.

but the battery charge speed on this rom is said to be impressive.

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    ROM:[x82X][6.0.1] AOKP Marshmallow Unofficial [VoLTE][ROOT][ViperFX/DolbyAtmos]
    If you are looking for AOKP Nougat, please go to this thread.
    Description: Full working, very stable, power save and smooth CM-based ROM with many extended settings, great performance, camera like stock, fingerprint work in all application, VoLTE support, QC3.0
    LastBuild: 20170710
    Download: link
    Maintainer: @andr68rus
    Sources & Device Tree: @Tortel, @cr3pt, @andr68rus (based on LineageOS dev tree sources):

    1. Backup your current ROM
    2. Download the rom aokp_x2_mm_unofficial_xxxxxx.zip file
    3. Move to phone
    4. Reboot the phone in recovery [TWRP]
    5. Wipe: "System, Cache, Dalvik, Data"
    6. Install -> aokp_x2_mm_unofficial_xxxxxx.zip
    7. Reboot


    CAMERA2API: Use Settings -> "LeEco Extras Setting" to enable/disable it (no need reboot).
    GAPPS (does not included) : http://opengapps.org/ arm64 -> 6.0 -> Minumum required ( Pico )
    GPS QCOM IZAT Service: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsaXJzNmtHZGJ4UWM (can be installed wia TWRP, do it after finish google setup wizard).
    Sound settings/Viperfx:
    1. For now ViperFX & Dolby Atmos are included in the ROM
    2. I recomend turn on speaker optimisation in viperfx and configure your dolby atmos. This will give you very good sound.
    LeTVRemoteControl Now included in the ROM
    Now included in the ROM. This is stock LeTVCamera, JUST for testing, panoramic does not work, and some other issues, ASIS. To make it work you need go to Settings-> Apps -> Camera and give permission, also Settings->LeEco Extras and enable camera2api.
    16 Mar 2017:
    - First build
    25 Mar 2017:
    - Mokee Kernel
    - Small fixes
    19 Jule 2017:
    * Added ViperFX, DolbyAtmos for LeMax2. No need to install divinebeats now.
    * Prebuild sound driver
    * Fixed voice calls sound
    * Camera fixed, Leeco camera work (after permission set), Camera2Api switch
    * Update signature
    * Last AOKP sources, CVE 1 may 2017

    PS. Guys, sorry if I does not answer on some questions. I have many pm on few forums, and can lose your message or forgot to answer.
    The OP isn't a developer, he just re-posting roms developed and posted on Chinese rom dumps, this rom, his last rom, his multi rom tool. Normally under this id I stay quiet but after watching hundreds of requests and questions go unanswered I feel obligated to let people know you're basically on you're own for support and you'll need to solve your own issues, request help from within the XDA community, or search for "Max2 X820 AOKP" Author moonlight who actually maintains this and got 0 credit from OP
    Dont like to talk with trolls, but I will answer:
    Out of respect for the author of the topic and many-many his free time spended with this projects, at least read header of the topic, and try to understand it, before crap here.
    1. All my rom build from sources (of course if you know what is this), some modules (e.g. LePref) writen by me completly.
    2. For all my rom I use as base lineage device tree (in which develop i participate to) with my own modifications, all sources is open, and can be found in first post RR, AOKP: https://github.com/andr68rus/ . Multirom: https://github.com/multirom-x2/. In RR thread you can see big changelog my working on device tree, also I am OFFICIAL maintainer of RR-M for le max 2. AOKP based on all lineageos/my developments from RR device tree.
    3. I dont look at chinese forum and dont use anothers rom from its. If I use something, I am specify feature author, and you "chinese forum friends" are out of this list.
    4. I see topics of your "chinese forum friends": 1. They does not release their device tree sources. 2. They ROMs have the same bugs, that have LOS, so, I'm sure, that THEY use LinegeOS x2 device tree sources and I does not see there in credits @Tortel, @cr3pt, and other guys who spend may their time to make this device tree work.
    Heres his multirom tool, all he did was remove unsupported devices check, https://www.xda-developers.com/install-use-multirom-xdatv/
    I see you are expert of multirom porting, may you be need also read first post of the topic and understand how multirom work and what parts does it consist of, before writing rubbish. I will tell you a secret: it consist of mr-twrp and multirom.zip besided MultiromMGR (which is optional). How do you think, where MultiromMGR get mr-twrp and multirom.zip for unsupported device? Another secret: it build from sources and need to make special device tree ( my tree here: https://github.com/multirom-x2/android_device_leeco_x2 ).
    I consider the question completly exhaustive.
    Guys, here new test build of AOKP-M: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsaDM2SnQ0TTlTOEU
    + VoLTE must working now ( thanks @shivatejapeddi )
    + ROM compiled with Mokee Kernel
    * With Mokee kernel It does not work in Multiboot as Internal OS as I try).
    So please check heating, videorecording and battery. You reports will be usefull.
    Due to the wishes of users I decide to resume AOKP 6.0.1 Marshmallow Unofficial maintain for Le Max 2.
    This thread for now ONLY for Marshmallow AOKP. For AOKP-N go to this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/development/aokp-7-1-2-official-nightly-leeco-le-t3621810
    * Most stable cm based ROM
    * Camera like stock
    * Fingerprint work with all application
    * VoLTE
    * QC3.0 support
    * Good sound with viperfx
    * Great performance

    Last stable build: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsN3Z0QzBORnliNm8

    Last test build from 07092017 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2l1xmYBAzsRmE4aHpoSkNHRXc
    (Ambient display temporarily disabled, last sources, CVE 05012017)

    * Fix some sound issues
    * Integrate clean dolby & viperfx
    * Update signature
    * Pick major changes from nougat device trees
    This is AOKP ROM, you are welcome to test it ;)
    In the next 3 days I will be busy, then I continue with this ROM. I think next week we make work VoLTE & WiFi Calling, I have some ideas how to do it (but no time for now).