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I don't see any real navbar customization here, can you please confirm RP? Thanks
Height and width did not make it in.

What is the preferred method of root to flash in recovery? I tried downloading superuser through playstore and let it install udpate but keeps failing. Thanks in advance!
Probably just flash SuperSU in recovery.

Thanks for this great rom! I use skvalex recorder, but it seems does not work with systemless root. It makes record, but without any voice, sound, etc. How can I enable it? Has anybody any experience with that?
If your using systemless SuperSU copy su from /su/bin into /system/bin




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Jun 18, 2007
Thanks for your new build!!
Dirty flash from 6th Sep build.
Several small issues and all can be solved easily, just wanna report back.
- Just like others mentioned before, have to install webview from playstore and remove the old one in order to make certain apps to work properly (e.g. Evernote and Solid Explorer. I can open them, but just some weird messages preventing some functions)
- Phone call. Can't answer call until I set Phone app to be the default Phone app
- Extended desktop. The status bar is no more in immersive mode for full screen app. I remember the status bar was in immersive and could be dropped down in 6th Sep build. I use LMT to handle the drop down of status bar, so this is not a big problem for me.

Maybe most of them are because of dirty flash, I am not sure.
But other than that all are fine, I don't have any app FC or permission issue.
Thanks for your update!!!

By the way, if possible and only if it is not too difficult, could you pls consider to add Quick unlock (for pin entry) in future build?


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Jul 18, 2013

Also installed from the play store. Google rewards, gmail, Facebook, etc all still crash

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Actually I just got it working!!

Download webview from play store.
Then go titanium backup
There is a webview version that is installed as system app, uninstall it
Then convert newer playstore version to system app
Reboot and profit!

Couldn't get it to install into System, just sat at processing. Went back to DU 10.6 until RP gets his Shamu and figures this ROM out. Good luck y'all :)


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Dec 4, 2011
The package installer FCs are why I had to switch back to banks from open. If you want to use open (which I would prefer), then try this:

Flash using banks. You will find the package installer in /system/priv-app. Save the apk off somewhere, then reflash with open and move the package installer apk back to priv-app. I do not know if this will work, but I don't see why it wouldn't. I assume banks uses an AOSP version of that apk vs open which is probably using Google's official version (the package names seem to indicate this). open gapps' blog states that nougat is still very much beta quality at this point.


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Aug 1, 2012
Rochelle Park, NJ
Hello all.. I am on the latest build... I can't seem to find how to enable the nav bar or status bar during full screen viewing in landscape mode. It used to be that I could swipe while viewing in landscape and they would appear. Now when I swipe, nothing happens. I've been through all the settings and can't find it. Thanks for any help.

Edit: I don't know what I did, but somehow I have nav bar buttons in landscape mode now...lol

I am also having this same issue. when i play games in full screen i have to lock my phone and unlock it just to get the nav bar to pop back up. @RatchetPanda any help would be very appreciated! Additionally when i click on notifications that would normally take me to apps like the play store they don't go anywhere. love this ROM esp considering you dont have the device to test on.

Thanks again
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May 9, 2010
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boy, whatever happened to the XDA "rule" that questions do NOT belong in a development thread, only development related discussion is supposed to be in here, and ALL questions belong in the Q and A threads??
99% of the posts in here are Questions....
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boy, whatever happened to the XDA "rule" that questions do NOT belong in a development thread, only development related discussion is supposed to be in here, and ALL questions belong in the Q and A threads??
99% of the posts in here are Questions....
I don't have a Q&A Thread and don't want a Q&A thread.


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Aug 14, 2014
did a dirty flash on the previous version of nutty nexus i had installed and booted fine.
all seems to be working well.

thanks for the work.

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    I don't say much in these forums cuz I'm old and don't have the patience. If I run into problems, they're usually my fault anyway so I read and fix them myself. I really don't take the time to talk about how great the developers are cuz everyone knows already.


    This guy here, @RatchetPanda, is so much smarter than I was at his age that it blows my mind. And he's on here every single day with the patience of a saint answering almost every ridiculous, already asked-and-answered question people come up with. I'm sure he gets annoyed, but he rarely shows it. He's always helping people and teaching people and having fun it seems. That's pretty rare these days and is the way XDA should be, the way it was intended to be. People learning and having fun.

    TLDR let's all take the time to thank his posts, especially the OP if you haven't already. He does so much for you, the least you can do is hit the thanks button when he helps someone out, even if it's not you. He's what XDA is all about.

    Ben, thanks brother. You're the best. Sorry for the off topic rant.

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    The change log page isnt coming up. Its returning an error.

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    Nutty-Nexus Changelog
    Tabbed over aren’t done, tabbed normal is done. Just done to keep track. - RP
    Fixed permissions for GApps.
    Fixed rotation settings force close.
    Fixed unknown Nutty-Version in About phone.
    Added LED control.
    Added option to wake/not wake on plug.
    Added volume key cursor control.
    Added 3Minit battery support.
    Added double tap to wake option.
    Added IME selector notification toggle.
    Added option to swap volume keys.
    Added longpress back to kill.
    Added bluetooth battery status with an option to disable.
    Added option to control media volume at any time.
    Added options for less frequent notifications.
    Added volume rocker music controls and wake.
    Changed minimum password and pattern length to 1.
    Changed boot to not end until keyguard done drawing, so it doesn’t show homescreen before.
    Removed VPN needing keyguard set.
    Improved heads up settings.
    Added whitelist.
    Improved expanded statusbar.
    Hid the wrench icon on the settings gear in expanded statusbar when SystemUI Tuner is enabled.
    Improved settings.
    Enabled SystemUI Tuner by default since people did not know this existed.
    Moved SystemUI Tuner to same category as SystemUI Settings.
    Development settings hidden when turned off.
    Enabled AppOps.
    Improved battery life.
    UI on keyguard is not refreshed on time change (every second) so standby time will improve.
    Clock won’t refresh when screen off, only when screen turns on.
    Improved security.
    Passwords are hidden by default.
    Maximum length doubled to 32.
    Flashing Instructions

    This is an update to my previous guide that should be simpler and universal to any Nutty ROM build. The 9/25 build is currently the most stable and of daily driver quality.

    If you haven't previously flashed Nougat, you'll need the flashable bootloader and radio first.

    1. Download the attached "gapps-config.txt" (right-click, Save link as...) and save in the same location on your phone as you will have the Gapps zip.
    2. Clean flash the build of your choice (Note: Use the 9/25 ROM build for ultimate stability and a daily driver).
    3. Flash 10/09 STOCK OpenGapps specifically.
    4. Flash this Chainfire SuperSU specifically if root is desired.
    5. Reboot. First boot can take a few minutes and may loop a few times, don't panic!

    9/25 build only, after initial boot:
    • Disable "Block gesture touch events" in Developer options.
    " If not, then this is exactly why we make them." - oh really? :D
    I know that it is blind-built. I'm not accusing RP, just wanted to know how complicated is the bug fix, is it being built now and how long it might take to build and upload to AFH. :eek:

    Cool, will try 09/06 + 09/24 now, thx

    No etas on XDA ever, period.
    I'd like to clear up some things. I saw your post on G+ about Nutty-Nexus being kanged after you saw GitHub.com/Nutty-Nexus. That was testing out how GitHub worked and learning the basics, I used PureNexus's repos to figure out how stuff worked. No I was not kanging PureNexus, simply learning GitHub by forking his repos and cherry picking stuff. If you actually download it try to build it, it will fail on compile. It was just practice. If you'd like to look at the source that the official build was based on I can send it to you. :good:
    No one gives a damn what Alex Cruz thinks anyway. Except his Cruzettes.

    Don't let him bother you!!!
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