[ROM][7.0][A710F/FD/K/L/M/S] Advanced SEVEN v4.1 FINAL

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Nithin A7 2016

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Sep 8, 2017
Future updates of the rom

Thanks guys great work...
Hey, please add the always on display feature on the future updates of the rom guys.....


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Feb 18, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


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Jul 25, 2013
Hi guys
Installed the rom build number V4.1 yesterday and so far its working great. Thanks to the developer for this great rom.
Need help for few things:
1. Is V4.1 the latest? wrong question, already says V4.1 final.
2. Need S Note Viewer app as play store says that this viewer is for Samsung mobiles.
3. There is an option of installing duplicate messaging apps like WhatsApp and FB Messanger using 2 different accounts. What I need to know is what will be the scenario when one has to change phone as this feature is part of the ROM and phone companies don't allow installation of an app twice using 2 different accounts.
4. I am using 2 WhatsApp but the problem is that I cannot lock one install as only 1 icon is shown and on selecting it both WhatsApp get locked. I need to lock & hide only 1 not both.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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    Install this at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage on your device!

    Based on A710FXXU2CQG4 firmware
    Android security patch level 2017-07-01
    Supports SM-A710F/FD/K/L/M/S
    SELinux permissive
    Samsung Experience 8.5 (Great UX)
    Smart View (Screen Mirroring)
    Edge screen
    Bluelight filter
    OpenGApps pico

    S8 camera effect (front) not working
    No native blur


    Kernel Source

    */Thanks to:/*
    @ASSAYYED for amazing ROM kitchen
    @ashyx for adoptable storage patch

    If you like my works, please consider buying a cup of coffee. It would be very appreciated :)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Advanced SEVEN, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

    ROM OS Version: 7.0 Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Android 7.0 stock firmware
    Based On: Samsung Touchwiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.1
    Stable Release Date: 2017-09-16

    Created 2016-11-29
    Last Updated 2017-09-16
    Advanced SEVEN v2.5


    Removed Russian Multi-CSC because of rebooing issue
    Fixed some issues on samsung camera app
    Fixed some apps related to s voice FC
    Fixed samsung music with screen off
    Fixed lag of screen mirroring
    Fixed radio
    Added an init.d tweak to fake selinux status
    Added Dream UX install option
    Added Thailand Multi-CSC
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170318


    Updated Advanced SEVEN kernel to v1.8.1
    Updated some system apps
    Updated fonts
    Added back stock SoundAlive
    Added support for adoptable storage
    Fixed sending sms issues on dual sim devices
    Fixed some camera problems
    Fixed predictive text of samsung keyboard
    Changed aroma installer theme to 'Materialize Teal'
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170309

    Updated Advanced SEVEN kernel to v1.4.2
    Added Russian Multi-CSC
    Added Arabic Emirate Multi-CSC
    Added Floating message
    Added Ultra data saving mode
    Added S Secure
    Added S bike mode
    Enabled some CSC features
    Fixed bluetooth settings FC
    Fixed msgcommservice FC on a710fd
    Fixed scheduled message FC
    Fixed Dream UX messaging app FC
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170222

    Fixed issues when transmitting media files
    Fixed some telephony issues
    Fixed smart view
    Added SoundAlive v4
    Updated Dream UX
    Updated some system apps
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170208

    Reverted 'Forced disabling hardware overlay on boot'
    Reverted 'Added support for init.d'
    Fixed telephony problems on A710FD variant
    Fixed issues in Google SafetyNet CTS test
    Fixed random reboot with samsung accessories
    Fixed adapt sound FC
    Updated firmware base to A710KKKU1BQA4
    Updated Dream UX
    Added support for A710M variant
    Added support for native blur
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170201

    Fixed telephony problems on A710L variant
    Fixed camera shutter sound setting not working
    Added install Dream UX option to AROMA installer
    Added support for init.d
    Enabled recent app protection feature
    Forced disabling hardware overlay on boot
    Updated some system apps
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170126

    Changed product info to A7 2017 (A5 2017 for kor variants)
    Fixed yellowish display color
    Fixed edge screen FC
    Updated some system apps
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170118

    Advanced SEVEN kernel v1.3
    Fixed FC errors of some apps caused by incomplete framework merge
    Updated some system apps
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170108

    Fixed settings FC
    Fixed wrong text in sound picker
    Added back some samsung customized google apps to fix theme issues
    Improved brightness control
    Merged frameworks of A7 2017
    Added fix YouTube 60fps option to AROMA installer
    OpenGAPPS pico 20170105

    Fixed unreadable notifications from some 3rd party apps such as YouTube, Spotify
    Fixed wrong text in time picker
    Removed video editor and video collage
    Added some A7 2017 system apps
    Added Samsung Notes
    Added installing Magisk option to AROMA installer
    OpenGAPPS pico 20161230

    Changed ro.product.model to SM-N920
    Revert 'Added A8 2016 SystemUI'
    Revert 'Added A8 2016 wallpapers as default'
    Fixed Samsung calendar FC
    Removed screen resolution setting
    Enabled TouchWiz Home additional settings
    Added A8 2016 Teleservice
    Added Microsoft apps and edge screen debloat options to AROMA installer
    OpenGAPPS pico 20161217

    Advanced SEVEN kernel v1.2
    Changed product name back to a7xelte
    Added support for A710FD variant
    Added Indian Multi-CSC
    Added A8 2016 SystemUI
    Added A8 2016 wallpapers as default
    Fixed unexpected rebooting issue (services.jar)
    Fixed Samsung calendar FC on some cscs
    Fixed lag of YouTube 720p 60fps videos
    Fixed Play movie, Netflix, watchaplay video not working
    Removed CocktailQuickTool, AODService
    OpenGAPPS pico 20161202

    Advanced SEVEN kernel v1.1
    Fixed popup window FC
    Fixed TDMB not working for korean variants
    Updated some system apps
    OpenGAPPS pico 20161125

    Advanced SEVEN kernel v1.0
    Changed product name to herolte
    Added SBrowser5
    upday app is now removed when installing as korean variants
    OpenGAPPS pico 20161118​
    Advanced SEVEN v3.8

    Fixed S Voice FC
    Updated system apps
    Updated kernel
    OpenGApps pico 20170727

    Advanced SEVEN v3.7.1

    Updated some apps and frameworks from the firmware of Galaxy Note FE
    Fixed direction lock
    OpenGApps pico 20170713