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[ROM][6.01][STABLE][G532XX]EnigmaNL Port/ROM for J2 Prime

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Aug 13, 2020
Recently, I tried using your debloat script on my own J2 G532G, and it worked superbly. However, I use this device for hotspotting, and after accidentally letting my phone die, I realised that the hotspot function was completely broken. I would turn on hotspot, connect my devices (didn't matter if it was a phone or a laptop), and a few seconds later they would disconnect from the network and the hotspot network wouldn't show up in the wifi panel afterwards. However, the phone itself would still say that it had X devices connected, and opening up the hotspot setting, it would also lists the devices. Turning hotspot off and back on would make the hotspot detectable again, but devices will still disconnect. After many hours of experimenting, I found that the only way to fix it is to factory reset the entire phone.

I decided that I didn't want to have to keep factory resetting every time the phone died, so I decided to download and install this ROM instead. It works really well - very snappy, clean and functional. However, it too has the same issues with the hotspot not working if the phone completely dies (from the battery running out, shutting down regularly doesn't kill the hotspot). However, this time, the hotspot would only start disconnecting once the phone screen was turned off, whereas before it was completely random. Similarly, the only way to get hotspot functionality back is to factory reset.

I thought this would be useful for other people who would want to flash this rom but still needed to use hotspot, as it seems to be very easy to break. Since, the dev isn't actively working on this rom anymore, it might be best to stick to stock. Fingers crossed that a solution can be found. I haven't been able to find any sort of solution.


Jul 28, 2021
You're in luck, I downloaded the latest version a few days before your comment. This is the version with magisk+no verity.
Thanks <3

I installed this rom 2 days ago (No phoenix kernel), I haven't seen any problem.

Now im trying to translate some things to spanish. Does anyone know where are the "string.xml" with the labels of the rebootUI? (EnigmaNL advanced power menu). "framework-res.apk" and "Systemui.apk" are discarded.
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Thanks <3

I installed this rom 2 days ago (No phoenix kernel), I haven't seen any problem.

Now im trying to translate some things to spanish. Does anyone know where are the "string.xml" with the labels of the rebootUI? (EnigmaNL advanced power menu). "framework-res.apk" and "Systemui.apk" are discarded.
I think it's in either framework.jar or services.jar, I forget.


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Aug 5, 2021
I created an account on xda-developers only to thank you all, the person and the community behind this rom, that resurrected my horrible "claro colombia" g532m, and give the opportunity to this machine to become something useful. Many thanks.

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    EnigmaNL Port
    So I'm finally sharing this ROM lol.
    A lot of the people that are in my Telegram group already knew about this ROM from long ago. I just felt lazy to upload it to xda. And now I feel bad about it xD
    Man, this is the second time I am uploading old stuff that I shared on Telegram and not in XDA. Yikes.
    I re-visited the Enigma ROM because I like its looks and features and went ahead and fixed a few things and added a few others
    So, here's what you can look forward to with this ROM

    Your warranty is now void. 
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, 
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about flashing this zip file
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if 
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. HARD!

    • Port between A7 and Enigma V6.1
    • Deodexed
    • Heavily debloated
    • Zipaligned
    • Very Optimized
    • Aroma installer
    • Multiple kernels
    • Modded Screen record
    • Floating Messages
    • Scroll Capture
    • Edge Panels
    • UI and Edge dynamic blur
    • Fixed Multi-window
    • Fixed radio
    • Infinite paid themes in Samsung Theme Store
    • ROM control filled with features
    • And stock J2 Prime stuff

    Phoenix Kernel features:
    • Double tap to wake (thanks to @remilia15 for letting us kang *ahem* I mean see how it is implemented xD)
    • Multi-touch up to 10 finger detection
    • Our attempt at OC, too bad it's not that good
    • Scores high in Antutu scores xD

    Custom kernel included has a few bugs. You can avoid these bugs by installing stock kernel included in Aroma, so you have been warned
    • Kernel dies when the phone turns off. Either by turning off manually or if the battery dies. This will make you stuck on Samsung splash screen. To fix this, boot to TWRP then select Reboot and then System. Easy fix.
    • If this does not work, the only way to recover your phone is by flashing stock via Odin

    • 24/07/19: Release


    -Create full backup before trying
    -Wipe data, cache and dalvik
    -Flash through TWRP
    -Make selections in Aroma
    -Complete setup

    @Allooosh98 For his great ROM (original creator)
    @parth111999 For his great ROM (original creator)
    @renoxtv For Phoenix kernel and adding all the features you could
    @remilia15 For the idea of changing ART to interpret-only to allow us to have more space
    @By Zonik for his amazing help and tutorials with ROM control and for letting me use SynexOS style for ROM Control
    ROM control GitHub: [url]https://github.com/Zonik94/6thGear-RomControl-v2.0[/URL]
    @Albe96 for all your help with teaching me on how to port. I know I must've bothered you countless of times, thank you for being such a cool dude! ;)
    @BlackMesa123 for his Nougat notification MOD in MM, looks great as always.
    @ashyx for porting TWRP to our crappy device xd
    @malbert16442 For his tutorial on ROM porting which you can find here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...to-samsung-t3481114/post69145910#post69145910
    @SuperR. For his Super R's Kitchen which you can find here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/ap...dows-linux-superr-s-kitchen-v3-0-0-0-t3601702
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @ Samsung for the firmware
    @ Team TWRP for their amazing recovery
    @ To users like you!

    If you feel I missed you, please give me a PM so I can add you

    XDA:DevDB Information
    EnigmaNL for J2 Prime, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J2

    Source Code: [url]https://github.com/renoxtv/mt6735_grandpplte_new[/URL]

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On: Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V1
    Stable Release Date: 2019-07-24

    Created 2019-07-24
    Last Updated 2019-07-24
    How to report a bug/Ask for a change

    Over the small amount of time I've been doing my edits and shared them with the community, I've noticed something that seems to irritate me. I can't speak for all the developers on this forum, but I do edits/ROMs/PORTs/etc... to what I like. I don't work for anybody else but me. I share my work because it may have something of value to other people and/or some people may share the same taste as me on regards to what they want on a ROM.

    That being said, that doesn't mean I will completely ignore what the community has to say.

    First and foremost, it must be said, I am merely a beginner. I do not claim to be a professional developer that knows how to add everything, I am nowhere close and I learn as I go.

    There are ways to ask for something and/or report a bug when it comes to ROMs, and this post is my attempt to try to explain how to (and how not to) report a bug in order to help me out as much as possible to try to fix something

    You can also ask for something to be added, but there are also ways to ask for something

    So, here we go

    Keep in mind:
    • I do not add stuff that can easily be downloaded from the Playstore
    • I, myself, don't do kernel edits
    • I COULD remove stuff if NOBODY uses it


    How NOT to report a bug:
    • "SystemUI (or any app)is crashing, please help!"
    • "Instagram doesn't allow me to edit my post, what could be wrong?"
    • "My bank account app is not letting me do such thing"
    These posts are sort of pointless as they only state something but I have no context on what could be causing it. Also, I can't really control (for the most part) third-party apps, so if you're going to ask about them this way, don't even bother

    A slightly better way to report a bug:
    • "I clean installed the ROM and was working fine, after I installed Facebook and logged in, I immediately uploaded a photo and SystemUI started to crash. Can you look in to it?"
    • "I tried to install Black Neon theme (a link to it would work as well) and it was working fine until I tried to activate AOD (or anything else for some reason) and SystemUI (or any other app) is crashing, could you look in to it?"
    • "My bank account app doesn't let me take a screenshot of my accounts. I get a toast notification saying "Can't take screenshot due to security policy"
    As you can see, this provides a bit more context and explanation on your current situation. This gives me a little more detail on trying to replicate the problem and hopefully could fix it by replicating it. Well, except for point #3 which is out of my hands for the most part (I think). If you include what kernel you're using would make everything better! Also any significant change that would require root (like xposed and or anything that modifies /system also needs to be informed for better results)

    The BEST way to report a bug:
    • LOGCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please learn the ins and outs of a logcat, this really helps a lot on finding what the problem is. Also, please give a brief explanation as the above examples when providing a log cat :)


    How NOT to ask for stuff:
    • On your next update, add iris scanner
    • You should add (app) on your next update
    • Hey, please add (app or feature) on your next update
    No, I do not work for you. Even if you say please like the third example, that doesn't mean you're being polite. It still sounds like an order lol so you should probably rephrase your request.

    How to ask for stuff to be added to my work:
    • Would you be so kind to add (feature) to your ROM, if possible?
    • Would it be possible to add this app to your ROM?
    • Please, can you add (feature) to your ROM, if it isn't much to ask?
    See how politeness makes everything better? You're not demanding it, you're just politely asking to see if maybe it is within my grasp to add something. And if all request would be like this, I can assure you I'd try my best to add said feature

    I hope this is useful to you or I at least hope that some people read it.
    If not, I can just tell you to return to stock ROM, probably better than any ROM I put out anyway :p

    enigmaNL ROM

    coolest rom, my first ever custom rom. thank you a lot..i'm currently finding what to do with custom rom's and a rooted device and found a lot so far. adding a thank u in the topic .
    another thing , dolby is really really well programmed it's coooll
    • [Q] My phone is stuck in bootloop/infinite boot, what should I do?
    • [A] It is normal for first instalation to take aprox 10-20 minutes on first boot, let it sit for a little bit
    • [Q] Even after 20 minutes, my phone is still in a bootloop/infinite boot, what can I do?
    • [A] It is possible that your previoius Android setup is conflicting with this new setup. Please, do the following:
      • 1. FORMAT DATA (not WIPE, FORMAT!)
      • 2. Try the instalation of EnigmaNL again
    • [Q] My phone will still not boot, what is my last resort?
    • [A] Please do the following:
      • Re-install EnigmaNL
      • After installation finishes, select "Save Logs"
      • It will save a .txt file in your memory, please post so I can review your problem
    • [Q] I've found a bug, what should I do
    • [A] Please read the "Bugs" section of the thread to see if your bug has been reported, if it hasn't, please let me know exactly what the problem is so I can take a look
    • [Q] Something bothers me and I want it fixed/changed
    • [A] Please, kindly make a request and if it's within my grasp, I'll try to fix it. Just, don't be rude and demand something. Either that or return to stock, your choice :p
    • [Q] Games don't work on EnigmaNL
    • [A] Open Galaxy Store and update Game Optimizing Service and all Game related apps, then reboot and they should work again.
    No problem. You can try installing the apk as a system app (i.e. pushing it to the system app folder) and set appropriate permissions as bloatware usually get installed as system apps anyway on stock roms. Worth a try...
    Thank you for the advice! I tried without success :( ... it crash as soon as I launch it... it was worth the try but I think that they (samsung, LG...etc.) love to close their software just to their ecosystem...