[ROM][6P][7.1.2_r27][NZH54B][July 15th]SAOSP-N

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Mar 20, 2010
Kansas City
Thank you for the update.
One question: I try all Roms that updated to 7.1.2 but I have on all ROMs same problem with OpenGapps (FC setup wizard) Can any one help??
You've gotta be sure to flash the correct Gapps package. There's one floating around for 7.1.2 specifically. It's a known issue that setup wizard from 7.1.1 doesn't play nice with 7.1.2

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He already has, Take a look in AFH

I'm there : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=126226&sort_by=date&sort_dir=DESC

don't see new build now (last is right now saosp_angler-ota-3-12-17.zip)

ok silly me, i've just seen "root" folder link and find last build here... https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=72521

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Gapps question :

@snak3ater & guys who tried 7.1.2 SAOSP, what GAPPS version do you recommend ?

a newer one like Mini_Dynamic_GApps-7.1.x-20170404.zip (used by DU 11.3 / 7.1.2 build)

I've read last discussions about gapps for 7.1.2 customs roms but i ask recommendation for SAOSP 7.1.2 only
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FYI, i've just tried clean flash everything (with Mini_Dynamic_GApps-7.1.x-20170215 & under EXT4 for now), it boots normally but "1st launch welcom setup" crash / force close... unusable at all

I'll try all again with Mini_Dynamic_GApps-7.1.x-20170404 and let you now

Edit: it works now, no FC :good:

Edit 2: 7.1.2 boots and seems to work flawlessly under F2FS as 7.1.1, i'll post the procedure i followed later


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Nov 10, 2011
Clean flashed with the mini dynamic February gapps. I get fc on setup wizard.

I have rebooted and clean installed using mini dynamic gapps from April for DU builds. This worked fine
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    [ROM][6P][7.1.2_r27][NZH54B][July 15th]SAOSP-N

    This is SimpleAOSP rom based on Google AOSP..This ROM is as we want it and this is as Simple as it gets.


    Rom Features:

    - Clock & date Customization
    - Advanced Reboot menu
    - Dashboard suggestions (Enable/Disable)
    - SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
    - Charger plugged/unplugged (wake device)
    - Enable navbar tuner
    - Download speed in notification
    - Dialer vibration options
    - Notification counter
    - IME feature: Force to show always enter key
    - Make it possible to disable voice assist on lockscreen
    - Configurable Auto rotation
    - IME selector notification Enable/Disable option
    - Statusbar Double tap to sleep
    - Volume wake/music control & cursor control
    - Other AOSP fixes
    - More to come soon :D


    * Make sure you're on the latest "N" Bootloader and radio
    * Wipe data/factory reset
    * Install ROM from sdcard
    * Flash any appropriate Gapps.
    * Flash SuperSU
    * Flash Vendor image
    * Reboot!
    * Enjoy

    SimpleAOSP-N 7.1.2 download folder
    Vendor Image folder

    Recommended Gapps:
    Dynamic Gapps only

    Open source community

    Would like to thank Altaf Mahdi, BaNkS, KreAch3R & Alex Cruz for all the support
    Rom Source: SAOSP-N

    XDA:DevDB Information
    SAOSP-N, ROM for the Huawei Nexus 6P

    Source Code: https://github.com/SAOSP-N

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 7.1.0
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-09-14
    Last Updated 2017-07-16


    Build 4-09-17::
    - Merged tag 7.1.2_r5
    - SystemUI: Added Sound tile.
    - Confirm Powe Off option
    - Battery tile: allow to disable custom battery style
    - Hold "volume up" during boot to disable all overlays
    - SystemUI:Notification ticker
    - Settings: Reworked dashboard tiles
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 3-12-17::
    - Substratum: Fixed bootloop issue due to custom fonts
    - SystemUI: Added Easy toggle for location tile.
    - SystemUI: Added notification ticker with darkIntensity fixes (Works only when heads up is disabled)
    - SystemUI: Added OmniJaws (QS weather tile)
    - SystemUI: Long press action for heads up tile.
    - SystemUI: Enabled lock screen shortcuts on secured keyguard. 
    - Settings: Reworked battery and notification light settings (Fixed the colorpicker and moved led to display settings)
    - Settings: Added summary to backup and reset
    - Settings: Disabled settings drawer permanently.
    - Settings Reworked custom settings. Created another fragment "miscellaneous" inside build tweaks.
                  (Moved dashboard, toast icon, screenshot options, scrolling cache to miscellaneous settings)
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 3-9-17::
    - Merged tag 7.1.1_r28
    - Full support for rootless Substratum
    - Brought back quick unlock
    - Added more summaries to dashboard tiles
    - Added toggle to turn off dashboard summaries
    - Added Expanded desktop tile with option to toggle to different states using long press.
    - Added Brightness tile
    - Update longpress back to kill logic
    - Ability to disable Do not Disturb mode when calling (Found inside dnd settings)
    - SystemUI: fix quick settings on secure lockscreen feature
    - Unlock keystore with fingerprint after reboot
    - Toast icon switch
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 2-11-17::
    - Merge latest tag 7.1.1_r22
    - SystemUI: One handed mode fixes
    - SystemUI: External QS tiles tint fixes
    - SystemUI: Battery icon gap problem fixed
    - SystemUI: Qs tiles long press for hotspot tile
    - SystemUI: Improved qs clip animation
    - Frameworks: Power menu dialogue improvements.
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 1-22-17::
    - GoogleAudio: Add pixel sounds
    - Enable storage manager
    - SystemUI: make clock and date clickable in statusbar 
    - SystemUI: Use same style for statusbar carrier label as clock (Fix for keyguard)
    - SystemUI: support swapping navigation bar keys order
    - SystemUI: Add a toggle to disable Pixel Home Animation 
    - Base: Removed Lockscreen PIN quick unlock
    - SystemUI: Removed optional screenshot
    - SystemUI: Add Screenshot Crop & Share from omnirom
    - SystemUI: Add new feature of One-hand UI Mode
    - SystemUI: Longclick action for screenshot tile 
    - SystemUI: Add advanced location tile
    - TunerService: don't reset battery styles and tile layout when removing tuner settings
    - SystemUI: Use a custom charging indicator for Battery icons
    - SystemUI: Disable navbar tuner  
    - SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
    - Settings: Pixel navbar: Fix Home button FC
    - Settings: Add vpn and data saver to statusbar icon blacklist
    - Settings: Fix default Home preference FC on orientation change
    - Settings: Fix expanded desktop apps rebuilding problem
    - Settings: Tiles easy toggles, one setting for all
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 1-7-17::
     Merge tag 7.1.1_r13
    - Update build fingerprint (NMF26F)
    - Add Navigation bar options
    - 3 finger swipe to take screenshots
    - Bluetooth battery status toggle
    - QS custom rows/columns 
    - Allow unlinking ringer with notification volume
    - Add toggle to hide arrows in network traffic indicator
    - Add ability to disable Settings drawer
    - Add toggle to disable scrolling cache 
    - Add config to disable pixel navbar animation 
    - SystemUI: Fixed visibility of DND statusbar icon
    - SystemUI: Fixed QS Battery icon opaque bolt/percentage issue
    - Some more Pixel theme fixes
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 12-25-16::
    - Build: Added Masquerade app
    - Pixel blue theme with Round icons
    - Pixel theme fixes 
      (Immersive mode cling, sound panel, immersive mode drawables inside settings & many more theme related fixes).
    - Vendor: Pixel prebuilt launcher with prebuilt wallpapers & live wallpapers. 
    - Vendor: Removed our default wallpaper
    - SystemUI: PA circle battery icon
    - SystemUI: PA circle battery: bring back pulsing animation
    - Frameworks: Webview signature fixes
    - Frameworks: Tweak music stream volume steps
    - SystemUI: Allow closing empty view by tapping in recent app screen
    - SystemUI: Use own drawables for qs expand icon
    - SystemUI: Expose QS battery icon text and accent
    - Settings: Settings: Removed font and display size from Accessibility settings (Added it to "Display" Settings)
    - Settings: Fix synchronization of wifi hotspot switch
    - Settings: Adjust colors of slidingpagertabstrip inside build tweaks
    - Settings: Expose gesture settings switchbar
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 12-11-16::
    - Merge tag 7.1.1_r4
    - Update build fingerprint (NMF26F)
    - Angler: Switch to userdebug builds 
    - cm: Fix Trusted Face 
    - Build WallpaperPicker 
    - Forward port 'Swap volume buttons
    - Frameworks: add ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode
    - Pixel Navbar, reverse engineered from smali.
    - BACKPORT: SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available 
    - Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes. 
    - Disable Lockscreen Media Art
    - Frameworks: Revert Google Pixel colors
    - Settings: Settings: Remove font and display size from display settings
    - Settings: add camera sensor selfie mode fixs 
    - Settings: Fix theming of switchbar background color 
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 11-27-16::
    - base: system tuner invocation (Long pressing settings icon open Tuner settings)
    - SystemUI: make clock and date clickable in statusbar 
    - SystemUI: change back button to hide ime button with rotate animation. 
    - Long press back button to kill apps (Development settings)
    - Pixel colors for Navbar tuner
    - Ability to disable dashboards conditions
    - QS: BT easy toggle
    - QS BT easy toggle: if enabled, long press for detail view 
    - SystemUI: fix unpinning locked apps 
    - base: SystemUI: make QS columns count configurable 
    - Battery tile: allow to disable custom battery style
    - Few improvements to battery styles 
    - Add option to disable Fingerprint authentication vibration
    - Add auto brightness icon in brightness slider
    - Add option to disable auto brightness icon in brightness slider
    - Settings: Add option to Restart SystemUI to DevSettings 
    - Index custom features (All custom features are now search-able)
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 11-12-16::
    - Merged tag 7.1.0_r7
    - Enabled storage manager
    -  SystemUI: Restore Tuner's stock behaviour 
    - Usb Data access (Removed secured lockscreen check)
    - Status bar clock Seconds
    - Optional screenshot type (Display Settings)
    - Settings: Fixed volume key cursor control
    - Enabled Gesture settings
    - Headsup toggle (Snooze and timeout options)
    - Rename reboot to restart in Power menu
    - Settings: Add Pixel icon 
    - Lockscreen quick unlock
    - Pixel colors
    - Round icons
    - PackageInstaller: Show current & new version
    - Updated RU translations

    Build 27-10-16::
    - Update emojione
    - SystemUI: Added Longclick support for statusbar header view (Long click Settings icon opens SystemUI Tuner settings)
    - Bring back Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
    - webview_packages: prefer the more powerful webview packages 
    - SystemUI : Added Caffeine tile
    - Allow Volume wake and music control to work together
    - SystemUI: add left and right virtual buttons while typing
    - QS WiFi easy toggle: if enabled, long press for detail view
    - Enabled night mode in SystemUI Tuner
    - Allow unlocked USB data access
    - Hide power menu on secure lockscreen  (Setting shows up only on secured lock screen)
    - Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (Setting shows up only on secured lock screen)
    - Settings: Remove notification light settings icon 
    - Settings:  Show summary for Build Tweaks dashboard entry 
    - Rearranged all volume rocker settings and brought it to one place ie Build tweaks.
    - Settings: Use seekbar to allow setting arbitrary animation values
    - Settings: fix layout of AppSelectListPreference 
    - Updated Russian translations

    Build 11-10-16::
    - Merged tag 7.0.0_r14
    - Disable SystemUI tuner and move Tuner items to development settings
    - SystemUI : Added Sync, Music, Reboot, USB tether, IME selector & Screenshot tiles
    - Quick unlock
    - Battery styles
    - Notification Led and battery light settings
    - Reverted cm clock customization & added Slim clock
    - Longpress power button to turn on torch
    - Settings: replace some toasts with a custom snackbar 
    - Removed: volume tones and toggle
    - Removed: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
    - Updated Russian translations

    Build 24-09-16::
    - Power menu customizations
    - Forward Port ScreenRecorder
    - SystemUI : Port forward statusbar brightness control 
    - Fix Fi permissions 
    - Add Quick Settings Pulldown options 
    - Data tile: make it customizable by the user
    - Quick settings: Add Haptic Feedback to tiles
    - QS: WiFi easy toggle
    - SystemUI: add volume tones and toggle back
    - Allow Volume wake and music control to work together
    - Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
    - Add CustomSeekBarPreference 
    - Settings: Update Build tweak drawable (Thanks to the Nitrogen-OS rom for the drawable)
    - Remove SuperSU entry from Settings when SuperSU is not installed 
    - Settings: Remove Simpleaosp dashboard category (Merge Build tweak with 'device' category)
    - Updated Russian translations

    Build 18-09-16::
    - SystemUI: Lockscreen shortcut customization 
    - Bringup expanded desktop and implement per-user configuration. 
    - SystemUI: Double tap to sleep anywhere on the lock screen
    - Statusbar Network Indicators
    - Disable dashboard suggestions
    - Launch SuperSU from Settings 
    -  Security settings: Tint the gear icon
    - Settings revamp: Bring back PagerSlidingTabStrip
    - Update disabled components for nougat (Wakelock fix)
    Android 7.1 test build 1-11-16

    Change log:

    - Based on 7.1_r4
    - All the features that were found in SimpleAosp 7.0 build, merged them all back.
    - Cleaned up rom base
    - Removed 'Navbar virtual keys' for now since it broke 'Now on tap'. I like the feature but no compromise on build stability. Will add it back once cm fixes it up.
    - Added Headsup toggle with snooze & timeout options-->Status bar settings
    - Enabled night light. Exposed its QS tile and Settings
    - Added Pixel Navbar drawables
    - Setupwzard: Fix vision setting crash

    Edit: Build is running good for me. Use 'NBD90X' vendor image for now until Google releases 7.1 factory images.
    Enjoy :)
    New build is online.

    Change log as always is in OP..

    Dynamic Gapps are recommended.
    Flash N4F26J Vendor
    I've been away for a while due to work. Though compiled 7.1.2_r11 build for testing. Running good so far since last few days. I'll try to compile another build and release it in a day or two. This weekend hopefully ☺️

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