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Oct 3, 2014
Whenever I restart or power off my phone it stucks at Bootloader. Then I have to repeat the whole process of updating the ROM and then my phone boots up. I have tried formatting my phone and flashed the ROM but nothing changed. If you guys have any solutions than help me. Thank you.


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Sep 18, 2015
The CyanogenMod File Manager need SuperUser permission when access my external sdcard, but in the config i set super user mode and i can't access the sdcard from CM File Manager. i test another apps and work fine! what to do?


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Jan 22, 2017
Sorry if this was already asked, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone link me the latest official Marshmallow RR build? Thank you :)


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Jun 19, 2014
New Delhi
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 8 Pro
Sorry if this was already asked, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone link me the latest official Marshmallow RR build? Thank you :)

See post #1580 @Wolfcity has posted the mirror link to the latest RR MM build [5.7.4].
If you feel lazy here you go:-
1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0WGdtNWubBJT1prSGx3SHJXclU/view
2. https://mega.nz/#!VgNUWbZY!SHOjNco8CYvh9ZNFc-dvCq86oO69v_TP-pqySZlV6pg


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Jan 25, 2012
I updated the latest bootloader for nougat and then downgraded to marshmallow without changing the BL... now I can't flash MM custom rom over it because BL is not supported... Any solution??? ? can we downgrade the BL??? Because one thread says it will hard brick...

One more thing, I couldn't flash the stock Lollypop, it gave blank screen after 2 seconds of boot animation...

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    About Resurrection Remix ROM
    Downloads and useful links

    About Resurrection Remix ROM

    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device

    [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy![/font]

    Special thanks to, the CM team,OMNI team ,SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters

    Included Main Features

    Resurrection Remix Marshmallow

    Features:- Based On Latest Google Android 6.0.1 Release Based On Cyanogenmod 13 Sources RR Customizations:- -Navigation Bar -Enable/Disable Navbar -Navbar Button Customization -Navbar Slim Dim
    -Animate Dim -Dim Timeout Duration -Dim Alpha -Double Tap To sleep navbar -Navigation Bar left/Right handed mode Switch for landscape

    -Statusbar -Brightness Slider -Enable/Disable Show Notification Count -SuperUser Indicator Switch -Double Tap To sleep Statusbar -Carrier Label
    -Carrier Label Switch -Carrier label Colour -Carrier Label Size -Clock Customizations -Time & date -Clock Colour -Day & date Toogle -Center/Right/Left Clock Choice -Date Format -Clock Font Styles -Battery -Battery Bar customization -Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more) -Battery % Text -Network Traffic Indicator -Network Traffic Arrows Switch -Incoming/OutGoing Traffic -Network traffic Color -Statusbar RR Logo -RR logo Color -StatusBar Weather -Weather Color -Weather Position(left/right) -Weather Style -Weather Size

    -Animations -Toast Animations -ListView Animations -System Animations

    -Gestures -Gestures Anywhere Feature -3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture

    -App Circle Bar -Choose apps in AppSidebar -Trigger Width -Trigger Hieght -Trigger Position -App Sidebar -Choose apps in App circle -Trigger Width -Trigger Hieght -Trigger Position -Pie -Pie Trigger(left ,Right ,Bottom) -Pie Targets -Pie Colors -More Pie Features

    -Recents Panel -Clear All button Switch -Clear All Tasks Switch -Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center) -Recents Search Bar -Full Screen Recents -Slim Recents -OmniSwitch

    -Cclock Widget -CLock And Alarm Customizations -Weather Panel Customizations -Calender Events

    -LockScreen -Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts -Lockscreen General Shorcuts -100+ Icons for Shortcuts -Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen -Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable -Quick PIN/Patter Unlock -LockScreen Blur -Lockscreen Blur Intensity -LockScreen Wallpaper -Lockscreen Weather Widget -Lockscreen Icons Color

    -Quick Settings Draggable Tiles -Customizable Tiles -Show Two Main Tiles Per Row -Dyanamic Tiles Adjustment -Notification Drawer -Weather Display Switch -LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings -Disable Immersive Mode Messages -Force Expand Notification -Task Manager Switch -Time Contextual Header(HD,Modern,Poly) -Quick PullDown Switch

    -Buttons -Backlight Timer -Backlight Strength

    -Advanced Reboot Menu -Power Menu Customizations -Power Off -Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Reboot) -ScreenShot -Power Menu End Calls Switch -Restart SystemUI -Airplane Mode -ScreenRecord -On the Go Mode -Sound Panel

    -Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only) -Home Button answer call -Long Press Actions -Double Tap Actions

    -Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only) -Short Press Actions -Long Press Actions

    -Search Button(If Device Supports) -Short Press Action -Long Press Action

    -Volume Buttons -Wake Up Device -Playback Control -Ringtone Volume Control -Keyboard Cursor Control -Swap Buttons on Landscape mode -Volume Key Answer

    -Miscellaneous -Selinux Switch (Switch Between Permissive and Enforcing Selinux if Device has Selinux Enabled) -cLock Shortcut -Disable Battery Saver Warning Color -Disable Fc Notifications -Wakelock Blocker -Media Scanner On Boot Behaviour -Cammera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable

    -SystemUI Tuner -Enabled By default -Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner As compared To AOSP -StatusBar Icons Cuzomizations -Quick Settings Customizations

    Other Features -Perfomance Profiles -LCD Density -Expanded Desktop Mode -Audio FX -Heads Up Switch -Live Display -Configurable 0,90,180,270 Degree Rotation -Lock Screen Autorotate Switch -Native Tap to Wake From Marshmallow -Double Tap Power Button To enable Camera gesture -Prevent Accidental Wakeup -Wake Phone on Charging Plug -Battery Light Customizations -Notification Light Customizations -Font Size -CM privacy guard -Performance Tweaks(Kernel Aduitor Inbuilt)

    -SuperSU Inbuilt

    -RR OTA -Optimized With UBER TC for smoother ,Snappier and Battery Friendly Performance -CM Theme Chooser -OverAll Smoothness Improvements -Optimizations to Improve Battery -Includes All Android Marhsmallow Features -Includes ALL CM13 Features -AND MUCH MUCH MORE

    Installation Instructions

    - Download the latest build
    - Download Gapps
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset
    - Flash ROM using latest TWRP recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot.
    - First boot will take a while...be patient, it will boot
    - Enjoy!​

    Update Instructions

    - Download the latest build of Resurrection ROM
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Flash ROM using recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik cache
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!​

    Installation Files​

    ROM Download Links

    Click On Downloads ^^^​

    Loving ResurrectionRemix?

    Why do not contribute to Development !

    Big thanks to:

    XDA developers

    CM team

    Omni team

    Slim rom


    Compiled with UberTC 4.9

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ResurrectionRemix ROM, ROM for the Moto G Falcon

    akhilnarang, westcrip, varund7726, @BDogg718k
    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-12-15
    Last Updated 2015-12-15
    RR 5.8.0 FOR MOTOROLA G 2014 (TITAN) Happy Flashing :))))

    Thanks @varund7726 Bro For The Help :):):)

    #‎ResurrectionRemix‬ - v5.6.3 - Marshmallow 6.0.1_r13
    Android Marshmallow 6.0.1_r10 > 6.0.1_r13
    FWB: Status bar header font style
    FWB: Even more fonts to LS clock
    Hide Lockscreen clock & date
    FWB: Notification Header Customizations
    SystemUI : 3G Icon Instead Of H+ Switch
    Custom header: Add shadow to more TextViews
    QS: Selinux Switch Tile
    QS: App picker Tile
    RR logo Location
    Breathing SMS
    SystemUI: Double tap to sleep anywhere on the lock screen
    NavBar: Add Some More Buttons [ camera,Screenshot,Kill Task, Pie,Torch,RR config,App picker, screenrecord, Immersive Mode]
    SystemUI: HeadsUp whitelists
    SystemUI: HeadsUp blacklists
    HW keys tweaks
    FBW: Add DancingScript / ComingSoon / NotoSerif to Statusbar Temp
    FBW: Add DancingScript / ComingSoon / NotoSerif to Statusbar Clock
    Make task manager button themeable
    Hide arrows in network traffic indicators
    Qs : Improve Navbar Tile Logic
    SystemUI: handle when brightness slider is hidden
    SystemUI: don't add already attached qs tile pages
    SystemUI: smoother tile transitions when moving to 1st row
    SystemUI: improve tile caching mechanism
    Lockscreen fonts: set correct default value
    Make lights out mode of navigation bar consistent to normal mode.
    SettingsProvider : Don't replay aosp defaults every boot
    aapt: add check for untranslatable "string array"s
    pm: Fix ordering of parameters for sendPackageBroadcast.
    allow priveleged phone state permission to be whitelisted
    SystemUI: disable editing tiles while in lock screen
    Clean Up QSpanel
    SystemUI: make sure to expand all the way when flinging
    SystemUI: initialize drag panel with proper column count
    IMS: Add Ims reason info codes for supplementary service failures
    IMS: Fix video call forwarding options issue
    Add mapping string for call reject cause code 26.
    SysUI: Listen for changes to LIVE_LOCK_SCREEN_ENABLED
    SystemUI: Don't update if HeadsUp is disabled
    Intent: Fix a NPE on readFromParcel
    SettingsProvider: Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
    Taskmanager: Reduce Logging
    Flip to Mute/Reject Call
    SystemUI: add better hints when trying to delete edit tile
    SeekBarVolumizer : Disable notification volume if RINGER_MODE_VIBRATE
    Partially revert 'SOFTAP: implement SOFTAP new requirement in framewo
    ZenMode : Update defaults for CTSVerifier
    Tethering: Fix number of device connected
    am: Don't take down activity process if target intent component is null.
    Themes: Fix CMSetupWizard package name in ThemeService
    Themes: def theme package is defined in CMSettings
    Add keylayout for Xbox One controller
    SystemUI: Don't update if HeadsUp is disabled
    SystemUI: make online cpu color green for cpu overlay
    Don't reuse weather controller before it's changed
    Wifi tile: don't set items visible from non ui thread
    SystemUI: fix contracting qs settings page
    allow whitelisting of ACCESS_KEYGUARD_SECURE_STORAGE
    SystemUI: visually disable EditTile in lock screen
    add routing for explicit call transfer
    Battery: Show battery fully charged notification
    Fix pattern visibility settings
    Alarm: add missing closedir after opendir when searching for RTC
    String update, change wording from "Mobile" to "Cellular"
    Frameworks: Restart last task if last task is dead
    SystemUI: Allow clearing recents tasks within recents button
    Frameworks: Lockscreen blur fix & tweak
    fw: Make sure to get the actual ringtone uri per subId.
    nms: Actually allow smsRingtone to work.
    SystemUI : Show create profile if user doesn't have one setup
    Tethering: Turn off Wi Fi Hotspot after inactivity
    SELinuxTile: use runShellCommand instead of runSuCommand for getenforce
    am: Handle potential NPE when activity info can't be resolved.
    SystemUI: nuke broadcast tile from user tile list
    base: fix window bounds for left hand navigationbar
    SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
    Themes: Process applied themes before boot finishes
    Add FDN enabled related API
    Themes: Get default theme from CMSettings
    SysUI: Make sure LLS is enabled after inflation
    Fix lockscreen disabling for MSIM.
    SystemUI: update keyguard state when profiles disable keyguard
    SystemUI: prompt for SIM PIN if lockscreen is disabled
    systemui: notify everyone that lockscreen is not going to be shown
    Profiles: Disable lock screen after boot
    The DUT can't screen shot in guest mode
    DocumentsUI: Expose appbar elevation value.
    pm: Allow fall through for protected apps validator activity.
    GlobalActions: Use circular user avatars
    LiveDisplayTile : Update entries on locale changes
    livedisplay: remove user hint notification when clicked
    GlobalActions: Fix setting ringer mode in global actions
    lights: Automatically generate an LED color for notifications
    Remove leftover power menu profile resources
    settings: Add preference for automagic LED colors
    Settings: blacklist: update iconography
    Fingerprint: do not error out when stopping to listen
    ProtectedApps: add up navigation and fix action bar icons
    All updates and Fixed From CM
    Improved Translations
    For More Info Track Github Acitivity
    Downloads Will be available Soon
    #ResurrectionRemix - v5.6.7- 20160410 - https://basketbuild.com/devs/resurrectionremix/titan

    Changelog :

    - Android 6.0.1- r24
    - Add 5 RR 1 PB header logo
    - Update taskmanager switch button
    - Add Heads-up button in the extended statusbar
    - SystemUI: Fix Dual Tiles Qs Color Switch Text
    - Revert Restart System UI on theme Change and NP color switch
    - Heads Up Snooze
    - Fix low battery warning level
    - 2 more SB Custom logos
    - HeadsUp: add timeout option
    - Reverted clock second (Avoid to lag issues)
    - Fix Applying Notification Colors To Light StatusBar Background
    - Tune up dexopt dialog
    - Settings: Make Most RR settings Searchable
    - DevelopmentSettings: Synchronize USB connection data state
    - Lockscreen : Fix bottom area visibility
    - media: Add flags, channelMask, and UID to audio session callbacks
    - audio: Don't play sound effects if stream is muted
    - SystemUI: show visualizer in shade-locked view
    - Bugfixes for systemUI
    - Fix location tile not showing in the keyguard
    - NetworkManagement: Add ability to restrict app WiFi background data access
    - SystemUI: ensure volume record exists before showing notification
    - MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying
    - Implement left swipe on lockscreen
    - Framework changes for resetting data usage statistics
    - LLS: Use window attachment callbacks
    - SysUI: Add event logs for live lock screen interactions
    - Fix battery stats helper derp
    - Update ambientsdk version 1.5.2
    - Add Weather Content Provider
    - Add state member to WeatherLocation class
    - Reset timer when a new weather service provider is selected
    - Force Heads up in all applications
    - Add system property to control config_enableAutoPowerModes
    - SysUI/LLS: Slide panel out when collapse called
    - QS:Re Add LS Tile and Adapt to AOSP panel
    - translation imports
    - For more info Track Github Activities
    #ResurrectionRemix - v5.7.0 - 2016-06-17

    The Changelog

    - Android Update 6.0.1_r43-> 6.0.1_r46
    - Android N style "No recents" activity
    - Add animations to quick settings tiles
    - Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
    - Add new bunch of alpha and smart layer headers
    - Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications
    - Remove LightStatusbar dark icon mode & make statusbar gradient
    - Configurable LockClock & Date Text Sizes
    - Improve some headers
    - BatteryService: Fully charged notification toggle
    - Visualizer: Let visualizer fill the entire available screen
    - Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activity on top
    - Update sb headset vector
    - Update keyguard weather layout
    - SystemUI: fix NPE when configuring blur layer
    - SystemUI: fix multi touch gestures and extra jank
    - SysUI: Simplify Code for Battery Icon Tint
    - SysUI:Fix a Recents Styles Default
    - SysUI: Fix SystemUI Crash on Notification Guts Media
    - Don't lookup application keyguard notification visibility unnecessarily
    - SystemUI: Add support for persistent usb drive notification.
    - SysUI: Fix Secure Lockscreen Pulldown Switch
    - SystemUI: fix NFC tile sometimes hiding
    - Fix possibility of slim recents icon fc
    - Fix a glitch causing shadow not to be reset when header disabled
    - DocumentsUI : Hide advanced menu option when in forced mode
    - SystemUI: fix one more misbehaving shadow
    - Settings: Update performance settings icon
    - Settingsisable Weather Provider By Default
    - Settings : Fix dashboard colors default and reset values
    - Recovery : Update RR script banner
    - Themes : Update statusbar notify icon
    - SmartBar: Add app picker as an action
    - Give Pulse & Fling a Little CPU boost
    - Pulse:imrpove Reset Logic
    - Update Translations
    - All updates from CM
    - Bugfixes and improvements
    - For more info Track Github Activities