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Mar 28, 2015
@Greywolf_Va yeah, there have been reasons: OT which didn't stoped, etas etc.

On N I lost interest because people tried to force me to release stuff, I did in the end to make them happy but it's not an Android version I really spend time on. there's some stuff around that, but the core reasons.

Lineage cleans builds after a while and since lineage13 isn't official supported builds are gone after one cleanup (don't ask me why they don't keep the latest build at least).
On 14 there's no interest my side for the official tag (it's a tag, nothing else). I am compiling if I like and feel like I can do.

Back on topic here:
About the FC:
If it's reproduceable let me know, maybe reproduce the issue directly after boot and catch a Logcat (logact is a mess if a system is running for some time already)

I got ya..At least I see the slim6 project has the check for update function back in it so I will be aware of any security updated releases that come out in the future. I try not to go off topic if I can help it, but didnt really want to bug you privately with something that perhaps someone could have posted a link to go see the background on what all happened.. but it's all good there.. Sorry again for the OT question there.

In terms of the FC, I think it was mainly due to the open gapps nano packing... might be something buggy in it, not with the slim rom itself. When I reflashed the rom with the delta package, it's running smooth as silk. Setup wizard went through properly, was able to sync with my Tab A to copy my google account info, and it installed all my apps just fine. Will say it seems to run a lot smoother than the Lineage13 did on the same tablet.. I had a bit of lag on that one, and many times waiting on bootup from power up to launcher screen up to 5-6 minutes.. with slim it is a whole lot faster boot up time. Love being able to tweak the navigation buttons again. When I hit the recent apps button, the slim screen works as it should, no FC issues now. Just seems strange that with 6 running this smoothly, why 7 is having the lag issue with the gapps being installed.. Just brainstorming a bit, but has there been any inspection done of package installer clearing it's cache of temp files when the package has finished installing? I recall when we were working on one of the many windows beta's we had a memory resource leak that would creep up and start slowing down responsiveness and cause programs to lock up before we finally hammered that out (windows 95/98/2000/NT) think we fixed it in either xp or 7 where we finally found the code that was the cuplrit.. thats why I am just offering a possible avenue of exploration.


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Mar 28, 2015
@Greywolf_Va there's some leakage on N, but not sure what's causing it.

There's no OTA option, you need to download and install updates manually and check maybe once a month if one is available

Okay, just when I clicked on About Tablet, there is a spot for system updates, and when I clicked it, it checked and said that current version is installed.. instead of getting the unable to find server that I was getting on lin13.. thats why I asked.

small thing I forgot to suggest.. While the build is great, one thing that some may like is the addition of the myfiles package. Otherwise, the only thing you have available to search for files is your downloads, unless you install your own file manger. Nothing major, just one small addition to consider since many of us store backup files on our external cards and have no other way to get to it otherwise.
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Nov 6, 2014
I'm sorry if my questions seems OT, imho it is not ...

I run a Cm13-20160222-2119-unofficial-p3100 on my tab, and i was happy of it until i started to use a SD card for ebook, and discovered that the apps have no full permissions to the SD card (which even has a weird name).
By googling seems to me that it's a problem of the version of android, not of the CM13, but i'm not so sure.

So my "not-OT" question is:
do this ROM have the same issues? is it "better" (read: light on that poor device) than the CM13? there's some serious bug/thing-that-does-not-work i should be aware before choosing to pick this one?



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Mar 3, 2013
It'll have the same issue, or better call it your app doesn't support new Android versions properly (it I remember correctly sdcard handling changed on Android 5). You might want to stick to an Android 4 ROM.
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Dec 2, 2014
It'll have the same issue, or better call it your app doesn't support new Android versions properly (it I remember correctly sdcard handling changed on Android 5). You might want to stick to an Android 4 ROM.
Hey Andi, as you are the last stop solution for tab 2. I want to ask one question, is there any way that I can tweak my display colors (kcal) on tab 2? I am on your SlimKat and its very smooth. If it is possible on slimkat then I would not upgrade my android version. Although, I am flexible to try any other ROM/Kernel combination, I'm using my tab for just watching movies hence need color calibrated. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 7, 2016


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Oct 12, 2015
Rio de Janeiro
After I've flashed this rom, when I choose to reboot to system, TWRP shows me a message that looks like my device isn't rooted, the I choose to install supersu, but it stucked on that screen for more than 10 minutes and nothing happens!
Can I reboot the tablet manually??

EDIT: I've discovered that the rom are not installed, even after the process, the TWRP shows me there's no OS installed!
So, why these custom roms to P5100 are so small??

I've turn back to Stock 4.2.2, but I want to update the android version at once to lollipop!
What can I do??
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Oct 12, 2015
Rio de Janeiro
Why they are so small?
Because they don't include Gapps for legal reasons, besides that there's no OEM Bloatware included.
Hmm, OK!

Do you recommend to install TWRP via Odin with a MD5 file?

Don't use SuperSu from TWRP if it asks, it's removed from latest builds because it's outdated.
So, I've discovered that message was because the rom isn't installed at all.
I think it happens cause I've used a old TWRP (downloaded directly from TWRP from playstore).

All you need to know about flashing and rooting:
Thanks again!
I'm gonna try again. :fingers-crossed: :fingers-crossed:

EDIT: It's workiiiiiing! :victory::victory::victory::victory:
Still on the first boot (optimizing google apps) but looks like it's work!

I've take this tablet from my son's teacher to update the android version to make some apps to help autistic people to work (they work olny on Lollipop or newer) and i'am really happy 'cause she can do that now!
It makes a lot of help to autistic children like my son THANKS A LOT Andi!! :highfive: :highfive:
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Oct 9, 2018
how to enable multi window

I followed the instruction to modify the build.prop file. but I could not find the enable multi window option in the developer setting after reboot. Is the feature only available in android nougat?


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May 5, 2007
Google Pixel 4a
How to do screenshots?

I'm using Slim6.0.1 - 2.24 20190729-1247

Does anyone know how to do screenshots with this ROM?

There is no option on the pop-up power menu, and pressing power + vol down or up doesn't do it.

So how can I take a screen shot with this rom - isn't there any built-in feature to do this?
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    Slim6 is the project name for SlimRoms based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and offers the following original features:
    • Slim Navbar & Hardware key rebinding
      • ​Single tap action,​​ ​long press action, double tap action!-We’ve got you covered.
    • Slim Actions & Chamber of secrets
      • ​Customise your device to the fullest​​ ​-You’re a wizard!
    • SlimRecents
      • A Faster alternative to stock recents ​-Your device, your choice.
    • SlimLauncher
      • ​An​ ​Open​ ​source,​ ​feature​ ​filled​ ​launcher!​​ ​-Make yourself at home
    • Status bar customisations
      • ​Clock and Date? Battery? ​-More​ ​fun​ ​than​ ​you​ ​can​ ​shake​ ​a​ ​stick​ ​at.




    Disclaimer: SlimRoms are not responsible for any damages to your device.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [unified] Slim6, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Android-Andi, Ziyan, SlimRoms
    Source Code: https://github.com/slimroms

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2016-07-09
    Last Updated 2017-04-30
    Slim6 updated! Source rebased on latest AOSP android-6.0.1_r80 tag for 2017-07-01 security patch level.
    Hey together!

    Some of you might have read already on a different thread that i am staying away from Android for some time (not sure yet if i continue later). Private life is complicated at the moment… Lot’s of work in my Job (and looks like it’s not getting better soon…), my gf needs to quit her job (so we’ll only have one income for some time to pay our bills), relationship between me and my gf had better times in the past too…

    Well, no need to go more in detail, but I’ve pushed some last Updates for suppported Roms and Devices as a christmas present for you!

    Like always: details and downloads can be found here: http://andi34.github.io

    I wish you all merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
    If everything goes fine I can release a new build tomorrow.

    Before I forget to mention: zip naming will change a little bit, I have reworked my build setup according to our Jenkins on Unlegacy-Android (another project I am working on) last week.
    What does it mean? I hope in future I am able release incremental updates :)
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