[ROM] [6.01][MOB30M][07/06/2016] xTraFactory Odex - Super Stable - xTreme Battery

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Mar 6, 2009
Hello everyone,
Has anyone of you experienced connection problems to the Volkswagen Android Auto System with this rom? I cannot manage to connect and I wonder if this is rom related....
Sorry for bothering if you see this off topic.
Kind regards

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Oct 2, 2009
Redmi Note 10 Pro
I'm on mac osx 10.10.5 I have the latest version of android file transfert and my computer doesn't see any device when I plug my phone. Just weird and annoying..
I'm on Sierra and AFT work fine for me. Check your cable, make sure MTP is selected as USB connection type. What about ADB devices, does it show your device?

An other option is Wondershare MobileGo.

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Dec 28, 2012
Hi guys, I'm on MMB29V, everything was working very well and stable to me. Since few days now without any specific reason the wifi serching stop to work. If I run the tethering the wifi sheering thenetwork is working well then the antenna and connection should be right. When I'm serching for thirty wifi network the phone is stack in serching without finding any network also if I'm sure that I have many of them around me.
Please any one could help me??

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Ok I solved by my self. The problem was that last version of ex kernel don't support previous version of Android 6.0.1. I flashed ex kernel version 6.17 and everything is working good now.

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Aug 28, 2010

Could you please make a stock version without integrating supersu? Since we might want to use Magisk or something else.
Or just not to integrate in the next update.
Thank you.


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Dec 28, 2012
How can I safe unroot my phone without loosing data? I'm on MMB29V

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Dec 11, 2008
I've just flash the xTraSmooth, what about not wiping the /data File System in advance?
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May 1, 2012
Is there any official announcement about XtraStock and XtraSmooth updating to Nougat?

Marshmallow (6.0.1) is the last version officially available for Nexus 5. Since this ROM is based on a factory image, obviously it will not be upgraded to Nougat.

If you want to run Nougat there are plenty of other roms based on it.

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    100% Stock Odex Factory IMG debloated from optional Gapps , Systemless Root and No Force Encrypt


    This rom is created on 100% stock factory.img with the intent to optimize extremely performance and battery consumption without altering the originality.
    With xTraSmooth you will have a stable rom like the original factory.img of google, you can leave safely traveling with my rom without risking blocks or problems.
    This is my daily rom for nexus 5 uploaded for you at the request of some xda users.
    I plan to regularly update xTraSmooth and give support to all users if necessary.
    My ROM is a official Nexus 5 factory.img with maximium optimization.
    Do not just read the build name, just my xTraSmooth currently offers a 100% stock-based on official factory.img, where they were introduced all optimizations possible without altering the originality and reliability.

    Now I work with a Team of my community users and xda users for built all Nexus's xTra Rom.
    This group of developers has been called xTraTeam.
    You can read the ROM developer on build info on AFH.

    xTraROMs Official Google Plus Community

    xTraROMs Official Facebook Community

    xTra Rom's has 3 priority:
    - Stability on long time.
    - Speed
    - Battery.



    Android 6.01

    xTraFactory MMB29K Hammerhead

    - 100% Stock MMB29K 6.01 Factory.img debloated from optional's gapps.

    - Stock MMB29K Kernel

    - Reduced running services and improved ram usage

    - 100% Clean System Aligned with new Systemless Root

    - No Build Name this is a 100% Factory.IMG flashable ROM.

    - Supersu 2.64 included in the zip , auto root and patch stock kernel with new systemless Root.

    - Fully Odex system/app , priv-app and data/app

    - Super Fast and Stable 4 Daily Driver

    - Disabled ADS on browser and apps

    - Compatibile with xposed framework

    - Compatibile with all Layers themes

    Data Wipe Factory Reset is required , without it layers not work properly , use titanium in future for backup your apps and your data apps.


    Guys if you like my work and dedication in helping all of you, to consider making a small donation, I am working day and night to provide the best for all us.
    All donations will be appreciated, just press on donate button..



    Ahha Ahha Ahha Is a joke .
    No bug here.
    This is a daily driver rom, stable as the stock, maybe even more.







    **What is ODEX and DEODEX?

    Odex = More speed__Less customization
    Deodex = Less speed__More customization

    Extensive explenation:
    In Android file system, applications come in packages with the extension .apk. These application packages, or APKs contain certain .odex files whose supposed function is to save space. These odex files are actually collections of parts of an application that are optimized before booting. Doing so speeds up the boot process, as it preloads part of an application. On the other hand, it also makes hacking those applicationsdifficult because a part of the coding has already been extracted to another location before execution.
    Deodexing is basically repackaging of these APKs in a certain way, such that they are reassembled into classes.dex files. By doing that, all pieces of an application package are put together back in one place, thus eliminating theworry of a modified APK conflicting with some separate odexed parts.
    In summary, Deodexed ROMs (or APKs) have all their application packages put back together in one place, allowing for easy modification such as theming. Since no pieces of code are coming from any external location, custom ROMs or APKs are always deodexed to ensure integrity.

    I think that you like more speed and less customization (less costumization for dev because is to difficult mod an odex file) and for this reason you press thank and download my work!

    Another explanation is this:

    If you use a odex rom, you'll have also more space in data (this is important because if you don't have partition ext4 in sdcard, you won't have too free space), increase battery life, more stability and increase perfomance( the Rom is more faster to load system and app) but you can't modifie apk after odex (you can't mod program with classes.dex).
    Infact ODEX is an OPTIMIZED-DEX and Android load system and app faster than deodexed (DEOPTIMIZED-DEX) app and system.
    When you have a deodex file (a lot of roms are deodexed) you have File.apk in system/app and in data/dalvik-cache [email protected]@[email protected], but with odex file you have File.apk in system/app and File.odex in system/app

    Advices And Tutorial For xTreme Battery Life , Custom DPI , manually set Speaker Boost , manually set Earphone Stereo Boost and Increase touch response.

    Multi DPI

    This rom from 2.7 and up is Multi DPI if you can't see some app in PlayStore or any apps is incompatible with your device, go to my folder and download latest Multi DPI Gapps.

    Simple App For Chance Display DPI

    Tutorial to manually set Speaker Boost and Stereo Earphone Mod Boost.

    1) Download a Root file manager personally use solid explorer, the best ...

    2 Go to the following location / system / etc and look for the file mixer_paths.xml

    3) edit at will the two strings highlighted with values from 88 stock to 95 +7 Boost

    - ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="0"
    - ctl name="RX7 Digital Volume" value="88"

    RX1 = Earphone (Set 0 to disable it)
    RX7 = Speaker (88 Google Stock Value)

    With the set values should not be a problem for 95% of users, however, have some nexus defective speaker that with the default values do not highlight this issue .... The stock ringtones are of poor quality, the board before changing these strings to try with audio 320kbps or HDAudio ....

    Increase Touch Response:

    - Set all animations to developer options at 0.5 to substantially increase touch response;

    To drastically increase the battery life:

    The system and the kernel need some charging cycles / days of adjustment, Android finished its first installation starts to sync your phone with google server, load the images in the gallery, sync contacts and so on.
    My nexus with this rom and FKU beta with power saving profile consumes with good coverage and wireless network,10% of battery with 1 hour SOT.
    There are too many variables that affect the battery, cpu temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, mobile network signal, synchronization in the backgroud, applications in your device, so it would be extremely difficult to judge your consumption without knowing all these things.

    How to reduce battery consumption and exceed 6h Screen On Time with xTraSmooth Rom.

    1) CPU

    To simplify the set-up of the CPU the application FKU integrates three custom profiles that allow you to automatically set all these parameters to suit your needs. However for those who wish Further, use another application or manually change these parameters I provide these simple advice.

    - Undervolt, this practice serves to reduce the overall heat of exercise and consumption of the CPU.
    A CPU that uses the correct current is still more stable compared to a CPU which uses the standard tables set with average values adapted to all CPUs.
    Each CPU is different so you need to calculate their boards UV.
    To calculate their boards UV is necessary from a global base of -25 or -50.
    Working frequency by frequency by setting the same value as the minimum and maximum frequency and disabling start at boot is that the frequencies of the voltages.
    Example set the frequency 300 MHz and 300 MHz as max as min, get off gradually with small steps -5mv until you find the limit, when you restart pinned the value of a piece of paper or on the notepad.
    You will find the limit, now set 5/10 mv more and you will have your first value of the table UV.
    Now proceed so for each frequency using a moment smartphone before you jump to conclusions.
    These values can not be adapted to each kernel, but you will have to redo this procedure for each kernel. Without this you will have your tables UV ready and saved as in my case on google keep.

    - Use a frequency that allows to work with a low voltage, in my case a frequency ranging from 1036 MHz (765mv) 1267 MHz (795mv)

    - Hotplug limit work on Core 2, setting the use of the 4 Core when the load reaches 99%

    - Touchboost on kernel using the touchboost set to values less than the maximum frequency, such as 1267 MHz maximum frequency and touchboost with values between 883 MHz and 960 MHz.

    - Hi speed freq set the same frequency as the touchboost.

    - Limit the GPU working frequency between 200 MHz and 320 MHz

    2) Android

    - Disable Geolocation

    - Turn off system sounds

    - Disable vibration to the touch and keyboard

    - Disable adaptive brightness

    - Use a brightness value between 5% and 10%

    - Manually set in 2G if you are in areas with little signal and if necessary set airplane mode.

    - Disable use mobile data and set 2G when using WiFi.

    - Use a few applications that use push or remain active in the background, in my case use whatsapp, facebook stable, tapatalk and FKU beta.

    - Do not change rom or kernel continuously will make continuous wipe system.
    Android is that the kernel need a period of adaptation and some charge cycles to work properly.

    - Use a few gapps to reduce app in sync automatically or disable synchronization of the app that you use in the shortest way, and that you do not need a synchronization between multiple devices in real time.
    Many gapps have a web version app that saves space in SD and have less app in sync automatically.

    - Turn off Google Now

    - Deactivate Ok google hotword

    - No close the app by recent, open and close the app to continued increases fuel consumption and reduces the fluidity of the system, lollipop has a system like iOS and works well with all the app open.

    - Do not use greenify sharply reduces the fluidity of the system and increases the overall consumption.

    - Do not use task manager to free up RAM.

    - Do not use the Clean master plan to avoid unnecessary.

    - Do not use snapdragon battery guru or similar programs that promise lower fuel consumption.

    - Avoid heavy 3D games and games continuously running type clash of clans, Simpson, etc. etc.

    3) Battery

    - With modern lithium battery is not advisable to go below 20%

    - Lithium batteries like short courses of charge, does not always pay full charges from 0 to 100, but prefer partial charges.

    - 1 charge cycle means from 0 to 100 so if charge the battery from 50% to 100% will have carried out a half charge cycle.

    - You can even connect the battery to charge a 10% charge, I repeat the lithium batteries do not damage unplugging and plugging the power supply but working with infeririore charge to 20%.

    - Perform a complete cycle 2/3 times in 1 year from death and charge off up to 100%.


    Guys if you like my work and dedication in helping all of you, to consider making a small donation, I am working day and night to provide the best for all us.
    All donations will be appreciated, just press on donate button..

    Delta Update:
    When is possible i'll release a small delta update, to avoid that you have to download the full rom, recommended xTraSmooth Updater for best OTA experience. They allow the upgrade of your xTraSmoth on the go in 4G \ 3G.

    Installation instructions:

    Instructions For xTraSmooth and StocK
    -Dirty flash on you rom, the script perform an automatic wipe cache



    - BOOT




    A special thank you to those who appreciate my work and decided to contribute to the project.

    Thanks to all donators, You are the people who push me to continue my work.


    Guys if you like my work and dedication in helping all of you, to consider making a small donation, I am working day and night to provide the best for all us.
    All donations will be appreciated, just press on donate button..


    First my work friend
    - Prempal Singh my xTraSmooth Partner Great App Developer
    - Cristiano Spada aka @CriGio Best Themes Developer and app icon designer

    - Google
    - franciscofranco
    - flar2
    - hellsgod
    - tassadar
    - sshafranko
    - chdloc
    - Adr990
    - badboy47
    - david279
    - GtrCraft
    - guerreromanuel

    xTraSmooth Signature


    Guys this night the rom was online but supersu sent her in bootloop, I had to build from 0 at home, at home as those who follow in the know have a slow connection, I have done everything to release it tonight, but the unexpected can there, the ROM was online a few hours after that was on the site google .. I'm awake continuously for 24 hours to share xTraSmooth 3.0. Nobody makes me donations and yet are always the fastest, allowing connection. At least you have a bit of respect for someone who works at no cost and provides support both on xda that on facebook.
    In uploading new xTraSmooth MPZ44Q

    - 100% Official Optimized Google factory.img Factory M Preview MPZ44Q for Nexus 5

    - Battery life and Performance strongly increased compared to 3.x xTraSmooth

    - Dirty flashable on stock ROM MPZ44Q.

    - Odex more free RAM and speed compared to 99% of custom roms, read below for info*;

    - Slim only core gapps for more ram, low cpu usage and best battery life, all removed gapps are on play store ;

    - Ota Update with xTraSmooth Updater , born to collaboration by me and app developer Prempal Singh , by purchasing this application you will be giving to me and Prempal as we partner to 50%.

    - Original ElmentalX Kernel 5.01 by great dev flar2 , for info, license GPL and thanks for this great kernel go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/goog...-0-44-t2519607

    - Prerooted with latest SuperSu Thanks to Chainfire

    - 430 DPI ad default (Nexus 6 icon grid and better density)

    - Nexus 6 ringtones and notifications sound;

    - xTraSmooth Sound Boost Surround Stereo Mod optimized for new android M , Extra Strong

    - Stock MusicFX boosted by sound boost (No DSP or other equaliser)

    - Increased extremely overall fluidity compared to stock and previsious xTraSmooth with an crazy effect butter;

    - DT2W with 5 min timeout , sweep up to wake , sweep to sleep on navigation bar , power button turn off wake gestures.

    - Extra Cool and custom hotplug enabled as default

    - Soft UV for 300 MHz frequency (700mv)

    - Enabled Multi Windows

    - Super Smooth and extreme battery life;

    - Stable for daily driver;

    - Over 80 DB capable and tested whit Professional Sound Meter (Test The Speaker with HDAudio Or 320kbps, stock ringtones are low quality ringtones and may distort).

    - Stock BootLogo 1080p 60FPS

    - Google photos stock gallery

    - Launcher landscape rotation

    - No ADS (blocked from host file) no more ads on app and browser;

    Download Link

    Guys I'm not good in English, I do not know how to connect well a speech in Italian, my speech might seem defensive or offensive unintentionally .... so if you notice that my tone is wrong, please let me out without getting angry, because I am a very friendly guy, I love peace, discuss and be a friend to all. If it were all here in Cosenza in Italy I'd love to enjoy and laugh with you, drink together and celebrate .... I hate arguing with people ....
    Merry Christmas to all xda friends......:)