[ROM][7.0.0]★ SAOSP for the OnePlus One ★[12/10/16]

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May 16, 2005
Thats a shame as its running great on my nexus 9 and wanted the same on the oneplus.

Oh well, hopefully it gets some support eventually :)

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    This is SimpleAOSP rom based on Google AOSP..This ROM is as we want it and this is as Simple as it gets.


    Google Plus Community

    Rom Features:

    - Clock & date Customization
    - Advanced Reboot menu
    - Dashboard suggestions (Enable/Disable)
    - SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
    - Charger plugged/unplugged (wake device)
    - Enable navbar tuner
    - Download speed in notification
    - Dialer vibration options
    - Notification counter
    - IME feature: Force to show always enter key
    - Make it possible to disable voice assist on lockscreen
    - Configurable Auto rotation
    - IME selector notification Enable/Disable option
    - Statusbar Double tap to sleep
    - Volume wake/music control & cursor control
    - Other AOSP fixes
    - More to come soon :D

    * Wipe system,cache,data and dalvik cache
    * Install ROM from sdcard
    * Flash any appropriate Gapps.
    * Flash SuperSU
    * Reboot!
    * Enjoy

    14.10.2016:- https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=312978532265363442
    12.10.2016:- https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862667047

    Recommended Gapps:
    Open Gapps or Banks Gapps

    Open source community

    Would like to thank Altaf Mahdi, BaNkS, KreAch3R & Alex Cruz for all the support
    Rom Source: SAOSP-N

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][7.0.0]★ SAOSP for the OnePlus One ★[12/10/16], ROM for the OnePlus One

    Source Code: https://github.com/SAOSP-N

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2016-10-11
    Last Updated 2016-10-11
    You might want to consider using AOSPlusone's repos since it is upstreamed. I don't think @updateing will be coming back for a while.

    You 1+1 people are something else... I'm not going to go off topic other than to say no one was talking to you. I wasn't being all that rude either.. You seem quite sensitive... Maybe just maybe it's not cool to tell someone how to run oh wait you consider that not to be telling someone.. Well.. I do. So next time mind your business!

    You can't tell someone to mind their own business if you make a post about it in a public thread on XDA. If there's a gripe that is really that bad, deal with it privately or get a moderator's attention.
    You seem quite sensitive...

    Oh, the irony
    The OP has been updated with the new build! :)
    Camera added.
    Oh, the irony
    I donno man.. Me and amardeeps connections are not only on this page. We talk elsewhere and a notion of closer than average hi and bye.. My comment to him on his thread was for his benefit as I love his ROM and it only looks like he hasn't updated it while in reality its the second most updated AOSP N build on XDA. I don't think I pushed a dev to change his name.. I think amardeep knows that. Whats wrong with you goast.?
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